Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 27th July 2017 Written Update: Chandni’s Roka gets spoiled

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandni refusing to stop. She turns to go. Her slipper sticks to magnetic mat. Advay says I just stopped you, if I get stubborn, I can stop time, your marriage will just happen with me, agree to it now, what do husbands say, Maan jao bhagyawaan. She says you are very strange. He says I m your old lover, you accept it or not. She says you are totally mad. He gets close and blows on her hair. He says this is total madness, accept this now, you don’t know yet that you already accepted this. She says let me go Advay. They have an eyelock. He releases her. She stops herself from falling over him. She runs away. He looks on.

Chandni cries and says I wanted to make everything fine, but I failed, they did not stop, they will be going. Yash gives her hand to Advay’s hand. He says you both look good together. Rabba ve….plays…. Yash says I totally trust you that you will always keep my daughter happy. Advay congratulates Chandni. Yash goes. Advay says you got elder’s blessings now, agree now. She leaves.

Indrani tells Chandni, Meghna and Shikha about Chandni’s roka. Meghna says we could not get time for mehendi. Indrani asks them to make Chandni ready. PT’s mum says such things happen in relations, I was impressed with you and invited my best friend’s mum here, you have two more daughters, maybe my friend likes one of them for her son, they are very rich and guy is really nice, they are coming tomorrow. Indrani says its good.

A guy talks to his mum and says I don’t want to marry. He turns out to be Veer’s friend. Veer asks him to see the girl. The guy says shut up, I m already in a relationship. Veer says so what, go and see her. The guy tells Yash’s address. Veer checks the address and recalls Shikha. He says you don’t want to go right, don’t worry, I will go, Shikha we will be meeting soon.

Everyone gathers for Roka ceremony. Advay sees Chandni and recalls her. Chandni thinks of him. PT asks Advay to come. Chandni asks him to come and presses remote. Advay’s shoes get fixed to the magnet. He smiles. Chandni thinks Meghna telling her about magnet fixed to her slipper. Chandni says that professor did this, and now its my turn. Chandni asks PT is Advay annoyed with him, that he is not coming. PT asks him to come. Murli jokes.

PT’s mum says Chandni will wear chunri of PT’s name now. They bring the chunri. Advay looks on. Chandni smiles. Advay presses a remote. Kajal says this roka should happen without any problem. Rajit asks her not to worry, no bird can fly here without my permission. All the pigeons come there. Murli says you were feeding them that day, good. PT steps on the chunri and gets away. Everyone gets shocked. Advay recalls telling Murli that this remote is signal to call birds, they will come flying when I press this remote, I won’t let Chandni’s relation to happen with anyone.

Advay makes Chandni wear the chunri and congratulates her for her Roka.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Aastha_Reddy

    I am Astha …I am Astha…. I am Astha… I am trying hard to remember my own name just in case I forgot after all this Attractive Singh Raizada and his moves…. his hot air from mouth with husky voice and smirk.
    I am Busy girls… Will be travelling Bangalore tomorrow… packing is on. Adjust with my drooling comment.
    Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon??? still a question.

    1. Radhika.k

      Yaa dii he rocked today with his expressions by becoming MR.EXPRO KING!!!!!
      Its ok diii!!!But still i am missing u n ur hossom analysis that u used to give!!!
      Going to banglore?????Have a nice n safe journey dear!!!
      Good night dii!!Have a happy,sweety n naughty dreams of MR.ASR……….love u dii

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Radhika…. thanks. I will be back with my analytical comment tomorrow. Take care. Have an unique dream… got it..
      Have to present in pkj.
      #Love NIVAY.. LOVE ASR.

    3. Have a good trip Astha!! Yes and don’t forget your name. It’s not ASR! And yes wear a bib if possible! That drool, you know! Need a bucket u der?!!! And this chap is going to give us sleepless nights anyway!! In which case you play hotstar/any link which plays like
      Put on pause,play, rewind mode/loop mode!!!
      Happy dreaming!! ??

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Sunanda… but my sister Amayaa from pkj said I am behaving like ASR-” Aastha Singh Reddy” as I love both Shivaay Singh Oberoi( our bhaiyya) and Advay Singh Raizada a lot.. unlimited. She said I am ASR.
      Yeah true… another sleepless night after meeting Advay.

    5. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Bangalore….!!! Trip or work astha???

      We will miss u and your review… Stay safe…happy journey..

    6. Nivika

      Happy journey astha…✈✈✈✈✈✈✈??

