Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 21st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anjali calling Astha. Her phone is off. Anjali says now I have to talk to Niranjan. She calls Niranjan and tells him to come home soon. He says you know I m going for important meeting. She cries and says Jyoti is serious, no one is reachable. He says calm down, I m coming. Astha and Shlok have panipuri chaat on the road. Music plays……………….. They have a good time. Sajna ve……………….plays…………….. Shlok buys icecreams and they have it. Shlok’s icecream falls. She says buy another one. He holds her hand and eats her icecream. They eat from the same one and smile. She says everyone are seeing, what are you doing. I m afraid, I got many calls from home, lets go.

He says I want to spend quality time with you. She says we will come another day. He says today you are only my wife. Astha says lets go home. Anjali sees Jyoti’s state and cries. She prays to the Lord. She thanks the Lord for saving Jyoti. She calls the doctor. She says Jyoti is conscious now, is she out of danger. The doctor says I will come to see her, don’t give her stress, keep her happy. Anjali says yes, I will take care of her.

Niranjan comes home. Anjali sees Niranjan. He comes to her and she ends the call. She says what could I do, I tried my best to take her sign. He scolds her and says you did not do a small work, do anything but control your children. He says I don’t like change. She cries and falls on his feet. She says I m sorry, I can’t do this, my daughter is about to die today, you know Jyoti is unwell, how can I take her sign in this state. He gets angry and says how dare you refuse me. He raises his hand to beat her and Shlok and Astha enters. They look on whats going on.

Niranjan sees their shadows and stops. Shlok is shocked to see Anjali. Niranjan starts acting and says my values does not allow me to slap you, you are my wife, and mum of my children. He makes her stand and says I have always given you respect, I have given you freedom to take care of Jyoti, she is pregnant, how could you be so careless. How can you ask her to take the complaint back, do you not care of her life, you can’t see my children. Anjali says I did what I felt is right for this family, what would we tell everyone. Shlok gets angry on Anjali.

Niranjan says if anything happens to my daughter, I will never forgive you. He leaves. Anjali looks at Shlok and Astha. Shlok leaves. Astha sees Anjali worried and goes after her. She asks what happened to Jyoti. Anjali says she has false contractions, don’t worry much. Astha says you are saying Niranjan’s words, till when will this happen, what is he forcing you for, tell me. Astha says answer me. Niranjan meets Jyoti. Jyoti says I won’t sign those papers, explain this to mum, I can’t live with Abhay, he has beaten me a lot, I don’t want to go back.

Niranjan says elders make mistake sometimes, I know this happened because of mum. Shlok fumes. Niranjan says don’t worry, I will talk to her. Shlok says its enough, this should not be forgiven. Niranjan says calm down, anger does not solve anything. He says I will talk to her. Shlok says if Jyoti don’t want to live with Abhay, why is she forcing her, I will see who forces her. Astha asks Anjali to answer her, that Niranjan is making her helpless. Anjali says Jyoti has to live with Abhay.

Astha says this words are of Niranjan, its enough now, if you don’t speak up, Jyoti will die and you will win your sons. Astha says you have to face the truth. I know you love your children a lot, don’t hurt them, I will help you, but first you have to help yourself. Anjali says enough and leaves. Jyoti says I m broken now. She asks Shlok what to do now. He requests Niranjan to allow her to stay here till she gives birth to her child. Niranjan says this house is yours, you can always stay here, I promise no one will tell you anything. He asks Shlok to be with Jyoti. He leaves.

Shlok hugs Jyoti. She says I felt mum changed, but no, I was wrong, she is bitter and rude like before. Shlok gets angry and says no one knows this better than me. She says what you told me against her. I did not believe you, but now I feel you were right. She is so bad, she cares for only house’s respect, she has killed my love and respect, I will stay here. But I know mum will not agree. Shlok says don’t worry, this is your house, you can stay here, I will see who stops you. He says I know who has to leave the house, I will do this work today and now.

He leaves from Jyoti’s room. Sid waits for Varad in office and messages him. He sees his phone at his table. He says why am I worried so much, I m feeling restless, did anything happen to Jyoti. He calls Jyoti. Shlok comes to Anjali. He says are you not ashamed to do this with my sister. She asks whats this way to talk to elders. He walks to her and looks in her eyes in anger. He says I wanted to tell much, but could not say, you will not stay in this house from now, as everyone are hurt. You lost the right to stay here. He holds her hand.

Astha looks on. Anjali says Shlok leave my hand. Shlok takes her down and asks Astha not to interfere. Anjali calls Niranjan. She says leave me. Astha goes to Niranjan and says Shlok is kicking Anjali out of the house, please come and stop him, he will listen to you. Niranjan is shocked. Astha stops Shlok. Sojal comes and looks on. Shlok says don’t come in between us. Astha says leave her, this is wrong. Shlok says she does not care about her children. He says she has to leave this house today.

He takes her out. Niranjan comes and says leave her, what are you doing, is this the way to behave with your mum. He says I m doing this after thinking. He says Anjali gave me good sons like you, this is the reason that I bear her mistakes and will always bear, go to your room, I will talk to you later. Shlok leaves. Anjali cries. He asks Astha to go to Jyoti. Niranjan asks Anjali to bring a cup of tea. She signs yes and wipes her tears.

Astha talks to Shlok and asks him to understand Anjali. She says Niranjan was about to beat her. He says yes, he was helpless. He says promise me we won’t talk about Anjali. She nods yes.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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  1. OMG are you people that ignorant? Shlok I was thinking that you are smart? Astha will be the smart one to get some cameras and record this idiot Niranjan so she can show everyone who this animal is. And who ever is the writer of this script please tell me for how long this Niranjan is going to be praised as a GOD? What is the matter with your mentality to create a character like this? Honestly this Niranjan is a character for some mental institution he needs to join Abey another ugly individual .

    1. i cant agree with my reply to mrs zed

  2. The writer must be thinking to bring the world back to where women be dust mat for a man. C’mon silly writer, be realistic. Nobody lives like Niranjan Devil and Shaitan Abhay in today’s world!!

    1. u r not correct mrs zed.we can see people like Niranjan &Abhay in present society also.we can’t recognize them easily because they also act like a god infront of the society.the writer has tried to tell about that people by the character of dont scold the writer .he is right

  3. agreed with u both

  4. oh no i thought Shlok will know the reality of Niranjan after this episode.i know Shlok u dont know the truth but you havent a right to behave like that infront of Anjali because she is ur least pls listen to ur Aastha.i remember,u said to Astha “I believe u than me”in previous episode

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