Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varad telling Sojal that its imp for them that Niranjan does not come office today. She takes the juice glass and says yes. He says thanks and leaves. She takes the juice glad for Niranjan, and it falls as Jaya bumps into her. Sojal is shocked. She asks Jaya what did she do. Jaya asks her to make juice again, and takes the fruit plate. She leaves. Sojal worries and thinks what to do. Sjhlok says not bad, but I m not convinced that you should go. Astha says what to do and calls Rekha. She asks Rekha to come along for food delivery. Rekha agrees and says lets go, you are doing a good work. Astha looks at Shlok . He asks what happened, why are you seeing like this, I know I m handsome. She says don’t know how I made the food, I m nervous. He says

it will be good if they like or not. She says I m scared. He asks her to go. Astha leaves with Rekha.

Sojal sees Niranjan getting ready for office. Sojal calls Varad and says the juice fell in which you added tablet. He says don’t let Baba come here, and asks her to add tablet he kept in bed side table. She says fine. Sachin plays with his friends. Astha comes back and sees him playing. She gets angry and scolds him. She asks is he betting money on play and pulls his ears. Sachin asks her to leave him. Apsara comes and defends Sachin. Astha says you should do this what I m doing. Apsara argues and asks Astha why did she give money to spoil him and now punishing him. Astha says I did not know he is taking money for this, don’t come to me from today, yyou are ruining your future.

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Niranjan is leaving for office. Sojal stops him. He asks did Anjjali not teach her not to call from behind when someone is leaving. She says sorry, you did not had juice today, I can’t take any risk with your health, please have it. Niranjan drinks it, and leaves. Sojal worries and thinks it did not effect him, even when I have put two tablets, how to stop him from going office now. Niranjan sits in the car and leaves. Varad calls Sojal and asks did she do what he said. She says I made Baba drink the juice, but he left for office. He says damn it, and gets tensed. She says sorry. Niranjan checks some files.

Varad comes in conference hall, and talks to Mr Chowdhry. He asks is Niranjan coming in today’s meeting. Niranjan reaches the office. Varad says yes, he is coming. The driver opens the car door and says we reached office. Varad thinks to stop Nianjan outside. He goes out and sees Niranjan sleeping in the car. He smiles and shuts the door. He asks the driver to take him back home, as his health is not fine. The car leaves. Varad gets a call from Sojal and he says nothing to worry, I have sent Baba home, tell the driver to take him to his room, Baba needs rest and I have to do my work here.

Shlok gets the costly cellphone and asks Astha why did she buy a costly one. She says as I always want to be connected to you. The ringtone rings and Shlok does not like it. She laughs and says she bought the phone by their first earnings, and wants to ease their life. He says you are getting love for me, what if I say I want you all the time. They have an eyelock. Sachin comes to them, and Astha says she won’t talk. Sachin apologizes to her and says he won’t play again, and study well, don’t be annoyed. He says I like you a lot, if you make any mistake, your Romeo forgives you, and I m just a kid, forgive me. Astha says I don’t make mistakes, and she will not forgive him next time. He leaves. Shlok smiles.

Varad comes to Mr Chowdhry. He apologizes to everyone and says Niranjan could not come as he fainted when he was coming here, he would not like the work to suffer, so we should start the meeting. He says Baba said I will attend all meetings on his behalf. Chowdhry says all the meetings can be conducted but we want him to say this on phone. Varad says ofcourse and tells about his new project. Ankush comes and sees Mala getting ready. He says you are an actor, how much will you get ready, you are already beautiful. She asks does he like her. He says yes, you can’t look bad to anyone. He asks her to get ready as he will take her to shopping. She smiles. He says he is happy as she helped him in fooling Ajju and Kalindi. She says she won’t come, he can get anything. He says stop this wife acting, you can choose your gift. He leaves. Mala says why do I like him and smiles.

Riya sees the costly saree and says she will iron it, she can’t give it for ironing outside. She irons the saree. She says now I will set it in cupboard and goes to get hanger. The iron falls in the saree. Jyoti gets the burning smell and sees the saree burning. Jyoti keeps the iron right. Riya comes and says my saree. Jyoti asks how can she be so careless, she burnt the costly saree. Riya cries and says Sid will be angry knowing this, I ironed it carefully. Jyoti says don’t cry, I will talk to Sid. Riya asks what will she say. She says I will tell him that you burnt the saree, he will not scold you. Jyoti says fine.

Astha and Shlok see the accounts. Astha sees the aunty coming whom she delivered the food, and gets tensed asking Shlok is she coming to beat me. Shlok calls her coward. She says I will tell her you made the food. He says I m seeing first wife to get her husband beaten, you are Indian wife and should protect your husband. Astha says yes, but I m modern mindset wife. Astha apologizes to the aunty, and says give me less money, don’t beat me please.

The aunty says no, we came to say we liked the food, so I got my friend here, its her son’s birthday and its her marriage anniversary after 2 days. The lady gives the order. Astha says she will deliver the food on time. The lady gives full payment as she knows the food taste. Astha thanks them and smiles. She hugs Shlok and says she is so happy. She jumps and the flour falls on them. They laugh seeing each other. He asks is she mad. She says sorry. He leaves to wash his face.

Apsara slips and falls in Shlok’s arms. Astha comes and sees them in that odd state.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow nice epi of the week .apsara u idiot i will kill u
    bad precap yar but funny too
    love u ashlok and amena fr ur lovely updates

  2. this show has list viewers in large number.. im reading the update after long and i suppose this is really boring

  3. Apsara I want to KILL YOU

  4. this varad idiot stupid nonsense ……….. when will NA see anjali ???????????

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