Ishra n RagLak: we didn’t marry fr luv (End of the rainbow journey last episode) episode 7

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The episode starts with Raman saying I love ❤ u..! Ishita stares at him in wonder n confusion. R u mad Raman??? Raman pulls her towards himself. U called me mad, now I’ll.. I’ll never talk to u. Ishu looks at him. No no Raman I’m I’m really really sorry.. Raman looks at her n pulls her. You luv me ryt?? Ishu says noooo. Raman pulls her more closer, u love to hide secrets, ryt?? Ishu says nooooo. Raman takes remote n plays a video on TV ?. It’s Ishu talkin to Ruhi.
“Ruhi i don’t know what to do ? Raman doesn’t even look at me, he hates me, d only reason we’re here is u, I heard Raman saying that he wants to divorce me, how do I tell him I love him, if he got angry then??”
“what did u say Ishima, repeat ur words?”
“I love Raman”
Video ends.
Ishu looks at Raman in utter confusion. How did u gt to know this? Raman points at Ruhi. Ruhi smiles n says don’t start fighting again u both, admit na that u luv each other, y this great drama, u luv each other always. Raman bends on his knees n says Ishita, Ruhi n adi’s Ishima, Adarsh bahu of ma, n my beloved wife ? I ? LOVE ❤ YOU ?….. Raman gives her a big big gift ? box. Ishu opens it n finds another box in it. She opens it again and finds another box. What’s this Raman..???-she says. Raman opens the next box n there’s a ring ? case in it, Raman takes the Diamond ring ? ? ? ? out n makes Ishita wear it.
(Kabhi kum na Hongi yeh chahatein….pal pal badhe ye hai mohabatein….. Plays)
Adi says now it’s party tym. Ishita says party ? is incomplete without rags n Laksha ? ? ? ? ?… nw go n sleep ? it’s 1 o’ clock⏰⌚ now I’m sleepy ? . everyone go to their rooms.

Ragini’s tears drip down on laksha’s face n he opens his eyes in a whack.. “RAGINI…!!!”
“why’re you crying ?”
“shall I dance”
“How’ll you live without me”
“shut up.‼ nothing is going to happen to u”
“No Ragini….. Let me die.. Im ur.. Life spoiler…”
“No you’re my love not spoiler.. I luv u ?”
“bt Ragini…”
“Night ? gone, that 10 days gone, its tym to celebrate luv.. Nothing will happen to my love ❤”
“Bt Ragini, my men had betrayed me..”
“WHAT ‼‼ ”
“that day, wen police caught d men I went to police station ?”
Fb shows Laksha going to police station.
“You cheaters…‼ U cheated me ‼ I..i… Gave u money.. N u cheated me?? How dare u cheat me?? How could u even think of troubling a young lady lyk that?”
“We thought we’ll get more money ? if we’ll kidnap a lady ? we could get lakhs n u only give five hundred rupees..”
“It’s ur gift, stay in this jail n even earn lakhs”
Fb ends.
“And u hid it from me n I kept thinking of u as the culprit‼ ”
“from now on no sorries no thanks. Now rest, u’ll b discharged tmrw morning”
“Okay sweetheart”
“But don’t close ur eyes dis tym not to open”
“Okay madam”

NEXT DAY ????⛅?⛅
Laksha is discharged and raglak r at bhalla house ?…
A big cake ? on the table. Its written “Happy birthday to Ishita n love of IshRa..” Ishita cuts the cake. Everyone clap ??. Ishu feeds the cake to everyone. Laksha says I’ve a surprise ?. There’s one more b’day today..
Everyone look at him in shock “WHOSE B’DAY?”
Laksh gets a cake ?. It’s written “Happy b’day to RagLak Lakshini love” Ragini cuts the cake n everyone eat.. Adi switches the radio on. (Mai toh bas tere rang Mei rang chuki Hu .. Bas Teri ho chuki Hu.. Ab mujhme mera kuch nahi…. Sab tera…. Plays…)
Everyone dance n enjoy..

THE END or perhaps the beginning ??

Thanks to you all for the support you’ve given me bcoz without ur support this fanfic would never been successful. Love u all ? and I’ll come back with another beautiful fanfic on the same characters.. Thanks n all readers plzzzz leave a comment in this epi. End of the rainbow ? journey ?..

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  1. Kumud

    Sad u finished it early nice btw

    1. Vanshika

      Don’t get sad sissy will post a new n more nyc ff soon ?

  2. Nice one….loved it…

  3. Jigaysa

    Why did you end it but anyways it was awesome

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks will write a new one soon ?

  4. Sindhura


    1. Vanshika

      Thanks alot for commenting in every epi ?

  5. Amazing

  6. Ragz_teju

    superb loved it

  7. Super
    But I ended it soo sad
    It’s soo nice
    Will you write new ff in future??

  8. Awesome

  9. Happy ending and loved it a lot. Plz come back with another Raglak story. Miss u dear and take care

  10. Jazzy


  11. Asra

    awesome dear…waiting for u…miss u dear…tkcr dear….

  12. Sreevijayan

    Swweet ending dear…

  13. A.xx

    fab but why u ended so soon,,plz cm back with another part/season.xx

  14. vanshu dearie , u ended it so soon , will miss this ff . though i have not commented in some of the episodes , i have always read this ff and have loved it ,happy that finally ishra and raglak united . it was a nice and cute ff which went on positively without any negativity . i just loved this ff throughout , loved the way u wrote the end or perhaps the beginning . u r an awesome writer . do write more ffs on ishra , raglak or if possible please start season 2 of this , loved this ff a lot , love u a lot , stay blessed and keep writing such awesome ffs

  15. Astra

    super dooper good dear… u r awesome as always….

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