Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha messaging Shlok, asking him what he is doing? Shlok smiles and replies to her that he is doing nothing. Astha sends message that there is nothing to say. Shlok thinks her dilemma and confusion will end soon. Astha thinks Indrajeet is right, she has to find happiness in small things and decides to go for shopping. She informs Kamla/Apsara that she is going and leaves. Apsara thinks where she is going in a hurry and informs Shlok over phone. Astha waits for auto, but she didn’t get any auto. One auto driver tells about the auto strike today. Astha thinks to call driver. Shlok comes there on his bike. Astha says you are here? Shlok says yes, today is auto strike. He offers her lift. Astha agrees and sits on his bike. She stops herself from keeping her hand on his shoulder. Shlok says you might be thinking how did I come here? I was not following you. He says we will eat kulfi and then I will drop you. Astha says ok, else you will tempt me just like that. They leave.

Indrajeet tells Apsara to ask Barka to do the marriage shopping. Apsara informs him that she went for shopping. Astha and Shlok stop at the kulfi stall to have kulfi. Astha says lets see who eats more kulfis. She eats many kulfis than Shlok, and asks for her prize. Shlok says okay and asks what does she want? Astha says not now, later. Shlok pays the money and then drives off with Astha. They stop on the way and buy baloons for orphan kids. Astha says she will pay, but Shlok pays for it. Indrajeet calls her and asks where are you? Astha says I am…..just then her phone gets switched off. She says she have to go home fast. Shlok says I will drop you. They drives off. Indrajeet gets worried for Barkha and thinks where she has been. Apsara smiles and thinks it seems his heart is going to burn today.

Shlok drops Astha home. Astha’s saree pallu gets stuck and he helps her take it out. Indrajeet looks at them through the window and fumes Astha asks him to come in. Shlok says some other time. He leaves. Astha comes inside the house. Indrajeet asks where were you? Your phone was switched off. Astha says my phone’s battery was low and it switched off. I went for shopping. Shlok dropped me here as there was an auto strike. Indrajeet thinks he has to do something as they are meeting daily now. I have to keep her away from Shlok, else she won’t come close to me.

Sojal prays that Astha remembers everything soon. Shlok comes and says today he spent time with Astha. Sojal says did she remember anything. Shlok says nothing, but she is happy with me. Sojal prays for her memory gain and goes to make tea.

Indrajeet thinks he has to wait patiently for some more time. Once he gets married, then Astha will become his Barkha for forever. She can’t free herself from the marriage relation. He says Astha will never be yours and I will make you realize this.

Rekha brings tea for Shlok and asks did you think about your next step. Shlok says he thought about it, just then Indrajeet comes and knocks on the door. Shlok and everyone get up. Shlok asks why did you come here? Indrajeet says he is going to marry Astha. He says she is now my Barkha, so I thought to personally invite you for the grand wedding. He invites them all. Sojal asks him to remember that bad things happen with bad people. Indrajeet says these lines are always told by the losers. He says do whatever you wants, but nothing will happen. He advices Shlok to go and take care of his business. He keeps his wedding card in Shlok’s hand. Shlok says you are having a big misunderstanding and it will be cleared soon. He says we will come and asks him to get lost. Indrajeet leaves.

The designer shows the dresses to Astha. Astha is silent and sad. The designer asks what happened. Astha says she didn’t know and asks her to show more dresses. The designer asks her to come to shop. Shlok calls Kalindi and apologizes for hurting Astha in the past. Kalindi says her wounds will not be healed. She says you never loved her. I will never forgive you. Shlok says I really loved her, that’s why I got my Astha. I didn’t bring you there, as she lost her memory. Kalindi asks where is she? Shlok says she is staying with Indrajeet Sarkar.

