Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jyoti talking to Sid. He asks how is it peaceful between you and mum today. She says your idea worked. She hugs him and thanks him for hearing and understanding her, also for supporting her. He says fine, where is my gift. She kisses him on his cheek. Ajju asks Kalindi to come. Ankush has a fight with the little kids. Kalindi asks them to stop it. Ankush asks the kids to beat Ajju. Ajju shouts no and runs. Ankush enjoys and jumps laughing. Kalindi asks whats this. He says they are small kids, they are having fun. Ajju gets beaten by them. He leaves.

Niranjan asks Anand to call him after arrangements and they will do the puja once Shlok comes. He sees Astha. She wishes him Happy Dussehra and gives the sonpatti. She touches his feet and he stands still. She asks him to bless her to face all injustice strongly, and end all evil. She says good will win over evil. She leaves. Niranjan looks on dazing in doubt of her sudden confident words. He follows her and hears her talking to herself. She says she will show the proof to Shlok and show Niranjan’s truth, then everything will be fine like before. He comes inside and shuts the door. He asks what happened, did you get any proof against me, which you want to show Shlok, even I should know.

She asks do you have guts to see the truth. She says fine and shows him the video. He is shocked seeing his conversation recorded in her phone. She says I m worried thinking how till Shlok react seeing this, you sent the goons to stop me from presentation, so that I fail. Now your true face will be out to everyone, its Dussehra and now I will bring your truth to them. Shlok walks to the cabin. Niranjan says you won’t do this. Astha says sorry Baba, I will do this, I will end your evil today. Niranjan says you feel you are great after winning one presentation, I will not let you do this, as if anything is against us, its easy for me to erase that proof.

He asks her to give the phone to him. Shlok walks upstairs. She says Baba, no one can stop me today, I will expose your truth. He walks towards her and she worriedly moves back. He holds her hand. She says Baba………… Shlok comes in and Astha runs to him saying she has to show him something. Niranjan takes Shlok saying I have to tell you something. Astha goes after them and asks Shlok to see a video, its urgent. He says he can do that later, but has to go with Baba first. He asks Niranjan to say. Niranjan says we got Raavan Dahan invitation, I can’t come, you go. Shlok says its still much time. Niranjan says there are some problems, I want you to go with Anand.

He thinks Anand will help me by taking you away. He asks Shlok to help the organizers. Shlok says yes. Astha thinks Niranjan will try to stop me from showing video to Shlok. She tells Shlok that she will come with him. Niranjan asks Astha to be like a bahu. Astha insists she will come with him. Shlok scolds Astha asking whats her problem, she can’t come if Baba is saying so. He says Baba, I will leave. Astha goes to her cabin. Niranjan looks at her. He thinks he got saved now, but he has to do something now. Niranjan comes to Astha and asks her to give the phone.

She says she won’t give the phone. She sends the video and he takes her phone. He says this proof against me, you can never show to Shlok. He throws the phone breaking it and asks her to beware, else she will be out. Astha says she sent sent the MMS to Shlok and by now he must have seen it. Niranjan is shocked. Shlok sees the MMS and before he could open it, Anand asks him to come. Shlok puts phone on charging in car and leaves. Niranjan holds Astha by her neck and says you made big mistake. Astha says you don’t understand you are making your relation with Shlok wrong, you are cheating him, why, if you love him.

She says its good day today and Shlok will know your truth, you are helpless now, you won’t be able to do anything now. Niranjan hurts her and someone knocks the door. The peon comes and says pandit ji is calling you for puja. Niranjan says he is coming. Astha runs. Anjali calls the office and Astha takes the call. Anjali says she is worried for her as her phone is unreachable. Astha says I m coming home. Anjali asks is everything fine. Astha says I will come home and talk. Anjali says she is worried. Astha thinks Shlok might have sent MMS till now and prays for happiness in her home tomorrow.

Niranjan calls Anand and scolds him for talking call late. He asks him to stop Shlok from seeing the MMS which Astha has sent, Shlok will be disturbed seeing it which I don’t want, you have to delete that MMS. Anand thinks Shlok’s phone has low battery, I have to follow Niranjan’s order and delete MMS before Shlok sees it. He tries taking the phone. Shlok takes the phone and checks. Anand says Sir, the signal got green and Shlok keeps the phone back. Niranjan is worried and asks about Astha. He says Astha has run away, no…… He calls and asks the goons to get Astha and kill her this time.

Niranjan asks the goons to kill the girl. Astha is kidnapped. Niranjan asks them to tie her to Raavan, and Astha will die with the Raavan today. He says it will be evil winning over good. Anjali is shocked hearing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. wat slow update

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  13. Boring,dragging!why doesn’t astha just shut her mouth?after all this?


  15. Such a dumb serial. People must be really blind not to realise the truth of a person in their midst. And the makers of the serial are another dumb lot, taking viewers for stupid dolts like their heroine.

  16. To be honest i cant imagine shlok saying maa or mom to anjali

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