Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 20th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Paragi confronts Chanda and vows to save her marriage

Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 20th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Paragi asking Atul if they all broke her marriage. Atul falls down shockingly. Chanda looks at the IAS written on the kite and thinks she never thought that she will become IAS one day. She thinks we will be counted among rich people now, and our status will increase and I will fulfill my three children’s dreams using Paragi. Paragi comes home, recalling Chanda and Sushma’s words. Chanda thinks to get her signatures on the annulment papers, and says I have raised this golden laying eggs hen, and I won’t let her give eggs in someone’s house. Paragi comes there and takes the kite in her hand. Chanda gives her water. Paragi tears the kite and brings diya from inhouse temple. She burns the annulment papers and the kite. Chanda asks what are you doing? Why are you staring at me? Paragi says all your wrong doings are exposed and says you are the reason for Sanjay leaving me. Chanda is shocked.

Sanjay, Pramod and others are flying the kite. Sanjay asks Sushma to help him win and reminds of the childhood incident. Sushma looks at the kites in the sky and gets up. She helps him win.

Paragi tells Parashar that Chanda has insulted the boon of getting a daughter married. Chanda asks what you want to tell clearly. Paragi says Chanda has blackened Sushma’s face to break her marriage with Sanjay. Sushma says I can’t let you lose. Sanjay says I will never lose, I am so happy that you are smiling. Nutan tells Vinod that they are happy to celebrate the festival. She says we shall make a new start with the hope. Chanda says you are telling so much to badi mummy and asks Aditi to bring red chillies from the kitchen, and says you got someone bad sight as you cleared UPSC exam. Paragi asks her to swear on Atul and say that she is telling lie. Chanda asks Parashar to see what she is saying. Paragi says you have done this with me, on my marriage day. Sanjay imagines Paragi and thinks why you can’t get away from my mind. He injures his hand and looks at P and S written on his hand. He says I can’t forgive you and your family.

Paragi asks if she was so bad that she did this. Parashar scolds Chanda. Paragi asks why did you break my relation? Parashar asks why you didn’t let her go. Paragi says I agreed to marry that cheap Gulshan for aditi didi and asks why you have done this with me. Chanda says whatever I have done, is for my kids. She says what I didn’t do for you, and says I wanted my children to live a lavish life with your salary. She says I am a mother and a mother can’t be wrong, and says whatever I have done is for my children. She says a tigress hunts others’ children to feed her own children. She says I broke your marriage so that happiness comes in my children’s lives. She says my heart is not big as Parashar and I can’t love you like loving my kids. She says if I thought about my kids, then what is wrong? Paragi says your way is wrong, and gave a wound to a woman, which she can never overcome this trauma. She asks why did you get her face blackened? Chanda asks her to lecture after becoming IAS. Paragi says I don’t want to say all this, but have to speak against wrong. She says you talked about tigress, and says tigress hunts in jungle as she is an animal and asks what will be the difference between animals and humans. She vows to save her marriage and says this is the challenge of a married woman to a mother. She says you have broken my ghatbandhan, but can’t stop myself from fixing it. She recalls Chanda calculating the expenses since her childhood and writes something in the diary. She says I will write everything in this diary, whatever you have done with me. She says then the scores will be settled. She asks her not to worry, and says I was this house’s daughter and will always be, and will never back off from doing my responsibilities. She says you see the advantage, and I do my duty. She goes to the inhouse temple and touches Sai nath’s frame. She tells that my bade mummy’s sin came in my accounts, and I have to do penance for her sins. She says I will face the hurdles come in Sanjay and my way. Parashar appreciates her and says I am with you. He plays the shank. Paragi folds her hands before Sainath and thinks your Paragi is coming to you Sanjay. She says your Paragi will do something seeing which every married girl will be proud of me.

Precap: Paragi comes to Sanjay’s house on her scooty and band baja playing. She tells Sanjay that she has come. Everyone looks at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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