  2. Hi hi hi I saw saw saw today in TV I am so happy full burnt I am …. astha sunanda riana antara nazneen manu koi ice bucket Lao jaldi jaldi

    1. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Ice nehi vejenge pinku di…
      Thora jalega tabhi to maaza ayega..
      **Wink **wink**

    2. Radhika.k

      Wowww dii!!atlast u saw the episode in TV!!!!
      Awesome tha na!!!Advay rocked today also by his expressions n moves dii!!
      Sorry dii ice bucket nahi la payi bcoz typing in my lap n copy paste emoji doesn’t work out!!!!
      Aap tab tak ASR ke khailyon mein khoye rahihye……..unke aag ke saath jalte rahiye… tak koi lekar aa jayega…sry again!!
      Keep watching dii n give ur comments!!

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Pinku…I will ask Annika bhabhi to throw a glass of water at your face . Still I want you to burn in this fire of Love. Today episode didn’t attract me much but Poor PP Baba…Bali ka bakra.

    4. Riana

      Ice ?️?️?️?️

  3. Veer and Shikha track is good rather than advay and chandni

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Ayesha…Ita totally your personal choice who you like more.
      For Example in Ishqbaaz..I love Shivaay the most but some girls loves Om and few Rudra and two girls loves Mahi. Its your choice of artist or the character they play. Personally I like Ketki Kadam a lot from her role of Humaira from Qubool hai.
      No offence.

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      I like mikku and shikha..

      But i love love love AdvaY and chandni as couple.. they are so good together..

  4. Hi astha,sunanada,riana,antara,snehal,fenil,
    Pinku,sangita di ..hw r u doing guys..I was busy in some work?..I couldn’t watch today..I missed ASR very badly ?? the update and seems very interesting..i’ll watch it on hotstar soon..pigeons ko isi liye feed kar raha ha they wil spoil engagement..wah advay maan na padega ??? mikku bhi hai wow..guys kaisa tha episode..did I miss something great..I mean ASR ki hotness..zyada aag thi kya ???

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi Manu…. I was expecting Advay will fall down on above Chandni in front of all to create an embarrassing scene when he was stuck to the carpet but alas the cvs disappointed me.
      Yeah you missed ASR congratulating Chandni on their roka after getting bless from her father. Damn his husky voice once again send goosebumps on my skin.

    2. Damn his husky voice once again ?? I swear this chap seduces with his voice! How can anyone withstand that?!!!!

    3. Hi Manu! Am fine! I loved Chandni today, the way she was retaliating ! It is nice to see a heroine give it back and not be a simpering idiot! But despite this I don’t think she can withstand Advay’s onslaught! That guy is too much to withstand! ?

    4. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Di… Sach me… Kya voice hai.. mar jane ko dil kar ta hai…

      So so seductive …❤❤❤❤❤

    5. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Manu… Hotness ki overdose thi yaar..

  5. hey guys

    yesterday epi advay tells the nos 2346 to pp baba .
    actually what it really means.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      2…3…23…46 means mad. some screw loose inside brain.

  6. Hello guys, I’m really really sorry for not commenting last 2days bcz I’m very bzy with my exams now I’m free
    Coming to the episode it was mind blowing ?? chandini played the same game which advay played ??
    ASR always do something which make us wonder ??he cleverly stopped chandini’s roka ?? and our veer is back ??Shikha get ready veer is coming ??
    Love Nivaay ???

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Jasz… so you are the sole reason. I was thinking why the comment didn’t reach 100 for the previous episode. Not fair my honey.
      How was your exam yaar?? All khidkitod tha na.

    2. Haha exams was easy yaar ?? and how do you doing??

  7. Sunanda_Guchhait

    What an amazing, outstanding ,mind blowing ,blasting,khidki tod, faddu, dhamakedar tashan wali episode thi yaar…. ❤❤❤❤❤
    Someone please give me some LOAN..
    I run out of my stock of words… Mujhe episode ki review vi likh ni hai… And even ny heart my brain is not working…. Kya karun???❤❤❤❤

    I loved it..adore it and so so addicted to it.kya twist hai..

    Pagalpan wali
    Deewanapan phut phut k bahar aa rehi hai…

    Kya takkar wali jodi banai hai GUL khan ne… Tit for tat ..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Sunanda..Main Advay ki deewani hoon. Not so hot as compared to the previous episodes yaar.
      Gul always does that but some people lack brain.
      Waise loan kyun.. interest kitna doge pehle batao kyun ki I know oxford dictionary is not gonna help you out.
      @Advay dream.

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Astha .. I liked today’s episode because chandni used AdvaY’s trick on him… Tit for tat..
      Till now it’s ONLY AdvaY who is using technology to defect chandni… But 1st tym chandni bounce back like a boom… AdvaY didn’t expect that…
      I loved it..
      And for 1st tym when chandni was running away from AdvaY’s room and accidentally their hand touches….

      Advay feels something more than just love.. i can’t explain that expression.. that was soul touching for me..

