IshRaRu~ When The Dead Returns (5~Shagun Attacks Ishita)

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Raman took Ishita and Pihu to airport the next morning and the trio stepped outside. Ishita hugged Raman. ‘Don’t leave Pihu for even one second, and be careful,’ he whispered and she assured him by a kiss. He then hugged Pihu. “Bye papa,” she said. “Bye my little princess, don’t trouble your Ishi maa,” he said. “Ok papa, but why aren’t you coming?” she asked. “I can’t come, I have some work,” he said and finally they said their final goodbyes and the car drove off from there. It was a long drive to there and Ishita made the driver stop when she saw a lady with toys.

“Pihu, it’s a long way to there, want a toy?” Ishita asked lovingly. “Yes,” Pihu said excitedly and they got down the car and went to the lady. Pihu saw a beautiful glass doll. “Ishi maa, I want this doll,” Pihu said and Ishita nodded at her. “Listen..,” she was cut in between. “She has come back,” said the lady as if giving her a warning. “What are you saying?” Ishita asked totally confused. “She has come back for her daughter,” the lady said and Ishita widened her eyes and looked at Pihu.

She quickly took Pihu by hand and started leaving. “Ishi ma please I want that doll,” Pihu insisted but Ishita quickly made her sit in the car and sat along with her hugging her tightly asking her to keep quiet. Tears came out of her eyes. “She has come back, she will go back only after taking her daughter,” the lady said coming to the window of the car but Ishita rolled up the window and asked the driver to drive away from there. “Ishi ma I want the doll,” Pihu kept on insisting but Ishita was too worried to answer her back.

The driver drove away really fast and they stopped outside a hotel and Ishita stepped down taking Pihu in her arms as she had fallen asleep during the ride. She went to the receptionist and took the key of her room and went from there. She unlocked the door and once she stepped inside, she closed the door behind her and kept Pihu on the bed and went to washroom to talk to Raman in order to not disturb her sleep. He picked the call. “Hey Jhansi ki Rani, did you both reached safely? Where’s Pihu?”

“Yes we reached safely and she’s asleep, Raman I think there’s some problem, I met a lady on the way who said that she has come back and will go back only after taking her daughter, means that Shagun has come back and will take Pihu away,” Ishita told him tensely. “No worries, I will come there by tomorrow morning okay, you take care of Pihu,” he said consoling her. “Yes,” she said and he disconnected the call and went outside the washroom and saw that Pihu was awake. Her hair were on her face and she was playing with the same glass doll for which she insisted earlier.

“Ishita,” she said in a thick voice. Ishita was taken aback and walked to her. “Pihu from where did you got this doll? Did you pick it up?” she asked angrily. “Haan uthaya hai toh?” Pihu asked in a thick yet soft voice. “Pihu? You’re saying as if it’s no big deal, you picked it Pihu? Bad manners, if papa gets to know it won’t be good at all, give it to me,” Ishita said and tried taking away the doll but Pihu pushed her away meeting her eyes with her for the first time at the moment.

Ishita fell on the floor and she was taken aback once again that Pihu’s eyes didn’t had eyeballs. “Pihu?” Ishita said totally shocked. “What did you think? You both will take Pihu also away from me and I will die and go and rot in hell over there? No, not at all,” Pihu shouted and threw the doll away and jumped on Ishita strangling her tightly. Ishita landed on her back on the floor. There was a big glass mirror on the wall beside them and her face turned to the mirror and she saw Shagun’s reflection instead of Pihu.

“Uggghhh,” Ishita groaned and pushed her away with all her strength and Pihu fell on the bed falling unconscious. She stood up and tried to pick Pihu but the bed moved away on its own. She kept trying but every time the bed moved away. Strong winds started to blow in the room and she was pinned to the wall and couldn’t move. “Om namash Shivaaye, Om namash Shivaaye,” she chanted and tried to free herself. She gathered all her strength and pulled away with all the force. “Ambe Maa ki Jai!” she shouted and got freed and went to Pihu and picked her. Pihu opened her eyes a little and waved bye at Shagun and again closed her eyes.

They went out of the room along with her belongings and went out of the hotel. She hired a taxi and went to some other hotel. She took the key and got in the room chanting mantras all the time and laid Pihu on the bed and slept. Later, she woke up and saw Pihu wasn’t there on the bed. “Pihu!” she shouted and ran to washroom and saw she wasn’t there either.

The lights in the room started to flicker and Ishita got worried. “Ishi maa..,” she heard. “Pihu!” she called back. “Ishi maa mujhe dhoond lo,” she heard Pihu’s thick voice. “Pihu where are you? Don’t joke with me,” Ishita said worriedly. “Ishi maa mujhe dhoond lo nahi to main… Kho jaun gi hahahahaha,” Ishita again heard her thick voice. “Pihu?” She called again and Pihu appeared in front of her out of nowhere scaring the hell out of her. Ishita knelt down and kissed her forehead and both her cheeks. “Pihu beta don’t joke with me na, I get scared,” Ishita said hugging her tight. “Aray Ishi ma aap to darr gai, main to bas mazaak kar rahi thi, sorry, love you,” Pihu said hugging her back. “Love you too.”

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