Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 26th July 2017 Written Update: Chandni upsets everyone

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratham saying I will help Chandni. Advay presses the remote. Chandni’s slippers hit PT and his mum. PT’s mum asks is she mad. Advay says I told you. PT recalls Advay’s words that Chandni is mentally unstable. Advay goes to Chandni and says I don’t play same move twice. He sees Indrani pleasing PT’s mum and presses remote button angrily. He feeds the pigeons. Murli comes and says wow, you are feeding pigeons, but why, pigeon is to take love letter, but you are one to hate. Advay says letters are of hatred also, this pigeon will take hatred message. Murli asks what are you going to do now, suspense, why are you over feeding pigeons. Advay says more has to be given to get full loyalty, wait and watch. He claps. Pigeons fly.

Shakun says relation got over. Kajal says Chandni, you got such a good relation, you kicked it. Shakun says you should have refused to it, why did you insult me. Kajal says we have no respect, but your inlaws are big people, why did you hit slippers, you got such a good relation, even when you are defamed. Indrani says enough, I will not bear anyone raising finger on Chandni, it was an accident, its not Chandni’s mistake. Chandni hugs her and cries. She says I did not do anything. Indrani says everything will get fine. Shakun asks how. Indrani says relation did not break yet. Chandni says I will rectify my mistake. Indrani asks her to apologize and save this relation, as she has many hopes from it. Chandni goes. Kajal says you always take Chandni’s side. Indrani says I have managed things bit, weak is won by power, foolish is won by service.

Murli does PT’s massage and hits him. He gets an oil and says you will relax by this. Murli gets irritated by him. Chandni says mum said PT will be in spa. She goes to PT and sees Murli giving him a massage. She says I m really sorry, our names is going to get linked, why will I insult you, don’t be angry on this relation, it matters a lot to me. Advay says this relation matters a lot to me too. PT falls asleep. Murli sees him and goes. She asks were you listening to me, what are you doing here. He says if my would be wife meets any calculator by hiding, I have to come. She asks what’s this would be wife. He says wife does not sound romantic, what shall I call you, moon, baby, darling… She asks him to get quiet. She says you have done all this, I can’t see Indrani’s tears, so I came to say sorry to PT, let me talk to my would be husband.

Advay says you are talking to your would be husband, I m all yours, tell me. She jokes on him. He stops him and gets close. He says if I feel bad, I will do something which I shouldn’t. She asks what will you do. He says whoever comes between us, I will ignite him. She asks how will you do this, do anything. He says Chandni…. She says PT…. He throws a lighter towards PT. PT shouts fire. She gets shocked. Advay smiles and thinks of his plan. FB shows Advay giving oil to Murli, and says PT will not burn by this oil, Chandni will get burnt by this fire.

Chandni gets water and pours on PT. Everyone comes and gets shocked. PT’s mum says we came here to get related, not to get insulted. Indrani asks what’s happening. PT says my body was burning. Kajal says then why is there no smoke. PT says believe me mom, my body was burning. His mum says don’t say this, its wrong meaning. Chandni says he is saying true about fire. His mum asks him to stop it, enough of insults. Chandni cries and goes to Advay. She asks what’s your enmity, you entered my life and house, why are you doing all this, you don’t know this relation is very imp for my family and mum, if this relation breaks, my mum will also break, I m not scared of you, don’t try to break me and scare me, stay away from me. He says Chandni, stop else…. She says I heard and ignored your threatening Mr. ASR, I will not stop you. Rabba ve….plays…..

Yash unites Advay and Chandni’s hands. He says I trust you, you will always keep my daughter happy. Advay puts dupatta over Chandni and him, and asks her to agree now.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Nivika

    Precap is just awesomeee??????????????Mr.ASR……soooo muxh love to uuuuu

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Snehal… happy burning of heart. Yeah the precap was uploaded in instagram two days back.

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Khidki tod.. precap.. snehal.. ASR IS super fast..

