Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 18th July 2017 Written Update: Advay buys Chandni’s house

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajal says we will be getting homeless. Shakun says we lost the roof 5 years ago, when we kept this haveli mortgaged. Indrani says I just fell down, I did not break, did I let you all suffer ever, I will not let you get troubled, we did not get treasure, game did not end, we still have another way.

Advay sees Chandni’s pic and says I know Indrani won’t lose, so I have plan B. Murli asks what’s this. Advay says I will tell later, it depends on Chandni. Indrani says our win or failure depends on Chandni now. Its morning, Chandni washes plates. Shikha asks what will you miss, when we go from here. Chandni says this kitchen. Meghna jokes on her. Shikha says what will we do if we lose this house. Chandni says we will stay here, I promise this, Lord is not seen, but he is with me. She tickles Shikha and makes her smile. She takes their plates to wash. She asks Meghna to catch and it falls. She asks Shikha to catch it and throws back. Advay gets hit on forehead. Chandni gets shocked.

Indrani says Chandni…. Chandni says sorry. Indrani says Chandni never does any mistake, this won’t happen again. She says he is coming here to stay, he has bought this house. They get shocked. Indrani apologizes to him. Advay says your daughter got a deep wound, don’t know how much will it take to heal. Indrani asks Chandni to do aid to his wound. Chandni asks what will small wound affect him. He says its okay, I will get dressing done. Indrani says wait, Chandni will do it. Chandni gives cotton to Advay. She says you got hurt here. He says its hurting here. She says here and holds his hand to apply medicine. She asks him to have haldi milk and sleep, his wounds will heal soon. He holds her hand and says your given wound won’t heal so soon. He recalls the past. She says its hurting me. Rabba ve…..plays….

He says you have given much pain, now get habitual to bear it. She asks what pain did I give you. She frees her hand and goes. He removes bandage and says pain has such nature, giver does not remember and receiver does not forget ever. Kajal asks how did this happen, new owner of this haveli, that new guy. Shakun says Indrani got him here for some big matter. Indrani says I went to Agarwal to ask for time. FB shows Agarwal asking her to pay money or vacate the house. She asks him to give some time. He says I want money till evening. She says listen to me, give us 2 days. He pushes her. Advay comes and holds her.

He asks Agarwal to buy some manners. Agarwal argues. Advay asks the loan. Agarwal says its much. Advay says I came here to pay old debt. He throws money and says I will pay all the loan. FB ends. Indrani says he came to give his rent and paid our loan, so he is the owner of this house now. Kajal says how did he give you 4 crores. Rajit asks why did he buy haveli. Kajal says anyone will buy 25 crores haveli for 4 crores, he came there with right amount. Mama asks where will we go now. Advay comes and says none will go anywhere, I know what it feels to see someone else in our house, this tradition will not break, mahant’s family will stay here. Indrani says don’t know how will we pay your favor.

Chandni asks why are you doing favor on us, what price do you want. He says price is got in market, not in temple. He thinks this house is like temple for me, my family stayed here. He says I did this so that memories don’t end.

Veer records when his friend fools a girl. The team runs to her and show she is a greedy girl. Veer announces about the next episode. Advay says you can stay here. Indrani says Agarwal won’t let you take any other house. Advay says world is big, every bird gets a nest, bird or even an eagle, don’t worry. He counts and Indrani stops him.

She says you saved my family, how can I see you getting homeless, I want you to stay here. Advay sees Chandni. Veer says we will get many views. His friend shows Shikha’s video. Veer jokes on Mayank. His mum gets snacks and tea. She scolds them for making Veer naughty. Mayank says he plans all this. She asks Veer not to do any mischief, if anything wrong happens. Veer says we just joke and its not harmful, people don’t mind coming on show. She goes. Veer says there will be some point if she is saying, we will not upload this video. His friend says I have already uploaded this.

Shikha gets angry and says now a guy is coming to stay in our house. Meghna says you guys are my house. Shikha says you have become daily soap heroine. Chandni asks why are you fighting. Shikha says he is coming to stay here, I m getting angry. Meghna says mum stopped me, I don’t think he is bad. Shikha says all guys are bad. Chandni says no. Shikha says guys just trouble innocent girls.

Meghna gets the video and shows Chandni. Chandni asks what did you do, you can’t beat anyone. Shikha says he was saying nonsense. Meghna says whatever happened with Chandni, you can’t punish every way. Shikha says I still remember in which state Chandni came home. Chandni recalls the tortures.

