Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Advay and Chandni’s haldi ceremony

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 21st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Advay says we will start rasam. Chandni says my rasam will happen with one whom Lord made for me. Advay goes to Chandni. Can Advay apply haldi to Chandni?

The Episode starts with Chandni asking Shikha to send PP out of storeroom window, PP can go and call police. PP asks what if he shuts storeroom. Chandni says not possible, I have the keys, he doesn’t know about window, its behind the furniture, have keys and go fast. Indrani comes to room and says you…. Advay says let m remind you, its your daughter’s marriage today, you have to do many arrangements and rasams, daughter’s bidaai, cry on bidaai etc etc….. this is emotional, tell me can you do this or not, if you can’t do this, I have to make you out of this house. Chandni comes and asks what are you doing here.

Advay gets up. Indrani says Chandni, go and get ready for haldi, we will do what Advay wants. Advay goes. Chandni asks why did you say this. Indrani says we need time till PP gets police, Advay should think everything is happening as he wants. Shikha and PP move furniture. Shikha asks PP to come fast. Chandni wishes PP gets police soon. Advay asks Murli did all arrangements happen. Murli says yes. Meghna says I m scared, PP didn’t get police. Chandni says we won’t lose so soon, none can make us leave from this house. They hug.

Everyone comes downstairs. Advay says looking good guys. Meghna gets Chandni. Advay takes a haldi bowl and goes to apply haldi to Chandni. She throws the plate away. The haldi falls on Advay. He gets angry. Chandni says my rasam will happen with one whom Lord made for me. Chandni leaves. She holds the stone and says I wish you were here, Advay would have never done this with me. She cries hugging the stone. Advay comes in her room. The stone falls down. Advay steps over it. Chandni gets tensed and moves back. Advay says you did your haldi rasam, not its my turn. He gets close and applies her haldi by his cheeks. Chandni cries and gets tensed. He looks at her. He goes. She touches the haldi. Police comes and finds the door locked. Advay looks on. Indrani says you played good game but with wrong people, you said we are locked in our own house, who will know what’s a prison. Chandni says Chandni never loses to darkness, always remember this. Police enters the house, along with PP.

PP says this is that man who locked the entire family, please go and arrest him. ACP walks to Advay and hugs him. PP, Chandni and everyone get shocked. ACP asks how are you. Advay says I thought you will come on marriage, you came on marriage. ACP says I hope I didn’t miss much. Advay says he is my best friend Aditya. He introduces Chandni. He taunts her. He asks Aditya to wait till sangeet. Aditya says sure, anything for you buddy. Chandni leaves.

Advay asks Indrani about custody and prison, better prepare for evening function. PP’s mum says you have lost. Indrani says Advay played his game, my game is still left, Chandni’s doli will go where I want. ACP will go after Sangeet, Chandni will marry PP. PP’s mum says you will lose 2 crores if PP loses Chandni.

Chandni wipes the haldi and recalls Advay. Advay comes and says you have to look most beautiful today, its our marriage today, you thought you can send PP and stop this marriage, person can fight with anyone, but not with fate, I m your fate, I m love or hatred, pain or pain sharer, madness or passion, restlessness or peace, whatever I m, I m just yours, this marriage will happen any way, this is my promise. She turns to him and says you made a promise, but can’t keep it, you think I will lose, no Advay, I won’t lose so soon, I will fall to get up again, you do anything, but you can’t fulfill your promise, this is my promise. Indrani comes. Advay sees her and goes. She says Chandni if you have to win to Advay, stop fighting with him. Chandni asks do you want me to marry him. Indrani says no, he should be sure that he has won. Then we will play our move, leave everything on me, I never lost and will never lose, go and get ready for sangeet. Chandni goes.

Mika sings Aaj ki party…. and dances in Sangeet. Indrani hits a bottle on Advay’s head. Advay falls down. Chandni worries seeing Advay. PP takes Chandni with him. Advay looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Nivika

    Advay rocks ..indrani nd chandni shocks….
    Mindblowing epi..loved it

    1. Nivika

      ?????????????….this is for me….lol…opner of week…….barun ke birthday ki khushi mein ,mein khud ko hi gift de rhi hu…????????????????????

