Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 14th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Chanda gets Sushma attacked by Gulshan’s mother and others

Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 14th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Paragi and Sanjay seated for their marriage. Paragi recalls Parashar’s motivating words for her. She gets emotional. Chanda thinks I know that I am doing wrong, but I am doing this for my children, I have showered much on you, now you have to return something for my children. Pandit ji asks Parashar to give Paragi’s hand in Sanjay’s hand and tells about the importance of Kanyadaan. Sanjay promises Paragi that she will of her family like before, even after the marriage. Romi appreciates Sanjay for his promise. Vinod says Sushma ji should have come by now. Sushma goes to the temple to get the chunari. Atul, Aditi and Kinkar follow her. Sushma turns. They hide. Sushma gets inside the temple and thinks if Paragi wouldn’t have been in his life, then don’t know how we would have handled Sanjay. She says next year, Sanjay will clear the exam with Paragi’s motivation and says she trust her fully. She gets inside the temple. Atul, Aditi and Kinkar wait for someone. Sushma asks Pandit ji to give the chunari given by Chanda. Sushma prays to God to give strength to Paragi to become Sanjay’s shield.

Nutan asks Baby why Chanda is sitting as if she is sitting on the fire. Baby says this lady is very clever, something goes in her mind always. The havan kund fire is set off. Nutan says it is inauspicious thing to happen. Paragi says it is our perception and says no hurdle can come between Sanjay and my marriage. She pours the ghee in the havan kund and the fire is lighted by itself. Nutan is surprised and sits down. Vinod appreciates Paragi and says you will stay as the shield infront of us. Chanda says Sushma ji will stop this marriage from happening. Sushma takes chunari from Pandit ji and asks him to do aarti and bhandari on her kids’ name and pray for Paragi. Pandit ji says ok. Sushma is leaving. Atul says they haven’t come, our plan will fail.

Pandit ji asks them to do the ghatbandhan. Chanda thinks this marriage shall stop, don’t know if they have done the work or not. Sushma senses someone is following them. Atul, Kinkar and Aditi hide. Sushma says someone was behind me. Pandit ji asks them to stand for the rounds. Chanda says groom’s mother haven’t come, so how can the rounds happen without her. Vinod says I will ask her. He calls Sushma. Sushma says I have taken chunari and is coming there. She says don’t wait for me, start the rounds, I don’t want any hurdle in the marriage. Vinod asks Pandit ji to start the rounds. Chanda thinks if plan started. Sushma comes out of the temple and sees someone. Pandit ji asks them to hold each other’s hands and start the rounds. Sushma says ladies standing with tomatoes garland, slippers garland, etc. Gulshan’s mother says today whatever will happen with you, Paragi’s marriage will be effected. Sanjay and Paragi take the rounds. Sushma asks what are you saying? Aditi’s mother in law blames her for taking dowry from her son inlaws and calls her greedy. Sushma asks what are you saying? The lady says we got the complain, that you took dowry from your daughter in laws’ house. She says we punish those who asks for dowry, and gives justice. Sushma is shocked. Aditi, Atul and Kinkar laugh, hiding behind the tree. Sushma says we are educated and are against the dowry.

Aditi’s mother in law says we have enquired about yo, and says you asked for dowry, 101 gold coins. Hey make chunari plate fall in air. Sushma gets hurt and finds the chunari flying in the air. Sanjay and Paragi take the second round. Sushma asks how can you do this? I will call my husband and will call him here. Aditi’s mother in law throws her phone and says this shall be the result of dowry seekers. She says you people are rich and are greedy about snatching from poor people’s mouth. She tells that everyone shall know that Sushma Pathak is greedy about money. Sushma says I asked for gold coins and paid money for it to Chanda. They beat the plate. Atul says the marriage will happen there if drama continues here. Sushma says let me go from here, today is the son’s marriage. Sanjay and Paragi continue to take the rounds. Aditi calls Chanda, and tells that her saas is not stopping. Chanda says marriage will be finished. Aditi asks her to stop the marriage. Chanda asks her to send Sushma there. Aditi says I will do something. The lady says we have lodged complaint against you, and insults her. She says we will punish you. Aditi’s mother in law tells that Chanda told this to us, while talking else you wouldn’t have let us known. Sushma is shocked. Aditi’s mother in law says you have threatened them saying you want 101 coins. Chanda says Sushma can reach here anytime to stop the marriage.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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