Ishra, Naksh (Akshara and Natk), and Abhagya love story part 1

Ishra Naksh and Abagya part 1
Hey friends to do this story I need everyone support lets began
Scene 1
A girl wakes up and says
Girl: Amma
Amma: ishu get up its almost time for college
Girl: Amma 5 more minutes
Amma: Ishu
Ishita eyes then face are shown
Ishita: Amma im tired
Amma: get up im going to make breakfast
Ishita: people say that someone is already made for someone is there a person waiting for me

In Bhalla house
A young man wakes up
Man: Mom
Mrs. Bhalla: Raman mera putar get up please
Raman: ok Ma
Mrs. Bhalla: Raman come its your first you never know you might find your true love
Raman: mom I don’t believe in love anymore
Mrs. Bhalla: okay now get up
Raman closes his eyes and sees a girl
Raman: what are you thinking get up

In Mehra house
Abhi: yo yo
Dadi: Abhi what are you doing
Abhi: practicing for my next album my new girl im auditioning should be coming
Dadi: Its 6 am Abhi You called her at 8 am
Abhi: I know dadi I just need to be in the feel and have fun
Dadi: You will never change since you were young you were impatient wen I die I wonder
Abhi: Dadi please don’t say this
Dadi: it’s a fact
Abhi: Dadi don’t get me emotional please
In Pragya house
A girl is seen reading over her script
Sarla: Pragya
Pragya: Ma im in the room
Sarla comes and sees pragya auditioning in the mirror
Sarla: Pragya get ready do audition then go to college its your class at 10
Pragya: ji ma
Sarla: Her Raam Where is this naughty Bulbul
Bulbul comes from the back and scares her
Sarla: Bulbul you will never learn
Bulbul: ma I also have to go to college
Sarla: im going to make breakfast right know
Sarla leaves
Bulbul: All the best Di hope you don’t fall in love with the person youll be auditioning to
Pragya: Bulbul
Pragya chases Bulbul

In Singhania house
A young man in his room
Natik face is shown
Natik: I have to look good enough
Devyani: Natik come on hurry up
Natik: coming
Devyani: you take 30 minutes to get ready
Natik: you have to make a good impression choti ma
Devyani: to whi the girls
Natik: to everyone
Devyani teases Natik
Natik smiles and goes
Natik: I hope I find the girl whos made for me only
Devyani: I heard that
Natik drives the car and goes
Devyani smiles

In maheswari house
Akshara face is shown
Akshara: ma I am ready im going to college
Rajshiri: wait beta have yogurt with sugar is good
Akshra: okay ma im leaving
Akshara leaves
Rajshiri: im afaraid she might encounter past that we have hidden from her
Vishambarnath: I know she will not the past was the past now is the future

Precap: Pragya and Abhi audition Abhi yells at pragya Ishita Raman meet and argue Natik and Akshara meet and become friends

Big revelations will happen in this story over time it might be connected

Guys I need support to do this please comment anything you have to say

  1. Arey where is my purab… episode was too good… update daily yar

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  7. Tripthi Arora

    nice yaar luved t and there are no confusions in ur ff’s
    extremely gooooooooooooooooooooooood

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