Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Chandni plays a game with Sasha

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 29th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jimmy getting organic haldi for Sasha. Sasha thanks him. Nani asks where did Chandni go. Sasha asks Pooja to apply haldi to her. Pooja applies haldi. Advay sits in room. Chandni comes there and says its your haldi today, so I have come to apply you haldi first. He says I have no interest. She applies haldi to her face. She goes to him and holds his face. She reminds him how he applied her haldi. She applies him haldi by her cheeks. Rabba ve…..plays…. They have an eyelock. She says you asked me not to touch by hand, not to apply haldi, now you are going to become of someone else, so I want to give something. She gives a dancing couple showpiece and reminds him when they got friendly in childhood, he gave this to her, so now he should give this to Sasha.

Advay asks what the hell are you going, just get out of my life. He drops the piece down. Chandni looks on. He goes. Chandni goes to Sasha and accepts her defeat. She says I want to play haldi holi with you. Sasha agrees and applies haldi to her to fulfill her last wish. Chandni says its my turn now. She applies haldi to her face. She says its your marriage. Sasha says so middle class. Chandni falls down and gets hit on her head. Sasha asks her to get up. She checks Chandni and says Chandni is dead. Jimmy comes and asks what happened to her. Sasha says she is dead. He gets shocked and asks how, I will shut the door. Sasha says police will come now and take me to jail, what will happen. He checks Chandni and says she is gone, we have to hide this till you get married, don’t worry, I will manage. Sasha says I hate this middle class girls, she did not die when she should have died, do something.

They hide Chandni in a cold freezer. Sasha asks will anyone know this. He asks her not to worry, till marriage happens, let her dead body chill here, world will think she returned to her village. They go. Chandni wakes up. Shilpa and Nani come to help her. Shilpa asks Chandni not to worry. She gets the keys and opens the freezer. Chandni comes out. Nani says I told you this is risky. Chandni says what’s that love which has no risk, I can take any risk to get my Dev. Sasha thinks I have died, and she won, now I have to play my move, I will bring her truth out.

Sasha gets shocked seeing Chandni laughing and screams. Pooja ask what happened. Sasha asks can’t anyone see her. Pooja asks who. Sasha asks Shilpa is she not seeing anything. Chandni says just you can see me and hear me Sasha. Sasha gets scared. Chandni stares at her. Sasha runs shouting help. Chandni and everyone laugh. Chandni says we can expose her now, we will scare her much and her truth will come out in front of Dev. Sasha runs to Jimmy and says Chandni was there. Jimmy says she is gone, how can she come back. Sasha asks him to come along and see. He says its your illusion, come to senses, its your guilt. She says no, she has come back to stop my marriage. He asks her to come and see fridge.

Advay asks servant to let the broken piece be there. He sends servant. Advay recalls Chandni and holds the showpiece. Jimmy and Sasha check the freezer and see Chandni lying inside. Jimmy asks her to see, will Chandni come for morning walk in her room. Sasha gets relieved. Jimmy says its your guilt, forget this and come. They hear someone coming and see Advay there. They get tensed.

Chandni asks Sasha to accept all the truths. Sasha accepts all her crimes. Chandni says saying truth is not difficult, I have recorded it and I will show this to Dev now.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Sunanda_Guchhait

    How romantic!!!! So so so sizzling haldi ceremony.
    DEV was upset about the fact that chandni wished him for his marriage and pushed him away from her.
    But again chandni came to freshen​ up him wound.
    A Very innocent question.
    “What are you doing here”… Asked with so much of love.
    AdvaY didn’t want her to put haldi with her hand, so chandni found a Mind blowing romantic way that AdvaY couldn’t resist himself to admire her.
    What she did, reminding him, his weakness towards his chandu. The way he was looking, admiring her is just extraordinary.
    But his dream shattered when chandni gave him a piece of their sweet childhood memories. He was fighting inside for Dev, for his chandu. But his chandni gave him the pain of seperation by pushing him far from her. He couldn’t​ control his anger and in fit of rage he broke their memory. Really heart breaking for Dev and chandni.
    Chandni is really innocent, playing innocent games with that Sasha, but she will surely​ win her DEV. No matter what.
    Dev can be angry on his chandu but can’t loose his chandu’s memory. And his emotional eyes says it all when he was fixing that beautiful piece of LOVE.
    Gosh AdvaY was there. He could catch them red handed. But…

