IshRa: Burning In Love (Part-6 Ruhi Knows…)

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Rashita: Thanks a lot dear , I really liked the way you combined Ishita-Raman’s name…thanks alot again..Love you…Be Happy…
Isuri: Thanks a lot dear , sorry for the delay , was busy with my exams that why…forgive me please…thanks a lot again…Love you…Be Happy…
Ishan: Thanks a lot dear , happy seeing you excited , sorry for the delay , was busy with exams….Thanks a lot again…Love you…Be Happy…
Parichay: So sorry dear but you seem to be highly mistaken , pleasssssssssssseeeeeeee check out the last update again….please….but thanks for reading….sorry for the delay….Love you..Be Happy….
Note: Flashback means flashback.
Over means Flashback Over.
Chapter: – Ruhi knows…
Raman’s POV:
The day passed as usual after that while I was lost in Ishita’s thoughts, How I wouldn’t be , The only girl whom I have loved all my life , The only one whom I have hated all My life…
Shagun’s POV:
I looked towards Raman who was lost sitting in the living room lost in deep thinking , I knew what he was thinking , I so knew it but I even knew how adamant he is , he won’t ever accept that he is thinking of Ishita , I wish he realizes that he and Ishita can never live without each other , they really can’t but then why do they try?
I was still looking at him as I was transported back to that day ,
“ Hey Beauty , so 1st day of collage?” A voice from back had disturbed me as I was walking in the collage corridor , I smiled as I knew whose voice it was.
“ Yaa Handsome but I think its even your 1st day?” I asked from him with a smile while he too smiled as he moved towards me.
“ Woh Billi Kahan reh Gayi?” He asked looking at my side searching for her while I shrugged my head, Crazy Boy…he used to be.
“ Shagun Mummaa…Shagun Mumaa….” I was pulled back from my thoughts by Ruhi’s voice who came jumping and sat in my lap.
“ What happened?” I asked caressing her cheeks while she smiled as raised her eyebrows.
“ Ishi Maa…You are thinking about her only na?” My Genius asked me while I nodded smiling.
“ Yaa , So , can’t I think about her?” I asked raising my eyebrows , I need to confess , she has learned this from me only.
“ Acha Mumma , everytime You only take her name and tell me about how good she was , tell me her story na…Your story with her?” She asked , excitement filling her.
“ Ok , So today I am very happy , let me tell you about…How badly your Papa and she fought…” I laughed.
“ They fought?” She asked her eyes wide open.
“ Arey , see your Papa , Hitler always ready to fight so why getting so shocked?” I asked , Raising my eyebrows.
“ My Papa is the best Mumma and so would be my Ishi Ma and so is My Shagun Mumma…” She said giving me a hug while still sitting in my lap.
I smiled , “ Ok you know what happened on our 1st day of collage…” I continued.
“ Woh Billi Kahan reh Gayi?” He asked looking at my side searching for her while I shrugged my head, Crazy Boy…he used to be.
“ Papa used to call Ishi Ma Billi?” Ruhi asked shocked while I nodded laughing , “ Let me continue na…” I complained making a puppy face.
“ Ok sorry..” She kept a finger on her lips.
“ Why , I think at last moment she decided to change collage , must be yaar , you disturb her soooo much from school days , so I think she entered some other collage…” I said with a sad face , I saw his face’s colour fading away.
“ Are you serious?” He asked biting his lips , rubbing the back of his head and standing with a tensed face.
“Raman…” I smiled as I saw Ishita standing in front of me behind Raman , her palms placed on his eyes while she was smiling at me.
“ Billi…” Raman exclaimed , I could see the Raman Kumar Bhalla returning.
She left his eyes and then came in front of him glaring at him angrily , “ Raman , first time I my life I behaved nicely with you ,I didn’t even call you a Bandar still ,still you called me Billi , I thought its first day of collage , we’ll enjoy but you…” Ishita had tears in her eyes , she was getting emotional.
“ Arey Madrasan , I called you Billi just like that…Don’t get angry…” Raman said as he held her tear drops.
“ No Raman…You broke My Heart…” Ishita ran away from there while Raman ran after her.
“ Why are you both leaving me..I am also a part of this gang…You both…” I started running behind them.
As I ran behind them, I saw students laughing at Raman , even I couldn’t control my laughter when suddenly Ishita halted , Raman behind her and I further behind them , suddenly Ishita held his hand and changed his direction towards the glass wall of a class , Raman was shocked.
“ Complete round of the collage…with these Kala Chashma’s….” She laughed.
Yes , Ishita had coloured her palms with black colour before placing them on Raman’s eyes and then…
“ What you thought haan Bandar…I am Ishita , Ishita Iyer…I’ll call you by your name , cry for you.. seriously…” She laughed and gave an ‘Aww’ Look to Raman.
“ Billi…I’ll not leave you…” Raman ran behind her while I laughed seeing the Tom and Jerry in front of me.