Advay says I came to take your room and you came to my room. She says you are saying you will leave room and Allahabad if I say. He says yes, I will leave room, house and city if you say, but not you, I m doing this so that you don’t have to leave house after our marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Nivika

    Shikha and veer are awesome….loving them….
    Veer’s plan was soooo funny of “lalchi ladki”….hahaha…lol

  2. Antara

    wow advay u know very well abt saasumaa i mean honewala mom in law itna understanding nice
    nice & advay slays with his expressions, charm & dialogues superb
    plan b kya hai? is it marriage with chandini
    precap is just lovely one doubt
    who is that unknow guy that tortued chandini? who is he?
    kyu kiya? kiske kehne par kiya ?
    did anyone notice when she sees advay she is bold & fearless i think chandini’s energy is advay kuch kuch hota hai chandini ke saath ek din mein itna surprises
    eagerly waiting 2 see chandini’s reaction on marriage

    1. Sunanda guchhait

      I have that question also.. antara..
      Who was that guy that tortured chandni.. and why he did that?? Only to defame chandni??
      What did he get by doing that?
      Chandni blocked herself for a year… Maybe it was Indrani’s​ plan to get blind trust frm chandni and to separate her frm outer world..
      So that she doesn’t fall for any guy and married off..
      or .
      Maybe Indrani thought that before MAHA AARTI , her crime partners could’ve​ reveal the truth to CHANDNI

      Coz for Indrani , chandni is the only key to get the treasure..
      It’s just a wild guess .. my imagination.

      Don’t what mystery is lying ahead for us.

  3. Aastha_Reddy

    Cvs have take oath to shower us with hotter and hotter precap perhaps. Shaadi ke baad yahin rahenge!!! Kiss ki shaadi?? Hamari…
    So sweet of Advay yaar.
    Advay counted…1..2…and Indrani did action for stopping him.
    Shikha has allergy to men and boys!!! Shikha is now famous in you tube also all credit goes to her Veer-Mikku!!!
    The concern of Mummy for her Veer is very warm real motherly..real love of a mother.
    Today also Advay rocked with his dialogue work and expressions.
    The question “Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon???”- continues..

    1. Riana

      True yaaar…from first to last episodes all precaps were Amaxingg ..???

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Riana…to make audience glue to screen only. What an amazing trick Cvs have got for us.

    3. Sunanda guchhait

      That’s very true. Yaar astha… each and every precap has something new .. interesting and with hate wali romance…
      But phirvi..
      Barun Sobti hoga to kuch vi dikhao yaar..
      We will be glued …..
      Matlab ekdam chipak jayenge tv set peh…
      Half smile vi enough hai Cvs..

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Sunanda…Humko tv se chip ke saath chipkane ke liye ASR and Barun hi kafi hain. We just need daily dose of him.

    5. Sunanda guchhait

      Sach mei…
      Wait wali intezar mei…
      Last 2 hours are Left..
      But seems like 2 hrs nehi 2 years ho…
      Aj proposal day hai na… Wait nehi ho raha.. …

  4. the story ia getting intresting day by day and im loving ASR everyday and from day one i have a doubt that veer is the blackmailer who is blackmailing chandini family i now he was a small baby when his parents died but somehow i think he came to know about his past and parents and now we came to seek revenge from chanidni family like ASR its just my guess and one more thing who tortured chandini so badly for days is it ASR or VEER o think it cant be ASR because he is hero they cant show him so cruel but i have doubt on him and even i have doubt on veer anyhow everything will be revealed in upcoming episodes

    1. Sunanda guchhait

      Welcome to IPKKND family.. Abhishek.
      Veer is not that blackmailer..
      A widow named asha was the blackmailer.. and she was killed by Indrani and co.

      That guy who tortured chandni ,. I think that man was appointed by Indrani,
      It’s not veer and advay i hope..

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Hey Abhishek…Kidnapper is neither Advay nor Mikku. Its some one else. Lets wait to find him out.

