Iss pyaar ko kya naam doom: twinj :Episode33



take tissue before only..


The scenario was the same still they both standing in front of each other’s while twinkle having aversions in her eyes for Kunj like anything tears escaping from her eyes like anything.While Kunj who standing numb just listing twinkle all allegation.Chinki didn’t picking up Kunj call he get irritates and throw his phone on bed. 

Twinkle:what happened to you now Kunj haa??

Kunj:she didn’t answering my calls twinkle. 

Twinkle:acha now don’t try to put your sins on my bestie get it.You are in all fold now try to become innocent. He went near her hold her shoulders.

Kunj:trust me twinkle if I had idea slightly you are pregnant why I’ll do with this. Never twinkle I don’t know about this all.I toh finding you when I asked Chinki she itself told me you went from there and leave this letter for me when I read the letter I was fully scattered after read your letter in that you clearly said that you didn’t love just stuck in these unwanted marriage and more you love Vikram and you and he having relationship.I should moved on in my life like you.I was

expecting that this all false stories. 

Twinkle:acha he clutch his shirt.What about me you odium me lot Kunj how can you forget I’m your wife still you said those words to me.Now you feeling so bad for that Aditi what about me didn’t I have emotions Kunj I didn’t feel whatever world speak about me but when you said from your mouth that time I’m fully scattered break down like anything I don’t want to live anymore whom I trust more for him I bear all humiliation of his mother today he saying this all things about me.Kunj knows she is right he didn’t said anything just bow down his head.He feels so bad and cursing himself lot. I still remember your words you know what because of you I behaved so rude with my baby because whenever I look at him na I saw you in him and you all words echoed in my ears. Just because of you one time I throw him if fuzu didn’t come on time and catch him today I lost him long back.You are his father na I didn’t give him mother love when he needs me lot.Just like i doing ESHAAN ON HIM. Kunj was all shocked and look at twinkle.

Kunj: why it’s my mistakes what he had done with you.

Twinkle:his mistakes is that he is your son and you are his father that I can’t deny. And vanish your name that blood yours running in his veins Kunj.In these years you never thought about me once to give birth this baby I bear so much. If my family wasn’t with me today we aren’t here and you saying you love him if you love us than you’ll Not do this all things Kunj Sarna. Even in Mumbai you and your mother behave so much you abused my baby even let everyone abused him didn’t utter word come out from your mouth in front of you everyone abusing my baby even yours too. If today I’m pointing finger on you and Aditi relationships what I’m doing wrong at least I didn’t called her your whore. 


Twinkle:did you feel bad think about me in front of my brother you called this to his sister haa Aditi didn’t in yours family.For money I’ll sale myself na.If today Ammar didn’t need you na Kunj I’ll never ever come to you didn’t let your shadow falls down on my baby as well. And one more thing remember Kunj they are my babies not yours she kept her hand on her belly. 

Kunj:twinkle even my too.

Twinkle:no Kunj they are just mine you lost all rights on me that night only we here just for because of majboori  nothing else.

Kunj: this all is wrong twinkle I don’t have anything to prove you that I’m innocent yes I expect in my anger I said those words but I regret lot twinkle if you suffered during this all years even I too twinkle you have your family with you but I don’t have anything twinkle.Whole day I passed out roaming here and there didn’t care about my work when night comes twinkle I feel sacred how I’ll passed this night all alone. Aisa ek Raat aur din nahi beeta I didn’t remember and miss you like anything twinkle if I had idea you’ll go like this I’ll not leave you go I’m helpless.

Twinkle:why you helpless Kunj.. 


Twinkle:what maaa.. 

Kunj:chood twinkle if I’ll tell you you’ll

Not trust me so leave it.But what I have not done that I’ll not expect this blames.

Just than Chinki call back to Kunj he see his phone Kunj immediately take his phone and see Chinki numbers. He pick up her call in hustle.. 

Chinki: hello??

Kunj: Chinki.. 

Chinki: yes Kunj she get happy he called her. 

Kunj: Chinki I wanna meet with you??

Chinki: at this time Kunj. 

Kunj: yes I have some work with you please come don’t deny. 

Chinki:(in heart) why he calling today so suddenly I’m happy still. Okay Kunj I’m ready.

Kunj:great in 5 minutes come near my house park.. 

Chinki: okay end the call. Twinkle look at him.

Kunj:today I’ll clear this picture which you fit in your mind about me.I’m wrong but mera pyaar nahi twinkle.Kunj hold twinkle hand while she didn’t moved slightly.Chal na ab.he lift her in his arms aaj Teri nahi meri chalegi twinkle.He went downstairs and goes outside while twinkle just closing her eyes and crying like anything.Other side Chinki too went without informing everyone.Soon they reached at them same time Chinki get surprised to see Kunj and twinkle together.Kunj put twinkle down hold her hand take her towards Chinki. 

Chinki: twinkle and Kunj???

Kunj:yes Chinki today you have to clear each and everything between us.

Chinki:what I didn’t get it. 

Kunj: I’ll tell you. Kunj show her letter which she give him. See this letter years back you give me this letter from twinkle side she left for me this I’m right. While Chinki totally freezes why so suddenly. 

Chinki: what is this Kunj and twinkle. 

Kunj: I ask you you give me na this letter. Her face colour faded fully.

Twinkle:haa Chinki tell.She take letter in her hands than Kunj and twinkle floor slip from her feet’s. 



Chinki: I didn’t give you this letter Kunj. 

Kunj: what.. 

Twinkle: I told you na. 

Chinki:what is this twinkle you give me letter in box I didn’t opened it immediately give Kunj that night only and he read that time only. 

Kunj: haa but you didn’t give me any box just this letter Chinkiii.

Chink:don’t lie Kunj.i give you another letter not this. 

Twinkle: bas now anything is left. 

Kunj: no no she saying wrong twinkle she is liar twinkle she didn’t give me any box. 

Chinki:shut up why I’ll do this haa. 

Kunj:you bastard. Please Chinki tell the truth just on this letter our life is standing please don’t.. 

Chinki:please call me at this time I’m too pregnant and at my last.. days going on still.

Twinkle:you go Chinki please.She went from there. Shut up kunjj.She read the letter and tore it. Throw at Kunj face. 

Kunj:please believe me she is liar twinkle.

Twinkle:why will she do with us haa.Kunjj she falls down on her knees and cried loudly.Kunj sit too and try to consoled her but she didn’t take name to stop. While Chinki see this from far and give smile and went from there. While twinkle started breathtaking heavily Kunj get shocked.

Suddenly blood oozing from twinkle nose Kunj like stunned what is this 

Kunj:twinkleeee please don’t give yourself pain look at me you wanna punish me you can but not you. See this blood.. 

Twinkle: leave me please I don’t want to live now.. kill myself along with baby’s Kunj  in shocked she get up about run while Kunj hold her hand.

Kunj:are you mad twinkle haa.What nonsense you speaking totally did you have any idea haa. She hold her tummy.

Twinkle:I can’t bear this all things Kunj now maaaa she screamed. Don’t have strength now.. he cuddles her tightly. 

Kunj:nahi twinkleeee.if something happened our baby think about him.Don’t cry he take her Sarna Mansion back.Went in their room twinkle started throwing things here and there.pagal hogi hai kya just than her tummy Will be hurt with table. Kunj hold her on time. 

Twinkle:you saying everything’s wrong Kunj.Why.she started hitting on his chest. Kunj didn’t stop her.let her do it.they falls down on bed Kunj upon her.She about to get up before her Kunj captured her lips. She struggles than give up.Kunj kissing her she become normal.but crying still. 

He started kissing on her neck.soon they both naked.Gently they made love.Twinkle Moaning Kunj name.Kunj leave her covered with blanket and kissed on her forehead she didn’t said anything her eyes slightly opened. Soon they both sleep. 