    3. Radhika.k

      Yaa sunanda can’t believe that itne ache NIVAY scenes dikha rahe hai!!!!!!!
      Bahut hi dhamekadaar episode tha!!
      Heart n brain kaam nahi kar raha hai kya???i will suggest to u to stop watching…….but u can’t do that also!!!!
      Sooo i think apko na rest ki sakt zaroorat hai!!!Mann thoda halka kar dijiye!!!Sab thik ho jayega!!!!I knw nasha bahut hai…….but agar phir bhi kam nahi hua…then have to go to astha’s shop….no other go!!
      Good night dear!!
      #love barun.

    4. Shabdakosh chahiye?!!! Yes Sunanda! No words for that pair!!! ??

  8. Radhika.k

    Hi guyzzzzz!!! i think aaj jalan kam ho gayi hai due to wonderful romantic scenes!!!!!
    Chandini ne itne boldly reply karke turn nahi kiya ki ASR ne apne next chaal chala diya yaar!!!Really super fast @sunanda.

    Advay’s khidkithod reply n pleading cutely”mann javo bhagyawaan”!!U should have noted this point chandu……its a very evident clue…….he is hinting that he is ur OLD LOVER!!!but tumhe hamesha ki tarah lagta hai ki he is pagal…………………

    Kya mind-blowing wala fantastic episode tha yaar!!!Lipstick ki kasam they r showing soooooooooooo good NIVAY scenes that even if i appreciate i am not satisfied!!!!Ek dum jhakkaas romance se episode ki shuraath………advay going close to chandu…..blowing her soft hair……n saying yeh hi pagalpan hai chandini……chandu trying to escape frm there as her hearts stopped beating……..n then THEIR EYELOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Damn hossom…….loved it all the more…………………
    Yash narayan’s entry there was little bit unexpected……but was nice to see uniting NIVAY!!!!!!!!!!!
    N Rabba ve playing in the background………………………chahe kitne baar hi hum iss tune ko sun le….it feels fresh everytime for every new romantic scene…….
    YEAH……………………………………………Mikku ko dekh liya!!!Was too happy n excited to see him…… lagta hai intezaar khatam ho gaya hai shayad kal mikku n shiku r going to see each other!!Not only see…..but ek bahut bada fight hone wala hai…….SHIKHEER!!!!!
    Mikku’s pov:Mein aa raha hui…………..Miss.Shikha Vashisht!!
    Roka ceremony…….chandu using her professor’s technique…..hehe…..was good to see their cute wala fights…….still want more yaar……aur maza chahiye!!!
    Tumhara turn toh hai chandu par i think advay uske pehli hi baazi khel chukha hai!!!
    Asthu,sunanda,manu,pinku,sangita,snehal,karthik,antara,aqsa……………………….n all the lovely NIVAY fans n my dear frnd tell me how was today’s episode!!
    Drop out ur comments here!!Till then keep watching IPKKND3!!
    @barun sobti
    @shivani thomar
    Gud night guyzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      True Radhika… we want more if this hot Attractive Raizada boy. not satisfied even when Friday is knocking at our door. we want more khidkitod precap.

    2. Radhika.k

      Yaa dii more n more khidkithod episodes, more will be the love for him!!
      Good morning!!Have a nice day!!
      #Love NIVAY

    3. Enjoyed your review!!! Every word!???

    4. Radhika.k

      Dii apka comment kahan hai???

    5. Hi Radhika dear! Had no time to write till now! What with Nagpanchami and temple/home rituals today. Am yet to read all comments too!!

    6. Radhika.k

      Its okk dii!!YAA u also have that festival!
      Take ur own time dii!!
      With love

    7. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Radhika… Jitna vi dekho hot ASR ko kaam lagta hai.. we can’t get enough of this man….. Unresistable…

    8. Radhika.k

      True dear!!Magnet se bhi zyada powerful hai!!
      #LOVE BARUN.

  9. Pinku aaj tum ne dekh liye tv pe..maine nahi dekha..I missed it..itna hot hai kya aaj ice bucket hi puch rahi ho..tum logon ke comments dekh kar mujhse raha nahi jara..thoda jal jao..pani dalenge toh..woh feel chela jayega.??..

    1. Radhika.k

      Yaa manu!!sach mein today it was awesome yaar!!!Jald se jald dekh lo manu………koi agar kehtha hai ki they din’t see the show na i start feeling restless for them!!!!!!!!!!
      Good night manu!!
      Episode dekhne ke baad,comment zaroor dena!!