  5. Hello friends..firstly.astha dear a big big thank u hug for sharing “nivay” name with us ?..coming to episode..pehle hi lipstick ki kasam dekhne ko mila..advay ka reaction awch..?itne lambe choude insaan ko itni si chot se dard hoga..wah chandini..nice one..maram lagane wali scene was awesome..mikku’s lalchi usual he was vry gd..though he came for a revenge..he stood by indrani..aurath ko respect kartha hai woh abhi fav dialogue: dard cheez hi aisi hoti hai..dene walon ko yaad nahi rahta.pane wale kabhi bhul the nahi.lastly shikha part was gd..shikha se zyada uski behen thoda mature character hai..she thinks practically..precap: we hav been w8ng for this since promo aired..can’t w8 till tmrw..gdngt everyone

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hey Manu…good morning.
      Welcome yaar. Yeah Meghna is little more mature as compared to Shikha. Perhaps Meghna thinks like a girl when Shikha always tries to dominate boys in society after Chandni kidnapping incident.
      Finally Marriage proposal in full Attitude and confidence from Advay.

    2. Sunanda guchhait

      I thought it’s shikha’s normal nature..the way she is behaving.
      But she is doing it for what happened with her sister..thats good actually.

      But I like shikha’s dominating character needs courage and guts to fight against society norms..
      If boys can have dominating nature, den why not girls??
      I don’t like this kind of illogical silly society rules…
      Meghna is mature ..but little filmy hai..
      Daily soap ki heroine ki tarha..

  6. Fenil

    Hello Everyone !!

    Average Episode.

    Nothing much to say today.

    Advay plays nicely at right time he hits hammer on hot iron.Chandu ki bachhi tune meri sisters’s(Sophie Dii,Ashtha,Yazhu,Raina,Manu …list is big:P:P:D:D) ke dream boy ko hurt kiya ,u will pay for this.

    Mikku tu pitega Shikha ke haatho:P:P:P Ammijaan will do your aid.

    1. Riana

      ????…hi fenil

    2. Fenil

      hello…32 mat dikhao…kya pata Indarani tod ne aa jaye Uske KUTUMB ke Chandu pe hasne ke liye….lol

    3. Sunanda guchhait

      I feel shikha ko border peh hona chahiye…
      Koi terrorist nehi bachega..
      The way she is beating everyone​…

      Mikku needs PK wali Amir khan ki helmet..

    4. Fenil

      Agreee with you.
      i wish jab Indrani ka sach bahar aaye Sikha usse bhi pite achhe se. lol

    5. Aastha_Reddy

      Bhaiyyo!!!! Dream boy ASR!!! Cho cweet of him and you too.

    6. Fenil

      hehe ,

    7. Yazhu

      ???so true bhaiya… The list is really big… Dream boy ASR… ???Completely true ??

  7. Radhika.k

    Loved barun today more than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Though advay doesn’t like indrani!!!!but i liked her acting n especially……………………….the way she expresses her dialogues!!!her voice is soothing type……Advay is very smart guys…plan B bhi hai uske paas!!!
    I felt like aouch………………….when chandini threw the plate on barun!!!!!i mean it was like it hurted me!!!!!But i loved her as eyes were really apoligising!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Indrani hai advay n chandini ki LOVE AGENT!!!!!loved the hurting topic scene n barun’s expressions……………………………..oh my god!!!!bahut sukhoon mehsoos ho raha hai!!!
    But we all know there is some big MU between dev n chandini!!!!!she would have not done any wrong thing!!!!!!But bichari chandini ko toh patah hi nahi hai ki kis baat ki saza usse mil raha hai!!!!!!
    Mikku………………………………………..i am loving him also!!he is the perfect guy to be advay’s bro!!!!!Super cool,cute n uski smile-these three makes me love him!!!!!!
    This shikha khud ko bahut samaj thi hai!!n i think ki her frnds r right!!!!!har kisi ko marna zaroori nahi hai!!!!!
    Precap:precap is just awesome………………………it feels promising!!!!n jaise meine socha tha barun ne bilkul bol diya!!!!its going to be a little like IPKKND2!!but still don’t want to jump to any conclusions!!!!
    Love IPKKND3!!!<3<3.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Radhika…Hmm…Shaadi hone do. Ek saath rahenge to MU door hogi dheere dheere.
      @Love Nivay.

    2. Radhika.k

      Hey asthu!!!NIVAY……………….I like this!!!Good name!!!Actually wanted to tell u something!!!!!I knw that tum barun ki deewani ho!!!so after IPKKND3 started i wanted u to change the dp and put barun’s pic as ur dp!!!n also thought u will change!!Thoda late par u changed!!!