  2. Antara

    Hai Guys episode was nice
    PIGEON WALA SCENE naafraat se

    when advay said ladki acchi hai but ” mentally 46-50% off hai ”
    murali ki tai massage really funny
    advay & chandini’s aag wala scene fabulous& also super dialogues
    when he said u r already talking 2 honewala” pati” iam hearing u ” iam all yours” i get it wife doesn’t sound romantic so wat will i call u? chandi, baby or darling so cute
    highlight scene adv- chandini chandini- pb adv- chandini chandini – pb pb pb super
    he is provoking her & she is obeying kya understanding hai & last scene chandini confronting advay with boldness – STAY AWAY FROM ME
    i heard that soon advay will marry chandini & their HATE STORY BEGIN

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Happy heart burning Antara.

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      when advay said ladki acchi hai but ” mentally 46-50% off hai ”..

      BARUN ka face dekhne layek tha.. kya expressions the yaar..

      BARUN- truly the expression king.

    3. Absolutely! Just seeing his expressive face and eyes is enough. And hearing his honeyed voice! Food for the eyes and ears! ?????

    4. Radhika.k

      Ek dum sahi kahan……..that scene his expressions……WERE WOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW………N i was staring at him!!!!!
      MR.ASR THE EXPRO KING!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Aastha_Reddy

    Chandni keeps ranting like a parrot always-” Thia relation is important for my mother. my mother will break down if this relation with PP is cancelled “. This is the latest version of Indian traditional girl doing sacrifice of their life and dream for family and others. On the other hand is ASR- the great determined Advay Singh Raizada who is not less to Chandni in the matter of giving first precedence to his mother. Advay knows what he wants from Chandni and his life and that is his revenge but Chandni has no such intention till now of living life with a certain aim or person. Her marriage is being fixed and she is all stuck between PP Baba and Rowdy Professor ASR… here some place or memory of Dev should be present. Advay is always saying-” Badon ko aap kehte hain” again and again but her lithium bulb is not glowing inside his mind. Every person has a weak point and Advay caught this weak point of Chandni over her mother is her father and using the correct pawn to win the game of revenge by Love.
    PP Baba…Double meaning sentence..Following the foot path of Advay Singh Raizada. Aap ka kachcha toh thik hai but ijjat ka tien tien fiss hogaya.
    “Chandni…PP…Chandni…PP…chandni…PP”- then “whoever comes between will be burnt by me..I wipp feel bad if you keep on repeating his name..” are just trick to execute the actual plan of igniting fire on PP Baba to proof Chandni as “2..3…23..” means mad.
    “You are talking with your future husband…what shall I call or more romantic names”… it was his love not accepting her giving importance to a third person who comes later in her life but in between them.
    Now…I got the meaning of “emotional attyachar” song in the new spoiler..
    the precap was already uploaded in instagram yesterday.
    The back massage from Murli to PP Baba and his mother’s eyes blinded with cucumber pieces by Shipra is well planned and executed.
    The question “Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon??”- continues.

    1. KartikK

      Very good review yr i like the background music and the tune which was after asr said u r talking to yur future husband was just fantastic one i fell in love with uthat tone

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Karthik…husband..then wife..sounds romantic then honey-baby-jaan-moon. husband-wife describes relationship well then such cheesy words.
      Oh that kyun khawon pe tere saaye hain..wala slow tone of Rabba ve…rabba ve…is so sweet tone.

    3. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Nice review astha..
      Advay’s plan to burn chandni’s strength failed..

      I liked it when chandni confronted AdvaY..
      And when she was going..the way AdvaY calling her name CHANDNI…is wow. So much love and concern is there..

      But i was expecting much anger from chandni.. but it’s not chandni’s fault..
      Advay ko dekh ke kisi ka vi gussa chala jayega.. hai na??

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Trapping her in his love he is getting more trapped.

    5. Lithium bulb????

      Btw do any of you girls think like this version of traditional Indian girl types?!!! I don’t think so. At least not in the cities! Forget this gen, I don’t and am old enough to be your mother! Certain things maybe, but not as they show in serials! They have an exaggerated version of tradition!

    6. Sunanda_Guchhait

      No… Not at all sangita di..
      I respect my parents..
      But it’s my life after all.
      Better I will ask their point of view and will share mine.

