Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shlok and Astha becoming friends. She leaves with the flower. She tells the kids who will tell dad that they are going out. Mishti says I will say. Astha says then I will go with Shantanu. The kids refuse to say anything. They join hands to keep it a secret. Apsara says I forgot to tell Shlok that Astha went to designer. She calls Shlok. He says he has a good news, Astha came to chawl and we became friends, did she come back. Apsara says no, she went to designer, and Indrajeet went to office, he will come by evening. He says fine, I will come.

Astha comes to the designer and meets Indrajeet. He says why did she come late. She says she went to meet Shlok, she had to say thanks for helping kids and sorry too. He says he does not like him, he told her the truth, even then she is believing him. The designer shows some designs and asks her to choose. Astha sees few and asks Indrajeet to choose any, his choice is her choice. He asks Megha to bring more catalogues and come home, he did not like these designs. He leaves with Astha and kids.

Apsara asks Shlok what will he do. Shlok says he is thinking something special, he will make this room for Astha Agnihotri. He asks her to receive the items he ordered. He sees her pic and says I hope you like this surprise. Indrajeet asks Astha why was she upset. She says I m sorry. He says I m seeing you don’t like anything, I would like if you take interest in everything. She says I know, I m sorry, but things are incomplete, I know its our marriage, but I m not happy the way I should.

He says he wants a simple life, we got unnecessary complications after Shlok came in our lives, who is he to us, why are we giving importance to him, he will feel good if she gets happy seeing arrangements. She says yes. Apsara smiles seeing the balloons and soft toys. Shlok says now its Astha’s choice of room. Apsara likes it. Shlok says I got everything Astha likes. Indrajeet and Astha come home.

Apsara says someone came, Sir send someone to decorate the room. Indrajeet says I have sent? And rushes to see. Indrajeet and Astha see the room. He thinks he is sure Shlok did this to make Astha recall the past. Astha likes it and smiles. Apsara hides and looks on. Astha says so you took me out, to give me this surprise, I love this.

Apsara thinks Shlok did this and she does not remember anything. Shlok calls Indrajeet and says he knows Astha’s choice well, and I have put everything there in that room, so no need to force your choice on her, my wife is with you for some time, take care of her, if she has any complains, I will not leave you. He ends call. Indrajeet gets angry.

Shlok thinks about Astha. He thinks she would be very happy seeing the room, I know her happiness is in small bits. He messages her good night. She thinks about him and gets his message. She replies good night to him. He smiles. She says whats happening to , why am I thinking this about Shlok, why do I feel good spending time with him, its wrong happiness, I m getting attracted to him, why.

Its morning, Shlok thinks I know Astha wants to meet me, but there has to be some reason. He calls her and says about the Maharashtrian food festival and new dish will be introduced. She says I can’t come, sorry, there are marriage preparations going on. He asks whose marriage. She says mine, when I got married earlier, it was court marriage, so my husband wants to me to get married by all rituals on our 10th anniversary, I don’t remember anything, as I met with an accident, maybe fate does not wish me to remember my past. She ends the call.

Indrajeet shows the wedding card to Astha and says its nice. She says yes. He says you said yes casually, I told you have to get involved, this is our marriage card, you should be excited just the way I m. She says I feel its happening wrong. He says I asked you before doing this, I cancelled this and you said yes, so I made plan again, she should be excited for marriage, else all this is meaningless. She says I m sorry, I know you are upset, I m unable to explain myself. He says he wants to relive the marriage moments again, and this will make their relations strong, kids are also excited.

She says I promise I will try to feel this moments. He thinks he knows how to make her realize this, and after marriage even if she gets her memory, she can’t leave him. Sojal talks to Varad and asks about Niranjan. Shlok comes sad. She asks why does he look sad. He says he did not see Astha today. She says its fine, meet tomorrow. He says he feels strange if he does not meet her. She says yes, think tomorrow how to meet her. Astha rests to sleep. Shlok thinks to message her and stops. She sees the wedding card and turns it upside down.

She says what should I do, why is my heart not permitting me for this marriage, Indrajeet is not wrong, he is my husband, why am I not happy, why can’t I feel anything for him.

Shlok drops Astha home on his bike. Indrajeet looks on. Her saree gets stuck and Shlok helps her. Indrajeet fumes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. thanx amena

    1. Hi I m also meenu

  2. Amena is like THE FLASH!! her updates are fast!!

  3. Wonderful epi..

  4. great episode.. Interesting precap…

  5. wow what a precap! IS face was just like someone slaps him. Luv toooo ashlok

  6. precap is good.

