Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 5th July 2017 Written Update: Advay risks Chandni’s life

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Advay and the guy passing by each other. The guy goes whistling. Advay stops hearing his whistle and recalls his younger brother, whom he has saved from everyone and threw down the train in some Dargah. He turns and shouts Mikku. The guy stops and says did anyone call me out. Advay cries and thinks I will find you Mikku, life has to return everything what it has snatched from you, it has to return my brother. Kajal donates some money. She gives her ring. Saku makes her realize. Kajal stops the boy and asks him to return the ring. The boy refuses. Lady says its shameful that Mahant family is taking back the donated money. Jiji hears this and goes to the boy. She gives her ring and asks the boy to take it, and return Kajal’s ring. The boy gives the ring. Jiji gives the ring to Kajal. She chants Har har Mahadev….

The guy greets everyone and buys biscuit pack. The vendor asks will you have tea. The guy says a guy sunk in love and biscuit dipped in tea are of no use, thanks, but no thanks, someone called out Mikku here right. The vendor says its a fair, maybe someone’s son got lost. The guy cracks a joke and smiles. Jiji gives a stare to Kajal. Kajal say that boy did not had much status to take so much donation. Jiji says status should be seen of one who does charity. She shows her ring and says jewelry maybe fake, but our respect is still real, don’t do this again. Advay looks on.

The guy sees him and recalls him. He acts friendly. Advay says what, we are strangers. The guy says what a style and dialogue delivery, I want to become hero like you, can we be friends. Advay asks friends, you and me? The guy/Mikku says we have saved Shankar ji idol, we have some connection, we should have good friendship, what’s your name. Advay looks at him. The guy says we shall go together and talk. Advay says person does not ruin time, time ruins person. The guy jokes, who said Bachchah Sahab left Allahabad, look there, Bachchan’s angry young man avatar is going. Advay turns and sees him. Mikku smiles.

Chandni explains Gita’s words in hindi. Advay says if you explain foreigners in hindi, Gita will always be there in your life. She explains in english. Advay stops hearing her and smiles. He walks to her. She gets tensed. He says one more new face and color, when I think I identified you, you change your face. She says you are saying as if…. He says elders are referred by ‘Aap’. She says you are saying as if we met before. He asks what do you think, we met before. She says this is our first meet. He says its first, but won’t be last, I mean you want to meet me again. She says no. He holds her against the pillar and says you want to meet me. She says I don’t want to meet you, this is the truth. He says truth has many faces like you. He gets back. She says truth is just one, truth is truth, none can change it. Advay goes.

Saku asks what’s this, the boy gave me and ran away. Jiji says open it. Saku opens the box and shows Jiji. Jiji gets a cloth with a message… I know everything what you did 16 years ago. Jiji looks around and says who is trying to revive that secret. She recalls the incident. Kajal says maha aarti is within 3 days. Jiji says it means this person will attack in 3 days. They go. Advay looks on and thinks what made Vashisht family worry, I have to find out.

Chandni goes with guards. Advay beats them up and pulls them back. Chandni turns and sees guards gone. She calls them out and recalls the past incident. Advay looks on and throws a lighter on her dupatta. Her dupatta catches fire. She screams. He looks on. She throws her dupatta. Advay comes and blows off the fire, hitting her dupatta and venting out anger on it. He looks at her. She covers her modesty and asks what are you doing here. He says you look better without a dupatta. She asks what nonsense are you saying. He says its truth, you said truth is truth, none can change it. He removes his jacket and walks to her. She asks what’s this misbehavior. She tensely walks back. He says I did not start any misbehavior yet. He covers her up by his jacket. Rabba ve….plays…. She looks at him and recalls the kidnapper torturing her.

She faints over him. He holds her face and moves off the hair strands. He lifts her and takes. He makes her rest on a bench. Jiji worries. Saku checks kundli and says who so this new rahu sending you love letter. Kajal says this is not love letter. She tells what things are written in love letter. Jiji looks at her. She says old secrets are like old wounds, if left open, it can take life, find out who is trying to open my secrets. Saku says we will go bankrupt if we don’t get treasure, doors have to open up. Jiji asks what’s the use to say this. Saku/Shakun says I will find who is doing this. Jiji says threatening is for all of us.

Advay sees Chandni and says I won’t get deceived by this innocent face now. He recalls the childhood moment. He says I have seen your truth, you have snatched all my happiness, my smile, my relations, my everything, now its my turn to snatch everything from you, you did not feel the shadow of fear, I will show what’s fear.

Advay says I have stepped in this house after 16 years, my destruction story started here in my house. He collides with Chandni and holds her in arms. Rabba ve….plays…

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Maha_Aijaz

    Thanks Amena for the update❤
    My God I’ve only read it and I’m feeling dizzy don’t know what’ll happen once I’ll watch it??