    2. Manuu

      I just missed it snehal ?diff of 7 mins..?

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Snehal..a slight change..PP and his mom were more shocked. ???????????

    4. Riana

      ???????….Congo for being first ????

    5. Pinku

      Snehal Congo first comment… opening bats woman haan of the week….

  2. Manuu

    Hey friends..finally d wait is over it’s monday..ASR is back

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Manu…Zindegi mein kuch log hote hi aasuon ki tarah hai…chhodke jaa rahe hain yaa saath de rahe hain..pata hi nahi chalta hai. Humara ASR hai hi waisa chhichhora.

    2. Manuu

      Absolutely right asthma dear

    3. Manuu

      Sry..astha ko asthma banaya..

    4. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Very true. Astha

    5. Pinku

      Wah wah wah Astha

    6. Aastha_Reddy

      Not your fault Manu..this auto correct bhi na
      . Aastha or Asthma… both are same..dangerous to health I think.. praising myself or insulting ..I don’t know he he lol..☔☔☔☔ a little here…

    7. Nivika

      ???????????kya kar rahi ho…….prasing or insulting urself…..????????????

    8. Sunanda_Guchhait

      ASR back with a Bang. I am so happy that Monday comes, but soch k bura vi lagta hai k dekhte hi dekhte Friday vi ajayega..

    9. Pinku

      Exactly yaar…. Monday happiness is so short lived…

  3. what a haldi ceremony…Awwwwwwwwwwwww…Love u guys

    1. Nivika

      Yaa…haldi ceremony was just lovely??????????????

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Khushi…Tv is fine or burning, need some water???? …( don’t was my tagline in pkj few months ago)!!!

  4. Antara

    Hai Friends how r u all?
    first scene was epic advay in indrani ki room mein wow sasumaa let me remind u u have 2 do all arrangements of marriage etc etc if u don’t obey me i will throw u out after this all dressed up adv said looking good guys kajal mausi when that inspector came & hugged advay & he said he is my buddy super
    when hshe throw haldi & advay’s intense look fab episode was amazing especially when he rubbed haldi with chandini super
    precap is nice pp is so funny he is enjoying party waiting 4 sangeet………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Antara… Advay na rog bhi hai aur dawa bhi..Humsab shayad beemar bhi hain aur thik bhi( using such words for the first time..hope there is not any error in my hindi lol he he).
      Thik Kaise ho sakte hain yaar!! Dhak dhak..acidity..raita, mich michi sab on hai meri. Ghanti bajj raha hai Dil mein.

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      About haldi ceremony. I feel like

      “Ang laga de re
      Mohe rang laga de re
      Ang laga de re
      Mohe rang laga de re

      Main toh teri joganiya
      Tu jog laga de re

      Jog laga de re
      Prem ka rog laga de re
      Main toh teri joganiyaan
      Tu jog laga de re”

      Kya sensational sizzling chemistry thi yaar. Mere vi ghanti baj rehi hai avi tak..

    3. Pinku

      Hahaha too good astha…

    4. Pinku

      Yes antara as astha said asr expression n eyes says it all…. awesome episode… precap is so scary antara

  5. Antara

    sorry typing mistake wat the hell precap is supershocking how can this bichrani harm advay pp taking chandini i hope advay is fine if anything happns 2 advay i will kill this socalled saasumaa how dare she

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      What did Indrani said there to Chandni when Advay deliberately left Indrani with Chandni at the last scene-” I will play my cards..let him feel like he is winning”- Precap..I hope Advay is also doing the same to let Indrani feel she is winning. We all know Indrani may be one old player..but Advay Singh Raizada has managed to check her on small age..He has more power both money and brain. Indrani is afraid of chess so chose to play hide and seek with Advay. I know every one’s hand must be itching to hit Indrani back.

    2. Pinku

      Hey astha wassup hru…. haan astha my hands r too much itching I wanna kill indrani along with pp… but dar hai kahin tv na tut jaye phir jaisey u said mujhe asr se door rehna padega… but very scary precap astha i felt like crying….uhu uhu uhu my asr

    3. Sunanda_Guchhait

      I will that blo*dy Bichrani. How dare she hit AdvaY.?
      Anyways Indrani ko new new dresses pehen ne k liye Money hai, but goons bulane k liye nehi, khud hi goons k kaam kar rehi hai. I think she is jealous, thinking that chandni is getting a handsome rich AdvaY, and she is stuck with an old man.
      Jokea apart..

