Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Veer lands in Vashisht house

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3rd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Advay seeing Shakun. Shilpa spies on her. Shakun talks to someone and does shayari. PT and Chandni are on the way. He says I did not know you are so fast. She says yes, I have to end work till evening. He asks did you do this before. She says its first time, determined person can do everything. He says yes, I will do everything, you can’t wait. She says I have to do a lot in less time, come fast. He smiles.

Shilpa collides with Shakun and applies something to her. Shakun starts sneezing. She asks Shilpa to clean house and goes. Advay thinks I should go guest house. Chandni and PT come to guest house. PT smiles. She says we don’t have much time. He says so much desperation, how to start. She says stay here, I will just come. He says I think she is going to wear special dress. Advay is on the way. She checks his room and thinks I should get something to make him leave from house. PT calls her out. She says 2 mins. She finds a drawer locked and thinks how to open it. She recalls Dev opening a lock by hair pin. She tries the same.

Advay reaches there. Chandni gets some envelope. She does not see her and Dev’s pic. She thinks now I will know from where Advay came and what does he want. She asks PT to come, the work is done. PT asks done and I did not know, how. She says we have to go home, come fast. She stops and turns to see her dupatta stuck. She pulls her dupatta and runs. Advay enters the house and looks around.

Someone comes to meet Shakun and gives her a rose and heart shaped balloon. Shilpa tries to see and says who is he. Shakun hugs the man and takes him inside the room. Advay holds the drawer. Shilpa calls him and says Shakun’s puzzle will be solved today. He asks her to keep an eye.

Shikha asks Chandni did she get anything at ASR’s guest house. Chandni says I will tell later. Shikha asks her to get ready as Katto Gilheri and come. Chandni recalls Advay’s words and asks Shikha how did you learn this word, don’t say this again. They go to get ready. Shikha gives her saree. Indrani comes to them.

She asks did you not get ready till now. Chandni says just 2mins. Indrani asks Shikha to get Chandni downstairs. She goes. Veer records for his show and says today we will show you a prank to break heart, it will start from this house, this prank’s name is two weeks, Ladki/girl fix, this girl is the target, I will stay in her house for two weeks and teach her a lesson.

Meghna talks about PT and asks Chandni why does she get everything on ASR. Shikha gets shocked seeing Veer. She asks him to stop, how dare he come here. Chandni asks what are you doing. Shikha says Radha’s engagement broke because of whom, see he got camera, why did he come here. She scolds him. She takes his camera to break. She breaks all the things. Veer asks her to listen. Veer bends down. PT gets hurt and screams.

Shikha says sorry. PT’s mum asks what happened and sees the wound on his neck. Indrani asks who did this. Kajal says blood is coming out, give bandage to him. PT says you broke my imported equipment worth 12 lakhs. PT’s mum asks Indrani is her three daughters mad, Rajveer Singh is my childhood friend’s son, I m seeing him now after many years, his relation can happen with one of your two daughters, what did Shikha do with my PT baba. Indrani says Shikha, you know Chandni’s alliance happened by difficulty, I told you anger can’t make anything, but can ruin everything. Shikha says sorry. Indrani says that guy will get respect like all guests, if he is troubled, remember I did not forget getting angry, go and apologize to Rajveer. Shikha goes.

PT stops Advay and asks where were you. Advay asks what happened, did you fight with anyone. PT says no, small town girls are crazy. Advay thinks did Chandni do this. PT says those three sisters look simple, but they are so wild, it just happened, there is function and she does not care, before I could stop her, she jumped on me. Advay asks what did you do with Chandni. PT says Chandni is so sweet, what could happen and what happened. Advay gets angry.

Chandni, Shikha and Meghna sit talking. Shikha says every problem’s reason is these guys. Chandni says right, they all are bad. Shikha says its his mistake and I have to apologize. Chandni says yes, he bought my house and got into my room, he has put chunri on me and handed me a coin, he talks in husky voice and comments on my short height, can’t I make that ASR dance. Advay asks did anything happen between you two. PT says she has taken me to some place, that has an amazing bed. Advay says stop, I don’t want to know. He thinks why do I care, I came to ruin her, focus Advay. He goes. Shikha says I will not leave that Chirkut, mum scolded me, mum will call him a liar and call me true. Chandni says Advay has become superhero, I will kick out that Rowdy professor. Shikha says I will also kick out that Veer. Chandni says we will make them out and then stay happy.

Advay says I knew you are cheat. Chandni says you are cheat and cheap too. He asks did you go to my guest house. She says yes, I got the secret from your drawer, I know what you were and what you became to come Allahabad.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Riana

    Today episode was okay okay…????

    First scene in the car was ???….This PT Baba is soo cheapy…???…Lol his thoughts were just…ewwww…??

    Advay’s guest scene was avg…??

    Finally…Rajveer Singh ????…

    Shikha n her stupid anger…????…I just hate her anger…

    Anywayzz…Bichrani moving towards shikha was like she is lion…n shikha is goat…???????

    And then usual dialogues “Tumse yeh ummed nahi thi”…”hamne gussa karna chordiya hain bhula nahi” !…?????????

    Last part was funny with PT baba’s fantasy n Advay would be outrage…???…

    And girl talkies…lol

    Precap: Eageerrr…??????