  10. Today’s episode was an outstanding one:-) Advay is such a good planner I am speechless while watching yesterday’s episode no one knew that his doing this to spoil the roka.
    My question is “is Advay ko kya naam doon ?
    A) perfect planner
    B) intelligent handsome man
    C) maths professor
    D) a singer
    E) all of the above
    Really want to see him with a guitar and sing a song for all of us and the song should be
    Thera dhyaan kidhar hai yeh tera hero idhar hai.
    And this song is dedicated to all the fans of SARUN as in sarun it doesn’t only means SA means sanaya they should watch ipkknd 3 for RUN means Barun.
    There Will be double drama in the coming episodes by shikha and veer so eagerly waiting for that.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Main tera hero song right!!I heard that song once. I don’t like the hero much but that blue shirt of hero is very nice. Nice tanatan paata.
      Iss Advay ko Mr. right naam dedo yaar.

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Last day episode’s theme was
      #women and men in blue…

      Sab k sab blue dress me the..

    3. Radhika.k

      Sach mein very confused abt this ASR yaar!!!
      Really perfect song aqsa…..hero idhar hai….zaara aap hamara bhi gaana sun lijiye…..barun
      Tujhe itni si kabhar hai ki tere fans idhar hai…..
      Tera dhyaan kidhar hai yeh tere fans idhar hai…..
      arrey palat na…..
      Yaa excited to see this upcoming double romance!!!!Eagerly waiting to watch both the BROMANCE resp.

    4. Sunanda_Guchhait


      Advay is a intelligent handsome math professor who is planning something big..while playing guitar….

    5. Aastha_Reddy

      Yeah Sunanda..but again ASR dress was a piece of bed spread from my JNV hostel bed spread!!!
      My dp too changed to blue Billu back.

  11. *I mean feeding the pigeons and than controlling them by the remote..and friends I just come to know about the news that sanaya is going to make an entry as Advay’s girlfriend is that true ?.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Aqsa…. he is proving us the theory-“ASR can do any thing”.

    2. Radhika.k

      Yaa dii even i heard about barun n mohit hangouts!!Maybe u r right!!
      Lets hope for the best!

    3. Radhika.k

      Really sanaya is going to come as barun’s girlfrnd!!!OMG!!Phir mein kise support karungi????
      I haven’t heard abt this news…….will check n say dear!!
      Sarun back again???really shocked yaar!

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Radhika…who said Sanaya is coming to the show as Advay’s girl friend!??!!!
      Sanaya has signed life OK show “Gulaam” recently and its actually Mohit Sehgal who signed “LOVE KA HAI INTEZAAR” and this set is near to our “IPKKND”set. I heard both Mohit and Barun are always hanging out together after shooting or during break. May be Sanaya must have visited them only.
      Sanaya has not confirmed her come back to ipkknd in near future..
      Zameen par aajao…udne ki koi jarurat nahi hai…

    5. Sunanda_Guchhait

      I don’t think it will happen.. i think it’s a fake news..
      I hav seen a video where they are saying that Makers replaced shivani and and sanaya is back and all..
      Some people are doing it to defame the show … Ta ki TRP low ho jaye..

      I think sanaya is making a comeback with show called Gulam

  12. Yah astha I missed today’s episode..stress mode mein hoon..isi liye nahi dekha..dekhungi kam se kam ASR ko dekhne ke baad stress relive tho hoga..hav a safe and happy journey astha

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      ARS is Automatic Stress Releasing boy for us yaar. just watch to release your stress. Thank you.

  13. Oh god I did not watch the show as I desperately wanted Sarun but I was wrong
    After all my Hottie has such a charm that any girl easily suits with him
    Today I was stunned to see how well advay n chandni’s characters jell with each other
    I mean yaa I miss sanaya but Shivani has also matched all the expectations
    now I accept I was wrong , shivani must be given a chance
    She acts so well!!!!!!!!! I was stunned , I did not miss my cutie sanaya a bit also while I ws watching it
    Wow yaar wow

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Naymaz… I want to hug you. Such a drastic change. I still remember you are the one who asked me to join a Twitter group named -” we want SARUN… NO SHIRUN”two months ago. I am so…. glad you accepted the truth reality then regretting over a false hope if getting Sanaya back.

    2. yes dear there was a twitter group which was started by my friend so I thought of telling everyone here also but yaa I am satisfied with chandani
      She is gud in her own way

    3. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Thank you and love u for ur genuine comment… Truly appreciate you.. that you at least gave a Chance to this season.
      There are so many people those are not watching it just because sanaya is not there.
      They didn’t think to give a chance to shivani for once at least…
      She is very good actor.
      Anyways your comment make my day even more happy.. it is getting better day by day. And also people’s perspective is also changing.. I am really

      And welcome to this family.. with loads of big hugs..