      But i will not sacrifice my life just for their sake as they will be happy by getting me marry to some idiot who I don’t know.
      Everybody has the right to live free and make their own decisions..
      I can adjust with other restrictions…
      But freedom to make decisions in my life … Is the most important thing..
      I won’t matter what.

    7. Aastha_Reddy

      Not in real life but in Indian television.

    8. Radhika.k

      Yaa dii even i was thinking why is this chandini keep on chanthing the same mantra!!!”maa ke liye…..maa ke liye……”But still i feel unfair jitna pyaar chandu apne mom se karthi hai utna indrani nahi karthi hai!!!!!Bcoz we r still confused abt the fact whether she is chandu’s real mom or not?????
      But chandini has to take her decision now……she can’t always rely on what her mom says!!Khud ke life ke baare mein hame hi sochna chahiye!!!
      That pati-patni wala convo was fantafabulous………….really loved their dialogues with their apt expressions!!!!!!!!!

    9. Aastha_Reddy

      Radhika… Advay is too doing all this for his Mother and family.

  4. Hey friends..crazy episode ??..chappal bhi..sirf ASR hi kar sakta hai..seriously..Mr.professor ko kaise ata hai ideas??.lipstick ki kasam these ladies yaar they will find a way to insult chandini..she has to take stand..y she is not replying back..indrani donno woh kya

    kar rahi hai..she is unpredictable..
    Yeh rishta mere liye bhi bahut maine rakh thi hai..asr dat look u gave..and d walk..pagal hogaye yaar hum??..kya confidence..would be wife…wife doesn’t sound asr tum kuch bhi bolo romantic hi sound karta hai ??tum apne hone wale husband se hi baat kar re ho..luvd comes aag singh raizada..finally aag laga hi diya..yaar is ASR maths professor hai ya chemistry ki sare chemicals use kar raha hai..pigeons ka bhi entry ho gaya..precap toh damn interesting..kya twist hai..# love ASR # Bombay..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Manu…Bombay!!! I mean NIVAY . We love them unlimited.
      ASR ….hey honey-Darling-moon-jaan…
      Seriously I hate that type of men who keeps on naming their wife or lover like that cheesy name. Oh come on boys we girls have sweet sweet names. You can call us in our original name and that sounds so special. Who knows they have numerous girl friends beside wife and its their trick to call all by the same honey-darling-moon-jaan!!! so that no confusion problem arrives at their romance door step!!! Who knows!!!
      But ASR honey ke liye toh main Moon tak jaane ke liye taiyar hoon.

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Manu… You are right
      . Indrani is so unpredictable.. kab kya kar rehi hya. Pata nehi chalta…

      I don’t understand why the other two ladies are always behind chaandi..
      Shikha ko to kuch vi nehi kehti..
      They know that only CHANDNI can change their financial crisis.. then why??

      And Indrani vi always moonlight ko support kyun karti hai.
      Kya chahiye usko chandni se..
      Treasure to mila nehi.. to??
      Ek vi mystery unfold nehi ho raha…

    3. Yeah Manu! chemistry professor is more like it! This fellow is churning too many reactions, I say!!!!!

  5. Fenil

    Hello Everybody !!
    Rabba Ve…land ki aag buji ki nahi.
    Kuch toh abhi bhi jal raha hain.

    Yeh ho gaya na panga Slipers bhi muft me khane ko mili.bechara chirkut.

    Kitne sone sone Kabootar hain…cuity pie kitne naseebwale hain ASR ke haathon se khane ko mila.:$:$:*8)8)8)(Ladkiya jal rahi hongi);):)

    Gheneshwari sab daav pech achhe se janti hain but ASR ke naye jamane ke daav pech bhaari pad rahe hain….kya bolt ho ??:D:D

    mela mikku nahi aaya ,Gul ki bachhi aaj ke baad usse har episode me lan warna ……:@:@:@>:)aapke piche Devil…and too much fun.

    Oil massage mili woh bhi chirkut ,Astha soch rahi hogi kaash chirkut ki jagah ASR and Murli ki Jagah Chandani (sayad khud ko bhi imagine kar rahi ho):D:D:)):)):P:PB)

    Kya chikha chirkut lol.

