IshRaRu: When The Dead Returns (6~Night Terror And Fun)

Pihu was laying in her own room alone. “Pihu,” she heard a dry voice call her and she turned on her back looking around. The room of her door opened on it’s own with a creak and she saw the same glass doll outside the door, she was standing on her feet smiling at her. Pihu creased her eyebrows as she rose in the air and started to float away. She got off the bed and followed the doll which was going downstairs. She tiptoed downstairs following her quietly and soon the doll landed on floor laying like a lifeless dead body.

Pihu smiled and went towards the doll and picked it. “Pihu baby,” she heard a familiar voice call her and she looked in front to see who’s calling. She saw it was Shagun, firstly she passed a smile at her but suddenly her mouth opened much bigger like a crocodile and she came to Pihu faster and faster as if to eat her up, Pihu froze on her place and she approached her and took her fully in her mouth.

“No, no, no Shagun mumma, Ishi ma, Ishi ma save me, she’s very scary,” Pihu said as she woke up from the horrible dream. Ishita too woke up and switched on the bedside lamp, she saw Pihu was shouting vulnerably with her eyes closed and her hands over her ears. “Ishi ma, Ishi ma,” she shouted and Ishita hugged her. “Pihu look I m here only sweetu, you need to wake up,” Ishita said trying to wake her from her night terror. She was crying uncontrollably and there was a knock at the door, Ishita stood up unwillingly and even while going towards the door, her eyes were on Pihu the whole time. She opened the door worriedly.

It was Raman. “What happened?” he asked worriedly and walked past Ishita towards Pihu. “She’s having a night terror, this never happened before,” Ishita said and they had no other option left. He splashed water on her face and she woke up sweating badly and Raman and Ishita took a sigh of relief as she was no more shouting badly. “Pihu what had happened in your dream?” Raman asked and Pihu just kept looking at Ishita who was standing far from them. She pointed at Ishita. “She is my real mumma, right? Because she never scares me but Shagun mumma does.”

Ishita looked on and sat beside her. “What did she do?” she asked. “In my dream, I was in my own room alone and was about to sleep, you remember the glass doll? I saw her standing outside my room smiling at me, I was confused and it started to float away and I followed her down and she fell on the floor, suddenly I saw Shagun mumma in front of me at a little distance and her mouth opened wide like a crocodile and she ate me up,” Pihu said. “So a crocodile took Shagun’s shape?” Raman asked.

“It’s nothing to joke about,” Ishita said pinching the skin between her eyebrows. “Ok let’s just go and have a good time, what about breakfast in a restaurant?” Raman asked. “Yes, yayyy! Hahaha thank you papa, Ishi ma is also coming with us,” Pihu said. “Not that pakau please,” Raman joked. “Haww am I pakau? Pihu..,” Ishita said faking sadness at both of them. “No you’re not pakau,” Pihu said and Ishita laughed looking at Raman. “Look what happened, she changed her side,” Ishita said. “Ishi ma you didn’t even listen to me fully, you are not pakau, but you’re very much pakau.”

“Haww, dekh loon gi tujhe main baad mein,” Ishita said sticking out her tongue at Pihu and Raman. They both too did the same and did a high five. They all got ready and went leaving their room locked behind them. As they went out of the hotel and saw a sports car. “Papa is this for us?” Pihu asked. “Yes baby it’s for us, sit inside,” he said and picked her making her sit on the backseat. Ishita and Raman sat in the front. Pihu had a lot of fun on the backseat enjoying the air.

Jee le jyada, jee le jyada
Zindagi se, hum yeh kar le waada

Jee le jyada, jee le jyada
Zindagi se, hum yeh kar le waada
Soche kyun, main aur tu
Saanson ko roke kyun
Lamha lamha behtein jaayein

Jee le jyada, jee le jyada
Jee le jyada, jee le zyada
Zindagi se, hum yeh kar le waada
Oh yeah..

Dhadkano ke sun ishare
Dhadakne de khwaab saare yeh..

Dhadkano ke dhadkanon ke
Sun ishaare..
Dhadkane de dhadkane de
Khwaab saare
Labon pe basti ho
Khushi barsati ho
Ghum ki khabar na ho
Fikron ki dhoop ho to
Sar pe ugaale badalon ko..
(They reached the restaurant and ordered food and Raman kept asking her for different foods but she kept refusing and he had no other option left than to make her eat, Pihu laughed on their cute fight)

Befikar si baarison mein
Bheegein zyada, jee le jyada
Jee le jyada, jee lein zyada
Ho.. Zindagi se,, zindagi se,
Hum yeh karle waada, karle waada
Soche kyun, soche kyun
Main aur tu, main aur tu
Saanson ko roke kyun
Lamha lamha behtein jaayein
Jaayein.. Jaayein..
Jo bhi ab hai, wohi sab hai
Iss abb ko jee le zara
Na na na na, na na na na

Zindagi se, hum yeh kar le waada
Jee le jyada, jee le jyada
Jee le jyada, jee le jyada
Zindagi se, zindagi se,
Hum yeh kar le waada, kar le waada

Jee le jyada, jee le jyada
Hum tum, jee le zyada
Hum tum, jee le jyada
Hum tum, jee le jyada…

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