    4. I was a part of this family only since IPKKND season 1 , then IPKKND ek baar phir
      and now finally season 3

    5. Naymaz thank you wala shukriya? accepting Shivani opposite Barun.

    6. Radhika.k

      Really happy for sharing ur comment…….Yaa most of the lovers of SARUN think that IPKKN3 is not good bcoz sanaya is not there……but i wish even they should take a look like u!!!N i am damn sure they won’t feeling boring at all!!!Shivani is a good actor and so is barun…….whatever is the script they r acting for it!!1
      Both r awesome n today’s episode was really wonderful n brilliant one!!
      Keep watching n keep loving our BARUN yaar!!
      Afterall he is MR.ASR… capable of doing anything!!
      #love nivay

    7. Radhika.k

      Once again welcome to the family of NIVAY LOVERS!!!!
      #IPKKND 3.
      Lots of love n hugs to u!!

    8. thnx radhika for such a warm welcome

    9. Nivika

      U made my day dear…by reading ur cmnt i m feeling happy….and most of arshi lovers r accepting nivay…
      #Love Nivay
      #Lovd ipkknd3
      Nd lots of love to #ShivRun?????

  14. Nivedita

    Today I loved that Chandni fought back..and that brief glint of admiration in ASR,’s eyes for Chandni was awesome! ???

    @Astha now I know why u r missing from our PKJ page.
    Traveling to Bangalore for work or fun? Btw do u work or are you a student?
    Take care dear! Have a Happy Journey!

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Nivedita.. search team send you to find me from my hide out!!! Kidding yaar. I am not absent from pkj, I am present there daily. I am a student but got a little work there. Thank you for your concern.
      Love you…Hugs.

    2. Nivedita

      I guess I missed your longer comments.. enjoy your time in Bangalore..

      Actually I have been missing from long PKj visits, I I missed your comments. ? My bad! ?

      Dp back to Nox huh! I thought you were digging ASR..

      Take care.?

    3. Radhika.k

      Hey nivedita!!hope u remember me!!!
      Was surprised to see u here!!!!YAA Today’s episode was awesome…….NIVAY rocked the show yaar!!i am loving their hidden EMOTIONS wala romance!!
      Btw how r u??
      Keep watching IPKKND3!!
      @LOVE NIVAY.

    4. Nivedita

      Yeah Radhika I remember you. Yes I occasionally watch IPK3. Cause of Barun..

      Yes Yesterday nivay were good..?

    5. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Now days astha is ONLY dreaming about
      hot handsome s*xy romantic charming ADVAY..

      Even she is forgetting her name…. Ha ha ❤❤❤❤❤

    6. Nivedita

      He he. But she changed her Dp back to SSO..? I guess she ants to be balanced for ASR and SSo..

  15. Oye yaar maar gaye I love Barun sobti, kya smile h kya expression h. Uff dil le gaya Munda Delhi da.lots of kisses to him. I wish to meet him in life.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Mahak..Will you be able to meet Barun with out fainting!!!

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Welcome Mehek… Ravva ve family
      I wish too..yaar..

  16. Fenil

    Hello cuties !!:)

    Aag buji ke nahi ya aur badh gayi ??:P

    Aflatoon episode.

    Finally Chandani also jumps in battle ground that also with ASR’s weapon…..Bachhi ab mein tumhe kaise samjaun ki ASR apni chal ko katna janta hain yrr aise hi mene ASR Jiju nahi mana. ky bolte ho behno?B)B)B)

    Finally Veer and Mikku going to cross their paths.:)

    Yashji nailed it.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Jump like Monkey Bhaiyyo shouting-” ASR is my jeeju..Advay is my Jeeju”. This way you can have few more stares on you and a free trip to Agra!!! got it.

    2. Fenil

      Good morning.
      Yaa ,I got it what you are trying to say.BTW kya hua hai aapko ?PM?

    3. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Aag nehi bujhi. ❤❤❤ Fenil..
      Abhi to aur jalna baki hai…

      Chandni was brilliant.. but AdvaY is super brilliant.. plan B is always ready

      I am waiting for the time when AdvaY will come to know that veer is his mikku… Jisko AdvaY avoid kar raha hai…

      Waiting for the bromance….

  17. Hey Mahak do you like Barun or his character as Advay Singh Raizada because I like him as ASR the most.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Aqsa…same pinch. I love ASR and just like Barun as an actor.

    2. Radhika.k

      Mee too!!I love ASR more than Barun……..but jo bhi that loves goes to barun only!!!

    3. Nivika

      I too loved ASR.