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Maahi… you must watch it. its damn interesting yaar.

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      I’ve watched it dear and I’m seriously in hangover right now ??

    3. Riana

      I didnt watched today’s episode due to busy in function but damm sure it was Awsomee…?

    4. Maha_Aijaz

      It was superb Ria?? just watch it as soon as you get free till than enjoy your function?

  2. What an episode ! I was just staring at advay and his dialogues were just amazing ???
    I feel so sad for him because he suffered a lot i mean his parents were killed in front of his eyes??? at this young age.
    Love ipkknd

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Aliya… every time ASR has to face the loss of parents.
      I am Happy that he is free bird with out any dramatic love pretending family. at least Miku is alive.

    2. I miss anjali as his sister..she was so cute?

  3. Antara


    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Antara… true Advay is fire. I will say Chandni is ice. You can imagine their union reaction.

  4. thnx for the superfast update
    what an amazing episode was that?…specially the background musics ???gone to old memories bt came back after seeing the new ASR….uff advay just loved him ❤
    waiting for the story to unfold
    Love AdNi…rabba ve?

  5. Aastha_Reddy

    “Battameezi toh maine abhi suru nahi ki hai”- the tag line took breath away after five long years from ASR.
    Killer man …another round of heart attack!!
    “He he…he he he..Rabba ve..rabba ve..oo…Rabba ve…”
    Yeah!! Started brotherhood Gul Maatha. Actually that brother of Advay resemblances “Aayan Ahmed Khan” from qubool hai with his cool look with messy hair!!!
    Advay was mesmerised for a moment before the fire incident looking at Chandni. Hot burning sensitive piercing eyes and desiring gaze.
    Allahabad..The city of losing family and the beginning of old incomplete journey of Advay’s love story. # hurtful feeling of returning home Mr. Mathematics!!( this name seems funny for Advay to my ear with logic!!)
    Amitabh Bachchan is getting old so he sent Advay to Allahabad lol old Rajnikant sir joke style ha ha..
    The question “Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon???”continues….

    1. Deepu

      Hi astha ur comments are really good..

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Deepu….nice meeting you in rabba ve land. Thanks for your compliment.
      my Commets..means are you stalking me from ishqbaaz page lol.. kidding yaar.

    3. Better call him maths professor or professor of maths. It suits for his calculation brain.

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Sunshine…thanks for your suggestion but I will call him Mr. Mathematics.

    5. Maha_Aijaz

      Astha this is the best name *Mr. Mathematics *?? that Bachchan part was also fully though ?? and now I’m sure we’ll soon see cute cute moments between Advay and Mikku *the entertaining bro* but I don’t want any love triangle between Dev, Mikku and Chandni though it’s so early to say all this but still I can’t help with myself??

    6. Aastha_Reddy

      Maahi…there will not be any love triangle in between three of them.
      May be love story of Miku with the character of Ketki Kadam is planned. Don’t worry about love triangle as according to my heart , Love triangle is not in this story. Later if they wish they can add for spicing the story after Adni marriage to give pain hurt to Chandni from Advay.
      #Mr. Mathematics is hot yaar.

    7. ooh astha dear, u r rocking with ur comments here also.. . i think we should start pkj version 2 for ipkknd3.
      and yaa our advay is definitely a maths guru.

    8. Aastha_Reddy

      Aska..praising mode on. I will try to rock “Rabba ve land” too with my comment. Let me observe Advay more closely.
      Not a math guru but a hot- s*xy Mr. Mathematics lol.

    9. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah I too think so because it’s not an ordinary story at all but anyways jealousy track is ok after AdNi’s marriage ??

    10. Deepu

      may be…but I rally like u yaar.. aap mujhe bahuth ache lagthi ho aur aapko analysis jho hain na woh tho laajawab hain

  6. Shaza

    Well …I don’t feel new and amazed nor do I feel exited …first when I heard that Ipkknd coming with Barun , I was super exited …watching …I feel like I know everything …
    Shivani’s look is way too grand …Her makeup is way too heavy , her hair looks like like she just woke cuz of the high volume curls …I think they must’ve given her a natural look , I’m not saying no makeup at all..but ithsi much looks way too grand and it irritates me ….cuz I’ve seen her other pictures and in Kasam ..she looks good without all that stuff…so it’s zero for the looks (I’m not saying she is not pretty )
    And as for Braun , his hair ….those hairs falling on his face (is he imitating Justin ?) makes him look less professional …he needs a haircut ASAP …(it looks good only on Justin ?)
    Jeans doesn’t go with his attitude …facial hair needs a cut too for him (not completely ) .

