Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 13th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 13th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jyoti asking Astha and Sojal about the division. Astha says we divided our work, you go, I will get the water and milk for Anaya. Jyoti says fine, why are you worried, and why this two gas and ….. Astha says as its Ganpati and lots of work. Astha insists her to go. Jyoti says bring honey too and asks about the rope. Sojal smiles. She says ask Astha, she will tell you everything. Sojal leaves. Jyoti looks at Astha and asks what is she hiding. Astha says house is divided. Jyoti is shocked. She says what are you saying. Ajju sees the letter and says why did Prabhakar did this after so many years. Kalindi says even she is worried as her past is haunting her. Avdhoot says don’t worry, we are with you. Ajju says yes, we are with you. Avdhoot says we don’t want any will, I will talk to a good lawyer. Ajju says why is he giving all his property on Kalindi’s name, what does he want.

Anjali also tells about the division to her parents and says she is supporting Astha, and this is Shlok’s decision. Her mum asks is he like Niranjan. Anjali says no, he is very nice, he feels his Baba is right and we all are wrong, Niranjan thought something about you both, so he got you here, he will do something, you guys leave from here. Her mum says not us, he will hurt you, so we will not go anywhere, we will not leave you alone this time. She cries. Anjali hugs her. Jyoti calls Shlok shouting his name. Anjali hears this and goes out to see. Jyoti says I was wrong to think of my home as an ideal one. Astha says listen to me. ‘

Jyoti says you did not tell me such a big thing, and calls out Shlok. Shlok comes. Jyoti cries and asks the house division matter which he did. Shlok gets angry on Astha for creating an issue in this house, she can never change, she should have hidden this, but she is giving her a reason to be sad. She says you want to make her against Baba. Jyoti asks what is he saying, she tried to hide this, and did not tell anything, she said there is some problem in between you two. Shlok says yes, its true I don’t want to be with her now.

Everyone looks on. Shlok says Astha is blaming Baba, she said he fired himself to separate us, and more stories too. Jyoti asks how can you think like this about Baba. Astha says I told whats true. Jyoti says are you in your senses. Baba is our Lord and you are thinking wrong about him. Astha says leave all this, you are just married, look your home. Jyoti says this is my house too ad I can’t see it breaking, I can’t understand how can you blame Baba. Niranjan comes and hears this.

Jyoti scolds them. Niranjan says enough Jyoti and she says why did you not stop Shlok, why did you let this division happen. Niranjan acts good and says he is hurt every day by seeing this. He says I was helpless, Astha and Anjali wanted this. Niranjan says everyone has a right to live by their wish in this house, so I have let this happen for their happiness. He says he kept the home united since many years but Astha…. Shlok says Jyoti that Astha insulted Baba and was careless, I can’t hear anything against Baba, but she did not listen to me. Niranjan says tell me Jyoti, would Shlok and Varad be with me, if Astha was true, would Sojal be on my side. Sojal says sorry to say in between but Astha is wrong, Baba always agreed to her and took her side. She says Astha’s ego is not letting her see his love, if she apologizes, she will get less.

Jyoti says she can’t hear anything against anyone, she wants her home like before, she can’t see everyone apart. She cries and leaves. Shlok scolds Astha and says whatever you do, we will always be on Baba’s side. He says what you did today, my belief is strong that you don’t think good about me, my dad and this house. Astha says whats my mistake. He says its your problem that you don’t do your mistake. But now its enough, I will do our relation Visarjan with this Ganpati Visarjan, I don’t like to see your face, I just hate you. Everyone is shocked. Astha and Anjali cry. Shlok leaves.

Everyone leave. Anjali hugs Astha. Anjali looks at Bappa. Anjali says Bappa will not separate my children, you will win. They wipe their tears and Astha says she won’t let this happen even if Shlok says. She says even she faces much problems, her trust in Bappa will be strong. She prays. Niranjan is in his room and is proud of Shlok. He says he will show Anjali her place and she will know the result of going againsthim, her strength Astha will be going. He says Anjali has to pay for this with interest.

Astha comes on the terrace to get dry clothes. She looks at Shlok and walks towards him. Music plays…………………. She stops her hand thinking his words. He turns and sees her. Saiyyan ve ab raasta dikhade tu………………… plays……………… She holds his hand and stops him. He moves her hand. She asks why did he say to end their relation, she is much hurt. He says he did right, as there is nothing left in this relation, you insulted Baba again and again, and I don’t like to see your face now. She says such problems come in every relation, we have to be together in this time, if you say end, will it end, will our love and feelings go so soon, I m linked by heart and my relation is of seven births. We did not meet to get apart, I love you a lot and I know you love me too. She says I will not do the mistake of signing the divorce paper, I know I m right and you will know this one day. She leaves.

Niranjan asks Anjali if she has a problem with him, then remove this mangalsutra. She says no, leave it. He breaks the mangalsutra and Jyoti sees it and shouts Baba. He is shocked seeing Jyoti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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