    Precap is confusing. Is it really that easy to fool that SA- masi and papad papa. I hope AdvaY makes some use of CCTVs atleast now.

    1. Go Sunanda go……..
      What a lovey review??
      Precap is so confusing yar……

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Me too confused yaar

    3. Pinku

      I missed but i read it…. super sunsbda but i agree to u do u think masi sasha r tht dumb no… pakka something big will happen… n yea advay shud use cctvs now…. high time

    4. Riana

      @Sunan….????….lovely review ???

    5. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Thank you dear

    6. Pinku

      Go sunanda go

  2. Thank God
    this was Chandni’s plan.
    Otherwise Chandni k bina show ko tolerate krna mushkil ho jata us Shasha k karan…..
    Chandni you were looking so glamorous????…..

    Today I again missed my cute pie Adi?……
    Precap- kya Dev video dekh lega???????

    1. Pinku

      Haan yaar thank God it was chandini s plan… pata nahi precap is so confusing

  3. Antara

    NYC EPI but adi is missing where is he? bhootu plan mein adi ko involve hona tha Agar adi hota toh sansani macha dehti bahut maaza aathi
    haldi wala scene was super excatly waise jaise advay ne kiya flashback was super
    ippknd3 is on its climax by nxt week we will miss masti

    1. Kal bhi Adi ka scene nhi tha aur aaj bhi……….
      Bhoot plan m Adi bhi involve hota to sansani macha deta.

    2. Pinku

      Haan adi ko hona chahiye tha….. haan medha next Friday it will be over

  4. Manuu

    Woh ishq hi kya jis mein risk na ho ??sahi hai..kuch aisa hi dialogue koi ad mein hota hai..mountain dew ki ad ..jis mein akhil tha yah..koi rusk..I don’t remember exactly..
    Coming to d episode..first scene hi ?..uske baad mujhe ok ok laga..
    Yeh plan toh har serial mein use karte expected tha chandini ka drama hai yeh to expose sasha..
    Yaar iss kadoos asr kab badlega..kitna rudely baat kiya get out of my life..uss pyaare se couple ka idol thod diya..
    Baad mein use teek bhi kiya..he is hiding his feelings..
    No sense of occasion..??..sasha..kya bolti hai..
    Want more nivay scenes..kab asr ko sach pata chelega..
    Precap: finally sasha ne apna sach ugal hi diya..mujhe dar hai ki woh asr tak pahuchegi ki nahi..

    1. Ha yar dar lag rha h
      Ki Chandni Dev ko video dikh payegi????????

    2. Pinku

      Nenu ochesa nenu ochesa nenu bathukamma adi ochesa….Hehehe yea akhil add.. I also don’t remember the exact dialogue… haan yaar this track is boring change Karo yaar…

  5. Go sunanda apu Go
    Kya ishq kyaa so sweet and cute yaar.I m going to crazy for that.???????????????????????
    Sasha tum haar gayi ho and chandu jeet gayi
    Percap…dont know what happened??????