    These all thing are not so important , but it kinda pricks me …

    And the main thing , story and charetcors .
    The supporting casts looks way too dramatic and irritating …plus the main villains hair color doesn’t suit her …?
    I wish he had the same family like in the pre season …that sister ..Anjali …the Nani …the hello hi bye bye …and all of those

    About Arnav …he is back for what happened in his childhood .it seems Gul…couldn’t get a better reason for his hate for the girl ? It looks baseless ….revenge is what weak ppl opt for …and revenge love is no new to us …! Wish she could’ve come up with better ideas ?…

    I’ll tell the outline plot:-
    They are gonna have hate love till 100 ep …by 120 he will for the girl and the girl top …by 150 there will be a misunderstanding which will make them hate each other again and will somehow bound em together …by 200 they’ll come together …by 220 they’ll be clear abt the misunderstand ..and the sweet thing will go on …
    I swear this is gonna hpn …I’m 101% sure

    And the bg doesn’t match…it looks like it’s not made for them …(I’m maybe addicted to Arshi) maybe they could come up with a better name and not name it Ipkknd and not with the different bg

    I actually wanted the fans to fight back and the TRP to fall off..and make Gul khan realize her mistake ..she doesn’t have anything new …and now she is being so rude with the ppl who are just requesting for Sanaya …I wished she could learn a lesson ….I want this show to go flop …

    I don’t like ekta kapoor ..but atleast she gives importance to her fans and bought kritika back ..
    Here Gul Kahn is way to confident …and the fans are just fools or walk back of her …she doesn’t even respect ppl …nor does give any priority ….and I have more hate for her since she didn’t even care when she removed Ishana from ib …

    Anyway …I’m just gonna rewatch the old Ipkknd …or go for a Kdrama marathon instead of watching his shit (sorry for my language )

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      With pleasure!!!

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Well I’m surprised that people are still finding Ekta’s shows good -__- Anyways keep enjoying first season!

    3. Shaza

      I don’t find ekta’s shows really great …but she is kind to her fans ..if you are on insta and follow Gul , you’ll exactly know what I mean …first season too had flaws actually ….Dian the outline was same ..anyway maybe going for Kdrama marathon !! U guys can keep watching out for Ipkknd here

    4. Divya sabareesh

      Tu jaise b*t*h comment karne ke laayak nahi hai

    5. Shaza

      Excuse me , pls mind your language …I don’t need to learn from u if I am capable of commenting or not ..nor do u have have any right to to tell me not to comment , who are u , huh ? ?. This is a social place ..where whoever wants can comment …if u don’t like my comment , scroll down …and stop reflecting yourself on others ..

    6. Divya sabareesh

      Sanaya ke koi chamche muh uttakke idhar aane ki zaroorath nahi hai

    7. Karina

      Just because Shaza has a different opinion then yours Divya, doesnt give you the right to call her a b*itch. Mind your language pls.
      And as far as Shaza s comment she expressed her opinion in a decent manner. I happen to agree with her in some parts. For me IPKKND will always be about Arshi, but that doesnt mean i cant acknowledge a nice acting performance of Shivani and Barun. No one said that Shivani is a bad actress. I think Gul Khan should have changed the show s name if she didnt want to bring Arshi and the old cast back. What is the point of telling that this is the third season of IPKKND if its got nothing to do with the first season, no story, no cast as in the first season, so its no continuation between them, except for Barun. When you make a new season for a show its suppost to be a continuation for the previous story.
      I dont mean to offend anyone, the fans that want to watch this show and really like it they have my support, but that doesnt mean everyone has to like this show.
      So DIVYA next time you think about insulting someone just because they dont share the same opinions and likings as you, you should consider the fact that this comment section is for pointing our views about the show, regardless if our opinions are the same as others or not.
      Have a nice day.

    8. Fenil

      Perfect Answer given by u Karina to Divya.

    9. Karina

      Thank you Fenil, i appreciate your support.

    10. Shaza

      Thnq so much di for the support ..???…couldn’t have said it any better …idk why ppl just call u b*t*h or go ask you to f**k yourself if you just say anything different from their opinion,..that’s just so stupid …god …I wish more ppl like u existed ✌??….love ya ..
      And i don’t even have hate for the show …just couldn’t grab my attention …I didn’t even mention about Sanaya being better than shiva just still getting on me…anyway no use of explaining that …

    11. Karina

      No worries sweety, it was my pleasure. No need to thank me. I strongly believe everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and as long as they express it in a decent manner, like you did, then noone has the right to insult them just because they dont have the same opinions.
      I agree with you, the show hasnt grab my attention either, but that doesnt mean that i cant appreciate the acting of Shivani and Barun. I think everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves, so i wish Shivani and Barun best of luck for the show.
      Love you too sweety and if you are a fan of IB and DBO, i will see you in the comment section there 😉 Lots of love :*