    ASR call her baby or doll she will say mela babuB)B)B):?:?:?

    Chandani challenges deke gayi phir se.


    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Kya bhaiyya…kuch bhi. I am naughty but that massage was so crook type. Oh No Imagine karke bhi mich michi horaha hai.

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Kaise bujhenge aag @ fenil..
      Advay bujhne de to na..

      Luck y pigeons.. AdvaY k haathon se khane ko mila….

      Really missed MIKKU..
      #love NIVAY

    3. Fenil

      Yaa Woh bhi sahi hain…..

    4. ???Your version of Astha’s imagination!

    5. Fenil

      hi5 sangita Dear

    6. Aastha_Reddy

      Aww…wild imagination

  6. Radhika.k

    Advay Singh Raizada is now full on with playing war mode!!!!!!!!
    Got to know abt his surprise plan…….he wants to prove PP Baba that chandu is full on mad!!!MENTALLY UNSTABLE!!!
    But yaar ASR zara hame bhi dekha karo we guys have gone crazy with ur acting!!!Kitne saare logon ke heart attack ho gaya hai!!!!Koi gir raha hai,koi ucchal raha hai paglon ki tarah,koi bimaar bhi pad raha hai………………………all bcoz of u MR.ASR!!!!
    Advay feeding the pigeons………..i was like even they r lucky……..was looking adorable gals……..Murli entered their perfectly with a very true confusion……..Pigeons r used for love messages……..n u r on the hater side…..then why r u feeding????????????same confusion here…..
    I loved advay’s reply…….Pigeons r also used for hatred!!!!!Yes ASR we can feel the burning revenge on ur heart that u have been carrying as a burden for the past 16 yrs……………His hardwork,loyalty n his motive is going to fetch him a good result………….We r always waiting n watching u dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Shakhun n kajal were right at their place………but being indrani’s sisters they have a hatred for chandini which is evident frm their talks!!!But seeing INDRANI like a caring mom again makes me to rethink abt my thoughts!!!!!Maybe she can be chndu’s step mother also……only guessing!!!!!!
    Murli massaging PP Baba was funny for me…….bichare murli ke bhi kya dhin aa gaye hai!!!Kitna khush rehtha tha ladkiyon ke replies padkar but ab iss halath mein dekhna pad raha hai!!!But we knw its part of advay’s intelligent wala plan!
    OMG!!!!I seriously loved the next scene……Chandini appologising PP Baba…..advay saying relations matter to him…..describes his past (his lovely family which got destroyed)……Chandini getting shocked seeing him there…….n advay’s cute reason for being their is “HIS LOVELY WOULD BE MOONLIGHT IS HIDING AND MEETING MR.CALCULATOR IN THE DARK”……………………………….
    WHAT’S THIS LANGUAGE????i remembered shivay there….watch out guyz advay ko wife bulana pasand nahi hai……..he likes to call BABY,HONEY,DARLING,MOONLIGHT…..
    Chandu replying i am talking to my would be husband baba…….n then ADVAY saying I AM ALL YOURS………………………………………………………………………………….really my heart skipped a beat there!!!!Yaar,advay ya toh apne expressions se attack kartha hai or else apne beautiful replies n dialogues se!!!!!GK have to appreciate u !!!
    AOUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…………………………bichara PP Baba kitne ache neend mein so raha tha uske isse acha koi jag nahi saktha hai…………BY advay’s fire………………….
    Nivay’s close convo n advay’s immediate reaction was violent n bhayankar yaar……but he reduced the shock by his wonderful wala smile………………..
    PP Baba was saying truth but koi sun hi nahi raha tha….thoda bora laga!!!But chandu immediately went n asked advay THE PERFECT QUESTION,WITH PERFECT FEELINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i loved it…………..afterall ek time thak chup rahe sakthe hai,ignore kar sakthe hai then we loose our tolerance!!!She did loose her tolerance…………..
    She is the first womaniya to reply MR.ASR with a bang note!!!!!
    PRECAP:Excited much more!!!Mahant jii apni betti ka haath advay ko de rahe hai!!!!really curious to knw much more………………..Both were looking adoring n cuteeee in the precap!!
    Keep giving ur comments n enjoy IPKKND3!!
    @love NIVAY
    “ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON”????????????

