Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 Review: Melodramatic concept lacking pace and logic

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon is back with Season 3, starring Barun Sobti and Shivani Tomar as leads. While everyone had huge expectations from the show, the first week got mixed reactions by the fans. The show revolves two main characters Advay Singh Raizada and Chandni Narayan Vashisht. There is a hatred to love transformation story in the upcoming. Advay has lost his parents in childhood, as a result of Chandni’s lies.

Chandni’s wrong assertion has made the villagers kill his parents. Advay lost his parents, and also had to part away from his younger brother. Advay has now turned stone hearted. He has no place for love and innocence in his heart. He visualizes Chandnis tears, but finds all her sorrow a melodrama. Advay has come back to Allahabad on a mission to seek revenge from Chandni and her family. He holds them responsible for his parents’ death. Chandni is still sunk in her love for her childhood friend Dev, who happens to be Advay.

Main Characters:

Advay Singh Raizada:

He is not a simpleton. He is much complex, dark and a challenging person. He is smart, calculative, determined and revengeful. Advay has lots of hatred and revenge fire in his heart. He has become emotionless by the trauma faced in childhood. Advay got cheated by his best friend Chandni. He has lost his parents at a young age. Advay has a sunken heart, which longs for justice for his parents’ death. He got separated with his younger brother to secure his life. Advay does not have a single reason to celebrate happiness in his life. Advay’s bitter past influence made him disconnected with Chandni’s sorrows.

Chandni Narayan Vashisht:

Chandni is a simple, homely, sensible, emotional and responsible person. She has much sorrows and trauma in her mind. She attempts to not let anything affect her. A bitter incident in the past breaks her confidence and courage. Even though, Chandni shows bravery in facing the world. She misses her childhood friend Dev/Advay. She does not realize her mistake took away his parents’ lives. Chandni stays gloomy most of the times. She loves her family a lot. Chandni hopes changing time gets back Dev in her life.


Barun Sobti as Advay Singh Raizada
Shivani Tomar as Chandni Narayan Vashisht
Ritu Shivpuri as Indrani
Mitali Nag as Advay’s mother
Sameer Dharmadhikari as Advay’s father Mahant
Randeep Malik
Ketki Kadam
Shagun Sharma

Story So Far:

Advay is introduced in a heroic moment, when he saves a puppy from the pool. He remarks that innocence and love does not have any place in his life. Advay gets flashes of his parents’ death. He holds one person responsible, Chandni. Advay and Chandni’s childhood bonding is shown. Chandni appears cool and bold when she is in her comfort zone at home. She then gets shaky recalling the dark incident which snatched her happiness. Chandni was kidnapped by a stranger, who just aimed to defame her.

Chandni’s incident is still the hot discussion topic among the ladies. Chandni is seen as a caring daughter. She takes care of her father Mahant Yash Narayan, who does not even remember her. Yash faces trouble after his memory loss. Chandni makes sure she relieves his burden. Chandni’s family is shown. Indrani and her sisters are much greedy for the temple treasure. They plan to use Chandni for conducting the Maha aarti, so that the Divya door guarding the treasure can unlock.

Indrani hides her poor financial status. She pretends to be flooded with richness. She does charity and speaks humbly, just to keep her family respect intact. Indrani is seen as a cunning manipulative woman. Advay comes across the huge Shiv idol, which begins to lose balance. Advay becomes the man of the day, by saving the idol. Advay’s younger brother helps him out in this big task. Advay is unknown of his brother’s presence. Advay reminisces leaving his brother at a Dargah to save his life. Advay misses his brother. Chandni goes through weak moments. She gets courage by recalling Dev’s words. Chandni steps out of her house, only to help out her family.

She realizes the importance of Maha aarti, which could be done only by the eldest child of temple priest. Chandni supports some kinners, and grants them permission for conducting prayers in the temple. Indrani makes arrangements for Chandni’s purity puja. Advay gets to see Chandni and remembers the pain she has given him. He decides to make her pay for his pain. He believes Chandni is a big deceive, who is mocking innocence, sorrow and fears. He meets Chandni, trying to leave an unforgettable impression on her. Advay mentions few things to make her recall the past. He then beats up her guards and corners her.

