Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 17th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 17th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shlok hugging Varad. He asks Anjali why did she send Astha behind him, he was not doing any wrong work. Anjali says I was worried for you, you went in anger. Shlok says if Astha did not come, I would have not left Indrajeet. Astha says yes, he will be clever and would be alert and harm us. Niranjan says Astha is right, this anger can harm us, we have to be careful, he is our enemy and should know his weakness, and work by mind to fail him in his plan, its clear he is strong legally. Varad says I have lost rights to speak, but I want to say Baba is saying right Shlok, Indrajeet will show you dreams and breaks it, I have cheated Baba and took his signs on power of attorney, we can’t do anything, he is legally and financially strong.

Shlok asks how is this possible that he trapped you. Niranjan says he is not ordinary man, he is a like crocodile of water, who hides and comes out on time, and leave it now, we have to get power of attorney from him. Varad says it can happen if we stay at his home without him doubting us. He says we have to win his trust. Shlok says how is this possible, he is clever and will do research about us. Niranjan says we have to think what we have to do ahead. Shlok says don’t worry, everything will be fine.

Kalindi thinks was this a drama that Ankush acted to show he changed. She scolds Ankush and says she did all possible tries to change him into a good human being and son, but its no use. She asks Mala how can she do this after knowing all this, why did she support him. Mala says forgive me, this is my work to do acting, I don’t have anyone in this world, but I understood the meaning of family and mother’s love and how a bahu gets respect, and you all matter to me more than money, I did not know when did I fall in love with Ankush, but I realized I don’t have a status to love.

Kalindi scolds Ankush and asks him to think about Mala, what will she answer to the world to stay with you in the room. Ankush says its not new for her, she might have stayed with many like me. Kalindi slaps Ankush. Avdhoot stops her. Kalindi says if you did not marry Mala and accept her, I will not give you anything from the property, this is my promise, I will give all property to Mala She says you have ruined her life and she can balance it by this money. They leave. Mala cries as Ankush scolds her. Mala hugs Ajju.

Ahilya asks Sita to make the house pure for one month and new servant is coming today. She asks her to manage kitchen. Indrajeet comes and says he spoke about kids admission, they should give good interview. She says your name is enough for their admission. He says I don’t like using name, I want them to take admission by merit. He answers a call and before he could talk he gets another call. He says we can’t see all files so soon, we have staff, just see all this. Ahilya says whats ours and now what we got will increase work, hire a PA, I m free and I can call some people for interview and you can see them.

She says I think we should appoint a girl for your PA post. He says as you like. He gets a call and leaves. Ahilya asks Sita to stay as servant and not hear their talk. She asks her to make ginger tea and add jaggery, not sugar.

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Sojal asks Anjali and Niranjan to come home. She asks Shlok to please come with them. Niranjan says where my son Shlok will stay, we will stay there. Varad asks Shlok not to be adamant, Kavya asks them to come, as they were away since ling time and she missed them. Shlok lifts and hugs her. He agrees to her. Indrajeet tells Ahilya about Niranjan. She says she wants to know about his ruining, and his dreams shattering, she will get peace by his pain. He says I got the news that he is not in Mumbai, I don’t know where he is, but I made sure Varad does not get job anywhere. He says Agnihotris have good name in the city, our next move will be to ruin their name, that people hate their names.

He says I will see to it that they don’t get back to their good status. She says yes, you have to bring his truth out. He says he did our work easy, he called press conference and accepted he is a bad man, and we will raise this in media that such bad man should not be in education field. He says people will not even have pity on him. She says great, frame him in his plan so that you don’t need to make your hands dirty. He shows the pic of Chowksi and Rekha and says Niranjan’s son and bahu, they are doing this to earn a living, see their state. Sita brings tea and sees it. She says this…. And thinks its not Shlok.

He asks what did she say. She drops the tea being tensed. Ahilya scolds her. He says this girl worked for Niranjan, what is she doing here. Ahilya says I did not know this, and I thought she is one of the new staff. She fires Sita. Kalindi cries thinking about Ankush’s drama. Avdhoot comes to her and pacifies, asking her to have patience. She says we tried to change Ankush and he did not change, and other side is Astha who is fighting her problems, don’t know where she is. He says I m sure she is fine. He says we will talk to her. She says yes, call her now, they are in Pune and I did not talk to her. He says fine, and calls Astha. They all stay in Varad’s flat. They all sit for dinner.

Niranjan is glad seeing family together. Sojal says first men will have food and then Kavya will eat with them. Niranjan says no, Kavya will sit with me and eat, not only Kavya, we all will sit together and eat. He asks Anjali and everyone to sit. Astha says I will serve. Anjali asks her to join them too. They pray and have food. Niranjan asks Astha to give him roti. Anjali sees Niranjan’s change and recalls how he used to be before and tick the plate for food. He makes Kavya have the food Everyone smile. Anjali thanks the Lord.

Shlok prepares Astha for interview. Astha comes in a western look and says she will give interview. Ahilya comes and asks whats this misbehavior.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. And also mala ankush track is going on right way

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  7. wow nice episode ……………………love u aashlok

  8. wat a stupid track….how come they dont already see shlok and asthas pic in the house while throwing the pics

    1. Indrajeet Sarkar

      people are so ignorant ur point is very right, makes no sense but people dislike what foolishness from me not to see this thanks.

  9. Indrajeet Sarkar

    Aastha will be my servant in her westernised clothes, will make every minute count with her boobs in my face. Hopefully her bhabi and aai will work for me aswell.

  10. epi was awesome today cant wait for mondays epi love u ipkkndebp & ashlok astha all the best for ur interview
    keep going in this way ipkkndebp love u

  11. Go to the hell Indrajeet…
    I’m coming to ruin you…
    Just wait and watch

  12. Nice episode…really the serial is turning more interesting day by day…hope their plan works…and throw that indrajeet sarkar and family out of their house.

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      can you even spell?

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  26. there are so many comments after a long time.It means this is going in right way

  27. i think indrajeet may start liking aastha ‘coz she can chage his kids & ‘ll possibly impress him with her honesty & dedication..
    i dont want it.. love aastha & shlok .. hope this dot happen !!

    1. tat good not bad because aaslok have strong love

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