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Radhika….aag lagi hai kya!!! Aag lagi PP ko..lagaya ASR ne, Bechain Chandni ho rahi thi and jalne ki smell ASR se aaraha tha. Amazing hey na yeh sab..aur ajeeb bhi.

    2. Radhika.k

      Yaa dii so many simultaneous reactions were going on……….Yeh MR.AGNI SINGH RAIZADA bahut confused type hai……………………amazing n ajeeb!!!
      Aag toh kabki lag chuki hai……..but ab kuch zyada hi jaal raha hai!!!
      LOVE BARUN ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Awesome review…
      ASR is super fast..
      chandu se shaadi karne ke liye maare ja rwhw hain apna ASR.. I LOVE this desperate ASR..
      ekbar shaadi hone do ek k bad ek khulegi mystery… Can’t wait to know what happen 16 years ago.. why little chandni lied..
      Who are the other culprits..

      And waiting for MIKKU- SHIKHA’s face off..

      Abhi hum sab ka yeh haal hai…Jis din AdvaY chandni ka misunderstanding dur ho jayegi .. socho kya hoga.. ?❤ ❤ ❤❤?

    4. Radhika.k

      Thanks dear!!!
      Mein bhi bahut baichen ho rahi hui………………….kya aag lagya yaar!!!!!
      Sach mein sunanda ASR toh rajdhani express se bhi bahut fast nikal padha hai…….kab kya karege its just unpredictable…………………….
      Abhi se haal bahut kharab hai…….and jab nivay ban jayenge then poocho mat uchalti rahungi!!!!Poori pagal ho jaaungi!!
      #LOVE NIVAY.

    5. Superb review!!! Was like reliving every scene!! Nivay conversation ????????

    6. Radhika.k

      Thanks alott dii!!!Yesterday’s episode was that amazing……….NIVAY WERE ON FIRE!!!
      Their husband-wife wala convo was the best of all!!!!

  7. Hi Nivay fans!!! Wasn’t today’s episode awesome?! Enjoyed every bit of Nivay scenes! Eager to read your reviews.
    Sunanda did you get your strength back after seeing Aag Singh Raizada?!!!!
    He was sooooo hot!!! ????
    His conversation with Chandni was so tanatan to say the least. Poor girl. She has no clue what hit her. The ASR tsunami washes over all in one fell sweep. Save yourself or get drowned!
    Precap. Clever Advay, got FIL to fit well in his palm! The puppeteer and the puppets, all will dance to the tune of this bagpiper!?❤??????????

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Sasurji ko pata liya Sangita di Advay ne. Tsunami nahi Rahu. ASR is Always Sparkling Rahu for Chandni. He is so…truthful always why will not Chandni’s father be impressed when ASR’s eyes are so expressive and talkative.

    2. Astha! You’re right! Rahu ne Chandni ko khayega! Aug 7th lunar eclipse! Maybe Shaadi us din ho chuke?!!!!!?

    3. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Yes sangita di.. I got my strength BACK after watching ASR..
      Ladkiyan choro ladke vi ASR KI eyes mein khoo rehe hain..
      See.. the way pp baba showering love for AdvaY…. Bro tum poison vi doge to kha lunga… Really??

      And now Father in-law…. Kuch aur nehi dekha but ASR ki ankhe parli… Kya baat hai sasur ji… .

  8. Hi fenil..aag nahi bhuji..abhi bhi jal raha hai..aur yeh bhujega bhi nahi ?..really missed mikku..aaj shika aur megha ki bhi koi scenes nahi hai..
    Sunanda,astha,riana,pinku,antara,snehal..kaise ho dosto episode dekh ne ke baad..teek ho na sab..phir se heart attack ki zaroorat hogi shayad hum sabko..dr.ASR ki…gdngt guys..sabko aag singh raizada ki dream prapti ho ??? ASR ?????????