    12. Shaza

      Thank god , found someone like me (phew )
      I used watch and be there in the comment section if ishqbaaz before 6 months I think ….then I had school (10st.started) so I had to sadly stop commenting ….?…I miss all my di’s over there …now when I see ..I can’t find any of them …u may know them ….some of them were …mukti di , mukta di(she used to keep a list of every single person commenting and wish everyone good morning with their name ) Shivani di , piyalii di , ritz, , Priya di , Shama di , and sooo many more ,…
      DOB and IB is amazing …I like the track of IB really much now ..Anika making shivaye jealous (I love when they get jealous , my fav part of any serial)
      And I’m waiting for Om to come to know about the bua’s secret …
      I tried commenting on Ib comment section once… there were so many new and sweet ppl …but still exams going on ….so ????

    13. Karina

      Dont worry dear i dont really have much time to comment either, between work and uni i dont have much free time.
      I actually started seeing IB and DBO recently, i didnt watch IB from the begining so im new to the comment section there, so i dont know a lot of ppl, i dont know the ppl you mentiond coz i wasnt on IB page back then.
      Well if i dont see you in the comments there you can always PM me and we can talk in private when you feel like it. Lots of love.

    14. Shaza

      Oh,,.sorry then ….yeah …would love to talk ya …?…anytime …actually exams finished (they were terrible though )
      So u gotta watch all eps together …? That’s crazy ..once I used to be crazy for d new ep …god ..I remember …that opening music used to make me beg my bro for the remote…I was soin love with it …ryt now …not so addicted to IB …o don’t have anything to get addicted to …I want to watch some movies or drama’s any redommdos ?
      I love Cinderella type stories …and I watched all the remakes ..tough they were same …even watched like somebody n star struck …kind of similar ….
      I really wanna watch something gr8 to spend my nights ….I’m bored in ma holidays ….
      Watched all the movies I could ..nothing probably left …got into Korean n Chinese m Taiwanese n those dramas …finished em too ????
      Anyway …nice to talk ya

    15. Karina

      Hey dear 🙂 all the best for your results. Tehnically yes i ll have to watch all epis from Ib, the ones i didnt see but due to busy schedual i dont think i ll be able to do that. Right now im just watching the new epis. Apart from IB i only watch Gulaam on Life ok, but i dont get time to watch it regularly. I dont really have time to watch any other serials or shows. I never watched Korean dramas. As for recommendations i dont have any coz of lack of free time, so apart from IB and Gulaam i dont watch anything else. I recently saw a movie which i really liked, its called ” 2:22 ” so you can check it out if you want. Lots of love, take care 🙂

  7. Who will be the kidnapper??

    Superb episode

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Jasz…some professional kidnapper with jiji- the master mind behind to control Chandni it seems.

  8. Yazhu

    I can’t help myself but truly whenever they play Rabba ve it’s only Arshi comes before my eyes… I can’t separate Rabba ve and Arshi….
    It’s an amazing episode again… I liked Mikku… He’s so cool…hope the union of Advay with Mikku will be more interesting… So we can confirm that Advay is Dev…. So sad of Advay lost his family but I just can’t control my overwhelming joy whenever I see Barun as an angry young man… He just suits for the role better than anyone….
    I really have to appreciate Shivani’s performance… I loved Chandni’s characterization… She’s so innocent but can’t say anything about the flashback part… Loved the young Chandni she’s so cute…
    Poor Chandni… Don’t know what are all waiting for her in the upcoming episodes… As Advay’s rage is at it’s peak…. Loved Advay and Chandni’s pair…. Ofcourse not more than Sharun n Arshi….. But still they make a good pair…..
    Initially I thought that Shivani can’t do good alongside Barun… But after seeing the show I admit that she’s the apt one for Chandni’s character…..
    About the precap… I was smiling the whole time when Chandni collides with Advay…. Love that part….

  9. Niharikamalhotra

    @Everyone….hi guys…
    Nice to meet u all here on this pg…
    Well m new here…
    And know only couple of ppl..
    Could I join this family?..
    Well I came without knocking, plez don’t mind..nd accept me…?lol..
    Hi..have u lost yr brain..
    Thank dear 4 telling us that u luv sanaya..
    Even me too..
    But this is very wrong to boycott Shivani’s acting. .
    We r trying to like her..and she is good and fab…..let her give her best….
    And have u really lost yr brain…
    @Ria…wow get the hell out of here…
    Cool dude…
    Nice reply…
    Only one sentence with aflatoon reply
    @Ipkfanz….plez open yr eyes and look at the calendar.. Its 2017 not 2012/2013..
    Comeback dear,I/we can understand yr emotions…but try to understand sanaya’s wish and producer’s feelings…
    Ndddddddddddd get the hell out of here…and use yr precious time in reading books..and after all time is money…
    Sorry …I understand.. But this understanding is of no use….so take good care of yrself…and tata bye bye…
    Oppps sorry…hlo hi bye bye…
    Well guys…I have something on our feelings (Barun sobti)…


    U R SO COOL..