    3. Fenil

      nice comment Radhsss

  8. Jeenajayan

    Nice epi. The name Nivay is good.

  9. Jeenajayan

    What a proposal. Killed it.

  10. Yazhu

    Hi everyone… I’ve missed today’s episode ???…Looks like I’ve missed some kidkithod moments…sure I’ll catch it on hotstar later then let you all know my views….
    Love ASR?????
    Love NiVay ????….NiVay actually sounds so good… ??

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi Yazhu…Tum dard ho tum hi aaram ho type for both Nivay.

    2. Yazhu

      It’s an awesome episode…. Loved it totally ?????????
      Just now watched the epi on hotstar…. Loved it ???? don’t know whether I would able to see today’s epi also as some channels including went off yesterday and still not tuning in ???cause I really loved the precap and excited for today’s epi…. Really wish that star plus should tune in….

      Advay and his dialogue delivery ??????????this man never fails to impress me with his smirk and smile ?????so sad that Chandni hits him with the plate ????????poor Advay ???

      So the most expected part…. Advay and Chandni under one roof ???????????????

      Mikku’s “laalchiladki” act was so funny ??????And Shikha’s care for her sister was so adorable ????????

      Precap: Finally the most awaited scene…. Advay’s proposal for Chandni ????????
      Chandni- “kaun sa shaadi”
      Advay- “humari shaadi… Haan ya naa” ????????????????????????excited for today’s epi….
      Love ASR ????
      Love Chandni ????
      Love NiVay ???????

    3. Yazhu

      including *starplus went off

    4. Yazhu

      Loved NiVay’s part a lot… ????? Advay and tricks to make Chandni to dress his wounds ??????

  11. Jeenajayan


  12. Precap awesome
    Advay rocked chandini shocked ??

  13. Riana

    Plate peh plate peh plate…loool..
    Finally Advay bought the Vashist House (former Kashyaps)…

    Today epi was interesting…??❤️❤️
    NiVay were as usual amazinggg too…???

    Today Three Vashists sis (Indu…Kajal…shakun)…Were lookingg Chudails…especially Kakun…???…All were blackkk and that also in that weird makeup n saree style…lool..

    Mikkuveer finally made someone “Chirkut”…????

    Advay’s conversation with Chandni was funny thrilling n filled with hatred too…???

    Shikha is concerned about her jiji…thats so sweet…waiting for revealation of Chandni’s past…

    PRECAP: Proposal !!!…??…Unexpected !…

    Hi to Ipkknd’s family (Astha…Fenil…Yazhu…manu…pinku…Aquappz…antara…sunan…n alllll )…sorry if i forgot anyone’s name…How did u felt about the episode ??..???

    1. Sunanda guchhait

      Today’s episode is very interesting..
      AdvaY’s eyes talk a lot… The thing i love the most is
      AdvaY’s eyes are fixed on chandni.. like he doesn’t care about others are there or not..
      All the time his eyes are gazing at her..
      Loved AdvaY’s expressions…
      Barun nailed it…he is just fabulous and fantastic..❤❤❤❤

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi Riana…It was good as I was desiring to see some slow episodes with action scene. Advay is showing his hate and love with trap for revenge. Still some where the story is moving at high speed in a circle. Only time cam answer the mysteries.

    3. Sunanda guchhait

      This time its a finite series.
      Maybe that’s the reason..

    4. Fenil

      Raina , name for Indrani ?????????????????

    5. Riana

      Yah i forgot…??…Okay lets guess…

      I have some suggestions…


      What say ?

    6. Antara

      hai Raina super episode waiting 4 precap

    7. Riana

      Me too

  14. Sunanda guchhait

    Hello everyone… How r u all…
    Today’s episode is interesting and intriguing…
    One thing is clear…
    Indrani is chandni’s step mom​.. she is saving Chandni only to that get that khazana… So mean wali pindrani…

    Indrani and advay both are using CHANDNI ….

    Poor chandni.. don’t know what will happen when she will get to know true faces of her beloved family as well as AdvaY..

    Every thing depends on “” itnisi chiriya”” of AdvaY.. means chandni..

    Kal chandni ni ko kaha “itni si to ho tum””.. and today “chiriya””..
    Not fair….
    Chandni’s character is changing slowly…
    Nowdays she is questioning AdvaY in front of everyone and not scared of him and also objecting her behavior by saying that..””itne lambe chawre insan hai..itni choti si choot will do nothing..””