Advay burns her dupatta, only to save her. He turns flamboyant and plays around. Chandni tells Indrani about someone saving her from fire. Indrani tries finding out about Advay. He angrily plans to make Chandni meet real fears. He pledges to snatch Chandni’s happiness and all relations. Indrani gets a threatening note from someone, who knows the secret of the incident happened 16 years before. Advay steps in his house and recalls his family’s happiness. He feels his destruction started in the same house.

Advay leaves a servant there to spy on Chandni and her family. He fails to get info by the servant. He collides with Chandni and shares a moment. Advay reaches close to Indrani to hear her conversation. He clicks a picture of the note. He gets to know someone is the witness of the entire incident. He thinks of finding that person to know who all were involved in his parents’ murder conspiracy. Advay tries to manipulative Chandni. He plans to trap her in love to enter her family, and ruin them.

Our Take:

The show did not impress much by its first week. With no comparison with the earlier seasons, this show lacks in pace and script strength. Hero comes back after 16 long years, just to take revenge from the girl, who testified wrong according to her low sensibility in her little age. He does not target the manipulative adults, and darts on to the already sobbing heroine. Hero assumes himself to be super smart, but he is still tangled in finding the real culprits. Story goes out of logic. The concept looks like an adaptation of a melodramatic Bollywood movie.

Viewers are done with Advay’s heroism in the Shiv idol saving scene. Post that amazing moment, Advay’s typical revenge attitude with red recessed eyes turn dull. Viewers are then fed with Chandni’s tears, sorrow and trauma flashbacks. That does not help in moving the story either. Supporting characters occupy more screen time, which just dips the interest. Allahabad city’s elements are nice. The costumes and sets in the temple scenes are good. The story does not surprise much. Its much predictable and dragging on a low note. It does not raise curiosity.

Few dialogues look fresh, while rest looks over-dramatic and repeated. Coming to actors, Barun Sobti is convincing in his part as ASR. He carries the scenes well with his stormy eyes-intense expressions. Shivani Tomar brings a fresh appeal. Barun and Shivani look good together. Their chemistry has to grow more. Ritu Shivpuri as Indrani is a natural. First week revealed the mystery of Advay’s parents’ death. It has to be seen what the show offers in the coming episodes.


Leaving logic and some flaws behind, the show can be a good watch for Barun-Shivani fans. ASR is back with vengeance. Romance can be expected after good number of episodes. Seems more like fitting good actors in an ‘Ainvayi’ plot. Viewers can still hope Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 to turn surprising.

Our Rating:

3 out of 5

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    really… BOF!
    What was so interesting in IPKKND was Arnav/Kushi’s bonding… it’s the opposites turning to passinate love.
    ASR was heartless and Kushi was brainlesss still she finished by being Mrs Raizada without changing a parcel in her insane life style and him, the tyccon who felt for the simple pagal girl who started owning money by working for him
    It’s was a so unexpectable story line … but her, it’s a so simple story where we already knwo where it will reach and how that person (sending messages) will finally prove this the girl is innocent and her revenge is pointless…
    Sorry, but I think that to appreciate this drama, it should have taken another title and start it all different, what the need of using the IPKKND brand when it’s not the same charachters, not the same female actress, not the same plot… the story would have been under another title, people would welcome Barun’s new serial with opened heart and receeive it as a new story he’s surely able to make epic, but by using the success of Ar-Shi, i think that it will much deserve the story than anything else…
    However… good luck for this serial 🙂

    1. Mica

      Mahira didiiii… 😀 😀 well said !!!!!!!, for first episode i was kinda put a big hope about story line or at least try to advice myself to give the pair a chance, but then, there is nothing to do with the title IPKKND or about Arshi bonding ( huh! don’t put space for Arshi naaaa 🙁 )
      We love IPKKND 1, and this season 3 kinda ruin our memories. It will better if only they put another title than IPKKND sequel.
      btw, belated eid mubarak ! miss you!

    2. MAHIRA

      Micuuuuuu!!!! Where have you been for soooooo long!!!
      Eid mubarek to you too 🙂
      Missed you so much emmmmouah
      And ha… ipkknd isn’t ipkknd without the 2 which made it Arshi .. This will never work!