    Hi Guyss…whats up (Astha…yazhu…fenu bhaiyyo…radhika…pinku…manu…sunan…Antara…AB…Mary jose…snehal n yesterday new registered member (sorry dear forgot ur name)…How’s the episode according to ur views ??…????????

    1. Manuu

      Hey riana..ur d first to comment today..aaj ka episode was nt dat interesting bt am happy At least mikku is back..woh bhi ab vashisht house mein..we’ll witness some interesting and entertaining scenes

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      ha ha…Mausiji ka balloon tod romance kaafi tha to Advay ne romance ko thoda pause kardiya..

    3. Antara

      Hai Riana Average epi this price tag pb is so cheap & irritating kitna sochte hi aatami blah blah abt chandini disgusting advay’s scene was less mikku arrival was nice i want 2 see advay & mikku scenes bhai wala pyaar hoping they will soon show some scenes of both brothers Fingers crossed

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Chippda kehlane ka bhi laayak nahi hai wo PP Baba..

    5. Aastha_Reddy

      Riana…for me too this episode was not so nice. No Nivay scene at all but Mausiji carry romance on her soft shoulder wala Kandha(wink)!!

    6. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Riana​ .. I liked this suspense wali episode.. paheli Kumari ki aashiq .. mujhe lagta hai chandni ni ko jiane kidnap kiya tha wohi hai.. shakun ki husband..
      Woh vi 1year se bahar hai aur chandni ki kidnapping vi 1 year pehle hoi..

      It’s just a guess .. actually mystery yo ADVAY solve kare ga..

    7. Nivika

      Dii todays epi wass okk…no nivay scenes….
      But mikku ki enrty???????
      U said right bicharani was like lion nd shikha was like goat????

  2. Antara

    paheli kumari ka aashiq kaun ho sakta hai? i think he is lipstick ki kasam yeh toh kajal ji ka pati jaise laga it just a guess FINALLY MIKKU ENTERED SO NICE SHIKA KA GUSSA NE PB KA 12 LAKH CAM THOD DIYA THIS PB IS DISGUSTING jab dekho chandini ke peeche pade hai
    Advay ka gussa toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohot to handle mann toh kar raha hai ki pb ko maaru par advay misunderstands chandi
    precap is nice according 2 spoliers police will come 2 arrest advay but nothing will happn 2 cutiepie but chandini’s plan turns flop

    1. Manuu

      Hi antara..yah this PP is getting on my cheap…

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      His tight fist…OMG(ul) I just love it.

    3. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Pp’s cheapness is increasing day by day.. and the way he was saying all of these in front of AdvaY.. I just wanted to smash him.. Idiot PP baba.

  3. Tdy epi was very gd.itni gussa Advay year.tum nhai kartho ho pyaar tho farak pardtha.misunderstanding growing day by day

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      AB… haan fark padta hai..

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      AB … Angry ASR ia treat to watch.. looks really hot in angry avtar.. loved it

  4. Sunanda_Guchhait

    OMG. What a thrilling episode. Outstanding, Mind blowing, brilliant. My heart is racing really fast. Whole episode is a roller coaster ride. I got goosebumps.
    Target shakun… Locked. Don’t know shilpa ne kya trick kiya shakun ko??

    I hate that cheapda pp baba. His double meaning talk is irritating me.
    Brilliant job done by chandni. She is using DEV’s trick to defect her AdvaY. Wow.. and as usual chandni missed the most important proof. Dumbo..When chandni’s pallu stuck in the window, for a moment I thought it was Advay. But no. I thought AdvaY will catch her but she got the proof and escape.
    Bad timing shilpa.and be ready ASR.. chandni is coming with a bang.
    But loved the scene where chandni asked pp to go home. Uska face dekhne layek tha.

    Oh Ram ji…. Mikku.
    Mikku finally you are in. Welcome welcome..but
    “2 weeks ladki fix” ..phirse koi pitega. But shikha , this time mikku is prepared.

    Excellent brilliant job.. shikha love you. Thora aur jorse marna chahiye tha. I really got scared of Indrani-the Bichrani. The way she was talking to shikha seemed like this Marriage is the only agenda of her life. Even her daughters don’t matter. But why?? Why this Marriage is so important. What are the hidden intentions​..

    PP .. you won’t get chandni. Never ever. Chandni is AdvaY’s only.
    I think this time you will be beaten by both AdvaY and Mikku. Both the brothers will protect CHANDNI’s dignity by saving her from PP. Maybe then shikha will understand Mikku. Hope for the best.
    I hate that cheapda. He is cheap but now he has started playing mind games with AdvaY as he knew that AdvaY likes CHANDNI. I will kill him. When AdvaY was saying chandni ne kiya? Tum aur chandni bahar gaye the tabh huya?? Tum dono ke bich mein kuch huya??. There is so much. love ,care, possessiveness, anger, jealousy. Everything is there.
    Advay!!! No no no.. don’t listen to that cheapda. Don’t misunderstand chandni, at least not in this case. Don’t suppress your love.please..
    Missed # nivay’s sizzling chemistry
    Chandni is looking hot Loved # Mikku

    Precap: really interesting. Genuinely confused. What will happen next.
    Egarly waiting for tomorrow and also feeling sad.. kal Friday hai..shit yaar..

