Ranveer turn on his mobile but it wasnt later he could find there is no battery
He checked with the reception got a shop ordered a spare battery for them.
Ishani got what’s app text from unknown number she saw all the images silently kept the mobile on lampstand laid next to vihan she falls sleep ranveer called her from landline but she didn’t lift he thought she might have slept he to slept because of tired
Next day ishani woke up got ready herself in peach colour transparent saree she started her routine

Also she tried the number after seeing missed calls ranveer was sleeping in tired she didn’t lift
Around 1:30 ishani came to her room for noon sleep she was talking to vihan he was cutesy smiling to her
Ranveer woke up the very next moment he remembered about his phone
He took landline and called ishani. .
Ranveer :hello ishani
Ishani:hello ranveer. .tum tike hu na
Ranveer :haan ishani would actually mobile battery lost tats y I couldn’t call you
Ishani :it’s okay. Before she could speak vihan started crying.
Ranveer. .vihan is crying will talk to you later
Ranveer : haan okay ishani bye.

He hung up the call got little upset since he was unable to talk to her.
Ishani was making him calm.
Ranveer got ready himself finally got the battery.
He was packing his things
Manas came to see him he was asking him about his mobile
Ranveer told him about the tragedy happen last night manas got confused
Ranveer vacated the hotel started to office he was there for few minutes then he started to airport about to call ishani but he dint he wanted to give surprise to her
Before getting the boarding pass he called amba and inform
Ishani make vihan to sleep then she took her mobile and called ranveer it was switched off.

She got upset rested back in the bedrest.
All had dinner retired back to their room she called him again but got the same response.she slept next to vihan.
Around midnight 1:00 ranveer reached airport them he reached home by 2:30
Amba was waiting for him he came inside talking to her for few minutes I was with ishani only but she slept.
Ranveer :okay ma let me go and sleep
Amba moved to her room then she also slept
Ranveer slowly entered the room he saw ishani cutely sleeping with baby vihan
He went without making noise fresh himself and came in white t-shirt
He saw some space next to ishani laid next to her saw vihan touched his little hand and smile ishani has kept pillow on the other side of vihan also cradle
Ranveer slowly kissed ishani forehead she was slightly got disturb from her sleep

Precap : Nirbhay was planning for Naina wedding ritika got shocked.

  1. Very nice Varsha I loved the episode just keep it up ?

  2. Nandana

    Nice episode akka I liked it and the aart of ranveer coming and laying in the bed without disturbing them and all was very nice and I liked it too .

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