  2. IPKKND 3 – Truly disappoints. Not a single redeeming quality. First week has passed with nothing to hang on to. Ishqbazz was strange in every way – background, costumes, music, zigzag story line and its pale imitation, Dil Bole Oberoi went down the same nauseating path! Now looks like IPKKND 3 will fall down much further. All the 3 must be sharing the same production and creative team – so much of stunning similarities, down to the silly “Oberoi Moment” becoming “Vasisht Sister Moment”! How dumb! It has the overpowering heavy aura of a leftover 1980’s Jeetendra-Sreedevi rehash of bad Telugu movies!Can’t believe that Barun Sobti opted to come back to TV series with this show. He is too talented and is wasting his time and reputation by working on this project.
    IPKKND is a confusing kitsch – Will struggle to watch for few more episodes because of Barun Sobti. Which guy wears such stupid green and black broad checks suit?!
    The colors in each frame hurts the eyes. Costumes .. ugh! Feel like throwing up!
    Hope from second week on, we will see the actors sans makeup, jewellry and in simple every day clothes! They are all looking like they are dressing up with stuff from a drama thrift shop!
    There has been no real take off for the story and characterizations are so weak that it seems like it has been made irrelevant!
    FYI: I am not looking for a repeat of IPKKND – 1 or hung up over the absence of Sanaya Irani. Was excited about IPKKND – 3 because the lead artist, Barun Sobti is a natural actor and it was touted as a new exciting romantic story in the promotions!

    Will give this show another week or two to see if it takes a better turn .. otherwise, need to quit watching it – Not even Barun Sobti can save a disastrous garish show.

    1. Well said there is no charm in ipkknd3. Till now i havent watched a single episodeof this show becoz sanaya was not a part of it. But since sanaya said in her live chat she is not a part of ipkknd3. Even i lost hopes from SP and gul khan that they are going to change the female lead and cast sanaya. I thought of giving chance to this show and just saw 10min i couldnt see shivani she is horrible and BGM reminded me of arnav and khushi. All vasisith sister are forcifully acting. No bonding between and shivani expression are monotonus. The craze we have when we see barun in ipkknd1 now that craze is not there by seeing barun in ipkknd3.even i feel barun costumes and beard look is not nice. His acting it seems he is not comfortable doing scenes with shivani. Sorry barun i cant watch .this show.if makers convince sanaya and cast her then i will watch.

      All the cast in ipkknd1 were comfr

  3. Honey

    im nt at all intrested in watching this as this show like boring, daring ….costumes giving too heavy look which was not needed

  4. please yaar.. other than Barun Shobti nothing is Good :(………..

    Chandini and her sisters ……….. they will say something like vaisithi sister. like OBRO movement……. that was the stupidest ever.. their smile/laugh oh god its a disaster……..

    and chandini costumes…….. her hanging……. and bells for bangles……….ohhhhhhhh… please

    Barun like ASR………… no where.. other than Barun nothing is interesting………. :'( Missing IPKKND very badly

  5. Bore bore chandani character is just so pathetic neither she is innocent nor bold she is total chipdi in anika’s language and there creepy sisters moment what they think It will be very cool like o bro moment yuck they are just doing over acting .

    If channel want the show should get some trp or popularity so they must bring back our sanaya the heavenly couple arshi

  6. Except BARUN not much encouraging. Barun also looks tired and jaded but still he can pull it with style .for melodramatic female clan no much to say one word TACKY. No need for female villains /comic such outrageous costumes will do

  7. Lopez

    ipkknd would be boring without sanaya,and am hopeful about it,and besides God is not that dumb to let someone reap another persons hardwork, sanaya put up her best in this show and as far as fans are concerned,nothing good can come out of this show without Sanaya,so until and unless sanaya is back,nothing good can come out of this,bcos barun without sanaya is an incomplete…..

  8. To be very honest I did not like Shivani’s acting. The way she conveys her dialog when she has fear is just pathetic the trembling language is not going very well with her. She needs to improve her acting a lot. I really wanted to give them a chance but over dramatical costumes on top of that over dramatical make up and over dramatical acting is just ruining the concept of the show. The concept is great with suspense and story. But we as a viewer wants simplicity. I would really love the show if Shivani could be real with her acting and overly things should be stopped.