    Aaj ka episode dekh ke lagta hai Saturday and Sunday wait karna bahut painful hone wali hai..

    kab ayegi Monday.. I have start counting from today itself.

    1. Manuu

      Sunanda abhi se tume sat,sun ka bhukar ched gaya hai na..kya kare mon aise ake fat se friday ara hai..pata hi nahi chel ra..itna jeldi kaise time is running..

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Haan yaar.. manuu.
      Monday ane ka naam nehi leti auro Friday pata nehi kaha se uchal te huye aajati hai..

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Aagaya dekho Friday…phirse suru hua intezaar and imtehaan. Dekhna Monday kitna slow aayega.

    4. Manuu

      Ha astha sach mein monday hame bahut intezar karvayega..Asr ko dekhe bina dhin nahi jata mera..
      Is weekend hum previous weekend 400 comments ko double 800 karenge..kya bolte guys

    5. Nivika

      Shikha aur jhor se marna chahiye tha..taki uss chepda PP baba ki neck tuth jati…???

    6. Aastha_Reddy

      Snehal…a spring for his broken neck would have been a treat to watch

  5. Aastha_Reddy

    Punishment comes searching for the real culprit and Shikha’s attack justified here on PP Baba for his real cheap work and thought about three small wounds on his neck.
    Advay reached late as expected and she flew with her work done using his brain and missing his real identity and taking some useless passports.
    So they started the usual common type of miss understanding between Advay and Chandni too..(ergh!! at this type of [email protected] par dekhke main bore ho chuki hoon such MU..Shivika-Daksh,Kaali-Gourikara!! @ipk-1 Arshi-shyam, Gul Khan come out of this formula here).
    The tight fist Advay did after hearing moan from PP thinking it as a passionate one but the reality it is a painful hiss from him after terrorist attack of Shikha..
    Indrani…this lady is so strange..keeps on walking with fake attitude but chooses out side unknown people and money above her family always …so living example of a greedy mother.
    “Mujhe kyun fark pad raha hai”- Advay atleast agrees that he is affected ,” focus Advay focus in her destruction”.
    The last scene where girls kept on bashing and bad mouthing boys…the facial expression of Meghna was like smiling at her sisters.. thinking them as real stupid.
    Advay said “stop it..” He can’t hear something like that about his Chandu or he don’t want to break his own heart by hearing such things about his Chandu.
    Chandni was looking pretty with that golden outfit and Advay too a kitto gilheri.
    Finally…Mikku!!!Bhagyawan eyes of viewer saw him .”Vicks….”- lol. Direct revengeful attack on Shikha after grand entry as…”Rajveer Singh!!!”. Chai ka biscuit.
    Some one was worried for Meghna and her opposite. I got it today..Meghna can adjust with any boy and real problem is Chandni and Shikha with their attitude and allergy to boys.
    Balloon blast romance of Ma ma Mausiji with a stranger!! Sipra saw the live show.
    “Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon???”- still a question…

    1. Manuu

      Hey astha..vaise is misunderstanding Dr kuch farak nahi padega shayad..kyunki woh toh chandini ko galat hi samaj raha hai na..jooti se kuch expect nahi kar raha hai woh..I guess is misunderstanding se woh aur jalega..jab misunderstanding kam hogi shayad us time se uski feelings towards chandini woh mehsoos kar payega..

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Whatever the situation or result id I just hate this type of MU between leads. The first MU is base of story but this one time stand(not night).
      I am sure Advay know truth. He went to guest house and you see,he can also see ki aisa waisa unn dono ke beech hone ka koi nishani hi nahi tha wahan. He is just on his way now to get PP Baba out of house. I atleast hope so…

    3. Sunanda_Guchhait

      I think this misunderstanding isn’t​ going to last for long time..
      that spoiler where chandni was crying for Dev holding his picture.. and AdvaY forwarded his hand to console her..

      And May be this time Mikku can help to clear out this misunderstanding..??
      Even I also don’t like theses kinds of misunderstanding..
      Hope for the best.

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Sunanda…I also hope this MU will make them come closer…but this PP is getting on my nerves.

  6. Manuu

    Aaj ka episode mikku ke naam ??? so so so happy…finally he is back with bang…aaj ASR ko bahut kam dikhaya…shikha was full on fire ..pp baba pappu ban gaya..ise thappad kab milega..shikha toh mar diya..kam se kam woh toh maari.he is irritating ..mikku..luv u..veer..u nailed it today..2 weeks ladki fix..?kaise kaise lines late ho..lambe baal wale prankster..ab se ise bhi bahut sare naam milenge..mikku aur shikha ki jodi hame bahut entertain karenge..last part..was ??.kal kare so aaj karo..english hindi tho vashisht sisters hi kar sakte hai…meghu akheli pad gayi..uske liye bhi koi entry honi chahiye..finally ASR misunderstood use farak padta hai..yayyyyy..wahi pyaar hai my dear ASR…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Yes…this is love. He know it but hides it too well.

  7. Sunanda aap … esha gacha apner Mukki.ebar kushi to.
    @$^^:'”;LOVE ASR
    Good all of

    1. Manuu

      Hi AB..wt does this mean??..esha gacha..hame bhi sikhayiye language

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Manuu .. it’s mean agaya apna MIKKU.. abh khush…??. AB ne yehi bola. She said in Bengali

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Apnar Mukki!!! Sunanda when did mikku became yours Mikku!!!

