Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Indrajeet being stunned seeing Shlok holding Astha. Shlok says he has got her safe at home. Astha says I will go to my room. Apsara smiles and thinks Romeo’s style is great. Ajju asks Kalindi where did she go, why did she not send Ankush or take him along. Kalindi says I went for some work. Mala says she spoke normal. Ankush asks Ajju what is she thinking.

Sojal, Rekha and Chowksi think about Shlok and Astha and how difficult time he is going through. Sojal says she felt glad seeing them together, I got a hope that Astha will come back. Chowksi says it will happen, don’t worry. Sojal says Shlok has been strong in this bad time, he trusts his love and Astha, that she will come back one day, but I feel hurt that Astha does not remember anything. Chowski says we will try till she remembers everything, why should we lose courage if Shlok is confident.

Indrajeet asks how did this happen. Astha tells everything how Shlok came there and helped her. She says I don’t know how I would have come home, if he was not there. Indrajeet says I see, I must thank him. He thanks Shlok for helping his wife. Shlok says no, I have troubled your wife a lot, how can I leave the chance to do the right hand. He shakes hands and gets near, to say take care of my Astha, I know its tough, but call me if you need anything. He leaves with style. Apsara smiles.

Ajju comes to Kalindi. Ajju says she feels she is hiding something. Kalindi says there is nothing like that. Ajju says I know you since 27 years, you are my daughter, tell me. Kalindi says I can’t tell anything, please don’t ask me. Ajju says I knew there is something, won’t you tell me. Kalindi says you will know when right time comes. Surbhi meets Sojal and asks about the trip. Shlok asks when did she come. Surbhi says just now.

Shlok says about Varad’s call, he could not talk on landline. Sojal says yes, he called me and said Baba is getting fine. Shlok wishes Baba gets well and Astha comes back, then they can go back to Pune, to their Anjali Nivas. Indrajeet scolds the driver and asks how can he leave Madam alone in the jungle. The driver apologizes and says the mechanic made him drink wine and he could not wake up. Indrajeet scolds him calling him irresponsible. He asks him not to show his face and asks him to leave. The driver says sorry, I accept my mistake, but I will not do this again.

Astha says its not his mistake. Indrajeet says I can’t take any chance with your safety, he has to be punished. He pays his salary and fires him. The driver apologizes to Astha and says talk to Sir, how will I run my home. She says don’t worry, I will talk to him later, he is very angry now. Ankush says I m feeling lost today, as Kalindi said I could not do anything, maybe she is thinking we did not find Astha by heart, so we failed, I m a bad son. Mala says trust me, you are a good son, you also know how much you tried to find Astha.

He says no, I could not do anything, I think Kalindi is right, but even those people have bear a lot, and they are also finding Astha, doing case against them is not right. Mala says everything will be fine. Indrajeet says I m sure Shlok has planned all this, else how could nails comes on the way and that diversion, its his plan to spend time with Astha alone and make her recall her past, but I guess destiny is on my side, Astha did not remember anything, and now I will take precautions that Shlok does not meet Astha and not remind her anything.

Kalindi sees Astha’s pics and recalls her childhood. She cries. Astha sleeps and recalls Shlok. She shouts for help. Indrajeet comes and asks what happened, are you fine, what was the need to do this, driver could have taken ID card, you are hurt and this way… if anything happened then… She says yes, but if Shlok was not with me, all misunderstandings got cleared, he is a good man, I was alone at night with him and I did not feel scared, I felt safe with him. He asks her to forget everything and take rest now.

He goes and thinks he has worked hard to make Astha against Shlok and 24 hours time has ruined all his efforts, she was comfortable with him, maybe she felt good with him, but she did not remember anything, even then she has left a place for him in some heart corner. He says Astha is mine and will be mine, she can’t become Shlok’s Astha, I have to do something that Shlok breaks and shatters, and now able to manage himself. He says if Astha gets her memory, I have to do something that she stays just mine, as my Barkha.

Indrajeet says we will marry again and asks Astha will she marry him He comes to Shlok and says he is marrying his Astha after 15 days. Shlok is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This show is so stupid..Indrajeet is a creep! How can u just steal someone’s wife like that
    But love ashlok ?

  2. Update fast amena

  3. Plz unite astha shlok fast and why they are not keeping episode in youtube ?

  4. Omg…astha to marry indr….no it wont happen..i am sure on d day of marriage astha vl run towards shlok and hug him and marry to him..

  5. Plz reunite ashlok.i hope astha will remind everything with in 15 days.interesting to see the next step of shlok.good epi.

  6. Good episode but precap was nt good how indrajeet will marry someone’s wife shame on him stupid pls make ashlok together

  7. Hey.ppl…i read dat soon shlok vl take astha fr a long bike ride..followd by having dinner together….wwwwooooww…romantic….it vl b…..and am sure she vl regain her memory…

  8. indrajeet shameless man..precap irriating


  10. what a shameless man is this IS! How can he think abt marrying astha. But iam sure that astha will regain her memory within these 15 days. Plzz unite ashlok fastly. We can’t wait any longer.