Next day in morning.. 

sunlight coming twinkle and Kunj face. They both sleeping peacefully Kunj holding twinkle firmly.Just than Kunj wake up he open his eye see twinkle who siblings beside him. He look at her caress her eyes which swallowed fully.

Kunj:I’m not wrong twinkle but now I understand someone brainwashed yours about me and fit all unwanted these in your mind I’ll find out who is behind this all.Because of that person you cry last night lot. And Chinki I’ll find out why you lied to her.He kissed on her forehead. Wiped blood near her nose Kunj called her doctor and tell her about this she said it’s normal don’t worry too much. Kunj make twinkle wear robe and went in washroom he get freshen up didn’t wake up her he correct all room than think about Ammar he went downstairs. And find Ammar sitting with baby having gloomy face he went towards him as soon as Ammar see Kunj he jumped in his arms Kunj cuddles him and lift him Ammar started sobbing. 


Kunj:shh my baby. He cupped his face and wiped his tears come with me. Kunj give him bath and get ready him than he make breakfast for Twinkle and feed Ammar his breakfast with his hands than he called Fuzail tell today is Sunday so take him out for outing he will feels good till than he handle twinkle Ammar deny yuvi come take romir and him in garden Kunj take breakfast tray and went in their room. He entered in room see twinkle sitting after get freshen up on bed. Like lifeless girl he lock the door and went towards her sit beside twinkle.. twinkleeee breakfast?? She didn’t said anything even not look at him. Kunj tore the morsel take near her lips.

Twinkle: please take this from here and leave me alone..

Kunj: acha okay Baba I’m sorry Twinkle you are right and I’m wrong fine but at least have something from last night you didn’t have anything not for me twinkle at least think about baby who inside in your womb what he had done.Just than Ammar come but scared of twinkle he look at twinkle Kunj gestured him come he went and sit beside twinkle.At least for him. She look at one night who become dull she feels so bad.She opens her mouth and eat.Kunj give smile he feed her Ammar rest his head on twinkle lap she caressing his hairs while tears escaping from their eyes.Kunj give twinkle her medicines.Ammar cuddles twinkle. 



#At other side Chetan and Noor along with their family they were in hospital. Gautam crying like anything.Chinki who was in OT. They all praying for her while Mahi too come after sometimes later doctor come with sad face. 

Gautam: Dr how was my wife and baby..

Dr:sorry mr Taneja your wife give birth to dead baby all get shocked??? 

Noor:what how this happened.

Doctor:god knows this I’m very sorry.He went while everyone feels so bad handle Gautam.After sometimes later Chinki shifted to normal ward everyone come to meet with her she open her ways Noor tell her she cried lot than handle herself. 

#Later twinkle still same she get to know about Chinki feel so bad what happened last night now her baby.Her own baby remember her she cried lot while thinking about her lots..whole day passed like this twinkle didn’t talk to anyone even not went out of her room.Even Kunj and yuvi too feels bad for Chinki sudden loss.At night tanejas bring back Chinki from hospital.

They all went to meet with her. Twinkle sitting beside Chinki who crying.

Twinkle:Chinki please don’t cry. Just than yuvi and Kunj come there and sit in side 

I can understand your pain who it’s feel when you lost your baby from whom you planning so much.. Kunj just listen her get confused to to see her. 

Chinki:hmm..god decided this for me only. 

Wait I’ll come she get immediately and went in washroom while Kunj get confused to see Chinki she walking like normally I mean just now she bear so much pain but seemed like anything happened to her.He leave his thoughts aside.leela come there. 

Leela:acha twinkle beta I’m going.. 

Twinkle:hmm MAa wait na I’ll come with you. Kunj get surprised.

Kunj:why twinkle.. 

Twinkle:Maa wait for me please.Kunj went towards her.

Kunj:twinkle you will not go anywhere get it. Maa you go please we’ll go itself. Leela nodded and went from there. Just than Chinki come out of the washroom and see twinkle and Kunj.Kunj who holding twinkle hand tightly. 

Chinki: twinkle you stay here with me. 

Kunj:Chinki she is too pregnant she needs rest and you lets go home come tomorrow now she about to say something kunj

Lift her and take her downstairs while going everyone see twinkle and Kunj. 

They went outside Sarna Mansion just little far from Chetan house. They reached Kunj put twinkle down 

Twinkle: what nonsense is this haa. Don’t control me get it just than Aditi come there twinkle see her and Leave from there while Aditi get confused to see her. 

Aditi:what happened to her Kunj. 

Kunj:nothing Aditi you come.

Aditi:nothing I’m just coming here to in formed you this.Tell yuvi and Mahi doctor want to call romir for check up. 

Kunj:sure Aditi..come na he hold her hand take her they went towards living room. And sit Kunj tell servant bring coffee for them he bring and give them. Manohar and dadi along with Bebe they were staying together chit chatting just yuvi come with baby blanket catalogue.. 

Yuvi:heyy Kunj see what I bring he went and sit beside him.. 


Yuvi:see this babies catalogue I bring for your babies.. 

Kunj: aww so cute yuvi. Ammar and romir come they to seeing babies catalogue. 

Ammar: papa so cute like me.. all see him and laugh out Kunj pulled his cheeks.

Kunj:yes my boy.. while twinkle come down she see everyone she went in kitchen make coffee for herself and come sit beside bebe. 

Ammar:mamma see this babies so cute. You too give me this much cute baby.. 


Yuvi:see twinkle you select for your baby we’ll bring that only here.. 

Twinkle:I don’t want anything in cold voice all like what happened to her.. 

Kunj:leave her I want. This one is good.

Aditi: girls clothes hehe.

Kunj:haa see girls things so cute more than boys.

Ammar: but I want bhai papa.

Kunj: sister Ammar.They both started fighting on this.All get shocked holding their heads.okay bhaiiii.bas mere baap

Ammar:love you.. 

Romir: hehe see this same to same clothes for whom.. 

Yuvi:this for twins babies romir. 

Ammar:twins babies means.. 

Kunj:they both born together.I love twins babies in one go two blessing comes in life.Wish I had TWINS babies. He said while looking at twinkle she chocked as soon as she heard this from Kunj mouth. 

Bebe:araam se beta..

Twinkle:hmm she look at Kunj.. 

Kunj:baby girl is cute Ammar let’s change the plan na.Twinkle didn’t said anything. 

Twinkle:Ammar it’s to late now come finished your home work and sleep. 

Ammar:so soon mamma why.. 

Twinkle:I said na.She take Ammar from there. Entered in room bring Ammar school bag and explain him his work.

Ammar: hungry.

Twinkle:I know homework na karene Ki bhuk hai I’ll bring no noodles and all’s okay. 

Ammar: haa mamma you didn’t make my pan cakes paka first I’ll finished my meal than have. Cutely he said.. 

Twinkle:okay you sit I’ll come.she went downstairs didn’t give look to Kunj went directly in kitchen.She take all necessary things and started making dinner for everyone she struggles but managed finished cooking than preparing pan cake batter.. 

Kunj:what this siyappa queen working in kitchen. 

Aditi:smell coming yummy..

Kunj:let me see her.. they three of them get up and went in kitchen they get surprised to see twinkle make so many things she busy in something Kunj hold his head this girl can’t improve.they went and see twinkle making pancakes. Aditi and yuvi gesturing Kunj like kya baat hai.. 

Aditi:wow pan cakes.. Kunj ke liye this his favourite ones. She raise her eyes and look at them.

Twinkle:definitely not for him but I making for my son.yuvi taste the pancakes 🥞.

Yuvi:awesome twinkle feels like kiss on your hand.Kunj pass him angry face.

Kunj:I’m here only.she end the work and place Ammar food in plate.Call servant tell her served everyone. She take and went from there without saying anything.