    4. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Yeah AB .. I am really happy

    5. Manuu

      Sunanda aap bhi bengali hai kya

  8. Manuu

    Chandini is very eager to throw advay out of house..kyun ki use uski maa sabse imp hai aur isi liye woh shaadi kar rahi it’s nt fair..use toh strong banna hai..uski apni feelings..choices..decisions honi chahiye..
    Woh advay ko ab pasand nahi karti par jab use pata chelega ki woh hi dev hai toh uski feelings change honge..
    At this point mujhe lagta hai story needs some personal opinion..kuch raaz toh kholne honge..
    Aaj indrani is very furious..uska asli chehra time time pe shayad bahar ayegi..
    Mikku aur ASR ka tashan bhi dhikega ab..seriously w8by 4 bromance. ??
    # luv ASR
    # LUV MIKKU ?…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Chandni will find slowly that Rowdy professor is her Dev. But then only Dev will openly accuse her of hurting him. It will be interesting. Not revealed story but my wild imagination.

  9. Ye PP ko to main maar daaloongi. And the fark theory starts again. I mean what the fark yaar?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Maar dalo uss PP ko yaar.
      Hein!!! Tumhe fark nahi pata.. Aaj 8:30 PM ke baad pata chal jaayega ki fark kya hota hai..till Monday.

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      What the *fark*… Lol Aditi..

      Same here. Want to kill that cheapda baba

  10. Ye kya hua yaaron love story shuru hone se pehle hi misunderstanding nahii…… i can’t tk it…. pls clear karo and let advay fall for chandini…. heylo astha hey riana thanks for mentioning my name dear… heylo manu sunanda aqsa AB antara wrz nazneen not to be seen these days… hi sangita….

    1. Manuu

      Hey kaisi hai..mera bahut sara pyaar baby KO ???don’t worry pinku..advay Will definitely fall for chandini

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      It will not last for long time .. pinku di. I hope so..

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Pinku…I too don’t like this MU.
      Hugs yeah.

  11. Hi gals and guys!!! Today’s episode was more of gussa than pyar!!! Anyway was glad that PP got hit albeit slightly. Wish he was hit harder, much harder!! ??The blackguard! Atleast 12lakhs loss. Not enough! Still. Waiting for Advay to give him his just dessert! Advay’s anger…usse farak padtha hai, yay! No point Advay! Focus will soon be out of focus!!!

    Chandhu! You use Dev’s trick, but that lithium bulb (as per Sunanda!) still needs battery replacement!!! Idiot!! This chap speaks Dev’s lingo, leaves clues lying around and still ? she will not realize!

    Like Meghu’s look between the two sisters!!! Both were planning their badla and she was so amused!!!

    Veer Shikha at last!!! Some entertainment in store!!!
    But missed my Katto gilheri Nivay scenes!!

    Precap and spoilers are upping the excitement!!!
    Tmrw Friday ??? Only one episode for this week left. Two whole days to get through after that! ??

    How are you all? Astha, Sunanda, Radhika, Manu, Yazhu, Antara, Fenil Riana, Snehal, Pinku, Mary Jose, and others in our Rabba Ve group!! TGIF for some! Happy weekend to all! Waiting to read more of your reviews and comments!!! ???

    1. Sunanda_Guchhait

      I m fine sangita di.. how are you?
      Sach mein brilliant job done by shikha. But aur hota to maza ajata.

      Meghu was looking so confused. Chandni and shikha are desperate for badla. But meghu likes AdvaY , so can’t decide what to do.. ??????

      I wish Mikku helps AdvaY​ to clear his misunderstanding this time.. I really want that. We will gey see some bromance also..

      Waiting for next episode.. and VERY sad becoz it’s Friday… ????????

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Hey Di…usse bhi zyada jalan tha. By the way that lithium bulb idea was mine.

    3. Oh sorry!!! Credit given to you dear Astha!!! My old brain has terrible memory power, see! Got confused!! ?

    4. Manuu

      Hi sangita di ? gd..hw are u doing di..happy weekend to u too..ha di kal no nivay scenes..missed dem..

  12. Could it be true that IPKKND-3 is going off-air soon? I read on serialgossip site.

    I hope not.

    IPKKND-3 can reach out to a wider audience if it is not a confusing viewers about the kind of people whose story they are showing us. Hard to see middle-aged mothers walking around half-naked in big Allahabad house fully lit – day or night claiming to be a Temple Mahant’s wife! We cannot relate to Chandini’s family at all! They seem like aliens who do not belong in Allahabad or anywhere in India. IPKKND-1 worked because dadi looked and acted like one, a didi from a rich sophisticated family acted like one and Khushi and her sisters looked like lower middle class working girls. There was differentiation in characters. Here in IPKKND-3, we see everyone who appears in any shot is uniformly color coded and themed – even visitors! I found ASR pulling hard at ropes of Shiva statue in the first episode unacceptable as he was wearing shoes! We do not see any authentic religious feel in the Mahant group (for obvious reasons, as they are impostors) or in the temple or among priests who have shown up.