    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Niha! (That’s what I’ll call ypu hope you don’t have any problem :-D) You’re already welcome dear with or without knocking!
      Well you’re right, they’re too much yaar still living in 1st season comparing both series huh! Even I can understand their emotions and attachments towards ArShi but stilll bashing isn’t a way. Anyways leave everything and enjoy IPKKND with ShiRun *___*

    2. Niharikamalhotra

      Hi @Maha…u can call me Nina…no problem to me…
      ND yeah u r ri8..

    3. Archiya

      welcome dear.. an what an BANG ON!! entry , liked ur comment..
      People judge too quickly ..

    4. Niharikamalhotra

      Ooo thank u soooo much Archi

    5. prettypretti

      hi miss niharika malhotra my shyari queen really tere wohi purine comments read krke majja aa gya my old kits is back and tell me bout studies and which stream did u choose my super girl..

    6. Niharikamalhotra

      Of curse….Arts…which I wanted….
      And uff…don’t dare to call me niharika..nd malhotra too..well malhotra sounds good…
      Nd u know…that m kk(kittu Kumar)
      Nd yeah yr kits….nd studies r going fab…nd r u in 9th or X(standard)…

  10. Yazhu

    Advay rocks….Can’t take eyes off him the whole episode… And his dialogue delivery is just so breathtaking….

  11. Hey guyzz..hw r u’s episode was d best..l jst luvd it..d 1st part..dat guy miku and advay convo was amazing..miku he is so cool and he is looking fab…nxt chandni advay wala part aww…kya boloon I was jst staring at advay..killer expressions..rabba ve omg ..chemistry dikh rahi hey…i guess future episodes wil entertain us..precap mein gussa ankhon mein dikh raha hey..wt an intense acting..barun ..awesome ..w8ng eagerly 4 tmrw

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hey Manu…so comedy part will be on the shoulder of Miku , of course with Advay too. wishing to see Ketki Kadam soon.

  12. Optimistic

    Ty u amena i know you as jndsd written update person by the way update is gud plz welcome me to ipkkd new season

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Optimistic…welcoming you to ipkknd the new love journey in a hope to feel the essence from your profile name . Bang on!!

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Welcome to you in this lovely family Optimistic. Nice name by the way ?

  13. Mahhi

    Hii everybody.
    Today’s episode was like WOW. It was very good. And the background music of rabba ve… it was soo good??. I have some confusion if anybody can clear it. Why Advay calls Chandni as Janvi?? If Advay is Dev then why he changed his name ?? To gake revenge or anything else?? Well… other then that today Advay just killed it with his powerpack dialog ??. Eagerly waiting for tomorrows episode. Ipkknd is getting me addicted and from yesterday my pre-mid test started. Now my mother shouts at me as i watch tv instead of studying ?. But no problem i can bear scolding but can’t miss the show. Lots of love to ipkknd??.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Swathi… ipkknd magic getting on my nerve too like Ritalin . Addicted to #ASR.

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Mahhi! Well same here I just keep on waiting when my tutor will go and when I’ll watch the serial like a free bird?? because I use to watch it online ?
      And I guess Dev call her as Chandni, you’re misunderstanding *maybe*

    3. Mahhi

      ?Might be I am… By the way my name is Swati. Mahhi is my mom’s name?..

  14. ” excuse me” and ” batameezi toh maine shuru bhi nhi ki hai ” ASR nailed it again .

  15. Radhika.k

    Woow!!!!Loved today’s episode!!!Barun aka Advay was as usual hot n the centre of the attraction!!
    Atlast,some secret has been revealed that Mikku/guy is advay’s cool bro!!!I loved their convo a lottt!!!
    N i am hating those three ladies yaar(Romba scene podaranga).Well,but without them the story will not move forward!!!!
    Advay just killed everyone wid his beautiful smile on one side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Their first convo after 16yrs!!!It was awesome!Advay knew very well to talk wid his Chandini,the way he cornered her against the pillar,just the way romantic ppl do!

    Got to knw that a big secret is awaiting us,which is related to Advay also!!!Even this Jiji acts to be a good person,but she is not!!
    The next firing scene was when Advay fought wid the gaurds!!!But it was seriously risky yaar,aise hi phek diya lighter!!!Agar kuch ho jata toh???I knw he won’t let that happen,but phir bhi seeing this gussa action,its sure that we have a lot of revenge actions in store!!!!

