Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update

Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 17th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Paragi asks Chanda about 101 gold coins. Her uncle informs her that they gave 101 gold coins. Chanda says that these things are common in marriage and Sushma asked as shagun so they gave it. One of the lady says that shagun also called as dowry only. Nutan asks Chanda that why the latter didn’t say that she have problem with shagun. Chanda says that the latter would have called off the marriage if she refused to give then. She says that even though she is not a biological mother of Paragi still Paragi is like her daughter.

Sanjay asks Sushma that if all this true. Sushma says that she asked 101 gold coins from Chanda but she gave money to her to buy that. Chanda says that Sushma lying and she bought gold coins with her earned money. Paragi’s uncle says that everyone knows that they gave gold coins to Sanjay’s relatives. Chanda asks Sanjay’s relatives to accept that they received gold coin as shagun. They agrees that they received it.

Chanda says that they are not rich and she gave gold coins because Sushma asked her. She asks Sushma to accept that the latter asked for gold coins. Sushma accepts that she asked for gold coins and it was not dowry that’s why she gave money to Chanda for that. Chanda denies that Sushma gave money to her. Paragi says that wrong happened with Sushma but her family gave dowry. Sanjay says that he won’t agree that Sushma lying because he knows his mother. He asks her to look at his mother’s condition.

Paragi asks Chanda that if the latter received money from Sushma. Chanda says that she didn’t. Sushma says that she is not lying but Chanda.Chanda says that if Sushma wanted to give money then why she didn’t gave in front of everyone. Paragi says that if Sushma gave money in front of everyone then this incident would not have happened.

Sanjay asks her that why she is taking Chanda’s side when she knows that how Chanda treated her till now. He says that he won’t tolerate his mother’s insult and he won’t perform after marriage rituals so he is leaving with his mother. She asks him that how can he say that. He leaves the marriage venue with his mother. His family members follows them. Paragi runs behind Sanjay and falls down. Guests gossips about Sushma. They asks that why Paragi still want to go to this kind of family. Sanjay’s family leaves from there.

Paragi tells Rumi that Sanjay left her and screams. Her uncle asks her to handle herself. He says that Sanjay’s family is angry now so he will talk to them later. On the other hand, Sushma asks that why this happened with her and cries. Sanjay consoles her. Nutan says that she already told them that Paragi is not a right choice for this family but no one listened her. Sanjay says that he just cares about his mother now.

Episode ends.

Precap: Chanda and Pramod asks Paragi to sign on the divorce papers.

  1. Generally Divorce cases are lodged after a year of Marriage according the law then how come a case got registered just after the day of Marriage

    1. N Ayesha

      Exactly I think we should have to watch this show to know . Can’t make fake imagination na . But I am loving this show content 😌. What about u

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