    Temples getting looted is a story that can resonate as all across India, these things are happening. Heredity rights of trustees do get transferred or abused. But Indrani and ASR hardly look like the temple folks! That is the biggest reason for disconnect!

    Barun Sobti and Shivani Tomar interaction sizzles but is drowned out by other extraneous factors. Rabba Ve in IPKKND-1 was soulful but the rehashed one in IPKKND-3 appears to be soulless – we are unable to really feel the heartache and anger of ASR driving him to thirst for revenge for 16 years though we can see the reasons. But feeling is different and that is what makes women want to grab the remote, watch starplus when IPKKND-3 airs – leaving aside other channels or stuff to do around the house or outside.

    Casting is atrocious. ASR’s brother is such a huge miss. A very charming, naughty whizkid – who is 21 years old today … running circles around people with pranks and making money with viral videos is a great character to have but the actor looks too old for it and does not exude that young verve and energy! His friends look old and stale to pull off these stunts.

    ASR is not made more menacing or dynamic either. Sure, I am enjoying the funny romantic pursuits but it does not move the story along … ASR should be seen as getting things done – not just with shilpa and murli. We need dynamic fast movement now that ASR has landed right inside with Chandini’s family.

    1. I have not seen today’s episode as we are 12 hours behind in the US.
    2. Also, having a ton of messages from a small group of hardcore fans here is not going to increase TRP which the channels use to decide on which show stays or not. TRP is counted among setbox viewers at home only (in India only) – internet views esp on daily motion does not count.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      It doesn’t matters what others thinks about it…what other authors writes on their site..what they have to do enmity with ipkknd. We are here trying to fill positivity . You are trying to let us know is good but I don’t like this type of comment personally. I am no one to the site and its not my private property still you please don’t spread negativity in a positive way. Its my kind request to you.
      We are also reading such things daily but we don’t want to off others mood here.
      One thing is sure…Ipkknd is not ending this soon.
      I hope you will understand my POV as I have nothing personal against you..but when it comes to ipkknd..I just can’t tolerate some shit lies.
      Whatever the trp is why a leading channel like starplus will shut down ipkknd soon and spoil things between them and a recognised production house like 4-lion??? Some people are still spreading raita.
      Stay calm and watch ipkknd.
      Share your pure thoughts with us not what others says or thinks…it should be completely your not effected by what you read or some other medium.
      Because ….fan matters to us not bashers to create pollution.
      Any one have to say against me here!!!! Bash me then if I am uttering bakwas.

    2. Aastha don’t take me wrong but if someone’s thoughts r not according to us then we respect that too and there was no need for u to reply her sorry if u hurt but if u don’t like anything then ignore it hope u will understand

    3. to tolerate which u don’t like is the real strength

    4. Manuu

      Astha dear big hug to u ??..whatever u spoke every word is meant to b said..there is no point of bashing u..ane do koi hum dekhenge use..

    5. ??????

    6. I am not offended by difference of opinions or disagreements. You are entitled to your PoV and it is your right to express it where you may choose too. And I am not upset at being called a basher, hater or whatever by any of you. Public opinions are bound to be different and varied. No problems, personally.

      Since this page is devoted to IPKKND viewers and fans, I was just polling to see if any of you saw or read anything about abrupt termination of IPKKND -3.

      I express my views and suggestions on these sites to reach out to the production house and their creative team. This is the only way for viewers and fans to give them feedback – negative or positive.

      Pl do not be offended by my opinions or suggestions. Most times, I am writing on these public platforms to reach to the show makers or the channel, not fans like you.

      However, thank you for all your insights, opinions and feelings expressed on this site. I enjoy reading all comments you and others post as much as the show. Keep it coming.

      Enjoy the show. I am too. I wish it won’t end and it will get better that it becomes a huge runaway success too. Love to see Barun Sobti and Shivani Tomar make a spectacular love story on IPKKND -3 as ASR and Chandini. They have won my heart too! 🙂

    7. Nivika

      Dii if others are sharing thier views abt ipkknd3….the we also have full right to express our views…so dont sorry di…..
      Bigggg huggg to u di…???????

    8. sorry on the behalf of Aastha it’s just that when we love something then we can’t tolerate if someone says against it and it’s human nature so i hope you don’t mind
      thanks for sharing your views

    9. Aastha_Reddy

      Ooshi…I has always been like that only. You have seen me in this type of role more then anyone else here. I was doing the same for Ishqbaaz during its negative period. I just think to say what I think about that comment.
      I will now ask some thing to you..
      What made you react like this to my this reply to Mary??
      You are some one I know really from a long time by now. Did you ever read any of my comment for hurting someone till now???
      Its just my point of view not emotionally but logically to a negative comment but you reacted like I did a big unforgivable crime!!! I wonder what make you come here (you can come and I will be glad if you do so more then anyone as we have been from pkj from long time together,old buddy ) just to reply my this comment!!!
      I am so…sorry if I hurt you here by any means..Directly or indirectly.
      But this is my normal reaction when It has become my practice now to answer negative comments. Situations make me like this. I don’t think this as a crime.
      You don’t need to ask forgiveness to Mary on my behalf..I can do that very well. I don’t need any volunteer for me. You should not put yourself as a guilt when you are not involved directly to this particular comment at a place when you have no distance relation to my this particular comment. I will feel bad at this..My friends like you don’t have to do that when you feel I am at fault all you think.
      #With love.