We called our selves IshRaGun , however hard they fight , they still used to be best friends , I used to be the one who used to bind them together forever , the time I left , their bond left.
“ What Shagun Mumma…You left , their bond left..?” Asked my James Bond confused.
I bit my tongue and then tried to divert the topic, “Nothing , I was saying that your Ishi Ma left…”
“ Haan Shagun Mumma…Where is Ishi Ma now…you told me she is far away and will come back soon , why hasn’t she come till now?” She asked me innocently while I tried hard to smile, I couldn’t.
“She’ll come back soon , I am sure , one day for sure…” I said still hopeful.
“ Acha continue na…”
“ Ruh…Lets go for a tour to London…” Raman said coming to us , he was certainly pulled back from his thoughts and to divert his thoughts he came to us.
I and Ruhi went quite , Raman didn’t like us talking about Ishita and his past life though he knew we did.
Ruhi smiled and nodded , jumping out of my lap and going and hugging Raman.
“ Ok Papa , By the way why haven’t you worn you specs?” She asked questionably , Raman and his habits , he always forgot to wear them.
“ Kala Chashma…” Ruhi winked at me while I widened my eyes.
“ Wait , what you said?” Raman asked as he couldn’t hear her.
“ Nothing Papa , go and wear them…” Ruhi exclaimed with a pleasant smile while Raman nodded and left.
Ishita’s POV:
“ Acha Mumma , today Anchal is back and even you are selected , lets party…” Sanjana exclaimed getting up from the couch and coming towards me , pleading.
“ Yes Aunty…lets celebrate..” Anchal too came towards me smiling.
“ Yaa Ishu , lets go na….” Mani said as he too came towards me while I laughed.
“ What…When I refused , you are behaving like….lets go na…” I smiled while AnchalJana jumped in excitement.
My daughter must be like them only , jumping with excitement , being happy in everything , teasing others , getting happiness in small- small things , Just like them and just like me….
Ruhi , I wanted to name her , I left her when she was 3 months old , she must be 8 years now , she must be hating her mother , her mother left her , left her to cry , wish I could ever explain her why I did it.
“ Mumma…” “ Aunty…” I heard as they both called me drifting me out of my thoughts.
“ Lets go..” Anchal said as she went towards the car and sat in the driving seat , Sanjana held my hand and dragged me out with her making me sit in the back seat with Mani and herself sitting next to Anchal.
“ Where to go Aunty?” Anchal asked while I looked at her widening my eyes.
“ You know I don’t know much about enjoying and all , ask your friend na…” I said while Anchal turned her eyes to Sanjana who bit her tongue and looked towards the sky as if in deep thinking.
“ Aunty , I need to buy something for my house, can we go to some Mall , Shopping…and for Uncle and Sanjana Gaming…”Anchal suggested while Mani opened his mouth.
“ I’ll play games now…” He said glaring at Anchal who laughed and so did I.
“ Uncle , last time you came , you did so much drama about not doing shopping and all, so you and Sanjana go to Gaming zone…” Anchal said as he started the ignition while Mani made a big bubble of his cheeks ,angrily and then laughed.
Anchal’s POV:
I started the ignition as I looked towards the same boy on whose foot I stepped. He was looking towards Ishita Aunty’s house as if keeping an eye on it , I was confused.
“ Handsome na??’ Sanjana whispered in my ears as she saw me looking towards him , I looked at her through the mirror and widely opened my mouth.
She laughed while I took a chance to leave the steering and hit my hand on her head.
“ Maddy…” I said taking the steering again while we crossed the house and he wasn’t in my sight now , I started driving trying to put aside his thoughts.
A/N: Hello friends , so I hope you liked it , if you did then please do consider liking as well as commenting , if you didn’t then please do tell me where I need to improve.By the way I have planned that from now I’ll ask a question in my each post (Related to story , in General or to the writer *tongue out*) just like that to have a discussion with you all so if possible do answer it , if not then ignore so the question for today is , “ Can Love Happen More than Once?” , Its just about sharing our POV’s , will tell my views in next Chapter.

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  1. nice update flashback was cute ishra and shagun were childhood friends ishra scene was so cute pls give regular update

  2. Superb dear waiting for next part update soon

  3. really superb episode dear…loved it..coming to your question yes love can happen more than once…some time it can happen according to current state…if your first true lover no more in this world and u again fall love with some one else..but the feel for first true love nevers die…

  4. Rashita

    Awesome epi….and thanx for your complimeny but the actual credit goes to xaira my best friend who proposed me this name and she only helped ne to log in and everything…..update soon

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