Yuvi: she still same Kunj.. 

Kunj:give her time yuvi.. he narrated everything to them. They both get shocked.

Yuvi: why this Chinki will do like this.

Kunj:that I don’t know yuvi she clearly deny she didn’t give me this letter and I become liar again in front of twinkle. Because of me she cry lot now I can’t. You guys sit and have dinner.I’ll see them. They all sit by the time Usha and Anita other too come. Kunj entered in room and see twinkle feeding Ammar his food.He went towards them and sit beside Ammar. 

Twinkle you have your dinner I’ll see Ammar. 

Twinkle: I’m alive for him I can’t you are just for sometimes in our life she said in taunting way.He feel bad didn’t show.

Ammar happily having.. 

Ammar:mamma I’m done you and papa have. 

Twinkle:you just have this much Ammar. 

Ammar:what to do my tummy is small na. 😋.

Kunj:acha.Ammar went downstairs while twinkle and Kunj looking at each other’s. 

Kunj hold her hand and take the spoon and filled with food and take near twinkle lips.Forcefully he feed her while she too didn’t do any arguments lot with him.With same spoon they having. Twinkle feels pain in her tummy she winched. 


Kunj:what happened..

Twinkle:nothing. Kunj keep his hand on her tummy.

Kunj:now can’t wait for my baby.Kunj eyes went on side calendar on that twinkle

marking days.twinkle get up and went in washroom to get freshen up.While Kunj call Ammar he changed his clothes place him near himself and soon Ammar quickly sleep yuvi call Kunj down he went while after hot shower twinkle come and see Ammar she give smiled.She wear comfortable nighty.. 


Yuvi and Aditi or Kunj sitting together normally they talking.

Kunj:yuvi didn’t you feel wired in chinki I mean see her now only she lost her baby and but that pain didn’t see on her face and most she walking like normal person. Now I’m seeing twinkle and see Chinki totally different. She roaming like free bird in her pregnancy how.

Aditi:why so suddenly Kunj??

Yuvi:he have point Aditi.This fire brigade can do anything I toh doubts on her only sometimes.

In room twinkle suddenly remember about her files she get up and went towards wardrobe she started finding the file everywhere and get panic if that file come in someone hands than. 

Twinkle:shit I have to find that files that day I have only.. 

Aditi: okay I’m going goodnight. 

Yuvi: they bid bye to Aditi she left while Kunj thinking something kya hua. Twins babies ke thoughts me.

Kunj:hmm I have to ask her today.. 


Kunj:something is more which twinkle biding for me I don’t know the reason why she hate me so much.. that pain I see in her eyes and hated for me yuvi.tell you later. Kunj went in side he take out that files and went in his room. He entered in room see twinkle who busy finding something.Twinkle see him and stop.Kya hua twinkle he take step towards her. Did you finding something??

Twinkle:haa nahi.. 


Twinkle:woh Kunj my file which I didn’t getting. 

Kunj:acha so much worried about just for file twinkle it’s not good for you.. 

Twinkle:haa that file is very important for me.

Kunj:acha.yeh toh nahi hai na he show her twinkle see the file in Kunj hand half toh she that time only scattered. 

Twinkle:yeh file you have how!? In shivering voice.Kunj smiled.. 

Kunj:haa I have..your pregnancy reports. 

She take steps towards him little while shivering. 

Twinkle:reports…😨. Give me I’m finding tumhare kesh kaam ki hai.. 

Kunj:why not after all meri biwi ki hai I should know about her reports what come or not. Let me see na.

Twinkle:nahi kunjj leave me please this is old reports nothing is important in this. 

Kunj:acha still I’ll see.. tears escaping from her eyes. Her body become old she just praying if today he see he’ll get to know about their another baby. Kunj open the reports and checking twinkle killing herself lot. Before he see Kunj closed and twinkle snatch from him.

Twinkle: I.. told you…na no use of your. She turned about to go.

Kunj:I wanna ask you something?


Kunj:where is my another baby.. twinkle get shocked she turned towards him. 

Twinkle:what another baby??

Kunj:acha my another baby Ammar twins sibling?? Twinkle fully get shocked she take step back.. 

Twinkle:kya Bol rahe ho. We have Ammar only.That in front of your eyes her lips shudder lot.. are you drunk.. 

Kunj:I’m not at all twinkle give me answer kaha hai mera dusra bacha. 

Twinkle: let me sleep he hold her hand. 

Kunj:I know you give birth twins babies. 

Twinkle: what?? What nonsense is this. 

Kunj:this isn’t nonsense.Now I understand you didn’t wanted to give this reports to doctor man.I didn’t got this reports than whole i life I don’t know about this you are pregnant with twins.. 

Twinkle:kunjj.. twins. 

Kunj:haa twins you calling me liar what about you..where is my another baby tell me kaha mera bacha.clearly it’s written in this reports you give birth twins.Don’t make me fool please Bata na kaha hai mera bacha you hate me fine but mera bacha kaha batade. Twinkle breaks down fully her reports falls down from her hands tears didn’t take name to stops.. Kunj screaming.. answer me Ammar is here about another?? She closed her eyes and remember that pain full moment for a mother. 

Twinkle: kya batau today you are worried about your babies haa. Haa it’s truth I give birth to twins babies.yeh sachhh hai Kunj 😭😭😭.

Kunj:haa ka.. ha hai.. 

Twinkle: kaha hoga Kunj jaha sab hote iss duniya se jaane ke baad..😭😭😭..

Kunj: didn’t get it.. matlab??? 

Twinkle:Ajeeb baat hai na Kunj jise paaya bhi nahi ta use Kho dit’s maine ek hi pal me…!..Kunj fully get confused what twinkle saying. 

Kunj:say clearly twinkle. Bacha kaha hai. 

Twinkle:jeshe babaji mujhe ek saath do blessing di Kunj weshe hi unhone mujhe ek le bi liya wapish 😭😭.Crying loudly.. 

mera bachaaa Kunj.I lost my second baby. Kunj shocked when he heard this. 

Kunj: kya lost..??

Twinkle:haa Kunj nahi hai woh iss duniya me Babaji didn’t give me time to love my baby.. 

Kunj: twinkleee you are not kidding with me.

Twinkle:I’m not Kunj life did with me.😭. He hold her shoulders.

Kunj:keshe… kab??

Twinkle: kyu now today my baby girl was not with me just because of you only.You want girl na Babaji give us but you wasn’t with her when she needs you Kunj. Everything is blurry in front of Kunj eyes this sudden shocked come in front of him. First he had twins babies more baby is no more.. twinkle sit down hold her tummy.. while Kunj too beside her. 


Twinkle:haa Kunj.We don’t know I’m pregnant with twins babies even doctor too.When my delivery time was come. 

That time doctors comes to know about this I blessed with twins babies that unexpected for me I never thought about this my pregnancy days was so horrible for me I was in that stage I can lose my baby at anytime.she rest her back side wall and rest her head slightly tears dropping down while Kunj too both facing each other’s.. 

Kunj:Phir in sad tone.. 

Twinkle:after you left me I totally breaks down Kunj I have complications in my pregnancy didn’t care about myself and my baby.Always crying for Kunj.That bubble twinkle die after you.My Maa and papa wanted my baby at any cost whole pregnancy time they take care of me like a baby.I itself don’t wanted this baby and wanted to end my life along with him.But I’m helpless that painful 9 months get end.Finally the day has arrived my two little angles comes in my life.But I forgot if happiness comes in my life even bring tears as well too.My condition was very bad Kunj I didn’t give that nutrition to my baby when they needed in my womb.They are very weak more than exception.We all happy for this sudden uncle only put them in my hands first time.When I saw them Kunj feels so good means whole world is in my hands Kunj they are so cute that first moment it’s so precious to see your self in another life. I missed you so much that time wanted to live that moment with you.Your babies has arrived they are in my hands.Nurse take Ammar but wanted to see my baby girl.They have blood issues.I was admiring my baby girl she open her eyes and see me kunjj. Suddenly she started breathing heavily than I didn’t feel any movement.Kunj I was shocked started checking her kunjj. 