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Dr. ASR!!! No No he is best as Mr. Mathematica ASR who plays guitar.
      ASR ne kahi chemical factory and whole science factory ko lharid toh nahi liya .
      Fun was Murli was thinking and then shouted-” tan tana jayega!!!”..

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Hey Astha..

      Kal murli and pratham ki sound system was too high..
      Mere to kaan..” tan tana geye” yaar..

    3. Sunanda_Guchhait

      ASR itna handsome kyun hai.???

      Abhi to Monday aaya tha aur kal fir Friday hai… Mujhe rona aa raha hai..

    4. Radhika.k

      Yes…..even i am thinking the same………why time is running this fast!!!
      But have to say agar poore dhin ke liye bhi we keep on seeing our ASR its not at all enough for us………………………………Afterall hum ASR ke bahut pyaare n selfish fans hai!!!!

    5. Riana

      Itna aag jalega toh fire brigade kaa paani khatam hojayega ..?????

  9. KartikK

    The start and end of this show is mindblowing . Starting with tune ending with a shocking face reactions and the precap can revive a dead man. Very soon will rise to top of trp charts chandni u r doing a fab job u r perfect for role wish yu a great tour ahead. Miku revenge would also be interesting . App bane hai chirkut ab shikha banegi chirkut . Rabba ve is rulling the hearts of people some of us are us I want to take u home asr ……………………………..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Karthik…Khubsurat wali beautiful episode.
      #Love ASR and NIVAY…

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Yes kartikk.. episode was so hot..
      Ravva ve music se pehle ek new tune bajta hai… I love that tune

      And chandni ka music vi awesome hai..

    3. Radhika.k

      Yaa karthik…….it always begins with an awesome scene n also ends like the same!!!
      Enjoyed the episode thoroughly but they din’t show mikku………………………………..i want him in every episode of IPKKND3!!!!
      Yaa waiting eagerly for the face off of mikku n shikha!!!!!!!
      MIKKU V/S SHIKHA??What do u think??
      Rabba ve always captures everyone’s hearts with its sweet n soothing melody!!!
      If u take him home then do tell me!!!!!!

  10. Today’s episode was just amazing and the dialogues were also great of both Advay and Chandini

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Aqsa…#Love NIVAY…

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      AdvaY CHANDNI… Rocks…


      PP baba shocked…
      Love #advay # chandni..

  11. Hey astha thank u for the India forum interview…. cud not reply yesterday…. i cud not watch today…. but awesome comments yaaron….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Pinku…watch soon yaar to burn your heart. Main keh rahi thi na belt Advay ne dia hai PP baba ko matlab kuch toh gad bad hai and chappal directly at PP’s belt.
      Har paigam Mohabbat ka nahi hota Pinku aur wo paigam Khushi ka tha from IF.

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Watch it pinku… You will realize even burning heart can give immense pleasure..

    3. Radhika.k

      Watch it jaldi pinku dii!!!!I am feeling restless for u!!!Its awesome….

  12. Sunanda_Guchhait

    HHM to all heart burning fans..

    Today’s episode is good and interesting… But I have some questions regarding today’s episode..

    1st 2 min was dedicated to baahubali …the special effects..
    Chappal ka kya position tha pp k upar.. hats off man..we guessed that AdvaY would do something with that belt… But this??? Unexpected… Really..
    Advay said he was feeding those pigeons for some purpose.. what will they do for him??? I hav no idea…

    I didn’t know that AdvaY have done PhD on physics and in applied chemistry also..
    1.he is calculative maths professor..
    2. He used magnetic field…. PhD in physics
    3. He used ? fire retardant gel also for pp..baba… PhD in applied chemistry…

    Well three in one..wala “” Triple Singh Raizada”..

    Indrani jiji gave us a MCQ question​ to solve..
    Qstn: chandni kaise manayegi pp ko??

    Options are…
    1.kamjor ko baal se.
    2. Sidhe ko chhaal se.
    3. Vukhe ko mewa se..
    4. Aur murkh ko seeva se.
    5. None of the above( my addition).