      Good thing is chandni will witness Indrani’s evil side for the first time. In precap when pp is dragging chandni, but she is looking back AdvaY, is just awesome

    4. Pinku

      Haan sunanda positive side of it is tht… but asr yaar fingers crossed kuch na ho use

  6. Sunanda_Guchhait

    What was that?????????????
    I am in cloud 9. What a amazing sensational haldi rasam was that.
    Bith AdvaY and chandni were looking stunningly​ beautiful and s*xy together..

    I didn’t know that
    “Intezaar Imtehaan aur illzaam ka safar,
    Itna mitha hota hai”..
    AdvaY was outstanding stupendo fantabulously fantastic.

    Need to watch this episode for a few more times. Lipistick ki kasam brain wali dimaag kaam nehi kar raha.
    And #HappyBirthdayBarun
    With loads of love.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Sunanda…Same pinch(kiss may be but you see I am straight but I don’t want to pinch a sweet friend like you lol stop drama Aastha ha ha). Yellow yellow dirty mind is filled with all the gutter ideas of the world today..I am little innocent kid only..but Advay is sending such message to us..we have no control.
      We must watch it uncountable number of times..upar se uss Asian paints ka add toh free offer tha humsabke liye..hey na. I enjoyed that add like watching volvoline engine oil advertisement in a over ending break when Virat is on strike.
      Love you…Love ASR.

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      It’s like hot handsome AdvaY ke sath sweet innocent Barun free free free…

    3. Maryjose

      When Chandini threw haldi, it was a like a beautiful spray paint art on ASR face! But few minutes later, ASR seems to have smeared a ton of haldi on his face to do his own private rasam with Chandini!

      I guess this is is what is called as Public/Private event! 50:50! Clever! 🙂

  7. Manuu

    Barun gave us his b’day return gift for’s a blast episode..luv u asr ??
    Looking good guys..kya taunts marte ho yaar..
    Chandini drlng tum toh apni rasam puri kar li..advay ko haldi mein bheega diya na..
    Bt dat angry look he gave..aggression in his eyes ..omg..???..bhagwan ne advay ko hi banaya chandini tumhare liye..
    Regular scene of haldi..har ek serial mein yahi hota was gd..I felt iss se bhi acha ho sakta tha..
    I was exactly expecting dis..police advay ka dost hoga..woh asr hai kuch bhi kar sakta hai..uski plans koi samaj nahi sakte..tumhari bhabi..aww cute..aap kya bol rahi thi custody prison..kay jawab diya hai sabko..
    Best part was..pyaar hoon ya nafrat..dard hoon ya humdard..jid ya bhi hoon sirf tumhara hoom ??
    Yeh indrani bahut smart samajti hai apne aap ko..tum chaal chelogi..woh bhi asr pe..
    Precap: mikha ?..indrani me hadh hi kar di..asr is bleeding..this can’t happen..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Manu…on 11th sky it seems or 7th heaven. More then his scene caught my attention more..his movement of lips after Indrani agreed to prepare for rituals…His lips quirked a little and then his eyes were like..-” As if I don’t know your true colour Mrs. Vashist”. Sasumaa lol…sounding funny. In that case Mr. ASR…he is your step saasumaa… call her like that( my free advice). Souteli-Saasumaa…
      Mt hands are also itching to chock neck of Indrani but I think its also a plan of Advay…If not also he is ASR.

    2. Pinku

      Hey astha what do u think?? Asr knows she is step mom of chandini… i think he doesn’t…. when u think it will reveal…

    3. Riana

      Manuu maybe precap is just an epigram…???….i mean maybe advay is acting to get hurted…????

    4. Manuu

      Hope so riana

    5. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Aisa to nehi lagta Riana.
      Woh souteli sassuma( according to astha… Acha naam hai) kuch to karegi na 2 crore k liye.. but no need to worry AdvaY will manage, he Will beat that cheapda pp and get his chandni,
      I wish he could beat that Bichrani but not possible ..woman hai na.

