Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varad coming to Niranjan in morning. Niranjan looks at him. Varad brings the food and asks Niranjan to have it. Niranjan says I don’t want. Varad says have it and asks him to accept what happened, and he should be like old people resting at home, he will manage everything. Niranjan says he can’t accept this big deceive from him. Varad shuts the door and leaves. He comes again and says happy birthday Baba, your lovely son Shlok is not here to make you happy, so I will keep a party. He says I wish you could also attend it. He leaves and tells Sojal to take care of Niranjan, and not ket him come out as its party in evening. Kavya hears them. Niranjan gets sad. Kavya asks Varad why did he keep Niranjan in room, its his birthday. Sojal says he is not fine, so doctor said he should take rest, so he is in his room.

Kavya leaves. Varad asks Sojal to buy a good saree for her for the party and leaves. Varad and Sojal welcome everyone in the party and attend the guests. Varad thanks Sojal that she arranged everything well and she is looking pretty. She says thanks and when is Sarkar coming. Varad says he will be coming now. He tells her about Sarkar, who speaks less but effective. The guest Mr Choudhry asks about Niranjan, its his birthday today, where is he. Varad and Sojal look at each other. Varad thinks he knew he will ask about him. He says what to hide from you, actually Shlok went and Baba is in trauma, he is not mentally fine, he behaves weirdly and says anything without thinking. I want to do his treatment, but he can’t agree, I m sorry, I know what I m going through, I gave him medicines and he is resting now.

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Mr. Choudhry says many things happened in some time, Niranjan was the best in business and people used to give his example, I pray that he gets fine soon. Varad says yes. Niranjan is in his room and hears music from the party. He gets sad and angry. He says I won’t sit silently here Varad. He says I will tell everyone Varad and takes out his phone. Kavya’s remote car comes there at his door. Niranjan hears the sound and calls out Kavya. She asks do you need anything. He asks Kavya to open the door. She says Papa said you are unwell, and he will scold me. He says I m fine, see I m talking to you, open the door, I will tell Varad not to scold you, else come inside, I will tell good stories to you like Anjali and Astha. She opens the door.

Niranjan thanks her and asks her to play. Varad waits for Sarkar. He gets his call and comes to know his flight cancelled and he can’t come. Niranjan walks down in the hall and shouts Varad. Varad and Sojal look at him. Niranjan slaps Varad infront of everyone and holds his collar, saying how can you keep party without asking me. Sojal asks what are you doing Baba. Niranjan says shut up. Mr. Choudhry stops Niranjan. Niranjan says you don’t know Varad’s truth, he has locked me in room. Varad says don’t shout on me in this state, calm down. Niranjan scolds him. Varad calls the guards who take away Niranjan.

The guests look on. Varad acts good and asks Sojal to call doctor fast. He says Baba….. and asks the guests to leave and apologizes to them. Niranjan asks the guards to leave him. Niranjan says Varad is acting, he is lying. Mr. Choudhry asks Varad to get the best doc for Niranjan, I can’t see him in this state. Niranjan says you don’t know Varad is acting, he has trapped me in my house. They all leave. Varad stares at Niranjan and asks the guards kick him out from my house. Niranjan says this is my house. Varad smiles as Niranjan is thrown out. Sojal and Jaya look on.

Niranjan says you can’t kick me out, this is my house, let my son come, he will teach you a lesson, my Shlok will come and punish you for your deeds. Sojal looks on stunned, and asks Varad not to insult Baba and kick him out, what if Shlok comes back. Varad says I don’t care, I have to be successful, everything is mine. He says if Baba goes to his friends. Varad says his heart won’t let him go anywhere, he proved in party that he is mentally ill. He leaves. Niranjan walks on the road and sees car’s mirror. He looks at her barefoot.He thinks how Varad cheated him and took his sign.

Sojal tells ashram people that Niranjan is unwell, and he is finding Shlok and hates him. If he comes here, don’t tell him anything. Niranjan walks to the ashram.

Update Credit to: Amena

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