Screaming doctor comes and take my little doll i didn’t get anything kunj. 

Doctor admitted my both babies but my doll condition was very worse Kunj she take her last breath in my arms Kunj that I don’t know.She needs blood Kunj and my their blood group didn’t match they have your blood group Kunj which was very rare and blood bank don’t have that time kunj.Doctor asking about  babies father but their father wasn’t there If Kunj you was there that day today our baby girl was with us my baby didn’t die kunjjjjj she die in my arms only she screamed after listen this Kunj floor slipped from his feet’s fully. He never thought about this. 

(Flash back)

When doctor clearly said that twinkle baby girl is no more.Everyone scattered due to this while somehow Leela and rt Fuzail Handel themselves just because of twinkle because this storm which blast in twinkle isn’t easy for her to expect Bear!They didn’t told me anything kunj.I was unAware about this. Whole day passed Ammar was in under

Observation.Twinkle was asking everyone about her baby no one told her anything just giving her silence. Next day suddenly they take twinkle out of the hospital.Because all planned for baby last ride.Everyone was standing in 

Graveyard.Twinkle didn’t understand anything rt brings baby who fully wrapped in white cloth. Leela take off the cloth from baby mouth twinkle see her baby face she full die.she hold Fuzail Abeer and Mehar too was there 

Twinkle:papa what is this?? Leela put stone on her heart.

Leela: twinkle beta your baby girl is no more. 

Twinkle: what😭😭😭😭.Twinkle screaming loudly she falls down take her baby girl in her arms caressing her face and kissing her on everywhere.. mera bacha nahiiiiiiiiiii.. she cuddles how could you do this Babaji with me mera bacha.I cant live without her.. 

Rt:twinkle handle yourself.Mehar and Abeer hold her hand make her stand twinkle crying loudly.Fuzail and rt buried baby.Twinkle feels dizzy she faint and get unconscious. Flash end)

Twinkle:this is story of my baby Kunj.I’m very bad mother I didn’t save my baby. She get up and in anger while Kunj too. 

Kunj:twinkleee. She grab his collar.

Twinkle:you are Murderer of my baby girl Kunj she needs you.She need her father Kunj.You didn’t come Do you wanna know this why I hide this from that’s why you are responsible for this my baby death.She leave me alone when she comes in my life that day only she went back Babaji snatch her from me.I’m helpless you are the reason they come in this world you are the reason only she die.kunj sarna you are Murderer of your own baby.Kunj just listening her words.Mera bachaaa.why kunjjj yeh Kesha pyaar hai tumhara jiss me shirf Dard hi Dard hai.. kya naam hai iss pyaar ka.. today my Ammar is in condition kunjj think about me what going on me. I’m a mother to lost a baby is very tough god play game with me. One he snatched now still didn’t satisfied give such a huge disease to my Ammar where I’ll go I’m done Kunj don’t have strength.

Kunj:twinkleeee I’m sorry I don’t know about this.Because of me my is no


Twinkle:I suffered lot you not. You toh enjoying your life nicely.. 

Kunj:no twinkle I can understand your pain he cupped her face you lost your baby isn’t small thing I can feel this. How much a baby is important for a mother even mother for baby twinkle. I’m sorry really. 

Twinkle:I don’t want your sorry did your sorry bring my those days back most go and bring my baby back than I’ll take your sorry Kunj Sarna.kunj clutched his fist cursing himself he understands why twinkle doing this all that day in hospital too.why she so scared about her this baby.Whatever comes in twinkle mind she telling Kunj didn’t even think once what she telling him her words was so pain full directly hitting in his heart.She push him out of the room and closed the door she sit  leaning against the door.While Kunj banging the door.

Kunj:twinkleeee.please i didn’t do anything please forgive me for that.he too sit across the door and resting his head on door and tears escaping from their eyes.both can heard their sobbing sound twinkle keep her hand on door and cry while Kunj too same both can feels each other’s.Whole night went like they didn’t sleep just passed in tears.!

A new day in [email protected]

Twinkle and Kunj sleeping in same position Kunj wake up and he recalled last night most painful part for him that his second child is died.he get up see door was locked. He went from there. While twinkle wake up and get up she see her face dry tears marks print on her cheeks.She went towards Ammar and lay down beside him.After

sometimes later Kunj entered in room. He come and see twinkle both look at each other’s painfully.He take his clothes and went in washroom while twinkle too take her clothes and went in another washroom.They both get freshen up Kunj don’t have any guts to

Look into twinkle eyes what after get to know about the better truth.Kunj take Ammar and drop him school he left while twinkle went Taneja Mansion.. 

Yuvi and Kunj planned something they told inspector opened the lockup lock. 

At night so Purushottam try to escape from police station he get successful he saw one work someone waved to him he think maybe Usha send for him because they discussed about this.He didn’t wasted single time just rushed towards car and open the door and sit.while driver started the car Purushottam rest his head on headset.soon they reached somewhere in isolated place car went inside.Car stop Purushottam see the it was old damage factory.! 

@ 🏭…factory.. 

Purushottam come out of the car and see no one was there completely silent. He looking here and there and giving voice to Usha.. 

Puru:baby where are you.. he didn’t get any response back he get tensed and while suddenly some noise come he turned and see light coming from backwards.Who is there?? Two men’s coming towards him their face didn’t come.Their face come as soon as Purushottam see them get hell shocked. 

You both.. shivering voice.. the two men’s was yuvi and Kunj. They giving winning smile. 

Kunj:uff finally you are in my cage Purushottam deewan.

Yuvi:yes your good time has over uff. They both take step towards him while Purushottam going in backwards he was fully in deep shocked Dudley he falls down on floor. They both stand near him. 

Kunj:I told you Purushottam deewan. Years back that I’ll not leave. 

Yuvi:yes Purushottam woh do bacha hum te.. 

Purushottam:haa please leave me.

Kunj:even we too asked you leave us but you didn’t leave na.jesha karo ke wesha hi bharoge.Purushottam get up try to run while yuvi and Kunj behind him Purushottam didn’t see any way to escape from there.Kunj caught him and cupped his jaw.and throw him in side. Don’t try to run but it will be wasted of your time.Because you are escape from there. 

Purushottam:police will be find me.

Kunj:hoo see yuvi laugh out.It’s your highly mistake Purushottam.You didn’t run itself it was our planned court didn’t giving you bail and as well they didn’t announce last decision.and you are our culprit so it was our right to punish you but in our way.Like us Purushottam deewan we both suffered each second you’ll be same.Tears escaping from there eyes Kunj imagine his run and make my work very simple.You destroyed all evidence.!!.

Yuvi:but don’t worry we are very good not like you.He clapped some men’s come they hold Purushottam hands make him sit on chair tie his hands fully and covered his mouth with tape.They keep their one leg on Purushottam chair handle. 

Kunj:now there stay peacefully sleep okay we’ll come and I have something for your entertainment.Yuvi switch on the tv and play dance channel girls dancing shamelessly.

Yuvi:it will be help full for you.. enjoy baby pulled his cheeks. 

Kunj:okay goodnight.They give Oder to your men’s. And went from there. 