  9. IPKKND of season with Sanaya and Barun will always be my fav. I havent watched season 2 and now that season 3 is here im willing to give a try… if it doesnt interest me then I will just watching it.

  10. Vasanth sanan

    Whoever comes after 16 yrs to take revenge on Chandini who was a kid! He should find out who were d culprits first .This serial has no logic & if not for Barun will not be watched at all .Ishqbaaz is also an unreal story , with the characters dressed in awful costumes & Jewellery .Do d rich& famous dress this way, in Delhi & Allahabad? The costumes in IPKKND3 are a laugh really! Roti a Mother of 3 grown up girls dressed in such a hideous manner & with so much make up.Chandni’s costumes are drab! Her sisters look weird in their costumes & make up.This show only gives us d impression that they are all acting but not living their roles.Only Barun is d redeeming factor here.The rest of d cast ugh!
    Whatever is Hul Khan up to anyway?

  11. Reruru

    The previous seasons were thousand times better than this…really very disappointed. Hope the upcomimg story line would be better.

  12. Aastha_Reddy

    Judging a book by its cover is silly. We will let all know under estimating a show we are putting all our efforts in it. Its just first week. Patience is needed. Impatience audience are invited to watch south movies for instant result with entertainment.( even after being a #Dravidian) Such negative posts about a new show is quite funny.
    Think from the point of view of a producer or team of some daily show, then only you will understand the efforts people are putting in to making it for entertainment of audience.
    This is personal but I never saw any one writing a comment in ipkknd page in the previous week in from the above commentator. So literally all the above members are not from our new ipkknd family with out Arshi. We are not bothered by few negative comments in just one site telly updates, audience are loving it and we know truth.
    This comment is based on the truth as per request and no personal offence with author of the post or any other people who commented on this post. Its purely based on truth and love for ipknnd with respect for Barun Sobti
    # supporting “move on”- Barun Sobti

    1. I agree with you!

    2. Totally agree wid u.

    3. Gunjan Gandhi

      We had a WhatsApp group of over 270 people including friends and families from overseas as well and you know what after the first episode everybody was like “how could they manage to make such big blunders altogether and too with a franchise as big as this?” Nobody needs to be an actor or a director or a producer to differentiate between acting that comes across as relatable and real and the one that’s out-an-out a failed attempt to be something its trying to pull off as a fake! So, its not rocket science there’s hardly anything new or appealing or to look forward to as far as the story, acting is concerned and don’t even get me down to the direction, its painful to watch and talk about it at the same time! Efforts put in the right direction are appreciated but its ALL gone wrong even with Barun, nothing but empty eyes baggy clothing and same old dialogues!

  13. Kashaf

    Oh really what was great season 1 except chemistry I don’t understand. Season 3 is far better. Advay character is justified some childhood wounds grow badly

  14. I love dis serial. Love AdNi. Nd my suggestion is to ignore da bashers. Nd in my POV dis is fa real meaning of ISS PYAAR KO LYA NAAM DOON?

    Nd BTW I really don’t understand why people r dragging Ishqbaaz into IPKKND 3.

  15. I love dis serial. Love AdNi. Nd my suggestion is to ignore da bashers. Nd in my POV dis is fa real meaning of ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON?

    Nd BTW I really don’t understand why people r dragging Ishqbaaz into IPKKND 3.

  16. Shivani should have watched all the episodes of IPKNND1 to learn how to act.
    She does not have a camera presence. Her articulation is horrible! Her screaming, her voice , her eyes and overall is hurtful to watch her. This is not fair to Barun… He is the only reason majority of people watch the show!!! Everything is exaggerated- starting from costumes, make up, settings and the concept .
    If Gul did not Copy and Paste from IPKNND1- choosing the same title, same dialogs, scenes and the rabba ve song, people would have not compared the original show with the third season. And we all would have welcomed the new show with open heart. Shivani needs to go home otherwise we don’t anticipate any success in the upcoming episodes!!

