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Ranveer woke up late since he was working late night to finish his work so that he could go back soon ishani was started with her routine with vihan she was stuck with house hold works too Ranveer forget to charge his mobile it was switched he dint notice it ishani was trying almost 30 times to call she heard only recorded voice text .ranveer took his laptop was about to go he took his mobile saw switched off oh shot. …let me charge in the car he sat on the car started to his office the moment he reached his cabin manas inform him about the meeting
He got a call from ishani she was happy that finally it’s ringing ranveer decline the call dropped a text busy ishani will call you tonight.

She got quite disappointed by seeing this.
Ranveer was stuck with meetings.
Naina was admiring ranveer happily around 3 she went to her home was talking to ritika as per their plan she hired a Mexican girl secretlyr
gave some money to her then she got herself ready in blue colour short revealing dress and she was started in a car with her evil plan
She reached the party hall then most of the guys were looking at her except ranveer she was quite disappointed with it.

Though she dint give up she drank a lot of wine .
She hired some people while all were started to move she went out fast called Manas by saying she forget her home key at office could you please get it.
He also left by thinking it’s favour for her she was waiting near ranveer car in the parking area. She gave money to some people asked them to pretend like they are misbehaving with her exactly at the time while ranveer came out.

She wantedly screaming like anything ranveer thought she is really frightened so fought with them and rescued they ran away with the money
As per her plan one among the four guys while fighting with ranveer took his mobile and throw to naina she turned off the mobile. Keep it on the floor.
Once four guys has gone she innocently took his mobile and gave it to him she actually removed and throw the battery.
Ranveer was totally unaware of it then naina has informed she forget her car key at office .

She asked ranveer to drop her home since she got really scared with no other way she get in to the car. Then both stared towards his home she texted manas it’s okay she started to home she will get the tomorrow’s.
Manas, tried calling ranveer he got only switched off.

Ranveer dropped naina in front of her house she acted like getting fainted he thought she was scared so he went and ask are you okay she completely acting like fainted having her home keys at her hand .ranveer looks around no one was in the street then he held her to get her inside. She acted like unable to walk was about our fall ranveer was actually went to hold her so that she could not fall the Mexican girl whom she hired was standing from the French window of the room she click some photos of naina with ranveer.
Ranveer make her to sit in the couch then he sprinkle some water on the face then naina slowly opening her eyes wantedly hugged him ranveer with confused face don’t know what to do ask her to take rest he left to his hotel.

Naina thanked that Mexican girl gave her ishani mobile number asked her to send the pics also her, too.

She called ritika and inform the same was telling her she is gonna send those pictures to ishani
Ritika asked her how she got the mobile number of ishani she told yesterday I asked manas mobile to make a call from his mobile I took her number.

Ritika : wow naina well done she was laughing like a devil
Naina hung up the call was checking her phone and seeing those pics
Ranveer reached his room turn on his phone he was so tired. ..

Precap :ishani was waiting for ranveer call but she got some images in what’s app with caption. This is what your husband is doing in London.

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  1. Eagerly waiting for the next episode sis……

  2. hi
    nice episode varsha
    hope ishani will not trust those pics
    take care

  3. Hi Varsha the episode was good eagerly waiting for the next episode ?

  4. Duva

    Loved it no words to express

  5. Eagerly waiting for the next episode dear…
    Hope Ishani will not trust the pics….
    Update the next soon…

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