#Like this months passed way.during in this times twinkle and Kunj hardly communicate with each other’s after get to know about his daughter Kunj is very guilty and twinkle too her wounds again refresh.Most of the times twinkle staying at Taneja Mansion.Now twinkle is 7 months pregnant.She become golu molu. Her baby bumped making her more cute.But Kunj didn’t leave her anyhow he went Taneja Mansion at night and she and Ammar sleeps that time he spend sometimes with them. While there Usha was in deep tension where is Purushottam went.While police too but Kunj and yuvi enjoy so much. While dadi health improving very much she started speaking little bit and more over she get her memory back but didn’t tell anyone scared of Usha. 

Normal [email protected]

Kunj bring so many things for twinkle which she loved it and her mood swings was so cutes.He went Taneja Mansion. 

Kunj entered Leela and rt see him meet with Kunj.

Leela:Good to see you beta how’s you. 

Kunj:I’m fine.. Maa. Where is twinkle??

Rt: she is in her room you go.Kunj smiled and went upstairs goes in twinkle room. Kunj entered in room and see twinkle standing in front of mirror admiring her baby bump making cute faces Kunj smiled and went towards her he keep bags aside and he give her backhugged.Twinkle shocked firstly than see Kunj she didn’t said anything. Kunj rest his chin on her shoulder. Both look at each other’s throw mirror. 

Kunj:what happened why you looking at yourself like this. Between you look cute twinkle. She turned towards him looking other side Kunj held her chin.What is this twinkle yaar he cupped her face. After that night you didn’t talk to me perfectly why I know I’m wrong but what I can do now. She look at him tears escaping from her eyes.You didn’t meet with me. 

Twinkle: do you have time for me kunj if I didn’t come you come to me haa. 

Kunj:single night didn’t went that I didn’t come to you and spend night with you and Ammar but you both busy in sleeping.He kissed on her forehead I miss you and Ammar even my baby he keep his hand on her tummy.Really twinkle without you people I can’t sleep. He wiped her tears.How’s you and baby what doctor tell you.

Twinkle:fine nothing.Kunj hold her hand take her towards bed they both sits Kunj bring bag and show twinkle baby clothes and something for her to have. He take towards her lips.She open her mouth and have.Twinkle see cuts on Kunj hand. What is this she take his hand in her hand. 

Kunj:nothing don’t know how this happened leave about me. Where is ammar. 

Twinkle:here only just than ammar come from back and give Kunj backhugged.

Ammar: papa🥰.He come in front of Kunj and sit on his lap.

Kunj:where are you nowadays. 

Ammar:here only now papa take us back to our house.Kunj look at twinkle. 

Kunj: acha ammar you do one thing go down we’ll come downstairs only. 

Ammar:okay.He went downstairs while Kunj look at twinkle he take her hands in his hands. 

Kunj:twinkle please leave everything aside let’s start fresh up life with our babies. 

Twinkle:acha how can I forgot my pain. 

Kunj:hmm.He cupped her face went near her face she clutched his shirt tightly Kunj captured her lips they both kissing each other’s passionately showing their Pain and love through kiss.Kunj bite her lips she too they forget everything.Nibbling each other lips.Due to lack of oxygen they break the kiss. Just than Kunj phone ringing twinkle see it was Aditi call. She look at Kunj.He can see insecureness in her eyes.Kya hua.

Twinkle:you attend your call this is more important than me. 

Kunj:what twinkle who told you this. Mistakenly Kunj pick up Aditi call. You are my life twinkle no one is more important than you in my life why you thinking this haa I love you. Aditi listening.

Twinkle: acha you love me than why you cared about Aditi so much.When Aditi listen this she get shocked fully. You always choose over me others first your family now this Aditi kya rishta hai tumhara. 

Kunj:twinkle you thinking wrong about me we are just friends I told you numbers of time.Why you feeling this we have something between each other’s. 

Twinkle: why you cared about her tell me the one reason I’ll never asked you this.Because of her Mahi and yuvi fight everyday. Is it good?? Here media thinking you are his bf.. that day I saw her first time in Purushottam party you introduced her as your Gf.. Kunj.. 

Kunj:haa just to make you jealous twinkle.Aditi listen this she feels so bad and cut the call.I love you just. 

Twinkle:I’m not willing Kunj.. other side in Sarna Mansion Mahi making drama she asking yuvi who gives romir blood that day in hospital she take the knife while all family members get shocked. Yuvi call Kunj and tell him about this. Kunj immediately get up. He went downstairs while twinkle too behind him they reached Sarna Mansion see the scenario get shocked they went inside.

Kunj: what?? 

Anita: good Kunj you come this all happened because of you. He get shocked.

Twinkle: what he had haa why you always blaming kunjj. 

Kunj:twinkle.. what you mean by this. Just than Aditi whom Bebe called. 

Mahi:waha finally she come now tell me kunj what Aditi doing with yuvi in hotel I saw today them with my own eyes. All get shocked. 

Kunj:Mahi wait.

Mahi:not today.. Kunj..he making me fool. She saw Their pictures in that they are very closer to each other’s.

Twinkle:chiii yuvi how can you stoop so low Mahi is your wife. Mahi twist Aditi hand.

Mahi:you characterless girl. 

Aditi: Mahi listen to me first.

Mahi: and tell me kunj who give blood to my baby I know you only Aditi why you b*t*h.this yuvi shameless man.Yuvi see Aditi Mahi humiliates her Lot in between Mahi parents and Leela and rt too come there.. yuvi see Aditi tears feels so bad. Mahi didn’t think she just slap Aditi. 


Yuvi: Mahi.. 

Kunj:enough Mahi if I’m not saying anything to you that doesn’t mean you’ll tell her whatever comes in your mind haa.First you look at your own self Mahi. What have you done with yuvi and

calling him shameless haa he is at least less than wanna know na truth now listen carefully today. 

Aditi: nahiii.

Bg song

Ho Layi Vi Naa Gayee, Te Nibhayi Vi Naa Gayee
Layi Vi Naa Gayee, Te Nibhayi Vi Naa Gayee
Maine Maarda Jahan Mainu Saara
Teri Meri Ota Pe Gayee Soniye,
Je Mein Tootiya Ambar To Taara
Teri Meri Ota Pe Gayee Soniye,
Je Mein Tootiya Ambar To Taara
Layi Vi Naa Gayee, Te Nibhayi Vi Naa Gayee
Layi Vi Naa Gayee, Te Nibhayi Vi Naa Gayee

Kunj:nahi Aditi everyone pointing fingers on your character that wasn’t good. Leave everything today let folded things unfolded.So mr Mahi Luthra listen carefully you having doubts on Aditi and Mahi and yes you are right at day in hospital Aditi gives blood to romir it’s true.Koi galti nahi iss ki Mahi.Yuvi loves you lot what you have done with him Mahi yuvi sit in side and crying. Mahi she give you her baby.. all get confused and shocked as well.

Mahi: what??

Kunj: yes Mahi 

Aditi: please 😭😭😭.

Kunj:haa Mahi romir ki mother Aditi hai. 

Anita: what nonsense is this romir surrogate mother.

Kunj:haa woh surrogate mother Aditi hi hai everyone was shocked. Romir yuvi and Aditi ka bacha hai. 

Mahi: how can this happened Kunj. Yuvi get up in anger. 

Yuvi:acha you calling her characterless woman but she isn’t you are. Kya shila Diya Mahi tum ne mere pyaar ka haa.

I love you so much but you did this with me if you don’t love me tell me I’ll leave you itself.

Twinkle:Aditi romir toh Mahi ka bacha hai na.. 

Yuvi:nahi twinkle romir Aditi ka bacha hai.Because Mahi toh Maa ban hi nahi shakti hai.Today each and everything should be come out toh listen carefully. 

I was so happy Mahi going to become Maa but I’m mad she wasn’t pregnant with my child but she is pregnant with my business partner child.all closed Their mouth while Mahi shivering.That I’ll not get to know.She get pregnant this was shocked for her so she abort the baby and can’t become mother next time due to some problems.Here my mom wanted baby because so this sarna empire you went twinkle so now Kunj ke toh koi chances hi nahi te Usha aunty behind his marriage.And I wanted baby when I get to know about Mahi can’t become pregnant before her real face out in front of me I was sad.But Mahi wanted baby for properties. 