    4. Sunanda_Guchhait

      I love him as AdvaY, as Arnav, as shravan , as haidar.. What ever character he played

      But i love him mostly as BARUN Sobti
      I have a great respect for this Man

  18. Sunanda_Guchhait

    “Jinse milna kismat mai likha ho,
    Unse door nehi bhaga karte”. so true..
    She isn’t running away..not at all..she is really thankful​ to her kismat that you meet you..
    You don’t need to stop the Time.. the time will stop automatically whenever you both come closely..the way AdvaY asking her to accept him, who can resist?? Again AdvaY is right. Chandni accepted it already but won’t admit.
    Today AdvaY admitted that he didn’t come only to take revenge but also for the LOVE he had for her ..from childhood days. Which was hidden since 16 years…by saying

    “mai tumhara bahut purana ashik hoon , tum mano yeah na mano”
    AdvaY Loved to hear his name from her voice… Can’t resist her but to fall fr her again and again..and that blow of love …
    When CHANDNI asked him to free her… Advay is bound to obey her because..
    “” Tum itna hak se naam lekar baat karogi, to mannito padegi nah!!!.””❤❤❤❤❤
    Advay freed her, she is about to fall and advay is egarly waiting to hold her…what a scene..I wish chandni could fall on him..❤❤❤ while running from uncomfortable feeling chandni accidentally touched AdvaY’s hand.. for the 1st time AdvaY feels something more than just love… It’s a love of desire.. desire to hold her ,feel her.. just outstanding soul touching hatrayed no revenge..only pure love.. hats off to you Barun Sobti..truly MR. Expro king..

    Yash Narayan vashisht perfectly played the role of a FATHER.. HE knows who is best for her chandni. I hope AdvaY will understand a Father’s trust and never hurt chandni..
    ” Jiska dil sacha ho, kavi kisi aur ko dukh nehi deta”.. the way he looked at AdvaY..and advay looked at him ..that serious and angry expression and yash Narayan lowering his eyes…has something.. as if he was asking AdvaY​ to find the real truth.. I feel like he recognized AdvaY as DEV and to protect CHANDNI frm evil Indrani ..he is giving her hand to AdvaY.
    A piece of advice AdvaY.. don’t underestimate chandni. I loved it when chandni tricked him in his own trap.
    But what happens to you AdvaY?? Lithium bulb laga lithi kya..??????
    I am expecting that you will take off your shoes and walk in.

    Magnet shoes pe lage the, feet pe nehi…???
    you disappointment me dude..Mr . Tech Singh Raizada se Mr. Buddhu Singh Raizada bangaye..
    Jyada technology use karenge to simplest thing vi dimag se chali jayegi…
    And how can your be so careless? Apni technology idhar udhar throw kiya auro woh dumbo Meghu uthake legayi..
    Pigeons trick is great. Thank you for that AdvaY ..
    Finally Mikku is back.
    Both the brothers are coming to take revenge… Shikha and chandni watch out..
    And be prepared..

    PRECAP is wowsome..
    Chandni ko jiske naam ki chunri pehen ni thi, kismat ne penhadi..
    Kismat ne yeah AdvaY ne??
    Congrats chandni tumhara roka ho gaya..
    Well done ADVAY.

    1. Fenil

      Dear Sunanda, wah re wah kya comment dali hain aapne yrr.
      Agree with you.

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Thank u @Fenil

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Sunanda…aksar pyaar mein dimaag kaam karna band kar deta hai. Same case with ASR. Hmm..can you believe its again damn Friday…nahi Gul matha hum sab ASR se 2 din ke liye door nahi reh sakte.
      Thanks for the link. I will not miss him much then.
      Yeh Mohabbat door jaane na de…

    4. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Seriously yaar .. Monday itni jaldi nehi aati jitna k Friday jaldi aati hai…

      Pata nehi kya dushmani hai humse..

    5. Radhika.k

      Sunanda superb review yaar!!!!
      Yaa mujhe bhi yehi laga when advay was close with chandini n chandini ne kaha “mujhe jaane do advay”…………i was like itne pyaar se uska naam liya chandu ne…….advay chod do….n advay ne chod diya!!!!
      Yash narayan……this guy is the perfect father yaar!!I have always liked his acting frm the start!!!!
      Sach mein technology ka kuch zyada hi faida utta rahe hai yeh log!!!!!!
      Excited for the BROMANCE resp…
      PRECAP:Advay apne zaban aur kaam ka bahut paaka hai…..aakhir chandini ka roka ho hi gaya samjho……sirf dekhna hai!!
      Superb precap…..

    6. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Advay apne zaban aur kaam ka bahut paaka hai..
      100% . True .. Radhika
      now mikku is also coming.. uski waja se na AdvaY k plan disturb ho jaye…. Mikku thora jyada hi badmass hai..

    7. Nivika

      Kya review diyaa hai yaar…????

    8. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Thank u snehal..have AdvaY dreams..