    6. Pinku

      Lipistik ki kasam badki jiji main bhi yehi hope wale umeed me hun ki vo acting karen… varna main tho zhakhmi asr ko nahi dekh sakti

    7. Pinku

      Hey manu super dp… yaar sachi yaar I also thought amp tho pakka dost niklega

  8. Fenil

    Hello everyone.

    Happy Birthday Barun Sir !!

    Episode was Masaledar.perfect mirch masala dala hua tha tummy ko sukun mila.:P:P:P:):):)

    Haldi finished….NiVay Haldi scenes Awesome.

    Superb entry of ACP ,Friend of Advay.


    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi Mr. Bitter guard bhaiyya(actually sweet guard lol) …. Ice cube of this page..keep maintaining coolness after such hot hot episodes. And your Gulli is still in love with breaking bottles it seems…Ishqbaaz mein kya kam bottle head par break kiya hai jo aap ke pyaare jiju Advay ko bhi…..

    2. Fenil

      Right she is behind innocent bottles now.
      Sweet guard don’t apply much butter.
      Ice cube hehe will maintain cool.

  9. Aastha_Reddy

    The stone rolled in floor from the shivering hands of Chandni, the glass door closed and then reopened by Advay Singh Raizada and he walk forward, crossed the small-black-precious -lovely stone and then the fury in his chocolate brown eyes of anger cheated him, He became Dev then and there began to apply turmeric paste with love, hotness overloaded there, a new technique to wipe her tears with out hands with his caressing tingling sensitive cheeks or share her pain after witnessing his stone in her hands…..”YELLOW YELLOW…DIRTY FELLOW”. The Advay Singh Raizada who keeps on ranting his revenge on Chandni lost there, in love…
    “She is your bhabhi”- Advay introduced ACP to Chandni Yash Narayan Vashist… then follwed certain words like…daag, haar, jeet for a teary Chandni and a smirky Advay.
    “Sasumaa…go prepare for the rituals…you have to send your daughter to her in laws”- the book in his hands, his intruding Indrani’s room, his eagerness to marry, his fear of losing Chandni to PP has increased to new height.
    The famous hug(as expected from the calm state of ASR) gave almost electric shock to PP Baba and his mother.. expression worth watching. Aditya Shukla and Advay Singh Raizada…. it means powerful.
    ” I am love or hatred, pain or pain sharer(humdard), madness or passion, restlessness or peace, whatever I am, I am just yours, this marriage will happen any way, this is my promise”- Now Advay and Chandni has began to promise each other instead of Challenging to win. Promises are made to loved ones …enemies are given challenges.
    Indrani hit Advay with the glass bottle, he falls down with closed eyes…PP dragged Chandni away with him, Chandni was facing Advay..teary eyed, hesitance to accompany PP Baba whom she only asked to take steps to stop her marriage with Advay… simply emotions are flowing from Chandni as aftermath of Haldi ritual is not a fact…She wants to win but not by hurting others at a place when the hurt person has promised to become her HUMDARD…. A soft corner is developing there for her Rowdy Professor who rescued her from that closed hotel room….
    Advay walked towards them..the sound of breaking door is heard, He stood gazing at all the members of Vashist family…A feeling of scape goats and a single lion was worth praise then on his face..fearlessly confident.
    “Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon???”- the most beautiful question…

    1. Pinku

      So well written astha clap clap… really wonderful

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Aww… Pinku..don’t expect any thank you from me here…ha ha…

    3. Fenil

      Nice views sissy.

  10. Just one word BEAUTIFUL. How can do this pp& beicrani manthly sick khe ka.
    beautiful momnts h cheek to cheek Haldi apply

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      AB… Tv thik hai ki jal ke raakh hogaya chalo batao. A long life to your tv. I am getting worried about all our tv sets. Pata nahi meri Pinku ka kya hua hoga!!?? ??????Haldi hogaya…kuch meetha ho jaaye…Sangeet then shaadi…aage bhi bolun..Iss speed mein chala na romance..Achu door nahi.????

