Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 19th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 19th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Indrajeet saying sorry to Shlok. Shlok says no need, anyone would have done this in your place. He leaves. Anjali coughs and Niranjan gives her water. He asks her to come and sit. She says I have to do puja. He says she can’t do anything wrong. She says she is glad that he is with her. He says he is stunned as she did not compromise to situation and never loses strength. She says it’s the traditions, she does this for him and children, a woman is ready to do anything by which her family gets happiness, she is happy to get his love, and he gave her much respect. He holds her hand and smiles. She thanks Bappa and the ancestor’s blessings and says this year puja is very special for me. She cries and he wipes her tears. He hugs her and says he will take her to temple everyday.

Astha comes to Shlok and sees him angry. She asks him to see her dress zip and close it. She asks him not to give look, as she is asking for help. He holds her close and hugs her. She smiles. Poornima is upset and Rashmi comes to her. Poornima gets angry and scolds her for not doing the work right, and why was she confused. She blames Ballu and taunts him. She scolds her for blaming Ballu, he did not say a word and did not talk. She says but you told the truth and Indrajeet apologized to him, it would have been good if he was kicked out, we would have not got such chances again and again.

Pradeep talks to Rashmi and asks her not to say anything, as hey got insulted instead Sapna. She asks him to shut up and its all wrong and bad what happened, Poornima has made that Ballu hero. He says yes, its good he saved her respect, else she would have not left you. He says if Indrajeet knew this, that she is the real vamp, then .. She says he does not know else we would have been somewhere out.

Poornima says Rashmi was saying right, even I wanted Ballu to go from here, then why did I save him today, maybe because Ballu knows I don’t like him, even when he has helped me, and why did he do this, maybe because he is a nice man. She says she is feeling so small that he has misunderstood Ballu. Sojal asks Varad to sleep. He says he has some work and wants to end the work. She says fine and sits with him. He asks does she have anything to say. She says no, I will sit till your work ends. He thanks her. She asks why, to sit with you. He says yes and for taking care of my family. She says its my family too, I know I made many mistakes by my greed, I get laugh on myself when I recall old times.

She says now I understood whats right and wrong. He says even he made mistakes, he promises he will not leave her and their family. Its morning, Astha prays to Bappa for her family to get everything fine, she can’t see Shlok working here. She gets a call from Anjali and asks about her puja. Anjali says she is going temple and asks how is she. Astha says she misses them a lot. She says she has to do Devi maa puja from today till Rama Navami, its our traditions. Astha says its not possible. Anjali says don’t worry, I will do it, and when I m not there, then.. Astha asks what is she saying, and asks her not to worry.

Anjali ends the call and Kavita says Sapna… Astha is stunned and says sorry I had your talk, is there puja at your home, your mum was asking right. Astha says yes, Aai was saying about it. Astha smiles. Kavita takes her aarti plate and goes. Astha prays. Anjali comes to the temple to pray and do the puja. Kavita also comes there. They meet by chance. Kavita thanks Anjali for saving her aarti plate. Anjali says Lord helps if your devotion is true, I did not see you before. Kavita says about doing Devi maa today till Ram Navami, and so she has come. Anjali says even I have this tradition, I did not see anyone doing this before.

She asks she is married, why does she not wear mangalsutra. Kavita says she did not get perfect beads for it. Anjali says shall I give you a black thread. Kavita says she will make it when she gets the beads. Anjali asks is she coming. Kavita asks her to go, and says her name Kavita. Anjali says her name, and Kavita misses to hear as pandit ji talks to her. Anjali leaves. Astha asks Shontu to do the work and arranges the food plates. She greets Ahilya. Indrajeet looks at her. Astha serves them water and food. Mishti comes and asks for help to tie the pleats and Astha helps her. She asks did she do her homework and talks well. Indrajeet smiles seeing her. Ahilya notices this and smiles.

Shontu comes and gets juice. Astha goes with Mishti to make her ready. Ahilya says she likes his choice a lot, she handles home and talks to kids like kids. He says yes, she is saying right. She says but I m not her choice. She says girls take time before choosing anyone, and when chooses anyone, she always supports the man, I promise I will make you Sapna’s choice, don’t worry.

Anjali sees Kavita leaving. Niranjan comes to pick Anjali. Kavita turns and smiles. Anjali too smiles and he turns to see whom is Anjali looking at, and till then Kavita turns her face to the other side.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode

  2. so fast WU, Thanks ,love Ashlok

  3. Thanks amena

  4. Can anyone tell me the meaning of phishi and takur ma??? I don’t know Hindi that much..

    1. Phishi means bua or aunt
      I think thakur ma means grandma

      1. Thanks soumya

  5. pishi is bua or wat we call paternal aunt…..atya in marathi and atayi in tamil…
    thakur maa is grand mother from fathers side….

  6. @priya pishi is bengali word I believe even thakur ma

    pishi means bua in hindi or paternal aunt (father’s sister)
    Dunno about thakur ma

  7. thakur maa is fathers mother

  8. Nice episode…..

  9. nice epi

  10. Good epi

  11. nice epi

  12. loved anjali niranjan HUG waited for this for a very long time. cute adorable couple they are !!!!

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