    But which option is chosen by Indrani..
    Is it the optn 4 or something else is cooking…
    I m damn​ sure .shilpa did something to pp’s mom..
    Aaj murli ” The chemist” and pratham ka sound system was too high.. My ears are on ?????..
    And awesome ” taai ” massage.. Mr. Ghonchu baba ko ” taai ” vi accha laga..that too from murli..!!!!!!??????

    Highlight of the episode..
    Spa room scenes… That dashing AdvaY never fails to impress. Amazing dialogue delivery specially by Barun..
    You r right AdvaY..
    Chandni is too sweet. No tantrum s…ideal wife for u..
    Ohh….Sorry sorry​..
    Wife doesn’t sound romantic.. Right???( Really?? ?????.. AdvaY saying “my would-be wife” is the most romantic thing in this world.. chandni the dumbbo. Any girl can die for it)
    What should I call you..
    “Chand baby darling”?????? Chandni’s eyes are asking more from u AdvaY..
    Advay is keeping eye on chandni before marriage….so so possessive singh raizada..

    Chandni: kaise aadmi hain aap..??chandni..ji
    He is hot handsome s*xy romantic charming type person ..don’t you know that..??????
    The way AdvaY told CHANDNI that you are talking to your would-be husband.. I have to listen you through out my life. I am all yours.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Is just awesome. But what about us AdvaY..?? Sab chandni ka?? To Humhara kya.???..You broke my heart ?? AdvaY…

    When AdvaY stopped chandni and said not to take pp’s name that he would feel bad.. and chandni keep saying pp ..that jealousy was evident in AdvaY’s eye.. and I bet . Chandni wasn’t protesting , she was provoking AdvaY.. the fire game of love between NIVAY.
    If anyone comes between us I will burn him… ??????

    Maha twisted precap:
    What happens suddenly, that Yash Narayan vashisht accepts AdvaY as his son in-law and asks him to marry chandni and keeps her happy always???. And that chunri rasam… Epic one ?❤❤❤❤..
    Egarly waiting for next episode.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Sunanda…all the four options is played by Ganaheswari…
      1. PP Baba is weak in love and Chadni is strength.
      2. PP Baba’s family is simple and Vashist family is cunning.
      3. They are searching for a bride for their cartoon son and Chandni is the sweet delicious beauty.
      4. When Indrani has made fool of all the citizen of Allahabad and killed Kashyap family..then definitely PP family is foolish stupid as compared to the steps Indrani can take for her selfish nature.
      Future husband was heart breaking for us but we don’t mind soutan for us against ASR.

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Pp baba is simple… But uaka mom thora ajeeb jai.. pata nehi..
      Woh vi simple hai ?? Or she is also in Indrani’s plan..

      Exactly we won’t mind soutan for us against ASR… this can happen only with ASR .. JUST for him..

    3. HHM Sunanda!!! Love every bit of your analysis and review!! Advay will simply walk over a bed of broken hearts ?????

    4. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Thanks di… Waiting for another dose of heart burning jalwa…

    5. Radhika.k

      Sunanda dear awesome analysis yaar!!!!
      Our ASR is so versatile na……….
      PHYSICS:Magnetic attraction using belt!
      CHEMISTRY:Burning oil which fires but doesn’t produce smoke
      MATHS:”2….3…..23…..46…”Usage of these num whie talking wid our PP Baba!!
      These r the names we have got for him…
      n aur bhi bahut sara naam aane wal hai!!
      PRECAP:Maha twist??Yash narayan ko toh already advay pasand tha………advay ne shayad yash ko bhi hypnotise karke apne jaadu mein unhe le aya hai!!
      Yaa eagerly waiting………….i loved the chunri rasam yaar….usse bhi zyada both r looking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Sach mai yaar.. kya laag rehe hain…
      So beautiful..

  13. Riana

    Episode was quite gooood…specially the fire scene ????…

    This Bichrani is just soooo wicked…I understood that she isnt chandni’s mom but step…as her dramatic fake tears r showing the reality one sec (Bichrani ??)…How’s name guys ??…

    Precap: NiVay’s union…or any twist ahead !…?????????…

    #Love NiVay

    Hey Asthu…Fenil…yazhu…radhika..pinku…antara..sunan…sangita di…n alll alll ….what abou t the episode ???…???