    10. Aastha_Reddy

      Tolerate what you don’t like means..??? This single line is too much meaningfull…. Not applicable always. Means we have to be like this ??? to situations!!!
      Now that Mary replied my comment hope you are happy.

    11. Aastha_Reddy

      Mary…According to reply of Ooshi..I did a big hurtful thing here. SORRY if I hurt you that way. I am clearing one thing to you here.. I am not a normal viewer to get emotionally attached to any show. Its just the funny me who makes fun here by all the drooling liking …etc. things. In reality I am not a girl like that.
      If you remember I always praised you at your each justified comment but now in her eyes I became wrong at this.
      The final thing is I never wanted to hurt you…not by any means..I have nothing to do with you. Its my answer to that particular comment. I have nothing against you..the person Mary.

    12. Hey, no offense taken.

      Many of us here bother to share our thoughts and opinions only to keep having our daily supply of these shows. It is rare that we get to see a delightful artist like Barun Sobti in a show. We enjoyed IPKKND -1 and remember his work still. We all want to see a successful IPKKND-3.

      I think our opinions and feedback are needed for the production house and creative team. Our gushing – oohs and aahs will cheer them up and most importantly, when they go sideways for whatever reasons, as fans and viewers, it is our responsibility to call them out. But we all have our preferences, choices, and wishes. Let us all air them as we want to. Ultimately, we may end up getting crazy good shows! 🙂

      Differences and variety is the spice of life. Let us all enjoy and criticize IPKKND-3 as we feel daily. We are in this together as we want the show to thrive and reach the widest audience possible for the longest time!

      Enjoy the ride! Keep posting your opinions. I will too!

      Cheers! 🙂

    13. Sunanda_Guchhait

      I support Astha..
      Even I wanted to say that. But didn’t
      Every one has his or her point of view.. maybe positive or negetive..
      If one can say against it, One can defend it also. No need of sorry from any side.
      But here we all are trying to put only positivity.. even we came across such fake bakwaas news.. but will not drag it here.. because it will spoil mood of others.
      So please enjoy the show..

  13. Radhika.k

    Hi guyzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Came here today…..
    Aaj ka episode aftalan tha!!!
    Pehli baar i felt that it was a worse scene start……For me today’s episode was ok…..
    PP Baba n chandu’s convo…really irritated me aloot!!!Chandini is focusing on her mission n this PP Baba is expecting something else………which is not going to happen!!!!Just wanna skip that scene..
    TARGET ON SHAKUN IS BANG ON…..And Shilpa is giving her best loyality to advay….i love her character….JAADU TOH HUM BHI KAR SAKTE HAI SHAKUN…..!!!
    Chandini is keen on finding some proof against advay…..thats ok…but was it necessary to bring PP Baba there….uske charan kamal aavasya tha kya????Bichara bahut kuch soch raha hai….I REMEMBERED PINKY’S DIALOGUE……Chitti ke bhi paar nikal aaye….
    FLASHBACK………Love them more than NIVAY…….she still reminds everything…….Chandu could have seen that photo…but as usual we always don’t see the imp.things…!!!

    Kaam ho gaya kehte hi….PP ka muh dekhne layak tha…..This was needed for him….kya mast poppat hua!!!That dupatta getting stuck….reminds me of IPKKND 1 where khushi’s dupatta gets struck in the car..n arnav just tears it……
    Shakun toh bahut chathur nikali…….shouldn’t judge a person so easily….Heart-shaped balloon and all……iska bhi kisike saath chakkar hai….

    Shikha using khatto giheri word n chandu’s reaction was worth to watch….don’t use that word mujhe uski yaad aati hai….
    Atlast VEER…………………..MIKKU CAME……………………………………………………..WAS WAITING FOR THIS PERSON…….Mikku is proving that he is advay’s bro….coming to the targetted house….n playing prank there……Love u mikku!!!Chirkut banegi shikha…ur time has come darling…….”LADKI FIX”…..2 WEEKS mein…lets see!!!!
    Shiku’s reaction on seeing mikku… launda yahan..iski himaat…matlab ek dum takkar ki baat karthi hai….i don’t know how is veer going to manage her!!!!!!!!Kya pappu banaya mikku ne…..n damaged person was PP Baba…..jolly!!!But chot bahut choti si lagi…..

    Three gals r mad!!!!Thats true….Bichrani ji aap kitne ache se pesh aati ho….HER SCOLDINGS,TALKS,REQUESTS,……………everything is awesome..i liked even her ornaments!!
    Infact all were looking good….chandu galmarous looking in golden dress….shikha n meghu also looking classy!!!