  11. Pragyashree

    Mind blowing. What an episode. Holding ceremony was rocking. And the moment acp enters OMG advay is too much smart than pp no I am sorry they didn’t even are comparable. Right. Love advay too much. But the precap I hope chandni will do something.
    BTW mika is coming guys this is called sangeet
    Love nivay
    Waiting for the next.
    I will kill you indrani

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi PragyashreeThe Haldi was usual but when Chandni lift her feet up a little screamed their speciality.. I mean her legs responded in a romantic way that add spices to normal all serial romantic haldi scene.
      No PP and Advay are not comparable. one is dump cheap and another is smart smirky…

  12. Pragyashree


  13. Jesna

    Loved the episode ??
    ACP’s entry sprb all are shocked including chandini but our ASR rocked ??
    The haldi scene was the best
    so so Romantic ??
    I will not leave u Pp baba u always make me angry ?? you know what I’m black belt in punching so don’t make me angry ??

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Jesna good to know your fighting skill @black belt. Ha ha…I too said this dialogue few days back when my bro broke my drier-” I know kumfu karate…kathak..kuchipudi lol ha ha ha…. flowing with anger and emotions kuch bhi bol diya tha…

  14. Sunanda_Guchhait

    Hey guys … Watch this. It’s freaking good

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thanks…. Will check now.

    2. Manuu

      Aww..sunanda it was cute..cake face pe lagana hi nahi dera..

    3. Sunanda_Guchhait

      But pashmeen ne chora nehi.. just love this jodi..

  15. Riana

    Asr’s birthday wish is already done…???

    Now coming to episode….

    It was Totallllly Outstanding….Splendid !…

    Though i was ?% sure….that haldi rubbing is upcoming….n it happened…??????

    After that Acp scene…that time also i was 200% sure that it will be Asr’s friend….?????….(Experience of guessing for years…??)

    And the last scene was totally superb !…?????

    Precap: Mika…????….Advay ?????????????….Bichrani ???????…

    #Love NiVay ?

    Hi All my lovely Rabbevians…???????….How ‘s the episode ??…Reaction batao naa ???…??

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hello Riana…Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon?? look carefully..Answer is hidden in the question.. I am fine after special medicine..just a few heart attack which is normal for me now. Aastha is not unconscious today breaking news to jocking news. Just my knees went weak at his hotness.
      Hope our Advay is fine…Love you. Love Nivay…

    2. Riana

      I am okay a bit today ….tomorrow’s episode and that haldi rubbing ??…healed my pain…love you too…love NiVay too ??

    3. Pinku

      Reaction tho pucho mat riana super tha…. such a lovely episode really…. but precap is scaring me

    4. Riana

      @pinks…me too…scared a lot…i saw a pic in instagram were advay’s eyes were bleeding and red too…so many people were scared seeing this… ?????????

  16. Same script for ib n ipkknd3…haldi rasam amid misunderstandings…n same neck chains also…all getting ready in same costumes….i wish they go into story and some times outside that house as well

    1. Maryjose

      Irritated with the same styles like in Ishqbazz! I gave up watching that long back and now have to relive that in IPKKND-3! Wish they will come up with fresh new treatments! Enough of same coordinated dressing!

      Yes, some outdoor shooting please! Let us see Allahabad! Would love to see that city as it is now!

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      It seems you are in a mood to roam around PRAYAG free. kidding yaar… After marriage they must show some real Allahabad to us. We too want to see Allahabad. #UP and ASR.

    3. Riana

      Yah kavi…Mary n Aastha…

      Bored with that house…atleast IB’s Oberoi Mansion is beautiful …here the house isnt soo attractive like it was looking in the promo …

      Want to see the city…get out of that NiVay after marriage…???

  17. KartikK

    Awsm and fantastic the episode cont. the scene was asmw no doubt precap seems thriliing will do anything but dont leave her alone even if i am injured dard ya humdard ko bhi ho tumara hi ho astha Episode is getting more and more awms dont know what will happen in next days trp still 1 dont know why hope it comes in top 3 soon

    1. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Ipkknd 3’s online Trp is 10.9 or something. It’s rocking the chart. But normal TRP is 1.
      Because those bashers, haters, and so called SARUN fans are also watching it but not on tv. Not in prime time. Just to make it’s trp low. That’s why.