    The classy dialogue-“tum dupatta ke bina
    achi dikthi ho”i felt he was complimenting but he was actually commenting!!!!!!!But when she fainted on his shoulder n he took her in his arms,it was just an amazing scene!!But still he is very keen on taking revenge!!!!
    N yaa the truth talk was niceee!!
    Precap:Waiting eagerly to know more n for that cooliding scene!!!!

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Radhika…He was taunting her or complimenting!! Both Darling both . Advay still loves his Chandni which is clearly seen from his slightly opened mouth when she threw her own dupatta. Its his hate mingled with Love so only the question remains a question forever -” Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon???”.

    2. Radhika.k

      Yaa asthu!!!!!U said it perfectly!!!!

  16. Zaina

    ASR, our angry man is back…. miss u ArShi….anyway, ShiRun should also get a chance…. loved mikku from his very first epi…..
    Guys, we have to name them. Right?
    What will we call them… AdNi Or ChanDvay or something else…

  17. Zaina

    Thanks amena di for ur great effort and super fast update…

  18. Archiya

    If revenge is with so much passionate, how much passionate will love b

    Today for sometime I felt it was the old Asr speaking… Nice dialogues..

    Loved loved chandini pink shirt today.. If I get one like that will surely buy

    Now coming to that cutie mikku..itna cute name names more cutie is the guy.. Liked him so much.. So ASR pain is much more deeper with his mom dad dead an his younger brother away from him.. May Dec an mikku meet soon

    The day dev will come to know what chandini has suffered he will surely soften towards her…

    So both mikku an dev r here to take revenge.. I feel it’s mikku who have that letter to Jiji..

    It’s getting interestin..but a lil dragging.. They need to pick up the story soon..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Archu… in praising mode. no need to rush the story. We can wait. After all its the theme of their story. I can wait for one whole year for the unfolding mysteries. Nothing to hurry cvs.

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah even I can wait but you know getting curious to know what’s the mystery exactly and it’s essential for trp too!
      But CVs know what to show so leaving all these tensions on them??

    3. Archiya

      just like Maha said, one thing i m curious a second its a new show its need move a lil fast.. so that it will hold people interest

    4. Nivedita

      Yeah I loved today’s episode Archu.. and that pink skirt! ??

      Rabba ve definitely brought back some of the old ipk magic! ??

      Miku was cute too..

    5. Archiya

      i love Rabba ve.. i keep humming it all the while

      Miku.. more than barun i was interested in him yest,he is super cute

    6. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah agreeing Archiya they should move the story li’l fast! And as far as that letter is concerned I also think Mikku is behind all that *putting on detective shades*?

    7. Archiya

      hope u dont mind me calling u that..

      yeah a lil fast will help to hold ppl interest ..
      ‘putting on detective shades’ good one.. he is super cute

    8. Nivedita

      Agree Archu.. I too was more interested in Miku’s character — he looks like the lively opposite to serious AsR in the show.

    9. Maha_Aijaz

      No I won’t mind at all? yeah moving story little fast will help the people to get more engrossed, rest everything is in CVs hands??

  19. advay tries to teach chandhni fear. but it seems like she also in fear for something, but he doesn’t know that. its interesting

  20. Sunanda guchhait

    Today’s episode is a blast.. What an episode.. BARUN IS JUST MIND BLOWING FANTASTIC.. Killing it man… Advay and mikku’s scenes are amazing..

  21. This is the first time I am commenting for any show because I couldn’t stay quite after watching the show i am just waiting for the story to unfold further.

  22. Fenil

    Hello Everyone !! Hope u all are good.

    What an episode:)

    “Battameezi toh maine abhi suru
    nahi ki hai”- the tag line took breath
    away after five long years from

    “Rabba Ve..Rabba
    Ve..oo…Rabba ve…” this only for Arshi.

    Yeah!! Started brotherhood Gul
    Ma’am Actually that brother of
    ASR resemblances “Aayan Ahmed
    Khan” from ”Qubool Hai !!” with his cool
    look with messy hair!!! I m missing them.

    Micku was bird.

    @Dear Nihi ,i was silent reader of your EDKV Ff. I was not registered myself at that time.i love your work.

    @Pretty Preeti , i didn’t recognised you. I found your comments on Joyye Dii’s u know abt Oggy and Oliva:D:D.sorry.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Fenil…. what the!! Did you replied my comment on this episode or our words double crossed each other!! I thought our comment matched by words and feelings but the time gap said other way .
      I was little amazed looking at your this comment so only. Hope you don’t mind Bhaiyya.

    2. Fenil

      Good Morning Ashtha Dii (don’t know u r elder or not so bear with this so tell me who is elder among us mine birth year is 1996)

      hehe, I read your comment after reading your reply and i m also amazed seeing same words.But it must be coincidence dear yaa time gap is saying other fact but that matter is not in my case.if u will check my comment section u will find whenever i m doing copy paste
      from person or google comments in that case i m giving credit to that person.