    PP baba…..u r crossing ur limits…..creating MU between NIVAY…..omg tired of this yaar….kuch naya chahiye!!!!But still PP BABA’S EXPRESSIONS WERE GOOD…..acted well…but sir ji ko jo gussa aaya…galat faimi hui ki chandu did like that!!!Come on advay u also don’t pls…

    Last scene was superb,ALL THE THREE DISCUSSING THEIR PROBS……
    Its so funny advay does so many things…….but chandu tarif bhi kar rahi thi…HUSKY VOICE……HEIGHT KI BAAT KARTE HAI…..IRADHE KE BHI HEIGHT MEASURE KIYE JAATHE HAI……by ideas…n u r lagging chandu!!!
    Veer v/s shikha…..abhi toh jaghda shuru hua hai!!!!
    Precap:It means advay really thinks…chandu did that…not expected!!!But waiting for more NIVAY scenes…Want some takkar ke shikeer also….
    Good night Nivay lovers..
    #Barun Sobti
    #Shivani Thomar
    #Raj veer

    1. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Really a aflatoon episode for me.
      Nice review Radhika..
      Waiting for next episode..

      Intezaar Intezaar Intezaar
      Pata nehi kab ayega ASR..

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Radhika… not fair girl. I find every one is now ga ga over Raj “Veer”. Focus..girl concentrate Advay os the hero ha ha lol. I got are sparing Advay for me(wink). Ok..only I will drool over him. ha ha…

    3. Radhika.k

      NO WAY!!!!I won’t leave advay that easily dii……I will ofcourse spare him just for me ….hehe!!!!
      Every girls eye is on him…not that easy to leave advay dii….and mein toh bilkul nahi karungi!!!!!
      Love ASR!!

    4. Sunanda_Guchhait

      My focus is fixed.. it’s inly AdvaY.. I like Mikku but not more than AdvaY…
      Advay is sweet heart..cutie pie.

    5. Manuu

      Hey radhika..busy these days..bahut dher se ayi ho..childhood scenes are aur chandini in flashback were too gd

    6. Radhika.k

      Manu yaar i am commenting as usual only…..its just that u guyz are commenting fast……!!!!I knw i was late little bit today…….But still i will never leave my comments!!
      Yup their childhood scenes are so gooood!!!

    7. Manuu

      Hum logon se raha nahi jara isi liye jeldi comment kar re..Comment karna zaroori hai time nahi radhika..koi late koi jeldhi..hav a great day radhs

    8. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Yes I am a Bengali

  14. Last night, I saw some videos of IPKKND-3 shoots. Found it bizarre that mausi’s get to dress up as cinderalla’s! For heaven’s sake, those are little girl’s favorite fairy tale characters! Why are middle aged women wearing cinderalla costumes for their nieces wedding events?!

    Women will watch IPKKND-3 if they can see the latest sarees or blouses or salwar kameez or jewellry or handbags worn by mothers, grandmothers, aunts et … Young girls will be excited to see the latest fashions for their peer group – if Chandini and her sisters will show!

    Instead, I feel like each episode is great to select halloween costumes! Here in the US, kids parade around in scary outfits on Halloween night!

    Hindi TV serials can attract more women viewers if they show folks in a wide range of really beautiful outfits and homes! Simple factor to keep in mind for the creative team! Try it!

  15. Episode is okay
    Yaay Mikku is back ?????
    Who will be shagun’s secret lover?? Any guess guys
    Who will kick PT baba out of the house???he is really irritating ??
    # love Nivaay

    1. Sunanda_Guchhait

      I hope both the brothers will kick him ( pp baba) hard.. I mean really hard..

    2. Manuu

      Sunanda aap bhi bengali hai kya..two brothers should kick dat pp out..

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Jasz…Uss secret lover ka footwear..ewww…Kahin wo lipstickwali Mausi ka husband to nahi..No No..aisa nahi hai..wo koi aur hi hoga

  16. Fenil

    Hello Everybody !! Hope you all are fine.

    Jakkas episode.:*:*:*

    wow my Mikku/Veer enter in VH as Rajveer Singh.B)B)2days ladki fix….so cute and innocent boy like me.

    50000wala chipda ,Gandi nale ke kide bhi tuje bhagaye how can he thinks like that about girls>:)>:)>:)>:)>:):@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@arey iss chirkut ko bhagao yrr yeh pitega mere haatho se>:)>:)>:):@:@:@:@:@:@

    ASR reached late Chandu le gayi woh bhi Dev ki technique use karkeB)|O|O

    Shikha and Uska Gussa:@:@:D:D:D:D:D:)):))

    Ghehnrshwari double dholki:)):)):))

    Girl’s talks ohh God..

    Sakubai’s balloons romance wow.

    Love you NiVay-ChanduDev-Mikku.
    Bandariyaa MANYA nd ASTHAk i wajah se late hua..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      I never knew I am so powerful to stop you(sheepish smile)!!
      Astha ki bajah se late hogaya(mocking)!!!

    2. Fenil

      Aap dono ne hi chat karke busy rakha mujhe.
      Uchlo hawa mein aur.

  17. hello guys
    i loved the epi especially precap
    i am waiting to see nivaay together , even if they r fighting they look so gud
    coming to the precap , it was very shocking
    no , no , no chandni cannot know abt asr now or else How will we viewers enjoy their tashan????
    I am damn sure she is talking abt something else , not asr’s real identity
    and I am also waiting for the tym when she wud come to know that asr only is her dev, only hers
    shoooooooo sweet
    oh god I feel like blushing
    everytime I see barun
    he is so damn handsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Same condition here by looking him. She is talking about passports!!!!.

    1. Nivika

      Dii why he has tied chandni with rope????

