Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 14th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Niranjan seeing the video. Astha sees it from outside. Niranjan removes the DVD and takes it. He says its good Shlok did not see this. I have to ruin it. Astha thinks so this is why Pawar came that night. She thinks this is a solid proof against Baba, so he was worried, I can convince Shlok to think about the truth by this DVD. She runs and something falls. Niranjan hears the sound and comes out. Astha hides. He sees the broken pieces of the vase and looks around. Niranjan does not see Astha and leaves. Astha says I have to know where is he hiding the DVD. Shlok says why is Astha taking so much time to bring wallet, maybe Anjali gave her some work.

Shlok goes to see her. Niranjan is with the DVD, Shlok comes and asks Astha where were you. Niranjan says they did not go yet. Astha says her slipper broke. Shlok asks her to change the slipper and he will get his wallet. Niranjan says its good Astha did not see and hear anything.

Sid talks to Renuka and says he loves her as he loved her before his marriage. Renuka says she loves him too. Sid thinks now he will make Jyoti happy. Astha and Shlok are on the way. Astha thinks where did Nirranjan keep the DVD. Shlok talks to her about gifting Jyoti. Astha is lost in thoughts and says hmm to everything he says, even when he taunts her. He asks where is her attention, what is she thinking. She says nothing. He says about Riya in Jyoti’s house, did you think what to tell you. She says don’t know, she is in her imagination.

Jyoti cooks food and Sid comes to her. He asks her to come out of kitchen as she is here all the time. He brings imli for her and she smiles. Renuka is annoyed seeing them. Sid asks her to come back soon, and he will come to take her tomorrow. Renuka taunts Jyoti. Riya says I will also come there, as I will meet her family and take care of Anaya. Renuka thinks now my daughter is also bitten by Jyoti. Riya waits to meet Shlok. She asks about Shlok, who is her Kaka’s son. Jyoti says Shlok, Kaka’s son? Which Kaka, Shlok is coming with Astha.

Riya says Astha told me that your Kaka’s son and her husband name is Shlok. Jyoti thinks its Astha’s plan. Shlok and Astha come. Astha greets Riya. Riya looks at Shlok and greets him. Riya welcomes them. Astha and Shlok meet Jyoti. Riya goes to get water. Shlok asks Jyoti is she happy here. Jyoti says she is happy, as they love her. Renuka and her husband come. Astha touches their feet. Shlok says we will leave now. Sid asks them to sit for some time. His dad insists too. Shlok says we are getting late. Sid says fine, but I will come soon to take Jyoti tomorrow. Jyoti says its Rakhi tomorrow, and you will have to make Riya tie it. Riya jokes she won’t tie, and Sid holds her ears.

Riya says I can’t be without Anaya, but love can happen anytime, even at first sight. Sid gives his ATM card to Jyoti and asks her to buy anything she wants and don’t take money from her parents. Astha smiles. Jyoti tells Sid’s parents that she is going. His dad says ok, fine, go well. Niranjan hides the DVD as Anjali comes. Anjali says Jyoti left and is on the way. He says so what, should I be happy to bear that problem one day more. She says I came to thank you for this, I felt glad you called her for Patphere. Kavya comes and says Anjali that Jyoti came. Anjali goes.

Anjali does Jyoti’s aarti. Shlok sees Riya staring at him and smiling. Anjali welcomes Jyoti inside. Jyoti asks Varad to take leave tomorrow on Raksha Bandhan. Varad says done. Astha thinks to find the DVD in study as maybe Niranjan went to office, I will get it. Astha comes and sees Niranjan in the study. She gets tensed. He corrects his photo and sees her. She asks will he have coffee. He says yes, go and make it. She leaves. Anjali says she made Anaya sleep. Shlok and Varad enjoy the pakodas made by Jyoti.

Riya gives her homemade sweets to Shlok. Astha coughs. Shlok says no, I don’t like sweets. Riya insists but Shlok refuses. Varad eats it. Shlok says lets plan something as Jyoti came. Shlok and Varad go to check things online. Anjali leaves. Astha thinks she will find the DVD.Jyoti asks Astha is anything worried, why did Riya say this about Shlok. Astha says she has just joked. Jyoti says you should not play with anyone’s feelings, talk to Riya now. Astha says fine. Astha thinks Baba is playing with everyone’s emotions, I will talk to Riya later, I should first get the DVD.

Astha comes in his study at night with a torch. Niranjan is awake in his room thinking about Pawar’s words. He says I should have ruined that DVD, not hidden, as anyone may get it. Astha thinks she saw Niranjan with his portrait frame and looks at it.

Astha gets the DVD. Niranjan walks in his study and she is shocked. Niranjan is shocked to see her too. Both of them face each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. poor Riya.she dont know about Aastha and Shlok.

  2. Yea.. they should tell the truth. . I feel when riya will know the truth.. she will take revenge. .but its so weird that aashta and riya are cousins and riya doesnt know her husband

  3. Yetunde Elizabet

    Oh my God, Astha run for your life.

  4. Astha caught! Wen wil u be smarter dan dis? lols!

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