      Don’t worry, i m not taking anything seriously .

      Sorry if i hurts u by my comment and reply.

    3. Niharikamalhotra

      @Fenil…ohhh thank u soo much….I loved edkv the most.. Nd to the core…wow, silent reader..well ,I used to b a silent reader once..nd and thnx a lot 4 yr love…
      Nd do u know fatarjo…I mean joyee

    4. Fenil

      Good Morning Nihi ,
      yes ,i m also fan of Edkv and them a lot.
      Yes , i know Joyee Dii , i m reading her ff currently.

    5. Prettypreeti

      ohh yup jo I swriting the epi and see I m back with my pppp

    6. Archiya

      same to same thoughts on Miku.. he looks are also almost like aayan.. used to like him too..

    7. Fenil

      Yaa Dear Archiya , koi toh hain jo thoda comic daal sakta hain.:P:P:D

    8. Aastha_Reddy

      Fenil…Birth year too matched at 1996 like our comment. Mine is 6th december 1996. Every one calls you Bhaiyya so only I called you like that..I come to know it from your “Swayambar”.
      Age don’t matter as long as we are crazy member of a single family. Hota hai..Magic – the telepathy. Hope we are friends now with TU sibling.

    9. Fenil

      OMG Birth year is also same. Hehe Meri Shadi chal rahi thi TU pe:)):)):P. Yaa age doesn’t matter u can call me fenil or Fenu.
      Yaa sure we are friends.

    10. Niharikamalhotra

      @Astha …hey what…I mean…leave…
      Could I call u Di…u r elder hope u don’t mind… Nd what a coincidence… Lol…
      Brilliant family…

    11. prettypretti

      hey ashtha di u came out to be my di I commented on ur os and there I wrote only astha so soory

    12. Niharikamalhotra

      @Fenil…hi ,well I think I should start calling u bhai…if u don’t mind…
      Nd yeah EDKV always rockzzz…
      Well, could u tell me the name of joyee ff..which she is writing …nd any of her current ff name. .
      Missing her…
      Anyways….it’s really very cool to find one more edkvian here…
      ?nd carry on yr cmmts…

    13. Fenil

      Yaa sure Nihi u can call me bhai , Fenil or Bro.

      ”Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahungi SS By Joyee Dii ” currently going on till now 9chapters published on TU i d k about her work on Wattpad as i m not there.

      Yaa sure will try to comment everyday.

    14. prettypretti

      firstly fenu bhai joyee id ur di really I think she is just17 18 acc to me and bout oggy and Olivia I know it from activity page and I know afterone was talking about it and asking u for marriage certificate related to it something nd u forgot u commented on my os too on shraman and wht sorry no sorry worry

    15. prettypreeti

      fenu bhai one more thing actually I too posted related something on tu activity page and that was related to the three cockroaches of tu if u r oggy of tu then we need to know that three cockroaches who tease u..and yup ur comment was rock on!!!!!!!!!

    16. Prettypreeti

      bhai I hope u will remember me if not so I remember u and u can remember me nowonwards

    17. Niharikamalhotra

      @Pppp…I love yr pic …that’s y I call u pppp?

    18. Niharikamalhotra

      Ooo thank u sooo much bro…

  23. The whole set up is way too different. I really am not into it yet. To go from something more real to again the same superstitious beliefs and myths about burning people. The current trend. Which is way weird becz ipkknd1 was all about modern love and general family set up with no SaaS bahu drama or witch crafting, superstition, ghost drama….

    And when they played that track between the two…..omg that just ruined my memories. Nope. Nope. Nope. Did not feel chem. Instead it just made it worse. I mean of the story and everything is different then why not change the music. That was a brand of Arnav and Khushi. The music was epic between the two. The breeze. The feeling of each other’s presence. The rabbave…..

    Seriously even the scene where she faints is a copy. Way way way poorly done. Why trying to repeat the scenes?????? Remember Khushi getng trapped in a depilated building. She fighting Arnav and fainting and then him carrying her. Epic one yaar.

    Well, I’m not comparing but why are they trying to repeat the moment. They could create new and with different music. This just is a ruination. It’s like trying to take away the basic thing from our lives. Like trying to give up tea or coffee. Just like that We cannot give up arnav and Khushi…

    Do something else other than creatin the same scenes and playin the revenge track….

