Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shlok and Varad talking about Astha. Anjali asks them to call her. Varad says no, we can’t, it can make some problem. Shlok says yes, we should wait for her and pray she gets the job. Renuka gets a call and says even we regret that we are postponing the date, we are helpless, forgive us, but we will do the marriage well, but not at this time. She ends the call. Renuka gets angry on Jyoti for the same matter and taunts her. Jyoti says I did not tell anything to Sid, he decided this himself seeing whats going on in my family. Astha waits. Ahilya asks her name. Astha says Sapna. Ahilya says come tomorrow morning for the job. Astha gets surprised and glad.

Astha thanks her and talks to her, saying its her work to do her best and will see to it that she does not need anything. Ahilya says fine, come tomorrow at 7am, and sometimes you have to stay here at night too. Astha thinks how can she stay here. Ahilya says I m saying as you should not feel I did not show. Astha says fine and takes a leave. Ahilya says she looks good, I wish she lessens Indrajeet’s burden. Renuka scolds Jyoti and taunts on her family. Riya comes and says Anshu called, he is very upset. She cries and asks why did you postpone our marriage, what should I do. Renuka says tell her what to do.

Jyoti says stop crying and pacifies her. Renuka says I will talk to Sid, if Riya’s marriage breaks, I will never forgive you. She takes Riya and leaves. Astha comes home. Everyone ask her about the interview, and how was it. Astha says why are you all worried, I got the job. They all smile. Shlok says I m so happy and hugs her. He sees the elders, They smile. He moves her away. Astha says there is one problem, they called me at 7am, you all know I m lazy and can’t get up, but Aai don’t worry, I will do all work and go. Anjali says Sojal and I will manage. Astha says I can come late and I have to stay there also.

Shlok says what rubbish, you should have refused to them. Astha says yes, I will refuse when such time comes. Shlok asks did he identify you. Astha says no, he does not know my name or I m younger bahu of Agnihotri. Pradeep and his wife have a talk about the kids, and he is busy watching the serial. She talks to Ahilya about the food. Ahilya leaves saying the menu. She gets annoyed and tells Pradeep that we are real Mama and Mami and Poornima is also talking to her, don’t know what magic she did, Indrajeet and Poornima listen to her. He says he gets knowledge about tv serials and he can learn anything.

He asks her to run her mind. She gets annoyed. She says I m waiting when will I get everything in my control. She says I have to do something, else I won’t get my place in this house. A servant cleans the room, and gets an album. He says I will ask Ahilya where to keep this, and goes to her. Its Shlok and Astha’s wedding album. She asks whose is it. He says don’t know, maybe who stayed here before, you see it. She sees the pics, of Niranjan, Anjali with Astha’s parents. When Shlok and Astha’s pic comes, Indrajeet calls her and she shuts it, asking the man to keep it in storeroom, and Kavita should not see it. Indrajeet says Kavita, Poornima are coming. She says great, Kavita will stay with me and Poornima’s room is ready the way she likes. He says that’s the best about you, you know everyones likes and dislikes.

Jyoti serves food to Riya and Renuka. She sits to eat, and Renuka stops her with her taunts. She says she feels Jyoti does not love her family, as she is not able to resist food when she used to cry for her family gone missing, and her drama made Riya’s happiness vanish. Jyoti says you know I m very sad, and how can I act. Renuka says now she will complain this to Sid. Jyoti says even I m hurt for postponing Riya’s marriage. Renuka scolds her. Ahilya talks to the servant. Indrajeet comes and asks about Kavita and Poornima. She says they are on the way, I spoke to them. Indrajeet asks her to call them. Ahilya says fine and calls them. A girl enters in western clothes, and keeps her hand on Indrajeet’s eyes. He says Poornima, you have come.

Indrajeet asks Poornima about Kavita. Poornima says she came with me, don’t know where she is. A lady enters with Lord idol in her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Good story line with good cast members. Unfortunately, Jyoti has to deal with such a nasty mother-in-law. She may have married Siddharth but she didn’t realise that the nicest of guys have the most over protective mothers.
    Dear Renuka, why can’t you see Jyoti’s kindness and patience? If it was any other girl in her place, she would’ve thrown your words back in your face. Have some respect for the girl, as she has to deal with your shit most of the day.

  2. web page has been changed looking so good 🙂

  3. Today episode is good

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  5. New entries new story… Hoping for the best…

  6. nice episode.

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