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Riana…Dil jal bhi gaya hai aur koi proof bhi nahi hai. Over all my condition is almost like PP Baba.
      Bichrani…aww… poor lady to scorpion lady.

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Astha… Bichrani- aur poor lady????

      ” Bhagyaban ” bachaye iss poor lady

      Bhagban bachaye…

    3. Riana

      ??…?? iss aag ko kya naam doon ??…(wink)

    4. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Riana dil jal raha hai.. but jal ne do yaar..
      Iska maza hi kuch aur hai..

      Kya naam socha.. “bichrani” perfectly suits her..

    5. Riana

      I think sunan u r in Asr’s hangover naa…lol ??

    6. Radhika.k

      Riana……loved the episode yaar!!!
      The pati-patni convo was the highlight n was awesome to see their romance!!!
      Bichrani acha naam hai riana!!!Feel very sad for that indrani!!!!
      LOVE NIVAY!!!!

    7. Riana

      Yah loved it ??…

    8. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Never ending hang over hai… Riana

      Which I don’t want to get over…

  14. Sunanda_Guchhait

    Don’t show his eyes and his red lips that way .. I mean .so so closely..

    .that honey colored eyes..and that lips…..we will die..❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Kuch to rahem karo CVs..

    1. Radhika.k

      HEHEHE!!!I have already requested sunandu!!!
      Can’t watch the others if they show like this!!!
      Then dho dho baar dekhna padega…..Love barun…..

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Radhika.. maine pata nehi kitni bar rewind karke dekha hai..

      Pause. rewind.. Pause.. Rewind….
      Lovely barun..
      Jitna dekho maan nehi bharta.. .wht to do??

    3. Nivika

      Kuch kuch hota hai…uske eyes aur lips ko dekhke…???????????????????????????????????????

    4. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Snehal…kuch kuch hota hai????
      Yeh fir bahut kuch hota hai???

    5. Nivika

      Wahi jo sabke sath hota hai…asr ko close se dekhne se??????????

  15. Hahaha @ astha n sunanda han han sure I will msg burn my heart too n comment after watching… astha mast shyari abba…. hru manu riana aqsa antara ….

    1. Riana

      Hi pinku ?

  16. Hi pinku am gd..hw r u..chotu pinku kaisi hai ??..hum toh jal ke raak hore..tum bhi jeldi se dekho..
    Sunanada..mai bhi ye hi soch rahi hoon ki pp baba ki mom bhi indrani ke sath hai shayad
    Hey astha ..kaisi ho dear..aag kam hui kya..future episodes aag badegi ASR ..LUV BARUN TOO ??

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Manu…I was busy yaar. But I tried to reply all comments. Heh ISHQ nahi aasan..aag ka dariya hai aur doob ke jaana hai..toh mere Annika Bhabhi hai na paani dal kar Aag ko bujhane ke liye but serious by I want to get burn in the fire…opps..I mean aag of ASR love. His burning eyes and my burning soul in his LOVE.

  17. Nivika

    Happy Naagpanchmi to all of my frndZzzz????????????????Want to eat Puran Poli???…….?????
    And HHM to all

    1. Riana

      Happy Naagpanchmi Snehal ???…Btw what is HHM ??…pls clear it !..?

    2. Nivika

      Har har mahadev….in PP baba style?????
      In yesterdays epi PP baba greet all with saying HHM..???

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Same wish Snehal dear.

  18. Hey raina n sunanda Jr pinku is doing good…. aur yaaron asr ne mujhe bhi akhir jala hi dalai…. such a nice episode…… but i feel so sorry for chandini poor girl she is so innocent hai na…. but asr rocks yaar… i read in spoiler they r getting married is it true…. astha jiji trp batao na IPKKND ka

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Oh Pinku…I totally forget its Thursday.
      Let me check the trp honey.

  19. hey snehal happy nagpanchami

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