  6. Aastha_Reddy

    Once the glass is broken, it can’t be joined back, if so is done by fevicol(5rs mein sab kuch jodo lolz…reminded of that old advertisement) also, it will have so many cracks…Hope the great ASR realises also…Glass break can be seen, heart break can only be feel…If he felt that pain, others like his Chandu can feel the same pain too…There was no ASR in today episode, It was Dev only broken and angry at Chandni’s cool happy reaction in his marriage rituals…then trying to join broken gift, a wound on his hands was needed…Any way Cvs are God and its God’s wish of story…
    Chandni turned in to BHOOTNI!!!! well fake Bhootni just to scare Sasha and Nani’s those I can’t see, hear..with portable and pooja just hilarious!! Chandni’s flying mess hairs looked cute.
    Well well well…Gul Khan, where is your feet, The leftover Haldi from Ishqbaaz is used in a smart way(wink wink), smart lady and the cheek rubbing too, nth time Gul-Harneet-Karishma-Parvez-Gorki-Amandeep Singh, still every time with different feelings and different couple, unique magic. One minute what did Thappad said there!!!-” Organic haldi!!!”- Haldi are organic only…Do we have to remind him that turmeric is plant part, the underground stem!!! Poor villain Thappad lacks general knowledge also..Or his Pappad business in a severe loss that he ordered cheap chemicals in name of turmeric paste, may be Shwetlana gifted her.
    Advay…”In love Heart rules men and mind rules women”- but this fellow is in a deep pit, heart is crying, brain is rusting like iron, Brain is working, heart in hibernation…and eyes, just numb, threatening to flow salty water any moment. He just broke the glass above gift, still the two inside glass are safe, unharmed, like Dev and his Chandu. Take positive, may be a sign that, soon his ASR mask will crack broke like the glass to emerge Dev back( Aastha is crazy, her dimag ki dahi) …
    Papia…I was remembering you my Manjulika, Chandni was in my Chandramukhi mode today.
    But Precap gave another mich michi feeling instead of some sansani feelings…Chandni could have disclose truth to Tamasha after sending the video to Advay, she just hurried in plan success celebration then and there,may be any problem will arrive more on her, Gul only knows.
    Advance Singh Raizada just missed the freezer then!!NO!! A Big NO!!!
    “Iss pyaar ko Ishq naam doon”…. Chandni took risk for Dev…

    1. Hey Aastha nice review dear but why are u saying that a wound on his hand is needed………

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      I thought he need to be hurt. Mujhe mazaa aata agar…Aakhir usne wo gift tod diya. What shall I name this love when Devil and Angel have revearsed their role.

    3. Pinku

      Super review as always

  7. Optimistic

    I heard somewhere that ipk got extension is it true?

    1. yes but only in hotstar

    2. Riana

      Means what ipk will air only on hotstar ??

    3. Sunanda_Guchhait

      What??? Really ??? I mean really??????

    4. Optimistic

      I also don’t know dear but I saw somewhere let’s hope fingers crossed

    5. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Finger crossed . I wish it comes true

    6. Pinku

      Fingers crossed

    7. Sangitasridhar

      Oh if it is true then it would be great??!!! Sunanda! How are you?! Trip went well? I was busy with Navratri so couldn’t comment! Missing all of you! Take care dear Sunanda, Aastha, Manuu, Pinku, Snehal, Antara, Fenil and all in this sweet family ??? Lots of love from this Sangita di!

    8. Riana

      @Sangita di…i m too here ????

  8. Riana

    Itni din ke baad review dungi…
    Pehle toh sab ko mera namashkaar ???????….lolzzz
    lovely episode ????????
    NiVay were awesome todayyyy…
    There Haldi scene was s*xy ???????
    Sasha…oh hi how’s ur plan going on…FAILED…FLOPPED PLAN ????
    Chandni: Meh tumhare saath haldi ki holi khelne aayi hoon…????
    Later papadwala n pasha tried there best to end chandni ki kahaani but solid idea worked !
    Freezer se nikal te bhoot hoon mein ???????
    That wasfunny…??
    Advu why did u broke the crystalglobe ???
    Precap: Chandni: Pappu banaya bada maza aaya ?????
    #Lovely NiVayian ❤️?
    Rabba vians ab kya invitation doon…koment share karo !!!!! ????