    9. Loved the review!!! Have some logical doubts though. When ASR stopped her, was that magnetic mat under her then?! Was he all prepped up that she would come?!!! And that mat seemed small, how could Chandni be sure he will walk on that exact area?!!! Too much physics and tooooo much chemistry. My brains are all fuddled now!!! What with this fellow coming close to her and me thinking”oooh he’s going to kiss her”??And when he hears his name ? and then that look he gave when her hand touched his! ??Barun is extraordinary! A most mobile face with eyes so expressive, Gosh!!! He lives the role! Not for a moment do you think of him as anything but ASR, hot, dashing, seducer with just his eyes and voice, a lover, the dream of a million hearts!

      Purani aashiqui and yet this dumbo doesn’t realize that he is Dev! ?
      Maybe her ears hearing his honeyed voice, just didn’t register!!! All blank!

      Mikku/Shikha will be fun!

      But as u say, GK is torturing us by making us wait the weekend! Why oh why does the week fly like that where Nivay are concerned?! Maybe they should reward us by posting extra episodes for us at least on hotstar.

      ??I just realized I may not be able to see today’s episode as I have to go out!!! Oh no!! Well let’s see!

      Anyway all of you have a great weekend!! ????

    10. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Watch it on hotstar di…
      When you guys are upset thinking about that you will miss one or two episode s…
      I feel like what will i do when i will be on a 14 day long trip.. i will die surely.. i don’t even want to think about it..
      We are going on a trip to kinnaur district Himachal Pradesh… 8th sep to 21st sep…

      Main kya karungi tab.. mar jayungi.. seriously.. soch k vi pain feel hota hai..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Sunanda ..thanks for sharing the links.

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Welcome dear..

    3. Radhika.k

      Thanks dear for the links!!!

    4. Sunanda guchhait

      Ek video mai
      Advay is caressing chandni’s hair.. Pulling her close…
      And i was like awwww..damn …. Kya scenes hai yaar

      Pakka millions of heart attack ane wale hain…

  19. KartikK

    Another cute episode it is ricking day by day the advay smiled at chandni for that trick and her dialogue mangiri bat rahi hai kya is also funny. Overwall a brilliant episode Same precap but nice and too good to handle hy astha hru and yur pain is it f9

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Karthik Good morning yaar..its “Pinjri bat rahi hai kya?”. Chandni was naughty but ASR is the naughtiest as always. May be enjoying all the time and preference Chandni is giving him. Smirking like a king.
      Hey I fine yaar. Its my common body reaction to cold atmosphere. It pains a little but I am used to this.
      Take care.
      I didn’t reply your PM coz. my mobile doesn’t support PM. Don’t think Astha is showing Tadi or feel bad ok. Hugs you.

    2. Radhika.k

      Hi karthik!!!yaa u gave the perfect word for yesterday’s episode… was brilliant!!!
      N woh dialogue “panjiri bat rahi hai”……u knw everytime she uses this dialogue……n uske baad kuch ajjeb sa feel hota hai…..its really funny!!The slang n the way she says the dialogue makes it funny…..Yaa precap is same…..CVs bahut smart hai…..they showed today’s orecap for yesterday ….so that we can see!!
      But i will see regularly!!N advay’s smile……kisko bhi easily distract kar saktha hai!!
      Good morning….Have a nice day dear!!!!

  20. Gdmrng friends..yah radhika i’ll definitely watch and comment dear..
    Ha astha ASR is stress reliever I’ll watch and mood teek karlungi.. tc astha ?? gd to see ur comment..u accepted keep watchng and njy..keep commenting..

  21. Sunanada ???review yaar..both brothers r coming to take it wil b very interesting to watch..and am w8ng for d day..when these two brothers come to know abt their relation..I want to see their bonding

    1. Sunanda guchhait

      Manu.. episode dekh ke nehi..???
      Yeah waiting for today’s episode..

      Upcoming episodes will be out of world types…

  22. Aastha_Reddy

    Hey… why is that Mr. Mathematics packing his suitcase now??? Going any where or again a plan and again that Chandni is after him irritating him. I am glad he pulled hold her, grabbed her tight and she was shuddering at his closeness, being conscious of his nearness.

    1. Sunanda guchhait

      I think after that roka drama Pp baba will be adamant to marry CHANDNI..
      Maybe thats why AdvaY is going out to stop the humiliation of chandni ..over that roka incident.. and also swipe the groom.. outside the.. and everybody will get to after marriage…
      It’s a guess.. i don’t know

  23. Hey riana thank u for the ice;) haan astha I need to take anikas help now…. haan manu finally saw it…. hey sunanda thank u for the links…. aqsa hru doing…. happy journey astha dear….

    1. Sunanda guchhait

      U welcome pinku di..