    AdvaY’s plan A is also Chandni ..
    Plan B is aldo chandni…
    Chandni is THE KEY of every mystery..but how.. ?? why..??

    AdvaY ko kitni derr bad pata chali k usse choot legi hai..

  15. Sunanda guchhait

    Indrani is really protective about her sisters ..why??
    Aisa kya kiya usse shakun and kajal ne???

    AdvaY is THE MAN of GOLDEN HEART. He holds that protect a woman ..even when he knew that Indrani killed his family..
    Lipistick ki kasam ..mai hoti to girne deti .

    I don’t know why i feel ..this Agarwal is also one of the main culprit.. i feel like he has that golden tooth..
    I can’t see clearly..but pata nehi kyun aisa laga..

    And Indrani got a great favor Without doing anything..???
    Is it ONLY AdvaY’s planning to get his own ??and operating his mission??? ?

    I feel something fishy..
    Kyun ke jitni bechari Indrani dikh rehi thi.. waisi to o hai nehi..
    she knows AdvaY is a rich guy.. May be it was also a part of her plan.. without paying any thing, got that house..???

  16. Sunanda guchhait

    Bahut dard diya mujhe…?????

    I am really hurt today.. very very sad… After yesterday’s episode …I am so hungry ..

    KE vukh ke maare dimag mai chuhe racing competition kar rehe hain..

    They are running in my head not stomach…so I want to say something to you ” Aakru Singh raizada”

    “””Dard ki fithrat hi aisi hoti hai
    Dene wale ko yaad nehi rahta,( like u ???)

    Or paane wala kabhi bhool nehi pata…( Jaise ke mai ???))”””

    I become so greedy for NIVAY’S ROMANTIC scenes.
    Chandni ki sisters are useless.. they are reminding her about the past…

    Egarly waiting for tomorrow….. Mangal wali tuesday….

    Mangal a mangal a mangal a mangal a hoo…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Sunanda…meet Advay soon and ask him…”Kyun dard hai itna…tere hi ishq mein”. Love is a pain but makes me happy. #Love Nivay.

    2. Sunanda guchhait

      Yaar astha…
      channel walo se dard hai mujhe..

      Din mein ekbar show dikhate hai..
      Week ends peh vi nehi dikhate…

  17. I’m in love with this serial ????.
    Superb episode. Loved Shikha and Veer. They are awesome . Waiting for next episode.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Nazneen…. same pinch- back pinch. waiting for the marriage feast!!! Marriage!!! Shaadi barbadi!!

    2. Fenil

      hello How are u ?

  18. hi astha,riana,pinku,nazneen,sunanda,fenil,yazhu and welcome jeenajayan.abhishek,jasz to ipknd family guys..keep commenting..ya sunanda i think u r right may b indrani has kidnaped her and tortured her

    1. Sunanda guchhait

      Good morning. Manu…
      Hmmm..Maybe it was Indrani..
      Till now , ek vi mystery reveal nehi hua..
      Too much suspense…
      Why CHANDNI lied about Dev’s mother.. is a big question…
      Chotu chandni looked genuine.. don’t know … Mystery continues
      Makers said it right..
      Its a thrilling love story..

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Perhaps they just tricked Chandni and she being a child speak what she saw as a illusion created by elders of her house. But its very hard to assume the further story of past revelation as so many story is possible logically and cvs always opts for the thing that is out of box and our imagination.

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi Manu…assuming like that is not wrong but lets wait for the mystery to unfold more. Whoever was the kidnapper, just get ready Mr. Kidnapper to face hell once Advay know the truth. Then your count down starts!!!

    4. Riana

      Hi Manu…I think Chandni has an ex lover who is obsessive about her…it looks like that…

    5. Sunanda guchhait

      Chandni’s obsessive ex lover? If that is case..
      den jalkar rakh hone wala hai o…
      But doesn’t look like..

    6. Fenil

      hello Manu.
      for kidnapper just wait and watch …aur kuch nahi kar sakte.

  19. Hi astha …..
    Arnay was super…..
    Chandini and shikha rocked….I loved all of them
    Hi all fans of Ipkknd 3

    1. Sunanda guchhait

      Hello diyas. Welcome to IPKKND.
      Keep watching the show…
      And one thing its AdvaY Singh raizada..
      Naam to sunahi hoga???????
      We all loved Barun as Arnav and
      You will fall for Advay as well…
      Keep loving..

