Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 20th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 20th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kalindi tearing the property papers and throwing on Ankush’s face. She says if you want the property, you have to be here for six months. He says you are mad reading my dad’s letter, I will make life hell for you all, think and take the right decision, you can’t think in dream what I can do with you, if you ask me to stay here, you will leave this house. He asks Ajju to tell Kalindi to change her decision. He leaves. Avdhoot says Kalindi you took the right decision, Lord has given you a new challenge and we are with you in this. Kalindi thinks I don’t know how will this affect me and Astha.

Varad tells Mansi that he is not ready for the baby right now. Mansi says is it? That you are not ready to give the child your name, its fine, I will take care of the baby. He says you don’t have any idea what you are saying. She says she knows what she is saying, I know this, as I also grew up without parents, the baby will also grow up, the baby will come in this world for sure, and I will give the baby my name. He is shocked.

Shlok comes to his cabin and sees Astha. He asks what are you doing here, your cabin is shifted. She says she told Anand that she is fine here and can work with him. He holds her hand and tries to make her out. She says what will staff members say seeing this, I won’t go anywhere and you…….. She locks the door and hangs the keys at her waist. She says you can’t go anywhere, take the keys from my waist if you want to go out, I won’t stop you. He stops his hand. She asks what happened, why did you stop, take the keys. She says if you don’t take keys, how will you go out. She says take it, come. He walks to her and she says what is the matter, why are you shy, I m your wife, you can take keys from my waist, I don’t mind. He surrounds him with her arms and they have an eyelock.

She closes her eyes and he pinches her. He says don’t try to be oversmart, you think if you don’t give me keys, I can’t go out. Kalindi is tensed. Avdhoot pacifies her and says if he comes, we will give him Astha’s room. Ankush comes saying he has come. He says you will regret on your decision, I did not leave any other option for you, your life will be ruined, just see. Ajju sweetly says are you mad, you did not come inside and started talking bad things. He says Dadi gone Dayaan, what are you doing to scare a kid, will you kill me.

Kalindi asks Ankush to stay in Astha’s room. Ankush jokes on her saying welcoming him as if he is coming to Victoria palace. He says he came as she called him, but he will go by his wish. He says then you will ask me to go, now I will go upstairs. Ankush comes upstairs and makes face seeing the place. He says whats this, its worse than huts. He throws Astha’s doll and the vase falls. Ankush says nature and hatred can’t change. He sees Astha’s pic and asks who is this beautiful girl. Kalindi says my daughter, Astha, your sister. Ankush says you do upbringing too? I thought you just give birth and forgive the child. Kalindi cries.

He goes inside and shuts the door. Ajju says she knows to make him fine. Avdhoot says don’t do anything, please. Ajju consoles Kalindi. Shlok breaks the door glass and opens the door. Astha ssays what are you doing, take keys. Shlok asks the staff whats going on, shooting? Get the carpenter and get the door open. Shlok gets Niranjan’s call and says he is coming. Astha slips and he holds her. They have an eyelock again. Music plays………………Iss dil ka ab kya karun………………..plays………………….Astha says you think you won’t take me in your arms so I won’t come in your arms. He drops her and leaves. She is undeterred.

Niranjan tells Shlok about the new institute offer and they need a presentation, then they will take talk ahead. Shlok says whats the need for this, without offer, why should we give presentation. Niranjan says it will be benefit us. Shlok says I don’t think we should link to them, our institute is already the best. Astha hears this and says why is Shlok rejecting the good offer, I have to do something that he fills the form atleast.

Anjali misses Astha at home and prays for Astha’s happiness. Astha comes home and smiles hearing this. She asks Anjali to pray for herself some day too. Anjali says think of the devil and…….. Astha says devil appears. She laughs. Anjali asks how did you come early. Astha says office door got damaged so its getting repaired. Anjali asks how. Astha says long story and complains about Shlok to be rude. Anjali praises him. Astha tells about the new American deal which wants to tie up with us. She says Shlok is not ready to link with them, its great opportunity. Anjali says he is Niranjan’s son. Astha says but Niranjan tried to explain Shlok, now I have to do something.