  7. Not at all interested to dis dirty show.Dir u just think how it would be if devar n bhabhi ek chote se ghar raatho raath bitana aur ghar pe koyi nahi hein sirf aur sirf devar aur bhabhi.We do not want to see that characterless n gabbary nose aur gadhe voice aur gandhi smile wali Sojal dadi n that with Shlok tho bilkul bhi nahi.Hey u people what kind of relationship do u all have with Soj we never understand.Same kind of bad things u do with ur bhabhi at ur homes by sending ur wife n children somewhere.Not sounding nice at all na same feelings even we r getting.Ple I beg u to bring back home Aas soon,if at all u have food to ur stomach n if u respect our culture.

    1. Y r u commenting lyk this
      a devar aur bhabi ki relation mein respect he
      Aur y r u sayin unnecassary tngs which are not pratical
      stop spoiling indian culture by commenting lyk this

  8. Neha actually he or she is right. That is what they r showing in d serial.If fans talk about their per life then u all inte n if they comment on d show then also u all inter as if u r right n all others r wrong.Y com in ur way n let others comment what they feel.These comments r not for u personally.So stop involving on all other’s com if u r a well mannered girl as u say.

  9. Director ji u should have paired Shl uncle n Sojal aunty from d beggining of d show itself as they both look too aged ,ofcourse not as ahero n heroine but some other characters like kaka kaki, mama mami to Aastha.U have done a big blunder cvs.

  10. Yahoooooooo.Iam so happy that dis dirty n cheap n senseless show is going off air next month.I will break thousand coconuts to God.He listened to me finally.Shl n Soj over actions ,matchings,yearning to stick together all all damn dirty things dekhna nahi padega.But we miss Shrenu soooooooooo much.But dis pain is tooooooo small than seeing Shl nana n Soj nani together.

  11. AVINASH kyo apne life ka SATYANASH karane ja rahe ho? U r just 28. shadi k liye koi beautiful n good character wali girl dhoondo jaldbazi mut karo.
    Agar Shrenu tumhe line nahi de rahi to upset mut hona tum jaise good looking ladakeko bahot sari beauties mil jayegi.

    1. Excuse me shadi ke liye beautiful hona jaruri nahi hota avinash ne uske bhitar ki acchai dekh ke pyar kiya hoga you idiot

  12. Nice epi.atleast they became frnds.

  13. hmm..astha is FEELNG smthng for shlok..!!:)..Liya r u an ArShi fan..?..I luv dem sooooo much..miss them…dey r such a cute sweet lovable ROMANTIC funny crazy couple…..:*……any way ashlok jaldi ek hojaoo….waitng for d slap on IS face n a tight hug for shlok from our own sweet astha..

    1. Yeah MeH.m a fan of arshi..no1 can replace them.feeling gud knowing that u too like arshi.

  14. I feel sorry fr Avi’s parents jinhone apne handsome,cute, only son k liye beautiful n cute girl expect ki hogi aur ab ek chudial .donkey, frog jaisi face vali aurat ko as a bahoo accept karana padega.AB AGAR AVI IDIOT NIKAlA TO WO BECHARE KYA KAR SAKATE HAI?

  15. Hey Avinash,kiss angle mein Shal acchi lagi hai my dear,iss kachere aunty ke peeche padi ho yaar.If I was in ur place I would have looked at her even by mistake.Even if she tries,I would have taught a nice lesson that she would keep that in mind for life time.Kuch bhi karke iss witch aur gandi ……. ko chod do yaar.Please socho Avi.

  16. Please production team come with a good story line with Arnav n Kushi not with this characterless n old man Avinash anymore.Avinash n Shalmalee spoiled ur serial with their gandi harkathein on d screen n off d screen.Why did u allow such b*t*hes to ur show who just think of their personal life n nothing else.Avi n Shal will surely get divorced with in few months.God is there to punish for their deeds.

  17. correct adi

  18. Hip hip hurrah,dis show is ending.Dis show has lot of defects.Avi n Shal r d biggest defects of d show n next comes d worst devar bhabhi nazayaaz rishtha n next comes d worst n cheap story line.Avi n Shal go to hell with ur marriage with gandi aurath now.Who wants u n who sees u n who cares u n ur dirty personal life.

  19. Avinash n Shrenu r dead enemies off d screen. So only cvs had to change d story acc to dem ad dey do not like to look at each other n act with each other.If dey show them together they have to shot minimum rom scenes for which they both denied n even Shalmalee dadi also did not accept for that.And as we all know that Avinash is Shalmalee’s new dog,however this b*t*h barks Avi dog will nod his head in that way for his b*t*h.Anyhow, thank God this luccha show is ending.

  20. Thanks to her whoever has given d sweet news that this show is ending.Not able to see this ugly mouth n biiiiiiiiiiiiig nose n gorilla face n giraffe neck n unshaped n arti hanging boobs of SOJAL.Good Avi well experienced aunty ko select kiya kyoonki thum bhi usi school se aayi ho na.Secondhand n secondhand,matching matching, nice yaar keep it up.

  21. Wat is this serial going to end?

  22. nice episode

  23. Nice episode

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