    1. Pinku

      Namashkar… riana… short n sweet review riana…. mujhe Abhi dekhna hai riana am @ village so didn’t c

    2. Riana

      Dekha kya ?? ?

  9. hello everyone how r u guys?
    soo lazy to comment still for u guys
    I agree with u sunanda awesome same same
    nice review aastha di

    1. Pinku

      Hi ayesha… am yet to c yaar???I missed it yestetday

  10. hii riana good to see ur comment
    Chandni is Bomb and her acting is Blast.. awesome I like it

    1. Riana

      Hi ayesha ?

  11. How can Chandni take so much abuse and patriarchal behavior from Advay.Married the one day and the next day get engaged to another woman and wedding celebrations are going on with the elders of the family mere spectators .Does not one have to get divorced to remarry? Chandini you have money walk out of this abusive relationship you call love.

  12. Manuu

    Gdmrng my dear rabba ve friends..
    May this dussehra burn all your tensions with ravan and bring lots of happiness and fulfill your dreams..happy dussehra guys..hav fun..spend time with family..njy guys..
    Shubho bijaya..sunanda and AB..
    dussehra shubakanahalu aastha and pinku

    1. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Subha bijaya Manu

    2. Happy Dussehra to all Rabba Ve friends

    3. Pinku

      Dhanyavadamulu manu garu… meeku me inti sabhyuluku kuda dassera shubhakankshalu

    4. Manuu

      Haha garu..miru ma kante peda..garu ela ?..nenu anali garu..tq for d wishes dear..
      Hamari gudiya kaisi hai..loads and loads of love.luv u ????????

  13. repeat telecast now kiss time pe hota hai??? plz batau.

    1. kal morning m 4 bje aayega……
      Till then there is no repeat telecast.

  14. Manuu…… aapko bhi Dussehre Shubakanahalu
    Sunanda apu and papia shuvo bioji dosomi………

    Adi ko miss kar rahi ho mein

    Enjoy everyone your day
    Take care everyone and stay safe

  15. Aqsa.M

    Mind blowing episode ??????
    I just don’t understand this Advay first he let Chandini to apply haldi without any objection but at the same time he broke their childhood gift .He is such a complicated person but still I like ASR .

    1. Pinku

      Vohi tho speciality hai asr ki….

  16. Hi All,

    Everyday I read the written episode along with the comments and it really feels nice. As if i am discussing with my friends about Adni.

    1. Pinku

      Thank u hena… come join us… comment everyday share it views we will hv fun….

    2. Manuu

      Hey come join us..welcome to d family..keep commenting..njy d show

  17. Pinku

    Hi I all rabbavians… lagta hai sab dussera celebration me busy ho… hamara count 50 tak bhi nahi aaya. .. come come guys let’s hit double century this weekend…. this weekend might b the last where we will wait for Monday… hai na astha manu riana sunanda sangita snehal antara aqsa ayesha ab n all u guys….. chalo sansani machatey hai

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      I am fasting today…Happy Vijaya Dashami. No energy left yaar…Good night…I am going to sleep now, so only I said Good night. Tired…last Dusserah I kept fasting and lost almost two kgs in a single day, this time, Hey Devi Maiyyan don’t make my weight a disaster drop …Other wise, a slight breeze will throw me away…Aastha will be a kite then…Aww…Dekhona bhook mein kya kya bakwas kar rahi hoon main.Sach bataun…Bahut bhook lagi hai yaar, sabka bheja khaleti hoon..

    2. Pinku

      Hey astha.. ayya r u allowed to eat fruits if yes have some… take care… good night take rest….

    3. Manuu

      Ayoo..even u r not taking fruits or juice..
      Chelo take rest then..
      Hav a good sleep..

    4. Manuu

      Helloooo pinku..ha yaar shayad sab festival mein busy honge
      This will b d last Monday we are w8ng for..mujhe itna dukh hora mai kya bataoon pinku abhi toh shuru hua serial..
      Will miss nivay..
      Will miss u pinku..
      We hav to hit 200 this weekend..