  24. Astha I think advay n chandini had a bett noe if he doesn’t win he will leave home shayad isiliye packing bag… i think not sure

  25. I love barun sobti not his character guys. Ab kya husband b nahi bol sakte because he’s married na. Nice meeting all of u. his expressions, looks,smile, eyes uff dil le gaya.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      This is why he always keeps on saying my wife is so happy of my female fan following!! She is not jealous type. Aakhir kyun hogi Pushmeen jealous after all Barun ran to Australia after her and waited for her more then a long time.
      I only love ASR role of him not the usual friendly funky..Barun Sobti.

  26. Hey astha i m ready to faint only if barun Sobti’s carries me, hold me tight. & asqa he’s the best

    1. Radhika.k

      Me too!!!!want barun this to do!!!

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Faint faint in your dream then only you both will land on his arm else wise in reality you will have to adjust with cold floor.
      All the best for your fall Radhika and Mahak.

    3. Radhika.k

      Dii………this is not fair!!!Ofcourse in our dream it will happen…..but in reality its not sure………..if i get a chance to meet barun then i will surely ask for a RK Pose with him……….hehehe…

  27. Riana

    Loveddddddddddd Today’s episode ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️….

    Anywayzz Chudails were looking just ???…

    Bichrani gehnashwari was lookinggg rofl ?????…(vamp looks overloaded)

    NiVay n Birds scene were just totally wowwwww ??????

    Precap: Glued ?????

    #Love NiVay ❤️

    What about Astha…fenil…yazhu…radhika…manu…antara…sunan…snehal…sangeeta di…n all all….(Sorry guys i commented late)…??

    1. Radhika.k

      Yaa was waiting for ur comment…………mast episode tha na!!!!
      I loved it totally…..sabse zyada yeh acha laga ki shuruvaath was dhamekdaar!!!!
      Bichrani gehnashwari was looking rofl……hehehe…agree wid u!!!
      NIVAY set the show on fire…….they r really doing tit-tat wala fight games n that is damn interesting to watch…….#LOVE NIVAY.

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Next time he tilted his head to one side..I will go and kiss him hard..and nose will not come in between(Nanban style). Why the hell he have to do that with his head??

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      I knew you will come for sure. Riana..what about the persons you mentioned..I know all of them are dead except Fenu Bhaiyyu and we are in Rabba ve NIVAY land in stead of heaven or hell. Dreaming about Mr. ASR.

    4. Radhika.k

      Dii kissing like nanban style……………….mmm…that scene was superb!!!

    5. Nivika

      Astha sweet dreams abt asr ????????
      Kya kya kar rahi ho dream mein tum??????????
      Thoda personal hua na???????

    6. Nivika

      Just kidding ha..???

    7. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Astha upcoming episodes main hum sab dead wali aatma banne wale hain..

  28. Only Barun Sobti can deliver hateful things so sweetly – will burn anyone who comes in our way, will stop you by freezing time … What a character – ASR – seduces by relentless threats and baits! 🙂

    However, a jailor striped suit, even on Sobti is still ugly! And denim on these old women for a roka ceremony! I am thinking the costume designer for all Gul Khan’s production must be some old crazy … certainly, the same one for Ishqbaaz, Dil bole and now IPKKND 3! It all looks so over the top and stale!

    I don’t think the rich folks in India dress up this weirdly! So, don’t insult our intelligence or sensibilities by parading actors in these stupid costumes! Surely, you can hire a costume designer just for IPKKND 3 … not get from central warehouse for hardware or Salvation army discards!

    Pl show ASR working on his livelihood at least some time instead of just indulging in one trick after another!

    But love the understated fiery interaction between ASR and Chandini! Shivani Tomar is perfect for this role! I like her character – at least she does not fly off the handle like regular hindi tv serials … seems lot quieter and softer even when she gets frustrated by ASR’s aggressive push.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Mary…true yaar about costume and designer Shivani Shirali. I remember I had a bed spread back in school days like striped like the over coat ASR and Shivaay are wearing these days. Ladies costume collection is the worst part of it always. On top of it that nose pin they wears irks me much with Chandni wearing that chammak chalo type ring things on her fingers of silver(whatever its name)..its so irritating.

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Yes you are Right..
      Initially, Barun said that he was playing a ANTI HERO.. not that traditional guddy guddy hero type character…
      But the way he is potraying his character , it’s much more that just a romantic Hero.. so many shades, emotions , layering of character..
      Only Barun Sobti can deliver hateful revengeful things so sweetly –that will burn everyone except him…

  29. Sunanda_Guchhait

    I want to do a shayari… … Fr ASR.

    Dil mei hai NAFRAT hawa mei hai PYAAR..

    Woh dekho woh dekho aagaya humhara ASR..

    1. Nivika

      Kya baat hai…..
      Wah wah???
      Loved it!!????

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Thank u thank u..

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Wah wah wah…wah wah wah..

    4. Radhika.k

      Wah kya baat kahi…….superb!!!

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