Anjali says don’t do anything. Astha says I will talk to him now and leaves. Sojal and Kavya are in the living room. Kavya says she does not want to study, she wants to play. Sojal asks her to finish her study. Kavya says you don’t teach well, I will study with Astha. Sojal says fine, go. Astha asks what happened, come to me, I will teach you, we will homework together. Sojal thinks its good her mind gets mad in teaching Kavya. She asks Asthaa to teach Kavya and leaves. Astha sees Sojal going and asks Kavya to tell Shlok to meet me at terrace me. Kavya shouts. Astha says not like this, and says the message in her ears asking her to go and tell him. Kavya smiles and goes to Shlok.

Shlok looks for his clothes. He sees Astha’s saree and thinks why did these problems came between us, I wish everything got like before, where is my old Astha, you don’t care of my pain and love, you hurt me as if you don’t care. Kavya comes to Shlok and asks for his help that she needs her kite. He asks when did you start flying kite. She says now. He says who taught you. She says Astha. He says don’t fly kites now. She says come with me. He goes with her on the terrace and asks where is the kite. She says maybe its gone. He says don’t fly kite here and say Asstha too. She says there’s the kite, and runs off. Astha comes from behind the white clothes. He looks at her. Music plays……………. Astha smiles looking at him.

Niranjan asks Shlok to fill the form. Shlok says fine, I will fill if you say. Astha tells Anjali that Shlok did not listen to me, I will fill this form from my and your side. Astha and Shlok are shown filling the form without each other’s knowledge.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i think shlok is signing divorce papers.. It is niranjans evil plan… And finally realization dawns upon shlok that his father is an evil and cruel cheat…. He runs to his wife and mother.. Calls anjali aai after years of hatred….. Aastha faints and everyone is happy that she is going to become a mother…. Mansi’s truth come out

    1. there will be a secret about Aastha like the secret of Ankush.After she knows the truth she will leave the home.during that period NA will change his mind.But Shlok wont know his dads past.Shlok will realize he cont live without Aastha.He will try to find her.And NA also will try to find her because his mind changed.Shlok will come to know by Aasthas doctor that she has Pregnent. Finally they will find Aastha and she wont come with them.Then NA ,Sid and Varad will do a trap to make Aastha and Shlok closer.After that Shlok will take Aastha home.And he will never come to know about his babas past.
      -this is just an idea of me-

  2. what is the content of that form?

  3. have you gone mad??

  4. Hdj or karan or what ever u are if u ar rich or not i dont care and i did not ask u to give me ur identity couz i can find it on my own and if you want mine i am salima s daura in kaduna state nigeria

  5. Sorry guys i am figthing for the last time here but please any one who will insult an actor or an actress then he/she should,but never post a comment insulting an actise

  6. Are u shlok the actor?

  7. Where did you get the information shlok??

  8. okay… Shlok is also my bro… My elder bro and so that is y i ve given that name…

  9. what i have written is just my figment of imagination…. I hope it is like that

  10. Kavya is doing a great job thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. khadi i hate u..what u are syaing is not right,,,i feel akward when i talk with u i will not listen a single world against hdj,acris and shlok….mind it

  12. khadi stupid are u not ashamed of what u did…..u were commenting last time as i remember….tumhar aqal khatam ho chuka hhy,,,tum bhaut bewaquf ho and thanks itni insult k bad koi beghairat insan hi kehta hy,,,,facebook par ho mujay apna nam btao…my name is sehrish malik on facebook…what can u do of me i want to see,,,actually acris and hdj both are my real life brother guys

  13. ay khadi who are u why are u teasing my sister sanjana,,,,she has given her facebook name to u but thats her fake ID…..but she uses that id,,,,what u can do…..i have read all comments and came to know u are actually out of your mind….

  14. ay khadi dont dare to tease us,,,my siblings are my life,,i will not bear anything against them…keep it in your mind,,,,actually i am not saying u sooo much becaz my parents have not taught me this to behave like a animal,,,,just stop it..

  15. ay hellow good afternoon hdj,acris and sanjana i love my husband khadi,,,he is my life,,,actually there is some problem with khadi,,,sometimes he behaves like illiterate man…i m sorry to say khadi but i want to end this fight,,,,mn khadi ki taraf say maafi mangti hun plz forgive him guys,,,,

  16. I said i am not fighting again and thank u esha

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