Flash [email protected]

Mahi: please yuvi can’t you do this for me haa.. 

Yuvi:Mahi I love you lot I can’t think about anyone rather than you.. 

Mahi:yuvi I want baby please can’t you do this for me.Now we have so many ways for baby. 

Yuvi:hmm.Yuvi went from there.. Kunj and yuvi sitting in bar.

Kunj:what happened why you are so sad.

Yuvi:Kunj you know my problem na. 

Kunj:hmm I think you go with surrogacy.

Yuvi:surrogacy but who will get ready to give birth to my and Mahi baby. 

Kunj:lets find it don’t worry okay.Aditi and Kunj become besties before only while yuvi too.One day Aditi and Kunj or yuvi sitting together they sharing their problems with each other kunj and yuvi finding a woman who can get ready to give brith to their baby but no one was ready. 

Yuvi:what to see yuvi pain Aditi feels bad. Aditi get ready to get yuvi and Mahi baby surrogate mother .Yuvi and Mahi go for medical test.Doctor did their test.But it was failed. Yuvi disheartened.Doctor told yuvi only the last way work out physically If they.yuvi deny because he love Mahi lot.But Mahi force yuvi she want baby anyhow even that baby was yuvi blood only.Yuvi and Aditi become good friend they understanding each other spending normally time with each other.Yuvi and Aditi get intimate just for Mahi sake Aditi does this because of yuvi and Kunj if she can yuvi happiness to them back than nothing is happier than this. 

One [email protected]

He was going back to his house.Just than yuvi get call so he went some hotel he had work so he completed his work just than yuvi see Mahi car he get confused what she doing here.He went inside and asking about Mahi Luthra receptionist tell yuvi Mahi room number.Yuvi take and he heard some voice.He went in side and window was opened yuvi see Mahi and his friend Ajay.they both making love. Like yuvi whole world breaks down that time he don’t what to do.He went from there.And went to beach there Kunj and Aditi sitting they see yuvi and get

shocked yuvi told them each and

everything they too shocked never expected this. 

Kunj:Chii this girls are like this only.

Yuvi:kunjj she betrayed me what I’ll  

I loved her but she give me this in return back.She sleeping with my business partner who destroys me fully. 

Kunj:don’t cry yuvi I’m with you na. 

Sochiya Naa Si Mera Pyar Bhul Jayegee
Sochiya Naa Si Mera Pyar Bhul Jayegee
Ene Jitey Kiye Hoye Karaar Bhul Jayegee Karaar Bhul Jayegee
Dil Mil Ke Bhichad Gaya Yaara
Teri Meri Ota Pe Gayee Soniye,
Je Mein Tootiya Ambar To Taara
Teri Meri Ota Pe Gayee Soniye,
Je Mein Tootiya Ambar To Taara
Layi Vi Naa Gayee, Te Nibhayi Vi Naa Gayee
Layi Vi Naa Gayee, Te Nibhayi Vi Naa Gayee
Ho Sacha Rabb Rakha Muh Mood Jaanwaliye
Sacha Rabb Rakha Muh Mood Jaanwaliye
Dil Leke Mera Dil Tood Jaanwaliye Tood Jaanwaliye

Yuvi:mahiii I’ll kill her.For her I didn’t get ready to get physical with anyone for a baby and she doing this she wants baby for her sake I did this only.He cried lot Kunj and Aditi feels very bad. Flash back end.After listen this everyone was in shocked Mahi do this Chii.what happened Mahi haa now you stop speak.Na.Why you do this with me what I have done with you.Mahi didn’t said anything. 

Kunj:next time think before speak and don’t dare to point out your finger on anyone get it.Aditi went from there while Kunj went out.After get to know about this cheap truth of Mahi they went in their respective rooms.Aditi sitting in garden and crying twinkle see her went towards Aditi.She sit beside her keep her hand on her shoulder.

Twinkle:aditiii tears escaping from their eyes. 


Twinkle:I’m sorry.

Aditi:it’s okay.. yuvi come there and sit in side. 

Twinkle:I thought so wrong about you. I never knew about you. 

Aditi:it’s okay twinkle you know I didn’t felt bad because who give me reason to live again back that was Kunj who make live again with happiness you wanna know what we have between.She look at twinkle.Twinkle he loves you lot you will not find better partner than Kunj. She stand up.You doubting on him he didn’t love you infect he loves like anything.

Yuvi:haa twinkle without you he too suffered lot.You toh went away from him you thinking he was happy without no twinkle that Kunj breaks down after you. 

If Aditi wasn’t here than Kunj was no more.

Twinkle: matlab..😭😭.. 

Yuvi:after you some days passed out. He totally forgot how to live always crying and missing you like anything. 

Flash back..

Kunj totally breaks down he drinking like anything leave everything.When things went beyond Kunj level he get frustrated nothing helps him to forget twinkle.One day he leave the house and went in anger Kunj reached rocks he having bottles in his hands. Drinking and screaming twinkle name.

Kunj:twinkleeeeee I love you😭😭.Why you leave me please.I can’t live without her anymore Maa didn’t let me go to her.Kunj didn’t see here and there he went in side and jumped down from bridge.There one girl come and see it was Aditi who come and see Kunj.She screaming for help but no one was come.She too jumped in water Kunj sinking in water Aditi hold his hand somehow she bring him out and Kunj get unconscious.Aditi pressing on his chest water coming out from Kunj mouth and nose after this he get conscious. Aditi get relief.

Aditi: uff thanks to god you save. Kunj get up and look at Aditi. 

Kunj: why you save me haa let me die. 

Aditi:Arey idiot man can’t you see police there if I’ll not save you than they take you from here. Kunj hold his head. 

Kunj:very time I try to commit suicide anyone will come and disturb me man.

Aditi: even you are like me.. 

Kunj: mean. 

Aditi: even I too don’t want to live. 

Kunj: why. 

Aditi: tell you later mr. 

Kunj: Kunj Sarna?? And you.

Aditi: Aditi.. 

Kunj:nice.They shake their hands sit on rocks and share drink from same bottle. After they went. Again Aditi and Kunj meet.On night Kunj and yuvi went to disco.They both sitting having drinks just than Kunj eyes went on side on stage he see Aditi and get shocked Aditi dancing there he went near stage and see her tears escaping from her eyes. Men’s try to touch her she end the dance and going from there one man come and try to misbehave with her on perfect time Kunj come and save Aditi. He slapped the man he went.

Kunj:are you here what is this Aditi.

Aditi:Kunj thanks you save me.Kunj hold his hand take her from there.Yuvi get confused how Kunj know bar dancer??

Kunj: what are you doing here?

Aditi: I’m working here??

Kunj: but why.. 

Aditi:because I need that’s why.Don’t wanted to work but what to do my nani admit in hospital for her I need money. 

Kunj:you are not ready for this and you doing.Against your will why.where is your parents.

Aditi:parents she cried on their name.I don’t have any parents kunjj.My father impregnate my mother and leave her in middle.When I’m 5 years old she die now I don’t have anyone in my life expect than my nani.. my house-owner brings me here so I work here and give him his money. That’s all kaun chahta hai yeh kaam karna Kunj.Yuvi and Kunj feels bad. 

Kunj:feels so bad but you are very brave girl Aditi. 

Aditi: hmm Kunj no one give my type girls respect. 

Kunj:who told you this Aditi.You didn’t do any crime and kaam Kare me kuch Nahi Hota hai.Here Aditi meet with yuvi too they exchange their phone numbers like this trio meeting with each other’s. 

