Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Niranjan getting shocked and thinks to stop Shlok. He goes to his room. Shlok sees the DVD and goes to play it. He gets Riya’s call. Niranjan thinks to stop Shlok. Riya invites Shlok for coffee. Shlok says ok. Astha takes the call and invites her home. She cuts the call. Shlok understands that she is jealous. Astha says yes. Shlok plays the CD. Astha mess up with his shirts. Shlok asks her to get his clothes wash again. He is about to watch the DVD. Niranjan calls him.

Riya thinks Astha is always with her Shlok. She thinks even Shlok feels something for her. She reminiscences the moments and thinks to confess her love.

Shlok comes to Niranjan. Niranjan asks him to bring Jyoti for Pagphera rasam and asks him to take Astha along with him. He says, he doesn’t want any problems in Jyoti’s life because of her past. Shlok asks him not to worry. Niranjan thinks he will get the DVD after Shlok and Astha leaves.

Renuka’s friends come to her house. They ask her about Jyoti and her baby. They tell her that she should have slapped her son. Jyoti comes and greet them. They tell her that they came to see her and asks can she stay in the small house. Jyoti gives them a good reply. They leaves after taunting her. Renuka gets angry at her. Jyoti looks on.

Shlok asks Astha to get ready as they have to bring Jyoti home. Astha says, she will change her saree. Shlok says, let it be.

Mansi looks at Jyoti’s wedding video and wonders why Varad didn’t call or message her since morning. Varad comes there and compliments her beauty. Mansi complains to him that he didn’t call or message her. Varad says he was busy. Mansi asks, what you were doing since morning? Varad asks, are you fine? You are over reacting and asking me so many questions. Mansi says she don’t know. She tells him that she wants him to spend time with her. She apologizes to him. They hug each other.

Jyoti tells Sid’s dad that she will bring tea. Sid’s dad asks her, are you happy? Jyoti says yes. Sid’s dad says, I know you are sad because of Renuka’s taunts. He tells her that Renuka is not bad at heart. He explains to her and asks her to give some time to Renuka. He says, very soon she will love you more than Sid. Jyoti promises to win her heart.

Jyoti tells Renuka that she has made her favourite ginger tea and sheera. Renuka refuses to have it. Jyoti insists her to taste it. Renuka tastes it and says it have less sugar. Jyoti promises to remember her teaching. She holds her hand and says I know you will take time to accept me. I will win your heart soon. I opened my mouth infront of neighbours as I couldn’t see your insult. Renuka is touched. Anaya cries. Jyoti rushes to her. Renuka tells her that she gets angry whenever she sees Anaya. Sid comes and hears them.

Sid tells her that he has accepted Anaya with Jyoti. She is his daughter now. Blood relations is not everything. Renuka tells Sid that her son is arguing with her because of his wife. Sid leaves.

Jaya comes to Sojal’s room and praises her necklace. Sojal says, he brought this necklace for me. Jaya tells her that she saw Varad romancing with her. Sojal says, she was busy in the functions. Jaya asks her to keep an eye on Varad. Sojal starts thinking and doubts Varad.

Sid is playing the mouth organ. His Dad comes and sits beside him. Sid tells him that his mom and Jyoti are equally important for him. His dad tells him to have patience as time will heal everything. He says, your Aayi loves you a lot. He asks him to make his mom and Jyoti happy.

Niranjan thinks to take the DVD before Astha and Shlok comes back. Niranjan comes back to Shlok’s room. Astha and Shlok are leaving for Jyoti’s home. Shlok checks his wallet. Niranjan sees the DVD and is shocked to see his conversation with Pawar regarding the old age home. Astha comes to take Shlok’s wallet and peeps inside the room. She is shocked to see Niranjan’s doings.

Astha runs after seeing the DVD and something falls on the floor. Niranjan gets alert and comes out of the room. Astha hides.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

  1. will Aastha win this time?

  2. What a jodi shlok aur aastha. I love both when they get fight..i love both vety very much much…………………

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