Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana (Episode 14)

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Hello how are you all. Sorry guys for not posting regularly because I have college and also I come late from college that’s why. So let’s start
The episode starts
Ishana hides and Rohit goes to open door
He sees Soniya there.
Soniya comes inside with dinner for Rohit
Soniya: you didn’t ate dinner so I thought that I should bring for you
Rohit: at least someone is there to think for me in house.
Ishana hears this and gets jealous that why is he praising Soniya. She tries to watch from the hole what is Soniya doing.
Soniya (sits): now eat this
Rohit: yeah I will eat later you are getting late for sleep
Soniya: no first you eat then I will go okay.
Rohit was about to eat then Zahrili comes searching for Soniya. She sees Soniya in Rohit room.
Zahrili: what are you doing here Soniya?
Soniya: Mom actually I came to give dinner for Rohit
Zahrili: now you gave food to Rohit right
Soniya (looks Rohit): yeah mom
Zahrili: then come with me.
Soniya and Zahrili walks from there. While walking
Soniya: Mom why did you call me. I was talking
Zahrili: you should be away from him.
Soniya: mom please you know that I love Rohit so it will be better you should not tell me to be away from him.
She goes from there angrily and Zahrili thinks to do something to keep Soniya away from Rohit

Scene at Arjun room
Sanjana goes in room sees Arjun sleeping. She then goes to stand near window. She sees Meera coming inside the house. Sanjana then goes down in the hall. Sanjana stops Meera
Sanjana: where were you Meera whole day?
Meera: it’s none of your business sanjana.
Sanjana: I was just asking and you get angry it means that something is fishy right
Meera: what do you mean you think that I am a traitor?
Sanjana (holds her shoulder): yes you are a traitor and I will soon expose you Meera.
Meera (pushes her): oh so you came to know about me. Do whatever you can do but you will not be able to expose me.
Sanjana: then let’s see who will be in this house
Meera goes from there making face then sanjana goes to her room.
Scene at Rohit room
Rohit then closes the door. Ishana come out of the cupboard
Rohit: are you okay?
Ishana: yes I am fine.
Rohit: okay come eat this dinner. You might be hungry.
Ishana: I am hungry what about you. You must also be hungry. So let’s eat together. She holds from Rohit shoulder and makes him sir to eat.
They together eat after finishing. He goes to kitchen to put back the plates. Ishana then goes to toilet to change her dress.
He then comes in room sees Ishana in nightwear the dress was having half sleeves. Ishana sees Rohit looking at her she then immediately covers herself with shawl. Rohit then takes the blanket from cupboard and then goes to take pillow from bed.
Ishana: what are you doing?
Rohit: you sleep in this room I will go to sleep in guest room.
He was about to go Ishana stops him.
Ishana: how can you sleep in guest room? What all will think that you are having your own room and you are sleeping in guest room.
Rohit: I didn’t think this before. Okay you sleep on bed and I will sleep on sofa.
Ishana: but…..

She was to say Rohit comes closer to her. Then Ishana moves back. He then comes more closer to her and says
Rohit (removes her hair from face): what happened on your shoulder.
Ishana: what……. What do you mean?
Rohit (moves back): I mean that what happened on your shoulder it’s so reddish.
Ishana: actually my Bua…….
Rohit: no need to tell I understand. You Bua always used to torture you but you never said anything about her.
Ishana (sits on bed): because I don’t have my parents is in this world. She was the only person who accepted me and gave place to live with her.
Rohit: what do you mean I didn’t understand Ishu?
Ishana: when I was 6 my father died.
Rohit: and what about your mother
Ishana (gets angry): just don’t say and ask about that lady.
Rohit: lady she is your mother. And you are saying lady.
Ishana (teary eyes): she is not my mother if she was my mother then she should not left me alone when I was just 2 months.
Rohit: means she left you when you were just 2 months but why
Ishana (cries): She left me because she loved some guy because of that guy my mother left me. And Bua truly said that I am garbage that’s why my own mother left me no one keeps garbage in their house.
She then suddenly hugs Rohit. In fact Rohit also hugs Ishana
Rohit (wipes her tears): don’t worry Ishana you are not garbage you are like a princess me. I will be always there for you to help you whatever happens.
Ishana then releases her from Rohit’s hug.
Ishana: I am feeling sleepy Rohit.
Rohit stands up: okay you sleep then tomorrow we will execute our plan.
Ishana then sleeps. Rohit also goes to sleep on sofa.