Aditi house owner insulted her lot and throw her out of his house he humiliated Aditi lot she feels so bad.She went from there went to same bridge there Kunj and she met first time.Kunj try to called Aditi but she didn’t answering his calls Kunj get worried about her he went her house and come to know from there.He get more worried about he finding her everywhere. Than he think let’s check there he reached to bridge and see Aditi standing near bridge Kunj giving her voice.

Kunj:aditiiiiiii.. she didn’t listen him she about to jumped before Kunj reached hold her hand Aditi see Kunj.

Aditi: tum Leave my hand let me die.

Kunj:acha you save me how I let you die he pulled her towards him she landed on his arms.. Kunj take her in side: are you mad haa. 

Aditi:I’m done with my life Kunj.

Kunj:why. She narrates him everything. 


Aditi:where I’ll go kunjj.. 

Kunj:year back I didn’t stop people’s let them humiliate her but.Leave your world Aditi come in my world I’ll give you each and everything the respect on which you have right Aditi leave your world.

Aditi:me keshe??

Kunj:haa Aditi you save me.He cupped her face.Wiped her tears.Don’t forget If your life isn’t important for yourself but your nani whom you love so much what about her haa. Don’t do mistakes I have done it.Aditi you have beautiful life just welcomed your life. 

Aditi: koi nahi mere saath Muj Jeshi ladki.

Kunj:why you telling yourself this haa me hu na tere saath everyone leave me alone but I promise Aditi I’ll never ever leave your hands no matter what situation will come always stand beside you protect you. Izzat dil se hoti hai iss duniya ka Kya hai. I can understands your pain Aditi ek ladki ke liye uski self respect kya maayane rakhti hai.Dost banja meri. 

Aditi: haa lets changed this ek ladka aur ek ladki dost ho bhi ho shakte hai.

Kunj:haa mene apna pyaar toh kho Diya.Just wish wherever she is today just stay happy in her life. 

Aditi:so you come here for her to die haa.

Kunj:hmm socha uske saath jee nahi shakta but uske bina mar toh shakta hu na me. 

Aditi: Kunj my life isn’t simple. 

Kunj:Kunj Sarna didn’t like simple things as well. He forwards his hand she give her hand in his hands. BF.. 

Aditi: haa.. GF😛😛. They share a hug. 

After that night dono hi apni apni raho se bhatke hue te ek dusre me Mila saath. Aapno se bhi jata.Kunj bring Aditi from her life he give her better life give her new house.When Kunj meet with Aditi nani he was shocked to see her she is her Daee jaa.Whom Usha throw her. Daee jaa get well she come out of the hospital.Get so happy to see Kunj who become so big.After Aditi Kunj become normal Kunj and Aditi spending time with each other’s.Aditi was taking drugs when Kunj get to know about her he get surprised he itself take but didn’t tell her.Kunj tell her she has to leave the drugs.She get ready but it was very difficult for her Kunj take her camp there Aditi stay under doctors she leave the drugs become fine.After this Aditi wanna live her life Kunj realised her like is very beautiful.Ups and downs was part of life.She become Kunj backbone and Kunj becomes hers.Like this both are support system of each other’s. Mahi truth come out. Kunj was not happy that Aditi get ready to give birth Mahi baby because he thought maybe she doing because of him. 

Kunj:Aditi are you sure.. 

Aditi:haa Kunj you give me so much happiness can’t I give your yuvi haa. 

Kunj:thanks Aditi.I’ll never ever forgot what you going to give my yuvi.yuvi breaks down.Aditi helps Kunj to bring out yuvi from this shocked they chilled out Kunj stop Mahi don’t open Mahi truth it will breaks their family. And Aditi take promise from yuvi If she give him baby than he will not leave Mahi because she grown up without mother and father parents but she don’t want her baby too live like her so she wanted he too live like other babies.If Aditi name will joint with baby world will see the baby from bad eyes let it be this mystery.Somehow yuvi become fine. Aditi pregnancy wasn’t easy.Yuvi and Kunj didn’t tell anyone about Aditi they just in formed family members they get surrogate mother to give birth their baby.Yuvi control on himself.Kunj and yuvi keep Aditi secretly no one reached towards her.Aditi become pregnant with yuvi baby.Kunj and yuvi take care of her like a baby they fulfilled her all wished she get so happy.While don’t know when yuvi falls for Aditi.One day he tell Aditi he loves her lot Aditi didn’t said anything even she has feelings for him but leave it. Before time Aditi having labour pain in her tummy she suffering lot.After so much pain she give birth to a baby boy yuvi was so happy. Even Kunj they went inside the ward and see Aditi who suffering in pain they went towards her and sit beside Aditi take her hands in their hands. Nurse bring baby give Kunj.

Kunj:aww yuvi he is so cute just me.


Aditi: haa. 

Yuvi:thanks Aditi you give me the reason to live again. 

Aditi:hmm I should thanks to Kunj even he gives me the reason to live again. If I didn’t meet with him he didn’t save me today I’m not here my baby she kissed on his cheeks. I want one thing. 


Aditi:just let my baby stay with me. 

Yuvi:haa he needs you he is very weak.

Kunj:let baby stay with Aditi till 6 months.After this yuvi and Kunj take Aditi and baby didn’t disclosed about her and baby.While yuvi tell baby is weak so he need mother milk she will give baby after 6 months.Daee jaa and Kunj along with yuvi they handle baby and Aditi.Due to Usha Kunj bear maya. 

Than as you all know due to Riya and Abhay wedding everyone went Mumbai and there twinkle and Kunj meet.many of ask that time Mahi don’t have baby. After went back from Mumbai baby fully become fine Aditi put baby in Kunj hands instead of yuvi. 

Aditi:Kunj bf I’m giving you my life if you are not than this wouldn’t possible thanks for each and everything.Give Mahi romir you promise me you’ll not let anything happen to him.This truth didn’t come out I’m his mother. 

Kunj:I’ll promise you Aditi he get each and everything you don’t worry.It’s my promise to you.Kunj give romir to yuvi. They take romir everyone was waiting for baby welcomed.They went as soon as Mahi see baby she get so happy. And yuvi give romir to yuvi with heavy heart. 

So this is the truth of them.

passed out their toughest time together with a smile.After romir yuvi thought for romir sake give Mahi one more chance but Mahi is same to same for money she 

Running behind richest peoples.Romir turned 2 years old on his bday yuvi proposed Aditi she expect him.But Kunj told them never try to cross their limits 

If because of yuvi any one point of Their fingers on Aditi than he’ll not leave him. 

Rest of you all know. Flash end. 

Aditi: bas yeh hi each humare rishte ka twinkle. She was so sad and happy as well.  

Yuvi:if you love him and suffer for him twinkle he too Same like you.Kunj brings Aditi from drugs but itself he went more. 

Just because of you he started taking drugs.She hold her mouth.He tortured himself lot.After you he didn’t sleep you have everyone beside yourself but Kunj was alone he have we but still. His own mother who busy in her life just for her sake she wanted Kunj get marry to maya. He just love you.

#Aditi:she come towards twinkle hold her hands he is just yours twinkle he never think about anyone expect than you.When he saw you in Mumbai like again life breaks me down.He cut his waist twinkle.Almost he die after so much struggle he saves.I know somewhere he didn’t do good with you. But in his hatred Also his love hides.He choose me over you not twinkle.We have different relation. I know years back here only everyone point out their fingers on your and Vikram friendship. 



Twinkle was so shocked she never thought about Kunj if she suffered than maybe he also.Feel so bad to think so much rubbish about him that he never love her infect he love her he alive her in his memories in his tears.Tears escaping from twinkle eyes like anything. 


Yeh pyaar bhi kitni ajeeb hota hai na chahe woh taklif kitni bhi de fir bhi Sukoon sirf uski hi pass milta hai.. 

