Ishra ae dil h mushkil (part 9)

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Thnk u so much for commenting.???? here goes the next part

Raman rushes towards ishita

Tears rolling down his eyes

Raman holds ishita nd pats her cheeks to wake her

Raman-ishita…ishita …open ur eyes…plz yaar…don’t do this to me …open ur eyes..somebody plz call ambulance

Tears flow down his cheeks non stop

He scoops her in his arms

Nd rushes towards nearby hospital

He makes her lie on the stretcher

He holds her hand nd kisses it

Raman-nothing can happen to u ishita…open ur eyes…u cant leave me..

Ishita holds his hand tightly

The staffs take her inside the ICU

Doctor comes out after few minutes

Raman-doctor …doctor is ishita

Doc-lot of blood is lost…gud u brought her on time..but still her condition is sensitive …we cant say anything

With that he goes

Raman falls on his knees

Raman-why always ishita??…why always she gets hurt…i should have been in her place…i was about to get hitted by truck but she pushed me…when we joined the college …she did the same…

***fb starts***

Ishra were new in the college

Both hated each other at first sight

They always used to fight nd do something mischievious

One day,

Raman planned to make ishita afraid by faking that a car is about to hit her

With that he planned the fake accident with his frnds

When his plan got successful nd ishita started crying

He jumped in front of her nd started laughing at her

When suddenly a car was about to hit him

She pushed him in order to save him but she got hit by it

But that time she didnt got too much hurt

But raman didnt even said sorry to her

***fb ends***

Raman- she saved me that day but i was a fool…i didnt even apologise..plz god nothing should happen to her..

He started crying badly

Jeena jeena (badlapur) plays in the BG

Suddenly he feels a hand on his shoulder

He turns to see Mani standing there with teary eyes

Raman hugs him

Mani-ramam…ishu…what happened to her

Tears were rolling down Mani’s cheeks

Raman-a truck hitted her…doc …they r saying her condition is sensitive….they r saying they cant say something…ask ishita to wake up …open her eyes…plz

He breaks down

Mani-raman…calm down …nothing can happen to my sis…she is doing nautanki…she is a great drama queen

He smiles with teary eyes

Doctor comes out

Doc-we need to arrange for blood…fast ..u too …anybody here has blood group B+

Raman wipes his tears

Raman-doc…I…I have b+ blood group

Doc-come with us

Mani prays for ishita..

After giving blood

Raman comes out nd goes to temple

He prays for her

He stands there nd does the aarti

Raman-plz bappa…plz save her…i cant live without her…i love her

Ishita’s breathing fastens

She breaths heavily

Doctor-gud…she is responding..

Raman returns to the hospital

He was having ishita’s flashes

Her smile,her eyes,her laugh

He smiled remebering how she mixed jamalgota in his drink

How they used to fight

He feels a pat on his shoulder

He gets shocked seeing ishita

She wipes his tears

He smiles

Ishita-ravan kumar…have u ever seen ravan crying..huh…

Raman-u made me cry..u made a ravan so weak ishita..

He again starts crying

Raman-dont leave me ishita …plz dont leave me …i love u…i love u alot

He hugs her tightly

Ishita-shh…im not going anywhere…im here…with u…i love u raman…i love u alot


Raman comea out of his dreamland

He looks around nd realizes it was a dream

Mani-raman …ishu is fine…doctor said they will shift her to room …but they also said we have to wait for her to get conscious…we dont know when she will get conscious…we will have to wait

Raman hugs mani

So hows it??
I need a suggestion…its upto u…do u want ishita’s memory loss..or their fight nd then a confession…the ball is in ur court…

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  1. Kumud


    1. Lisa

      Thnk u kumud..but do u want a memory loss drama or their fight nd confession …plz tell me ur suggestion

      1. Kumud

        Part Memory loss but not for too long

  2. memory loss…btw really good episode

    1. Lisa

      Thnk u prapti

  3. Awesome dear. I like memory loss drama

    1. Lisa

      Thnk u …nd Thnk u for the suggestion too

  4. awesmoe pls continue soon

    1. Lisa

      Thnk u…but tell me…do u want memory loss drama or their fight nd confession??

  5. Girija

    Ishita should act as memoryloss it’s should be drama. To know Raman feeling. After that Raman will come to know Ishita’ s drama . After that Ishita should console Raman and she also confess her feelings.

    1. Lisa

      Nice idea…Thnk u for giving me this idea girija

  6. I like memory loss track…but it should be intersting….also i like girija idea about it…waiting for next one…

    1. Lisa

      Thnk u ishan…nd I’m also liking girija’s idea…

      1. Girija

        Lisa ji jut now I got some idea
        Am just saying if u think its good than ok
        In this ff why can’t we eliminate negative characters because even all fed of with negative things in serial so
        Any how Mani is ishu’ s bro so
        Shagun is going to understand Ishita’ and raman’s love after seeing there Raman concern and love towards Ishita’ and Mani and she is going to help in unting them and Mani is going to fall Shagun and two pairs love story
        How is going to Shagun releasing her feelings towards Mani
        Lisa ji just this thought came to mind
        So don’t mind

  7. Rashita

    Nice yaar…. I loved it……..

    1. Lisa

      Thnk u but tell me do u also want memory loss??

  8. Tvfan1

    Awesome as usual!!

  9. Lovely one!!!

    Raman realised his love for Ishita is very strong but fear of losing her. Shagun will be jealous to see Raman caring for Ishita. Shagun will become insecure and want to separate Ishra. Shagun will manipuate Ishita that Raman is in love with her and will marry her that will break Ishita heart and will avoid Raman. Raman try to get closed to Ishita but Ishita tell Raman to go and Mani will take care of me. Raman get confused by Ishita attics and refused to leave her. Ishita tell Mani about Shagun that shocked Mani and decided to help Ishita and tell Raman to stay away from Ishita. Shagun get happy. Raman pleaded Mani to tell him what is going on then Mani rethink about Ishita promise. Raman tell Mani that he will not leave Ishita until you tell me. Mani then tell Raman about Shagun threaten Ishita and her love for you. Raman get shocked and get fumed on Shagun for wanting to harm Ishita. Raman goes to Ishita and make her listen to him. Raman confessed his love her Ishita will not break and will protect her. Raman will warn Shagun to stay away and stay in her limited. Shagun get hurt by Raman harshed word and hate. Raman will proposed Ishita and Ishita agreed to marry Raman.

  10. Rashita

    It should be memory loss……it should be like ishita don’t know raman……..and he should be hurt………it can also be like ishu acting to know raman’s feelings………but it should be interesting…….sorry for late reaction……plz update soon….I am waiting……

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