Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shlok asking Astha about the matter troubling her. Astha says she wants this work to end soon and just wants to go home. He says its matter of few days and they will see Kavita’s room too. He asks is there any other matter. Ahilya calls out Sapna and she makes Shlok go by the window. Ahilya offers her the dresses and asks her to choose any, the other she will give Poornima. Astha says she will wear any of her clothes. Ahilya insists and Astha chooses one. Poornima looks on and thinks she will see her as she chose her dress. She leaves.

Ahilya asks Sapna to see the other dress as this will suit her more. Astha says fine and takes the other one. Ahilya says she feels like their family now, and is glad. The servant says call came for her and Ahilya leaves asking her to give the other dress to Poornima. Niranjan and Anjali do the puja at home. Varad and Sojal also do the puja. The pandit asks Anjali to give aarti to everyone. Kavya asks can I go to play. Sojal says later. She asks Anjali and Anjali drops the plate by mistake. The pandit asks what did she do, aarti plate falling is not auspicious.

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Anjali panics and Niranjan says its fine, it could have happened by me too, nothing happened. She asks her to sit. Varad pays the pandit his fees and he leaves. Anjali prays for her family. Rashmi and Poornima see Sapna and she reminds Rashmi to do what she has to do, to ruin Sapna’s dress, and she sent the dress by Ahilya so that she does not doubt on her. Rashmi says she will not leave the dress.

Poornima says Sapna, today’s party will be last day in this house, I will not let your dream come true. Now bear the result of getting in fight with me. Rashmi goes in Astha’s room and takes Poornima’s dress. Rashmi says it looks Sapna is in bathroom and ruins the dress zips stitching and leaves. She says now see how you lose your respect infront of everyone in the party.

Avdhoot meets Niranjan and says he was going home and came to meet. Sojal says she will get tea. He says no, I will leave in 5mins. She says I will get water. Anjali asks him to have Prasad. Niranjan apologizes for not inviting them in puja and thanks for his son’s help for giving guarantee. Avdhoot says Kalindi and I were glad to get our son, his marriage talk is going on, we will tell when there is anything final. They congratulate him.

Astha comes after a bath and says she does not want to wear the dress, but Ahilya told her. Shontu brings tea for her. Astha sends the ruined dress to Poornima by Shontu. Indrajeet welcomes the guests and waits for Sapna. Shlok smiles seeing Astha in the black western dress. He compliments her and stops her. She asks what. He nods no and stops her again. She asks what. He says nothing and teases her. Iss dil ka ab kya karun………….plays………..

Astha comes in the party and Indrajeet stares at her. Poornima sees her and smiles. Shlok keeps an eye on Astha. The kids compliment Astha. Astha thanks them and smiles. Rashmi sees Astha and Poornima’s same dress and gets tensed. She thinks who wore the ruined dress. Ahilya asks her to go in kitchen and see starters. She says music and dance should be there. Rashmi goes. The guests start dancing. Ahilya sees Astha and Indrajeet and smiles. She joins their hands and Shlok is stunned.

Astha gets uncomfortable. Shlok gets angry seeing them. Astha and Indrajeet dance. Astha gives a fake smile to Ahilya. Ahilya goes and Astha takes her hand off. She goes with kids and dances with them. Poornima asks Ballu to get juice for her, and get in tray. He says don’t say same thing again, I know my work. She says its my party, talk in low tone. He goes to bring juice. Her friend takes her for dance. Poornima sees Astha’s dress and Rashmi signs her.

Rashmi gets confused over them and thinks why did the drama not start till now. Poornima’s back zip starts pulling off. Shlok sees her and goes to rescue her. Poornima also realizes her dress malfunctioning. He holds her close and pulls the zip up. Poornima looks at him. Indrajeet is super shocked seeing Ballu so close to his sister and gets angry. He goes to slap him and Shlok holds his hand. Astha looks on shocked.

Shlok and Indrajeet look at each other angrily. Indrajeet says how dare you, I should have kicked you out before. Shlok asks him to be careful and leaves his hand. Poornima stops Indrajeet and says he did not do any misbehavior, he saved my respect, the dress zip was opened and he was making it right. She says if he was not there, don’t know what would have happened. Shlok leaves. Rashmi thinks how did this happen, she has spoiled Sapna’s dress. Ahilya asks Poornima is this true. Poornima says yes. Ahilya says Indrajeet that Ballu saved our home’s respect, we have again did mistake in knowing him.

Indrajeet comes to Shlok and says I m sorry, I misunderstood you, forgive me, I m sincerely sorry. Poornima looks at Shlok.

Update Credit to: Amena

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