Twinkle freezes fully she hold yuvi hand and crying in his arms.. 

Twinkle:yuvi I was so blind in my pain never try to know about Kunj. Pyaar toh woh bhi karta ta mujhe se yeh waqt ne kya kiya humhare saath😭😭😭.

dhoka toh Waqt me Diya hai Warna mohabbat toh har waqt Maine tumse hi ki thi!!! 

Mohabbat bhi zindagi ki tarah hoti hai. Har mod aasan Nahi Hota har mod par Khushi nahi hoti par ka hum zindagi ka saath nahi chodte, toh mohabbat ka

Saath kyun chhoden…!

Yuvi:you have ammar with yourself twinkle but think about Kunj.Since

childhood he suffered lot his papa become like this. 

Aditi:we trio twinkle support system of each other’s this two both make me smile.We just friends nothing else yes humhara rishta bhaki rishto se alag hai because we are care about each other’s.We don’t have term and

condition enjoying our life.Yes I love yuvi but mera pyaar woh nahi hai jo Mahi se yuvi ko dur karega. I didn’t come between them twinkle.

Yuvi:usne toh kabhi mujhse pyaar hi Mahi kiya twinkle she taught me what is real meaning of love. I just bear Mahi just because of Kunj and Aditi they wanted nahi toh long back I’ll throw her out of my life twinkle.Don’t leave Kunj. Flaws toh sab me hote hai na.See today once again Babaji bring you and Kunj together don’t leave each other’s. Sacha pyaar bhut muskil se milta hai.

Aditi:aur twinkle pyaar ka koi ek naam

Nahi Hota hai.Twinkle hugged yuvi. 

Twinkle:I told him so much that night. 

#Other side Kunj standing recalling

whatever happened just now. 

Hai Dil Totiya Naa Jude Dubaara
Teri Meri Ota Pe Gayee Soniye,
Je Mein Tootiya Ambar To Taara
Teri Meri Ota Pe Gayee Soniye,
Je Mein Tootiya Ambar To Taara
Layi Vi Naa Gayee, Te Nibhayi Vi Naa Gayee
Layi Vi Naa Gayee, Te Nibhayi Vi Naa Gayee
Te Nibhayi Vi Naa Gayee
Maine Maarda Jahan Mainu Saara
Teri Meri Ota Pe Gayee Soniye,
Je Mein Tootiya Ambar To Taara
Hye Teri Meri Ota Pe Gayee Soniye,
Je Mein Tootiya Ambar To Taara

Kunj:Kya hai Babaji.Kishi me sahi hi kaha hai.. mohabbat ki jung bhut muskil hoti hai.Pyaar or zidd ki Jung Mai aksar dooriyan jeet Jaati hai hen or pyaar haar jata hai.. 

Yuvi consoles Mahi. While twinkle wiped her tears and apologised Aditi and run from there she went in her room take Kunj photo frame and cuddles and crying loudly.Afoos hai mene tumhe samjne ki koshis hi nahi Kunj agar waqt galt ta Phir me bhi ti.

Pyar se pyaari koi makboori nahi hoti 

Kami apno ki kabhi poori nahi hoti dilon ka alag Hona ek alag Baat hai nazron se door hona koi doori nahi hoti..

Episode freezes on Twinkle and Kunj face who crying while Aditi and yuvi hugging each other emotionally.



Kehty hain mohbbate Jitin Sachi ho dard utna hi ziada deti hai… 


how was the episode??finally Kunj and yuvi Aditi side of story comes out.. how’s it. Leave errors guys no proof.. give your views please bye love you lot..

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  1. Tashfia

    I don’t have any word 😱😱…. Just amazing😍😍😍…felling bad fr them plzzzz twinj ko milwa do🙏🙏🙏….i hate this chinki ….agr koe dst chinki jesa hoa to dst na hona hei accha hai 😈😈😈..such a devil women usa to apna bacha khona ka bhi duk nahi hai 😠😠jst hate her…. Felling bad fr adti …..
    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post sooooooooooooooooooooon🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  2. Sirishasadhu

    wow di teri ff sey fidaa hogaya jst mind blowing u really had ain born talent which god gave u as boon ur every story is really heart touching di i request you tum director ban jov hamari india key best director banjovogi rajamouli tara mahan bagogi sachi but im unable to stop tears after reading ur description about love super. tumara boyfriend/husband/future husband will be most luckiest person to be with u

    1. Tashfia


  3. Sirishasadhu

    agar mera last line tume kuch bura laga ya u if u get angry on my comment or if any mistake or if you get in negative sence then plz forgive me sorry

  4. Beautifully depicted… Loved d episode dear yaar ab inhe twinj Bana do plzz…

  5. Twinj ko mila do yaar , itna kyun rulate ho . We were expecting chinki to be evil but uff itna raita phaila hai, n last thing amazing epi dr.

  6. Wow such a emotional and amazing episode 👍👌
    Feeling bad for twinj …..
    Iss chinki ko toh maro chappal se👡👡👡
    Pls make twinj one soon
    Post soon
    Pls post RSSI and PTHHT too soon love to read ur FF’s 🤗🤗🤗🤗☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  7. Vibhu

    Oh yaar 😭😭😭
    Aditi’s past was so painful. Actually even Kunj and Yuvi too suffered a lot. I never imagined Mahi to be such an evil woman 😖😖
    Also, chinki was never pregnant. She’s told a lie to everyone!!
    Bl**dy bi**ch, apni baat se peeche hatt gyi !
    Poor Kunj 😟😟
    I hope chinki’s truth come out soon now.
    Also, this Usha & Deewan should pay for their deeds.
    They much get the severe punishments. !!
    Kunj got to know about his baby girl also 😩😩
    Pls make their third baby fine. 😐
    I hope everything gets fine soon.
    Great update.
    Loved it so much.
    Keep it up

  8. It was mindblowing….👌👌👌😍😍so yuvi , kunj & aditi story is disclosed…as well as of mahi ….👍👍👍
    Now purshotom & usha rani is left …….🤨🤨🤨
    Chinki story is also left…..but kunj is prepared to find out the whole truth…soon he will find out ..😎😎😎😎
    Ur shayaries were …👌👌👌
    Ye ishq ni aasan ..bus aag ka dariya h or doob ke jana…yhi haal h twinj…❤❤❤❤
    Waiting for next…🤗🤗🤗🤗
    Luv u sweetheart 😘😘😘

  9. Harshita Deo

    please post the next episode soon

  10. 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  11. 😍😍😍😍😍 amazing….

  12. Muhammad Murtajiz

    I knew it romir aditi ka beta hai.
    Amazing episode dear just mind blowing. Post soon and PTHHT and RSSI too plz plz plzzzzzzz soon plzzz

  13. Shalu02

    Superb mind-blowing 👌 Episode 😍 please post soon 🙏 and post RSSI also

  14. No words..😯
    I can’t even explain how beautiful it was!!
    Felt bad for kunj,uv,aditi after knowing their side of story..If twinkle suffered much,then kunj also suffered more..😢
    Just loved every bit of it

  15. Fabulous episode dear every scene is too good and emotional please post next part soon

  16. Trivisha Choudhary

    Awesome Episode dear please soon

  17. Superb felling really bad for Avni please post soon

  18. Mind-blowing 👌 Episode and very emotional episode please post next part soon

  19. Wow what a amazing episode please dear post next part soon

  20. SSK

    Amazing update dear….and sorry about the short comments as well
    Hope you wont mind

  21. Ramya

    Awesome amazing.
    Superb yaar

  22. Shalini15

    Too emotional yet mind blowing episode it was kiya. Aditi Uv nd Kunj’s past is so painful 😢😢 Chinki 😡😡 worst friend of the world hate her.. loved every scene of this episode 😍😍

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