  17. well i agree the show’s story line is not strong
    but i am still hoping for the best
    i am satisfied with shivani’s character
    i also like barun’s character
    however i do agree with the fact that there a lot of similarities between ishqbaaz and ipkknd 3
    costumes r very similar, i mean be more creative
    micku and rudy’s character also revolves around the same base
    o’bro and vashist sisters is a ditto and it doesn’t make sense
    hope the storyline comes into track soon

  18. Fenil

    Agree story predictable….From first episode we got cleared that Chandani is innocent.
    I’m satisfied with the Chandani/Shivani.
    Over Costumes , over jeweles
    Similarity of IB/DBO.
    Arshi is different and Unique no one should compare that pair with anyone or should i say no pair should compare with other.
    Story is going slowly and Rabba ve should be changed They should create new music for Pair for Advay rabbave is oky but not for pair.

  19. I was excited when I saw news of ipkknd 3 going on air again. But when I saw the trailer I was still like okay may be they are trying to do something but what’s wrong with there clothing dude.. everything is so loud , no matter how hard I try to watch I can’t bear this for more than five minutes..they are so loud to your eyes.
    Very disappointing

  20. shamla naidoo

    I tried so hard…to stay interested as i’m a huge Barun fan, but unfortunately nothing about this OTT show could grab my attention. Who in the real world wants revenge on something 6 year old said….16 years ago??? That just turned me of completely. Have stopped watching after Episode 5. Poor Shivani Tomar had huge shoes to fill and her lack of experience shows in every scene . Absolutely no chemistry with the lead pair. Barun has that one flat expression through out, so unlike the varied facial expressions that Arnav had displayed. Very very disappointed with this.

  21. Gunjan Gandhi

    Huge huge disappointment and may I add huge mistake in casting such an inexperienced actor against someone like Sobti and too after a terrific pairing with Sanaya Irani and Surbhi. On top of it, the producer’s lie and hypocrisy about the freshness of the story and dialogues when its an exact replica of season 1, like literally the scenes are copied to the T! That was a very cheap step by Gun Khan after defending her production with so much confidence and bragging that this season has nothing in common with season 1. Huge Huge Huge mistake and a Big Question mark on their credibility as a big production. Not wasting any time on people who are cheats and liars!

  22. This show is a disaster.Shivani has NO ACTING SKILLS.Her expressions are hideous.It is a complete copy of IPK1.The name,music,rabba ve,,Angry hero with tragic past,scenes and dialogues.

    Barun has aged.He looks like shivanis uncle.His acting is dull.

    There is nothing in it that males me curious to watch it.

  23. well when the news came about IPKKND we had a lot of hopes but they decided to copy paste everything from original IPKKND so what is there to watch . . so much disappointed with makers i know as always Barun will rock the show but he cant same the show . … over roll we miss #Arshi #NoArshiNoRabbaVe #NoSaRunNoIPKKND

  24. we love Barun but there is nothing new in this yes up with these copy pasting shivani should learn some basic acting

  25. Oh Boy !!!! There are other shows going on. GIve a try for MOH MOH PE DHAGE 7pm on SONT TV. Eijaz Ahmed rockz. A story line so sensible and acting simple and beautiful.

    Nobody watches blood shot eyes with contrived facial muscles, they are outdated. did not like it so only IPKKND 1 also did not hold interest

  26. Hi, I was a crazy fan of IPKKND1, but have not watched a single a episode of third installment yet. As you have mentioned they should not have used the same title as it was a brand that was brought into existence by Arshi and I totally agree with what you have said.
    I also believe that if I dont watch this series it wont affect its TRP, but I personally do not feel like watching it without KushI Kumari Gupta.

    1. I have watched all episodes of IPKKND1 and can keep watching over and over again. BUT somehow IPKKND3 does not have that same effect. It lacks the simplicity and reality of everyday life…..everything is over the top in this serial. The costume is hideous and so ugly…… combined with overacting by some cast members. I am still hopeful that it will get better with time that’s why I am still watching this serial. Barun Sobti looks old and tired and Shivani is not so convincing. However I feel we should give this a chance and hope for the best. Certainly for Sanaya this may be a blessing in disguise that she is not a part of this show…..I can’t see this reaching the heights of IPKKND1 in ratings !!!

  27. Boring bakwas show pls bring sanaya Irani requesting to Gul Khan bring her back

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