In morning
Everyone gathers for breakfast except Nisha
Sanjana (to all): don’t wish happy birthday to Nisha
Arjun: but why today is her birthday and we will not wish her she will feel bad.
Rohit: Bhai you didn’t understand Bhabhi she means that we will give her surprise.
Soniya: sanjana is right we shouldn’t wish her.
Nisha comes then everyone gets silent.
Nisha: hello everyone how are you mom
Nandani: good morning I am fine what about you.
Nisha (while sitting): Mom I think you are forgetting something today.
Nandani: No I am not Nisha
Nisha (in her mind): how can mom forget about my birthday that today is my birthday. No problem I know Arjun bhai will never forget and Bhabhi also.
Nisha: Arjun bhai are you forgetting something.
Arjun: what I am forgetting Nisha.
Nisha: that today is something special.
Arjun: no today is nothing special same daily routine Nisha.
Nisha: I know Bhabhi you will not forget this special day right.
Sanjana: yeah Nisha seriously today I forget something really important to say.
Nisha (gets happy): What it is Bhabhi.
Sanjana: Sasu Maa I forget to tell you that I called a maid to cook.
Nisha: what is this important thing Bhabhi?
Sanjana: Yeah this is
Nandani: But what is the need to call other maid we are having so many maids in this house.
Sanjana: Actually Sasu Maa she is very good in cooking she cooks desi dishes you know.
Nandani: okay when she will come but I will see her first then I will decide. What you say Arjun.
Arjun: is she wants the maid then I don’t have any objection mom.
Sanjana: she will come after 1 hour.
Then everybody leave from there. Sanjana smiles seeing Rohit. Rohit gives thumbs up to sanjana.
Nisha goes from the house upset
She was standing on a walking bridge then suddenly Ayaan sees Nisha standing and looking upset.
Ayaan: what happened Nisha?
Nisha: nothing Ayaan.
Ayaan: then why are you upset.
Nisha (angrily): You know Ayaan today everyone forgot my birthday no one wished me. Especially Arjun bhai and don’t know how can sanjana forgot my birthday.
Ayaan: oh so today is your birthday.
Nisha: everyone is so mean. You know bhai always wished me first but today he even didn’t wish me.
Nisha was continuously talking and Ayaan was listening to Nisha.
Ayaan: Nisha tell me that are you having any problem.
Nisha: what do you mean that I will have any problem?
Ayaan (smile): I was asking because you are talking so much is this a family problem or you only talk so much.
Nisha (smile): I know I talk too much sorry for making you bored.
They both talks.

Scene in Malhotra’s house.
Ishana enters in Malhotra house. Wearing clothes like a villager and was covering her face with dupatta.
Nandani was sitting in hall talking with Zahrili and Soniya. Soniya sees Ishana and stops her.
Soniya: who are you and what are you doing here.
Nandani and Zahrili see Ishana
Nandani: she must be the maid. Which sanjana was telling?
Ishana: actually Mam sahib sanjana madam called me for work.
Sanjana and Rohit comes in hall listening the voice of Ishana
Sanjana: Sasu Maa she is the one I was talking.
Zahrili: without knowing her how can we keep her in for work.
Sanjana: I know her my Dadi told me that she cooks tasty food
Nandani (asking Ishana): Are you married or not.
Ishana (in her mind): if I say no then she will reject me then and this should not happen.
Soniya (holds her shoulder): we are asking from you hello
Ishana: actually I am married.
Zahrili: then it’s good we can keep her for work.
Nandani: but wait how many years happened for your marriage.
Ishana: 5 years Mam
Sanjana: Sasu Ma I asked everything from here.
Nandani: But sanjana you don’t know I can’t trust anyone.
Rohit (in his mind): I wish that Ishu passes this test because I know very well about Nandani.
Nandani: How many children’s do you have then?
Ishana (in her mind): what is she asking what I should say.
Then sanjana says: she is having 5 children’s
Nandani: What so many children are if you can’t take their responsibilities then why you gave birth to so many children’s?
Rohit was laughing when he heard about her five children’s. He was trying to control her laugh. Ishana sees Rohit laughing. She angrily looks at sanjana. Sanjana makes sorry face to Ishana. Nandani agrees to keep Ishana in house. Everyone leaves from there except Rohit. Then Ishana goes to kitchen for preparation. Rohit goes after her in kitchen.
Ishana (angrily): why were you laughing?
Rohit (laughs): seriously you have 5 children Ishu.
Ishana: Hahaha so funny Rohit. You think that I will have 5 children’s
Rohit: I think so might be you are having 5 children’s seriously I can’t believe that your marriages have been for 5 years and you have 5 children’s OMG.
Ishana: Hahaha okay as you say laugh then. But don’t forget that I am doing this all for you.
Rohit: okay I will not forget this seriously Ishana
Then suddenly sanjana comes in kitchen and sees Rohit.
Ishana: what are you doing Rohit here if anyone sees you here then it will be big problem. Go and get ready for birthday. I have kept your clothes in room okay.
She pushes Rohit out of the kitchen. Then Rohit goes from there.

Everyone was getting ready for Nisha’s birthday. Sanjana goes in room and sees Arjun getting ready
Sanjana: I want to talk to you something important
Arjun: what it is sanjana?
Sanjana: Arjun jii actually yesterday I saw………
Meera comes
Meera: Nisha is coming home I have talked to her. So we have to switches off the lights baby so that we can surprise Nisha.
Arjun: yeah you are right Meera and we are getting late also.
Looks at sanjana
Arjun: we will talk later sanjana
Arjun and Meera goes. Meera smiles looking sanjana.
Everyone gets ready and sanjana comes down wearing beautiful dress. Arjun sees her and keeps looking at her.
Nisha comes in house and sees lights switches off and she gets shock seeing everyone.

Arjun, Meera, Soniya and Rohit dances………………….Ishana gets jealous and splits juice on Soniya’s dress………………………………..Meera mixes alcohol in Sanjana’s drink…………………………… ArJana eye lock and romantic time.

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