  11. what a shameless man is this IS! How can he think abt marrying astha. But iam sure that astha will regain her memory within these 15 days. Plzz unite ashlok fastly. We can’t wait any more.

  12. “STUPID”……. is there no shame in this show, the guy should be with Shloks dad

  13. irritating precap and kalindi . I understand she is a ma but for tat hw can she file case against her son in law can’t she see shlok had come from coma too.anyways think so aastha gets her memory while tat marriage drama of IS.waiting for ashlok’s uniting. love my ashlok a lot.and 1 more thing they said shurbhi will be doctor of barkha but IS went to marriage itself but no such scene is shown.

  14. Gandhe log gandhe hi socheha ga na,whether its on or off d screen just like Avi ,shal n party.Taking others love n trying to be in others position is common for Avi n Shal.But one day u will surely repent for marrying a b*t*h Shal.Even a b*t*h is better than Shal as its an animal n does not know that ….. is wrong to do with anyone n everyone.Please cvs if u do not have story ,u stop d show yaar ple do not spoil duniya with ur shit.Nonsense people n nonsense story.

  15. already warned don’t interfere in their personal life

  16. pls….reunite Aashlok……. I think Indrajeet needs another revenge from shlok……taking another step to recall their love

  17. I really agreeeee with U n.

  18. they r thinking too much firdows

  19. U R right..agar it’s false.yeh logh kya karenge…so count your words….guys..

  20. Omg y r u dragging d show like this.Not at all interesting.Waise Aastha how r u able to be with such worst kind of people around u who do not have ethics.Shame to see u all like this.Avi n Aunty r busy in wearing matchings n yearning to sitck to eachother always n u cvs r busy n destroying our Indian traditions.Wow u people should be given d best destroyers of d serial award.

  21. Firdows ,n u did not understand fans feelings.As they love Avi so much dey are worried about his real life n more over they r not telling any thing wrong which spoils his life.If he realises with fans requests its fine otherwise he ignores it if at all he reads.So my dear friends do not get worried about dem.Many like Salman n send him messages to get married,that means they r inte in his per life.Well if he feels to take them all ,he will otherwise he ignores.Its very common that many give suggestions to us n also to celebrities in our lives as well wishers.

  22. I think all fans r in frustration that Avi n Shrenu r not going to be one off d screen n even in d show also.But one thing,Avi does not match Shrenu even in one qua.Avi very fast humari Shrenu simple n shytype n well dressed like commo people n main n imp qua is her character.She is 25 n angel n still she does not maintain a bf otherwise today a village girl also maintains a bf.That great our SHRENU is.

  23. beautiful Shrenu handsome Avi both r from Vadodara both r winner of Mr Miss Gujarat both r workings as husband n wife from 2 to 3 many comman things . they r too cute as a couple but I wonder Avi ko CHIMPANZEE jaisi Shaka wali SHALMALEE Kaise pasand ayi

  24. nice idea 2 unite aastha and shlok that they will make marriage fns and aastha will remember her marriage with slok and they get marries

  25. Mana hi ki Avi n Shal r hus n wife in real life but not in d serial director cheapman that as a wife she is with Shlok in same house that too with out Varad n ur shooting many scenes with them as hus n wife but only diff is u r have not shot romantic scenes with.What will Samir Sharma do other than running away from d serial where is not given preference as a son, as a brother ,as a husband ,as a small character artist atleast.So sad Varad.These cheap peo used u till they wanted n as now, they have got a chance to show Avi grandpa n Shal gran ma together,dhakkhe maar ke thumhe iss show se nikaal diya gaya hai.All these lucchas will pay for it.Do not feel bad Samir.

  26. Hey dirty Avi,one of ur friends is pressing tightly,ur Shalmalee’s br*ast n this …… is smiling shamelessly,look at that pic u pos on feb11 or so. Now atleast get some buddhi man,what kind of woman she is n how many would have done d same with her.Wake up Avi.I think who ever it is same kind of pose she gives whether it is kirthi or Avi or Varad etc etc etc.Keeping her dirty s*xy looks face beside them touching their beard n keeping her hand around d guys shoulder.

  27. I think on the day of shaadi astha will regain her memory and run away to shlok

  28. nice episode

  29. i reali wish astha gets her memory back sholk and astha reali love each other

  30. Isint its too much guys …astha is good …i think in the day of shadi shee remembers everything about shlok and her memories……….. ab jaldi se ej kardo astashlok ko ….so cheap indrajeet is aisa kaise kisi or ki biwi ko apni biwi banasakta hai …..byeee

  31. u r correct g

  32. u r correct g Avi plz ye shadi na karo don’t underestimate your self .she is a characterless woman

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