  18. Pinkudi..ha yaar half comnts h and everyone should buy with festival ….

    Hena..welcome our rabb ve family and keep comnts yaar

    Take care everyone

    1. Pinku

      Haan ab must b…. chalo koi gal nai…. hum machadetey hai sansani

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Pinku… Its not about fasting for name sake or God will bless me like some aim related fasting ok. I don’t believe much in GOD or I may not enter temple during pooja like all times but definitely this fasting means only one thing for me, I want to test the Aastha and her potential inside me, up to which level I can control my own mind and heart..thats it..the real reason of fasting.
      I can have fruit if I want to but I don’t want to…I am testing self ontrol capacity of Aastha…

    3. Thanks : )

      Is it really IPKKND3 is going to finish next week?

  19. how r u pinku? maine written epi aur ap logo ka review parliya. mai yahi hu.

    sangita di kaha hai? bohot din nhi ayi.

    1. Manuu

      Yah papia sangita di kuch dinom se comment nahi kar ri..hope she does back soon before show ends

    2. Sangitasridhar

      Yes sweeties! Missed you all sooooo much!!! Dussehra celebrations was kinda hectic! Could not see few episodes. Caught up with them only now!!! And of course some insta stories! Just when things were going well they have to shut it down? Anyway will at least enjoy this last week with them! Loved Chandhu’s dance and those AdNi scenes, haldi and the previous day’s kiss and dance was totally awesome ? Wish they had cut the bgm so we could hear them clearly.

      Saw clips of the suhag raat??? Only thing, Chandni would have looked better in that with less make up. Anyway, just waiting to soak in AdNi scenes ?

      Lots of love to you all???
      Sangita Di

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Happy Dusserah Manjulika… I am also here present. I tried to sleep yet couldn’t.

    4. Pinku

      Hi papia… am gud yaar… Han sangita pata nahi kahan chalu gayi

  20. Asthadii..keep resting yaar.jab feast khuling na phele paani peliya karna oke dii.muze paat h feasting rakhne ke baad kyaa hota h yaar.
    Dusseher shubakananalu…..dii
    Enjoye your feasting……………….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank you Arfa…Ek minute tum chahti kya ho yaar, Paani peekar mera gala baith jaaye!! Main paagal nehi hoon, tum poora paagal ho yaar..Fasting ke baad seedhe paani peene se gala baith jaata hai…Waise bhi main baat kam karti hoon, yeh hua toh paani maagne ke laayak nehi rahungi.

  21. Guys can we pls start a petition to not stop IPKKND?? Its such a good serial and the pairing is also really good. Pls guys lets save the show!!!

    1. Dear Kritika someone started a petition and approx 1500 people singed on it but there is no impact on Star Plus……
      Perhaps Destiny don’t want that we watch this fav jodi on screen?…….

  22. Kajal Mausi ka Lipstick ki kasam
    Shikha ka ghusand
    Indrani k smriks
    Chandni ki beauty
    Murli ka tanatan
    Mikku k pranks
    Most funny Shikha ka ASR ko dadiyal bolna
    Pooja k jokes
    Adi ka Sansani
    Dialogue yad aayege………

    1. Pinku

      So well said medha

  23. ?????
    Most romentic scene was when Advay hold Chandni in his lap and went to his room and told her tum shadi kisi se bhi kar lo par dupatta mere hi nam ka pahnogi……

    1. Pinku

      I know i know

  24. This is our last weekend on this page and we still did not crooss a century
    Come on Rabba Ve friends tantana do page ko…………….

