Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 6th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Sanjay Suspects Pramod and Baby

Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 6th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

A lady visits Chanda’s sweet shop and says she heard that Paragi is getting divorce and suggests her to hold Paragi’s in-laws’ feet and plead them not to divorce Paragi. Chanda tongue lashes her that because of people like her, girls face domestic violence and take the extreme step of suicide. She warns her not to interfere in other’s issues and suggests her to support her daughters. Lady leaves feeling humiliated. Atul walks in and tells Chanda that they may have to shut their shop if she humiliates customers and says everyone knows about Paragi and hence they can’t shut everyone’s mouth. Chanda says Paragi will stay in her mother’s house and if he and Shiva have any problem with it, they can leave the house instead. Atul stands shocked hearing that.

Sanjay meets Paragi and discusses with her that he suspects Pramod and Baby, but doesn’t have proof against them. He informs her that he found out via Mishra that she with Batra had gone for inspection. She says she had informed him before leaving the house, recalling the incident. He says he had put his earphones on, so he couldn’t hear her. H further reveals that he found a hotel receipt in Batra’s name and saw Baby’s car passing by, and when he reached home, Baby snatched everyone’s phone and started meditation drama. He got suspicious at Pramod and Baby when he connected the dots. Rumi asks him how can his family allege their own family bahu to save their business. Sanjay apologizes to Paragi. She asks him not to apologize as his trust is most important to him. She says they can’t do anything without proof. He asks her about the security guard who accompanied her and Batra for inspection. She informs a police inspector accompanied them for inspection. He says they should continue to act till the truth is out. He gets romantic. Rumi asks them to continue their romance and leaves.

Baby shows a girl’s pic to Sushma and says she is perfect for Sanjay as her priority is family and she doesn’t want to work. Sushma says she will not force Sanjay for anything and says they can talk about an alliance after Sanjay’s divorce.

At night, Paragi looks at her and Sanjay’s pic in her mobile and misses him. He sneaks into her room and says even he missed her. He gets romantic and tries to kiss her. Chanda walks in calling Paragi. Sanjay hides behind a curtain hearing Chanda’s voice. Chanda asks Paragi to talk to Sanjay because he can’t stay away from her after knowing the truth. Sanjay holds her from under the curtain and she shouts. Chanda asks what happened. Paragi says it’s a mosquito. Chanda asks if she should sleep with her tonight. Paragi says Chanda may not be able to sleep between mosquitoes. Chanda walks away. Paragi hugs and kisses Sanjay’s cheek and asks him to leave via the window. Sanjay notices Shiva sneaking out of the house and informs Paragi. Paragi sends Sanjay out and follows Shiva. Shiva stops. Paragi hides hearing Atul’s bike sound. Atul gets Shiva on bike and leaves. Paragi follows them.

They meet Baby who gives them money and asks them to not contact her again. Atul says she is a golden egg laying chicken for them now and has to give money whenever they ask. Baby warns them to dare not threaten her as their family is at fault and will be in trouble. She leaves in her car. Paragi walks to Atul and Shiva and asks what are they doing here at this time. They stand shocked. She asks who was in the car. Atul yells to worry about herself instead of suspecting them. She determines to find out who was in the car.

Precap: Sanjay is taking pictures of documents on his phone and says I hope these many photos are enough for Paragi we can make strong case on these pic’s.
Batra shows image to Paragi and says Mr. Dubey was the incharge that day. Paragi is in shock..

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