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Chori toh pakdi jayegi na…Hua chori..hua chori chane ke khet mein… Chane ke khet mein hua chori…(read It some where in a Hindi magazine a long time ago, I don’t know its meaning too). They are watching by chori chori chupke chupke…such bashers are unable to resist Barun @#ASR MAGIC with ipkknd-3.

    3. Pinku

      Yea must b but maximum credit ka pinku ko jana chahiye na sunanda I always watch on hotstar heheh kidding

    4. Nivika

      Basher asr ke bina reh nahi sakte na…isiliye show dekhte hai magar 8pm ko nhi…hate that bashers…agar show dekhna hai toh plzzz plzzzz 8pm ko dekho

    5. Aastha_Reddy

      Karthik….I too wishing to see ipkknd on top-3 but this struggle is what I love the most. This journey seems more beautiful then that destination….

    6. KartikK

      ya u r right kg

  18. Sunanda_Guchhait

    Interview​ with Hindustan times.

    Television actor Barun Sobti, who turns 33 today, enjoys an unparalleled fan following. There are numerous fan accounts dedicated to the Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon actor and social media is buzzing with his birthday celebrations. When we tell the birthday boy about all the fan frenzy on his big day, he says, “I have been lucky to get so much love from everyone around me. The actor has taken an off from work to enjoy the day. So, what’s the plan, we ask. “Since the day I got married, I never got to plan my birthday,” he laughs.

    “My wife (Pashmeen Manchanda) does everything. She usually has a surprise ready,” he smiles. “She gifted me a guitar once with the expectation that I would learn to play the instrument but it never happened. I do plan to learn it soon because I feel I need to acquire lot more talent.”

    He wanted to spend the day with his parents, who live in Delhi, but somehow things have been not falling in place for the last few years, he shares. “The other day my mother (Veenu Sobti) gave me an earful. She was complaining that it has been long that I haven’t been with them on my birthday. Next year, I want to fulfil her wish for sure,” says the actor, who plays the role of Advay Singh Raizada in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3.

    Looking back, Barun has fond memories of his birthday when he was in school. He remembers wearing a bright, colourful clothes to school instead of uniform and going to the temple as his mother is a religious person.

    Every year on his birthday, the actor gets gifts from his fans. “It is a nice gesture but kind of weird too. They (fans) even find out where I stay. On one of my birthdays, I remember we (Barun and his wife) came back home and found gifts at our doorstep. Our society has proper security. I don’t know how they (fans) could still do that,” he laughs.

    Barun says he has no qualms in admitting his age. “Hiding my age won’t make me younger. It would be stupid to not accept the fact,” he says.

  19. Asthadi..romance karne ki mood main ho.ars khab bicharni pechasi bhaar nahi karga kyu ki vo ham shab ki ASRRR h joo.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      AB…. yes girl you got it right.. I am in a romantic mood ( Aastha and romantic mood!!!not possible!!! some one save my tongue from this big lie) but your jeeju is too shy… kidding yaar…. My Advay is also too bold….

  20. Everything is fair in love and war…just like ipkknd3.

    1. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Absolutely zahra.
      Love # IPKKND 3

  21. yeh guys i can’t sleep well… feeling like fever. so I just come here..
    my friends Astha Snehal Sunanda Manu…is everyone forgotten me…
    I know you all are asleep… good night ….swt dreams… wish you to see the dream of ASR…

    1. Sunanda_Guchhait

      No .. we remember you zahra..
      How are you.. ?
      Feeling ok now??

    2. Manuu

      Hey zahra…we remember u..
      Mera bhi wahi haal hai yaar..from 3 days..suffering from cold and cough..
      Hw r u feeling now

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi Zehra….of course I remember you. You are saying is correct..we have our own work, job, study..but in my case my browser is always on with one tab to this site..who cares about the net charge… I simply can’t resist to visit Telly updates..I checks in after every break, lunch, dinner, recess…almost every minute I can bang in here…That doesn’t make us workless…
      Once I read some where..-” I am giving you time always..doesn’t means I am jobless or always free..I love you too much to give you top position in my preference list…”.

