Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with matron asking Anjali about Sojal turning so good and coming suddenly with blankets and sweets, did Niranjan doubt you are here and he has sent her here to check on you. Anjali says no, my heart says she has really changed, I can’t doubt her, and Kavya won’t tell out secret. The matron says maybe Sojal changed, but what about Niranjan, he can use anyone for his benefit, maybe he is using Sojal. I want you to be careful, as he can doubt you are here. Anjali says maybe you are saying right. Sita serves pickles to Niranjan, and he says I don’t eat pickles. He recalls Anjali and misses her. He asks about Sojal. Sita says she went out and told me to give you food.

Sojal and Kavya come home. Niranjan calls Sojal and scolds her for being elder bahu and not knowing her responsibility, its lunch time and where did she go. Sojal says I went to temple to pray for Shlok, Astha and Anjali, I was missing them, I wanted to pray for their happiness and safety. He says fine. She smiles. Astha asks Shlok why did he not go for interviews. He says he is here for her help. She asks him to try and wishes him all the best.

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Few goons come in the chawl with their boss. The boss gets down the car while everyone see him with tensed faces. Apsara smiles even seeing him, and wonders where did he come now after so many days . Rekha sees him and is shocked. He comes to Chowksi while he is talking on phone. She says they have come, after so many days. He asks who. She says Raghu bhai. He gets shocked. Apsara tells Shanta that we were waiting for him, and he has come out of jail, and now see how Astha’s food truck gets off from here. The people give hafta to Raghu. Astha looks on as the goons collect the hafta/protection amount. She asks Chowksi who are they and what are they doing. Chowksi says they came to take protection money, just rs 100, give them.

Astha says I m seeing them for first time, and if police protects us, why should we pay him. Sachin scares her and asks her to give money. Chowski says Raghu Bhai was in jail since three months so you did not see him, that’s him. The goon talks to Chowksi. Chowksi says he will give Rs 100 from Astha’s side. Astha stops him and says no. She brings Rs 5 and gives him. The goon asks what is this, give Rs 100. Astha says take this if you want. They scold her. Astha argues with the goon. Raghu bhai sees Astha.

Astha scolds the goon, and Raghu Bhai walks to her. Raghu looks at her angrily, while Chowksi gets tensed. He comes in between and says forgive her, I m sorry from her side, she is new in Mumbai. The goons push Chowksi. Raghu asks who is she giving Rs 5, her eyes or mind is damaged, does she think she is beggar. She says beggars come with the box. The goon aims gun at her. Astha is scared. Raghu asks Chowksi to move back. He says if Astha was not a girl, he would have shot her now itself. The goon say he protects them, so he is asking for money, give us money, else we will take all money from the box. Rekha asks Astha to give the money, when her business is running well. She says they are dangerous. Astha says no, I won’t even give Rs 1. I m not afraid of him.

Raghu signs his goon. They beat Chowksi and takes the money box. Astha cries. Raghu looks at Astha and asks what did she do now, its their money now. Apsara smiles. Raghu says I don’t want any acting from next time. They all leave. Rekha stops Astha. Astha says it was my hard earned money, they took it. Apsara taunts Astha. Chowksi asks Rekha to take Astha home, and he will shut the shop. Sojal talks to Jaya and asks shall I tell Varad that Aai is in ashram, if he knows I knew it and I did not tell him, he will be angry. Jaya says no, Anjali did not see you, you just aim to become the owner of this house She says if Anjali comes back, then Astha and Shlok will also come back, what will you get it then.

She says you are snatching their rights, you are doing their duties and it should benefit you. Sojal says yes, whats wrong in this. Jaya asks her to think how to take safe keys from Niranjan. Sojal says yes. Anjali’s mum falls being unwell. Anjali worries for her. Niranjan meets the doctor about regular checkup, as he is feeling little tensed. The doctor checks his BP, and says its very low. He asks her to take care of his food and leave worries. Niranjan says how, you know Shlok is not here and I m unable to find him, I always think about him, where is he, even Anjali is not here, how will I stay without wife and son. The doctor says if you take stress, they won’t come back. Everything will be fine, hope they come soon. Niranjan thanks him and leaves. The doctor goes thinking.

Anjali calls the same doctor and says she is Anjali Agnihotri, come soon to the Vridh ashram. He is shocked and says she is in vridh ashram, if she is there, I will make Niranjan talk to her. Apsara says its good to see Astha’s band playing today. Shlok hears her and asks what happened. Apsara thinks she will show concern and he can see my goodness. She tells him everything, and says about Astha making a big issue and did not give Rs 100, so goons have taken all the money from the box. Shlok is shocked.

Shlok asks the goons to return money and beats them. Many more come to beat him, and Astha is shocked.

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