    1. Pinku

      Hey medha hiiiiiii haan yaar mainey tho dpuble century ka tarvet siya tha… ye kya one century bhi nahi hua… come on rabba ve…. wassup with u medha..!heart seems so heavy medha…. main chahti hi nahi ki monday aaye for the first time

    2. Ha Pinku
      Phle pray krte the Monday jldi se aaye
      First time pray kar rhe h Monday na aaye……….

  25. Hey Manuu Pinku Sunanda Aastha Snehal T Riana Ab Papia Antara Ayesha……
    Tell me guys your favourite scene of IPKKND 3 except hot dance

    1. Snehal (nivika)

      Nivay ka first hug… was sooooo sweet yarrrr…..????????????????????????

    2. Pinku

      Haan yeh bhi snehal

    3. Manuu

      Hey medha..there r is jab chandini ko pata chelta hai ki advay hi dev hai aur woh wapas ake hug karti hai..that scene

    4. Pinku

      Haan it was so heart filing noe manu

    5. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Yet to come dear.

    6. Aastha_Reddy

      Every single scene right from the starting spoiler-” He is back”…up to Advay breaking glass gift. But to be honest more then the episode or scenes I love the female version of rabba ve-” Ishq ne diya hai phirse bulawa…”.

    7. Awww ur so cute astha…..

    8. Riana

      Lol aastha its Ishq ne dobara bheja hain bulava ????

    9. Pinku

      Medha medha mera fav scene tho vo hai……… asr asr maro usko jutey char…. the whole sequence from calling her katu gilehari ‘tum.sharama rahi ho’ we lekar reading the imposition n running behind her…..

    10. Snehal (nivika)

      I think photoshoot for chandu’s wedding was superbb….. titanic pose ?????????????????….
      And all poses were mindblowing….
      Then asr calling chandu as achu ki mummy… and… and..


      My fav scene of ipknd3 is all noodles wale scene????????…
      Gyz how can i forget noodles of ipk3

    11. Riana

      My favourite scene…??

      FB STARTS ?

      Chandni hugging her Dev when she get to know that he is dev

      NiVay coming down through swing n hawayein song played

      Asr & sso’s phony talkings…

      AND LOTS MORE ???

      FB ENDS?

  26. Ipkknd aur ib ki haldi rasam dekher mein………….I feeling shy kuch kanyce…..
    Family ki saamny dekhna muskil hoyaga meraliye.
    Chandu ney Advaay ke saate jokyaa voh………sweet baadla leyliy ha ha ha ha

    1. Pinku

      Hahhaha true ab

  27. Sunanda_Guchhait

    Guys… Please watch this. I can’t take off my eyes… Such a beautiful scene it is….

    1. ???
      Chandni is looking dam so gorgeous and Advay so hot.
      Advay to chummebaz ? ban gya.
      Now I am eargly waiting for this episode…………
      Thanks for sharing dear

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Chummebaz !!!! Absolutely yaar. But passionate one..

    3. Pinku

      Sooooooooo nice sunanda…… Abhi believe nahi hota ki IPKKND khatam ho raha hai…. so taraf scene dekhkar I was super excited n happy n ek taraf mujhe rona aaraha tha…. acha sunanda ur dp is very nice kab ka scene hai vo

    4. Sunanda_Guchhait

      I think last scene. Suhagraat wali scene

    5. Riana

      I know first night…oops ?☺️

  28. hi everyone
    aastha di,sunanda, pinku,manu,medha,papia, AB,nd everyone

    sunanda ur profile pic is awesome is it advay who is kissing chandni?
    is it upcoming episode??

    1. Hello dear………

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      It’s AdvaY only.. kissing his ” kattu gilehri ” .. lovely scenes

    3. Pinku

      Hi I ayesha how r u? Am good yaar I have the same question sunanda… kab ka hai yeh

  29. Sunanda_Guchhait

    Watch this too yaar. Couple is looking dead drop gorgeous.. and so happy that AdvaY is dancing…

    1. Manuu

      Haye..haye..mai toh mar gayi..❤❤..?..
      Waiting for d episode..
      Tq for d link

    1. Pinku

      Hahaha sachi me barun is so cute….

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