    4. Nivika

      Hellooo zahra…meine tumhe nhi pehchana…..
      ????????yaisa mein kabhi nhi bolungi……
      Ofcourse i remember u…how r u…

  22. Sunanda_Guchhait

    See blood stained pp baba wants to say something about our Sweet heart Barun.

    1. So cute ??

  23. Sunanda_Guchhait

    Barun is clapping and singing Happy birthday for himself..what an amazing guy

    1. Manuu

      I saw dis..celebrating b’day with his frnds..ridhi,sanaya,akshay,raquesh..

    2. Yeah he is so comical!!! ?

  24. Maryjose

    Happy Birthday, Barun! Thanks for working hard in IPKKND-3!

    Indrani really creeps me out! Ugh! What a monster to have in families! I guess as kids we may not notice the evil around us … ASR learnt as a teenager a bit about Indrani and folks around her … Poor Chandini and her sisters are going to have massive reckoning ahead!

    Hoping that ASR now has fortified himself and his house with tons of gadgets and security that Indrani’s loses every trick v badly! Really stunning to see ASR getting his head hit from behind by Indrani! Guess that is what mafia and goons do in a normal day!

    Can’t wait to see how ASR retaliates and what Chandini does seeing her mother aim to kill ASR!

    Definitely need to see more new characters especially around ASR. How can just one man monitor and handle this many vile folks?! He needs to lead a team to do the counter attacks and to succeed. We got an ACP in the picture today but looks more like a passing character! High time, we see a bigger group around ASR!

    As well as see what other shady characters hang around with Indrani!

  25. hai manuu
    Actually I can’t catch your Hindi well…sorry..
    is it you are ok now…

    By the way you are always have no any other jobs… just kidding…

    1. Riana

      @Zahra…lol ???…i was freezed by ur words….chilled seeing that u were kidding

    2. Manuu

      Like astha said..we give preference to dis show..dat doesn’t mean we don’t hav any work..

  26. Hiii guys..tday epi Joyful or Teraful happend.
    ars ki dream m meri couching miss hojati aaj.finally reach lil late

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      AB …lol slept till late ..paagal hogayi ho kya!! of course Advay ke pyaar mein. Yeh ladka sabko ek din paagal karke chhodega..actually he has successfully done that..
      I even don’t know how I wake up early in the morning even after sleeping daily after midnight. My Mumma is too strict she, once when I was in my 5th std, poured vegetable washed water on me during December{damn my manufacturing(birth) month and its coldness}.. imagine my condition then…I am afraid of her from then and wakes early up.

  27. Pinku

    O m g riana is it… mat rulao mujhe asr ko is taraha dekha kar

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Pinku…blood!!! ketchup..from eye corner..poor your Advay baby..was lying down. Go go…hug to console him. Yehi problem hoti hai ladkiyon ka..kahin Chandni ko bhi fark na padne lage iss se aur wo daud kar…Advay ke bahon mein aajaye…mujhe koi fark nahi padta. ???? wahan hi dheela hojata hai dimag ka…

    2. Pinku

      Sachi astha

  28. Pinku

    Pata hai yaaron…… jahnavi mujhe ballaya ki bridal wear neeta lulla ne design kiya I was like ‘alas thank god” aur jab inkka bridal wear dekhe….. o m g main phir se shock hogaya aisa laga vo c normal designer naam kya hai uska sangita or wtevr…. uskey hi ache They…. mujhe anika chandini ka bridal dress acha nahi laga… what’s ur opinion girls

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Shaadi dekhkar Aastha Reddy again unconscious… uthakar phere kya kam tha jo goons ke saatg fight bhi add kardiya…nafrat ke bachan aur pyaar ke phere….arre arre yeh kaun hai side mein..Dadi..Dadi ko koi nahi jaanta hai kya jo no reaction is coming for her…Gul only knows!!!

    2. Pinku

      Haan astha am crying

    3. Fenil

      I just love Keerti’s bridal dress just perfect bride.
      All r looks awesome.

  29. Nivika

    Nivay ki shadi ho gayi finally……….
    Advay ne chandni ko apne bahoo mein utha kar finally shadi kari nd nafrat karne ka vow liya

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