  24. Maha_Aijaz

    “Sach sach hota hai” my God I didn’t know that this line will be so beautiful when Barun will say it?? *taking deep breath* okay so I’m trying to come on ground after watching the episode ??
    Just loved Barun and Shivani in black attires❤❤ their first ever scene mesmerized me for sure. The way he whispered in her ears OMG my heart skipped a beat ?? though he had an intensions of going close to her but still I loved that passionate moment ??
    Then that night scene- the most awaiting scene for all of us hayeee what an attitude Dev, really the way he threw lighter at her dupatta, the way he was glaring her, the way he extinguished the fire and then finally the face off killed me*again taking a deep breath* “Badtameezi tou mai na abhi shuru he nahe ke”?? touba this dialogue was amazing ❤❤
    And then the way he put on his coat, I can see his care even behind his strong hatred, his eyes were reflecting the pain, care and astonishment when she fall in his arms.
    In the last part- again he showed his anger, his rage but still it was looking so good on him?? his gaze along with his dialogues superb, man??
    Ultimately all credit goes to Barun and Shivani for this commendable performance and making us all mad seriously he was looking way too handsome in black coat, uffh❤❤
    Well that’s just the analysis of AdNi (that’s the decided name I guess) rest I’ll do in other comment ??
    By the way hello to everyone! Barun k hangover mai I forgot to greet you all??

  25. Maha_Aijaz

    So the mystery of that new guy revealed! His name is Mikku, and he’s Dev’s brother. His part was kind of light and funny so now he’ll be the reason of creating some soft moments in the episode.
    Also I loved that “EXCUSE ME” moment?? his face expressions when Mikku was behaving friendly with him was incredible ❤ really loved their small but cute scene.
    And I’m sure Deb will cry his heart out when he’ll come to know that the boy he’s avoiding is actually his brother, that’ll be an emotional scene for sure! Till then Mikku will entertain us all?

  26. Hi all, special hi astha n arpita so glad to b connected here like this…. i didnt watch IPKMKND 1n 2 r they connected?? I can still watch n understand 3 noe?? U know am only watching it for u astha n arpita….. wt r the timings of this serial yaaron

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Aww…. Mrs. Reddy is watching it for us. so sweet of you. its different story from seasons 1 and 2. You can watch it @8 PM, next day morning 9 AM or even afternoon 3 PM. Best wishes. Stay in Rabba ve land.

  27. Maha_Aijaz

    I’m sure that jiji has done all this to take all status and power from Dev’s mom and dad! She was jealous of their power and she want her daughter to become heir (maybe) that’s why he wants to kill Dev and his brother but thank God they got saved.
    It must be so difficult for him to watch his parents dieing brutally in front of his eyes! I’m with you Dev go and teach them all a lesson excluding Chandni because she’s an innocent soul, she herself has faced a lot of tortures so support her- I know it’ll take a long time for you to understand but still…
    By the way I think he misunderstands her because she told her family about Dev’s whereabouts I mean she sighed everyone that there is Dev so maybe anyways it’ll be fun to see Dev giving pain and saving her from that pain at the same time ??

    1. Riana

      Hi Maha…The episode was really superb…but i feel watching it on TV is more better than Hotstar…???

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Actually I’ve no other choice rather that watching online because here star plus don’t come ? so I usually watch it on tune 3k as at hot star we’ve to wait for the next day if you’re not a premium member and I can’t wait so long- you know excitement is at it’s peak ??
      But if you’re a premium member?

    3. Archiya

      I think more than the status an power its the treasure which is lying in that temple.. which i believe is being closed from the time dev parents died..

    4. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah I actually forgot that treasure Archiya, thanks for reminding me and maybe that treasure is the reason behind all conspiracies. But again I’ve a query why the gate is opening after 16 years? Why they were waiting since long? Is there some mystery behind this too?
      Oh my God questions are increasing day by day??

    5. Archiya

      again i m guessing… i think the gate opens only every 16 years, last time the gate opened the jiji(villian/chandini mom) killed dev parents to get the treasure, but looks like the temple door closed before they could get it.. an now after 16 years it will open again…

  28. Please stop saying bad about ipkknd 3 at least we have Barun Sobti. And I am sure the loyal fans of ipkknd wants to watch the show.

  29. For me the chemistry didnt clicked between barun and shivani…thr fire is missing between them…so rabba ve is on fire but not chandni and advay..the pair didnt clicked at all…as far as barun is consider he is acting good but you cant take a show to height with only male actorr…so bring back khush ie sanya..the girl doesnt suit her..i wanted to give honest chance to chadni so i saw the episode but chemistry didnt clicked at all

  30. Hi astha..ya comedy part miku samhal lega..uski acting bhi bahut achi hey..astha..couple name adni hi hey na ya phir still searching

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Yeah Manu..Miku Sambhal lega comedy part Advay will join him too. Pata nahi couple name kya hai. In insta we are calling them Adni even if I am not happy with this name. “What shall we name this couple???” in style of “What shall I name this Love??”…

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