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi Anisha…Nice to see you here too.

  20. Nivika

    Guyz….i m new to ipkknd…..
    I m just suggesting some mix names for advay and chandni….
    Which is sounding nyc…..guyz plz plzz tell me….i m eagerly waiting….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Snehal…for me its always “NIVAY” .
      Chandvay sounds like “Chantumai” of Annika bhabhi so… and Advni sounds little odd for couple name !!!

    2. Riana

      Hi Snehal…For me…AdNi…NiVay…❤️❤️

    3. Sunanda guchhait

      Its NIVAY … Snehal..
      Its perfect… Name made in heaven type..
      we all are calling our lovely couple as

    4. Antara

      Hai Snehal i think both advni & nivay both sounds interesting

  21. HI diyas and snehal..welcome to d family..snehal..nivay yarr..we r calling dem as nivay..vry gdmrng sunanda..ha abhi tak kuch bhi unfold nahi hua..why advay is only targeting chandini..usne sirf jo dekha woh bataya..choti si chandini itna plan nahi kar sakti na..advay should hav thought in dat way

    1. Sunanda guchhait

      AdvaY’s brain fully occupied by CHANDNI
      He can’t see anything except chandni..
      Galti chotu AdvaY ka vi hai..
      When chandni misunderstood his mother , he should have explained her…

  22. I see IPKKND 3 as a giant puzzle … Trying to figure out where each piece of costume on every character is coming from?! Medieval bulgaria, niligiri tribes, watches from swiss, back support braces for indrani’s blouse, chandani bell sleeves from chinese lanterns … and now Barun Sobti is getting to be even more confounding?! Love to see Barun Sobti’s dialogue deliveries but damn .. his clothes and other stuff in the scene is messing around … but no one can say how he says it .. i am a true fan struggling to get a view of him minus distractions .. thinking i should learn some fine film editing to airbrush away stuff! Damn IPKKND 3 for showing up in this avatar! Hate to say damn in the stuff about Barun Sobti! The state of many true fans today!

  23. Pl Starplus – Allow the amazing histrionics of Barun Sobti to shine thru! Change IPKKND 3 with a strong storyline showcasing his talents appropriately. Don’t push the fanbase limit by shoveling shit in his name! Even in such a badly staged drama, he stands out as a star! Pl show him as a successful, highly educated NRI back in hot and steaming Allahabad on a revenge mission .. Don’t think any person will be stupid enough to walk around in clothes like you are showing him in! The vests, pants – style, color, fabrics makes me want to throw up! Pl spare us this nightmare and reinvent the show with fresh ideas. Stories needs to be staged and told well to get legendary status .. You have the best hindi actor out there today … Use him well! Nice cool linen or cotton on Barun Sobti and less eye make up and clean cut salwar kameez or beautiful sarees on Shivani Tomar and her sisters will be a good start for the cleanup and reinvention process … I think Shivani Tomar is a good match for Barun Sobti … would be lovely to see this pair sizzle in a hard hitting fast moving story.

  24. Hi hi hi hi girlssssss… i saw d episode I am so so happy…. super it is astha,manu , riana,nazneen,sunanda,fenil,yazhu and welcome jeenajayan.abhishek,jasz, Snehal n diyas…. big hug nazneen wassup how’s ur second year going…. heylo astha nice name nivay

    1. Fenil

      hello Pinku….I m boy so add boy also…lol….

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Hey Pinku..?????? not for you. These are for ASR.

  25. Sunanda guchhait

    I think now directly or indirectly Indrani will help to unite AdvaY and chandni.. without knowing AdvaY’s actually motive..

    The way she said..
    ” Chandni hi patti karegi”..❤❤❤
    Chalo kuch to acha kiya.. life mei..

    Father in-law is already impressed by his would be son in- law.. AdvaY
    ” Larka acha hai.. isski ankho mai sachchai dekhti hai”….

  26. Hey fenil…. sryy sure will include u too…. y astha y not for me itney tho kisses hai tumhare pass ek bhi pinku ke liye nahi kya sab only ASR ke liye sad smiley….

  27. Shaza

    That fiancée guy …it seems to be a copy of the 3 idiots kareena’s fiancé in the movie ..that gadha (yeah , he was nicknamed that n price tag )
    Didn’t get better charectors ?

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