Indrajeet tells Astha that he called all the guests for their marriage. Astha asks what about my parents. Indrajeet gets stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. y late amena but thanks for ur update love u ashlok

    1. i am 1st today

  2. really nice precap think IS will tell a new lie for barkha’s question

  3. Thnx amena 4 the update

  4. Yeah madhura.nothing else he can do na.

  5. Nice episode. All the background musics are super.

  6. Good precap

  7. I am so happy today.No words for it.Andher hi andher kayi ja rahi thi iss shl uncle n soj aunty ko dhek ke.Aaj mein sukoon ka neendh so pauoongi.Bheek maang maang thak gaye the,iss cvs se, sojal ko replace karo ya isse saath mein math dhekao ya iss show ko bandh karo.Finally D great star plus listened to us n iss neech kmeena kuthe wali bhabhi devar ka nazayaaz roshtha ko thod rahe hai atleast on d screen.But Shrenu angel we miss u a lot,please come back soon with young n handsome hero not like a womanizer like AVINASH who runs after aunty in d show itself always.

  8. I think Astha’s mom will reach there before IS says any lie

  9. Nice question astha

  10. I think astha mom ll support is … sad shlok

  11. Please don’t end this show I love it

  12. Please don’t end show it is something to look forward to every day

  13. Thank God,we will not see azeeb se animal featured wali Sojal after few days.Chimp n gorilla jaise face, gadhe jaise voice,gabbar jaise nose,frog jaise mouth,giraffe jaise neck, bada forehead,monkey jaise gandi baal,crocodile jaise figure ,b*t*h jaise ……,aur uper se chudail jaise character.Yaaaaaho, ye sab nahi dekhna padega.

  14. Mmm waiting for tomo epi in dis 15 days der will b end in IS

  15. Dose oll fake news show will not end

  16. Now i am so afraid that after knowing all the truth Kalindi will support IS as she want to seperate Shlok and Aastha. But deeply wish that this should not be happened as I love Aashlok so much. And I wanted that this show never be ended. Becoz this is the first show I fell in love with. But its much better to end the show than continuing the current track..

  17. Guyz are u sure that the show is going to end?

  18. Shrenu we miss u alot.I feel like killing myself without seeing u.U really can not imagine how much I adore u.This time hope to see u with a good n meaningful story.All d best for ur reel n real life.But keep in touch with ur die heart fans on soc web.

  19. wonderful episode …………………….luv u aashlok 😉

  20. Yeh bhi story hai kya.Bhabhi apni pati aur bacchi ko chod ke devar ke saath ek chote se ghar me rehna aur woh bhi uski devrani ahi hote huye,Shl ke patni kisi aur ke paas rehna aur devar ape hi bhaayi ki patni ko laa kar ke apne paas rakhna.Yese bhi ek story kehthe hai kya.Aap log pavithra rishthe ko majaak bane ke rakh diya.Star plus knows very well whom to support.Sharam nahi aatha kya aap loogon ko ethna beejjatha kiya aap ke iss show ko.We begged u not to show devar n bhabhi together.Cheeeeeeeee thooooooooooooo.

  21. Nice epi.gud ques Aastha.

  22. Ya someone is right.Sojal creature does not have a single human features all animal features.Not able to see her ugly dress n ugly smile n pumpkin nose in star parivaar awards.She looked like a xxxxxxxxx.Look at Aastha how she dressed herself. Simple beautiful neat n elegant with cute million dollars smile.

  23. Sojal buddi,ab dhikao apna sarees n aur thumhari showoff kise dhikhana hai.Apni life tho aasani se bana liya iss show ki image karaab karke.What about other’s life who completely dep on d show?Thum na,ek din thadap thadap ke mar jaaogi.Dhek yeh bhahuth jaldh hone wala hai.Dirty donkey humhari Aas n Shl ko barbhad kiya.Chudail.

  24. Nice episode pls don’t end this drama

  25. Well,its better to end the show with dis cheap n worst track.Iss ki biwi uske saath rehna,bhai ka biwi apne saath rakhna,yeh kya bakwaas hein bhai.I have never watched this kind of show till now.

  26. Hey cheap guy Shlok,take away ur dirty Sojal nani n run away.Do not ever show ur big n dirty face on d screen if at all u r a humanbeing n if u r born to a good parents.

  27. Ek ghatiya faisla ne Avinash ko hero se salesman bana dhiya, apne hi shop mein.Poor Avi.Ek idea,use ur Shal aunty to trap all d men customers.She stands first in that.

