Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 1st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 1st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shlok asking Astha not to count money so much, ad it won’t get doubled. She says we got Rs 500 profit, and monthly will be Rs 15000, and we can get home for rent, a good one, we will get Anjali. He says its one day and you started dreaming, if this does not happen, you will be sad. She says dreams should be big, if we don’t dream, how will we fulfill it. She says she will come back and goes. He says someone said is right, its impossible to understand a woman. Shlok gives the food to the customers as they order. Astha brings a phone and takes a video. He asks whose phone she got. She says Chowski’s phone to send Anjali. They record their lovely message ‘We miss you Aai’ with the food truck video.

She says she will mail this to matron aunty. He asks is this a good idea, its such a small business. She says we are starting to be on our own, and Anjali won’t be sad, we look happy right. She sends the video. Sojal comes to Niranjan and thinks he should give her locker keys, if he does not give on his own, then she will ask him. She says Jyoti came, as Riya’s marriage is fixed, I m thinking to give her shagun money, if you find it ok. He says fine. She asks for keys. He takes out the keys from his pocket and she smiles seeing it. He does not give her the keys and goes to locker. He takes the money from locker and locks it again. He gives her the money. She says Jyoti wants to meet you. He says not at this time and sits back in bad mood. Sojal leaves.

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Jaya waits outside and wishes Niranjan gives the keys to Sojal. Sojal comes and says Niranjan gave Rs 50000 for Jyoti and did not give the keys. She says she could not ask for anything. Jaya says fine, and stops her asking her to give Rs 25000 to Jyoti. She asks him to see her profit, as Varad will not ask her and even Niranjan won’t talk about this. Sojal agrees and leaves. Jaya takes Rs. 25000 and says she will get everything in Sojal’s hands, she will rule here. Apsara comes to a jeweler and asks will he buy if she wants to sell something. He says yes. She gives him the gold coins and turns around. He asks did she steal this, as she is looking back. She says my mum in law gave this. He says its silver coins, do you think I m a fool. She says its gold coin, check it well. He says put this in boiling water, you will know it has gold polish. She says fine and leaves. She thinks why should she be annoyed, she should be glad, she will expose Astha and Shlok will turn in her favor.

Riya talks to Sid about her wish list. Jyoti gives money to Riya. Sid asks how did she get it. Jyot I says Sojal has given it as shagun. Sid says I can manage, I don’t need anyone’s help, I can manage Riya’s happiness, she is my sister and I don’t want money from anyone. He says what I m earning is enough for me and my family. She says listen to me. He says whatever we spend, will be my by earnings. He leaves annoyed. Anjali and all ladies see the video sent by Astha. They smile. Anjali is glad that they named the food truck by her name, and Astha says they will come to take her soon. She smiles and says my children. She says I miss you both a lot. They all get positive about Shlok and Astha.

Sid gets angry. Jyoti comes to her. She asks what happened to him, even she is part of this family and Riya is like her sister, whats wrong if she gives her money. Sid says its not your money, you should have not taken it from Sojal. She says Sojal insisted and its Shagun. She says Sojal wants to do all rituals since Anjali is not there, she did not listen to me. She says I should have taken Rs 100, but Baba gave it by love, since Shlok left, Baba has broken down, he does not meet or talk to anyone. She cries and says she will give back the money by some reason, she will give some gift to Kavya on her birthday, I can’t return it now. She says everyone is tensed there, I know you are qualified and can manage everyone, I did not wish to hurt your self esteem. Sid says sorry for over reacting. He says he is stressed about Riya, and he got angry on her. She hugs him.

Apsara puts the gold coins in boiling water and says now Astha will be out and Apsara will be in Shlok’s life. The gold polish comes out. Apsara leaves from their room. Astha takes money from Shlok to keep in room’s mandir. Shlok says he is feeling hungry and wants some light food. She says she will make it and goes to freshen up. He says he will take something and sees boiling water. He is shocked seeing the silver coins in it. Apsara looks on and smiles.

Shlok drains the water and says it was gold coins, how did their color go. He sees its silver and thinks about Apsara’s words. He thinks Astha lied and says how could you Astha, you lied to me again, even when you know I hate lies. Astha comes and asks what happened. He keeps the coins in her hand. She is shocked. He says your lie is caught Astha. She says its not like you are thinking, I lied but…. He says stop it, you know I hate lies and you always lie. He says I m fed up by your lies. She says I was helpless. He leaves. Astha cries and goes to stop him. She thinks she should have told him before, how to explain him why she did this, how to make up to him now, she did not had any option. Apsara smiles and picks the silver coins. She says the sound of this fake coins is very sharp and smiles.

Astha asks Shlok why is he punishing himself for her mistake. He asks her not to apologize, as she always does such things. They both sleep apart and cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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