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      To destroy the proof.. those passports..

  18. Hey manu thank you for all d love dear… baby is doing good… abhi tak ro rahi thi bechari….. hi sangita…. hey sunanda thank you for the link dear …

  19. Good morning evey1.happy friday.Asthadi..well said.GK matha ne two formula use kar thi h 1.Frak pardth h 2.MU.bohot maaz

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      AB…I am taking “U turn” here. Lets give this MU a try as condition is different here.
      Why boring of the MU track when we are never tired of watching force marriage in almost all serials from the beginning of serial world. I know I behaved like a Bipolar here but this is what I am..trying to double cross myself always.
      Happy late morning..You said correct..Friday is the last happy day for us then again intezaar….of Monday.

    2. Nivika

      Dii aaj shivika ka dp…??asr se shivika…??
      But superbbbbbbb dp???????

  20. Riana..
    whole week epi very gd but yestday epi not gd.
    i m always this page active .H r u lil baby?

  21. Asthadi.main ye kha ki GK ko MU,FPH track bohot passend ha.muja force marriage hate karti ho.peer aagya intzaar mondy ki

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      AB…I too love “Fark Padta hai”. I don’t have any problem with forced marriage if the guy is ASR type.

  22. Nivika

    Guyzzz…..i know i m soooo late…
    Bhang ka asar aab utar gaya aur mein idhar aaaaa gayi…??????
    Coming to todays epi…epi sooo good…..
    No Nivay scene????????????????
    Loved mikkus entry???????????????
    Pp baba bn gaya shikha shikar…??????????????
    Chandni kash tum tumhra aur dev ka photo dekh pati ….???
    Indrani -hume abse ye umeed bilkul nhi thi shikha….
    Are indrani ji abko kis se kya kya umeed hai…
    Sabko kehti hai ki..hume aapse yeh umeed bilkul nhi thi??????????
    Aur mausi ji…khun blood ka hi hota hain???????
    #Love NiVay????????????????????????????????
    #Love ASR??????????????

    1. Manuu

      Snehal ana tum bahut dher as land hi gayi..bhang completely uthar gayi na ???

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Snehal…Yeah so what. I changed it several times. Maine pehle phi to Shivaay Bhaiyya ka bahut saare dp lagaya hai. tum bhool gayi kya.
      Some one from pkj was saying I am constantly fighting to change dp between ASR and SSO. You too said the same.

  23. KartikK

    Sry for the late review first of all welcome backkk mikuuu we missed u muchhh . Awsm part .again a misunderstanding advay having 2 passports omg much to be revelead advay diaglogue was awsm mein toh bs yaha badla lene aya ho mujhe kya fark padta hai love defines within it precap advay gets to know chandni visted guest house he may be thinkng she got their pic of childhood gd evg evryone

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Tum aaj late aaye Karthik. Fark khch zyada pad raha hai kya!! Late landing of flight problem.

    2. Manuu

      Ha astha punishment karthik ko bhi milegi..par kay punishment??

  24. Senhal..Punishment ki liya tyaar ho joo.(just kidding)
    Asthadi..ASR hum shabki ha.akhli aap ki nahi year(if u hurt sorry

    1. Manuu

      AB punishment ye hai ki kal se snehal bahut jeldi land ho jaye

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Manu…tumhe nahi lagta ki punishment Snehal ko nahi kisi aur ko milna chahiye..Yeah yeah..I am indicating Karthik. He came even late then Snehal. He should be punished.

    3. Nivika

      Done…!! Jaldi land ho jaungi…?????

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      AB…This is the single place where Soutan loves each other like sisters.. I totally don’t mind it. I am happy our love for ASR is common for binding us together.
      I am not possessive.

    5. Nivika

      Punishment bata do di…aapke liye toh kuch bhi karne ke liye tayar hu mein….????
      But pusnishment toh karthik ke liye honi chahiye…

  25. Asthdi..aap five years phely ASR se pyaar keya.i know u r not possessiv.
    Love u di n hugs with love
    Dream of ASR

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      AB…so what. Sharing with sisters chalta hai yaar.
      By the way I love my ASR not from last 5 years but from last 9 years..2 months and 12 days . I just realises it this late back on the previous week. And I am damn possessive at this.

  26. Senhal..aap ka punishment h ASR ki shaat baadkar Noodles khani h
    Karthik..aap ka punishment ki baat ye senhal boli gi..

    1. Nivika

      Wow dii ..what a beautiful punishment!!!
      Karthik bhaiyuuu ki punishment yeh hai ki woh aaj first cmnt karenge iss page pr
      Kaisi hai punishment frndzzzzzz

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Itna sweet sweet punishment milega toh main daily late aaungi. Yeh to prize hai punishment nahi!!!

    3. Nivika

      ???????..late mat aana di…..

  27. Aqsa.1

    Just watched the episode now,happy to see Mikku back and I hope it will really last for two weeks. Less scene of Nivay but its ok for one episode.Thanks to the designer that she chose sensible costumes for Chandini and her sisters.
    Love ipkknd
    Love nivay

    1. Sunanda_Guchhait

      I agree..dress was much better.

  28. “Good afternoon evryone”

  29. Hey sunanda hope so yaar… hugs astha sachi ye mu is very hurting yaar

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