  28. Waiting 4 tomorrow

  29. Kalindi try to understand the truth and coorporate with shlok for your aastha

  30. Since june 22 2014,Avi’s acting is lifeless as he hates Shrenu very much n loves Shal dadi so not able to act with her anymore.Good decision Avi, u do not deserve acting n its better to end d show than to see his lazy n uninteresting n negligence acting.Go n marry ur second hand dadi Shal first.

  31. is it true?the show will stop. pls dont do that i like the show very very very much. dir sir n prdn team pls pls pls dont stop the show. i dont know how can i convey my message to star plus so i write here.Dear star plus dont stop iss pyar ko kya naam doon ek bar phir my fav show. i think somany fans for this show like me pls dont kill our heart n our fav pls dont end the show.

  32. plz ye show band mut karo humble request to Star plus.Astha Shlok have become imp. part of our day to day life.ASHLOK is the best couple in the world

  33. Star plus have always given step kid treatment to this show although it is working as a dividend to channel at 6 pm.Performance wise (avi shrenu manish great) the show dezerves prime time.Even the channel is not giving Avi n Shrenu as both r well known actors.
    I HATE STAR PLUS. IPKKND EBP off air hone k bad mai SP kabhi nahi dekhungi.

  34. Tthis show is going to off air in august.i like the show very very much.ashlok are superb.i think kalindi will soon realize the true love of shlok.waiting to see next epi.

  35. shlok sojal fan

    to all girls commenting here against shlok and sojal…who has given u the right…tum uski ma lgti ho kya…..sali kutia ikathi hui hain yahan pe…jlti kyu ho sojal shlok se…if they r happy wid each other let them be happy…..agar tum log uske character ko judge krti ho to tum sali randi ho sab ki sab…jao jakar apne choot bacha lo…vrna tumhari br*ast choos k sojl jitni bdi krdunga…

  36. Hey dirty Shlok sojal fan,thum hi karo woh thum humhe karne ke liye kaha.Aur Shrenu Aur Shalamalee ko kadha liya sab ke sab even small baby will spot on Shalmalee that b*t*h dirty chrap kisi ki lover ko grab snatch kar liya aur badi aayi kahme wali ki Shalmalee jaisi b*t*h ko suppo rt karne wali.Jao jao uske bed room so jao un dhono ke beech mein if ur that is sooooo ……..Avi will satisfy u also.Dirty b*t*h Shl soj fan.

    1. Urs name dont know what correct this is a fake name so ur comment is very fake , otherwise u are a shalma type character in ur original life, sure that…..

  37. Nice reply to that shl soj fan.Shalmalee type women hai iss dhuniya mein iss liye common people bhi wohi seek rahe hai,shadi hone hone ke baad bhi kisi aur mardh se attract ho rahe hai aur apni pati bacche ko barbaad ker rahe hai.Shalmalee type women will mever satisfy with what they have,that’swhy Shal took Avi from his lover Rubi n stood in her position.Ccheeeeeeeeeeee.Poor Indians.Very chep mind.

  38. Nice episode aashlok part was superb

  39. Why do u fight like this.Whole world knows d truth of Avi n Shal that Avi loved lived for 3 years n even engaged to Rubi n left her for Shalmalee who also lived loved n loitered with KIRTHI RAI for4.5 years m ditched him for Avi.Both have done same thing with their past lovers.So they both deserve each othet as dey r seconds.AVINASH DOES NOT DESERVE SHRENU TYPE FIRST HAND GIRLS AT ANY COST, AS HE IS A WOMANIZER.So his choice is correct.Do not fight Fans for such type of characterless people.Its a request.

  40. shlok sojal fan

    o hello ashlok fan…rubina is also old aged…and m a guy not girl u f**king b*t*h…. doosre ko second hand bolti ho…one day ur husband or boy frnd will make u second hand..and aunty jesi dikhogi….haahaha…sorry maa bhi bna dega….blo*dy psycho…tum jesi ladkiya ladkiyo ko badnam krri ho…hr kisi ko apne tarike se jeene ka hakk hai

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