Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 4 part 2

Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 4 part 2
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A woman is seen worrying
Woman: will everything be done in time
Ishita: Amma
Amma turns
Amma: Ishq you ready good get ready to go
Amma runs
Ishita: if only I could tell you
Shivanya is seen ready in a pink designed gown
Ishita seen as in a red gown with gold jewelry
Pragya is seen in a green with designed jewelry gown

Police arrives
Police: I have some news for you your Amma has died
Ishita Pragya and Shivanya are stunned.
Shivanya: no
They bring the dead body
It’s Amma
The girls start to cry loud
Ishita: Amma
Pragya: Amma

Shivanya: how did this happen
Inspector: she was stabbed and she said to tell her daughters to get engaged
Shivanya sees something in her eye ? and is stunned

Appa: Madhu
Appa breaks down
They all do the cremation and then go to the engagement next day

Mrs. Bhalla: where is Madhu
Ishita: she’s dead
Mrs. Bhalla falls down
Mrs. Bhalla: I will always miss her but I promised her you 3 will be my bahu and Arnav my son in law

Khushi comes in a purple colored gown with hair flowing
Khushi: let’s come in

The boys hear about the Amma death and feel bad

They boys are in gorgeous suits
Arnav in purple suit
Raman in red suit
Abhi is in green suit and Ritik is in pink suit

They all match
The engagement is taking place
The girls don’t feel good but to complete the promise to their mothers they have to

Shivanya recalls Amma eyes and feels angered

The engagements takes place
Ishita Pragya Shivanya and Arnav see Amma smiling at them and clapping
They get tested eyes

The couples are told to dance
Abhi Pragya dance on mahi bolna
Shivanya Ritik on Sawan aya hai
Arnav and Khushi on zehnaseeb
Ishita and Raman on Dil Diyan Gallan

Everyone claps
They’re a spirit of Amma clapping and wishing best for her daughters and son
The spirit walks away with tears and says
‘’My time was decided to leave I hope you all my daughters and my son stay happen and never find out how I died stay happy and remember Amma is with you always’’
The spirit gets pulled to the clouds

When the daughters and Arnav and Appa reach home
They cry virgously
Ishita: Amma why did you go

Precap: Shivanya is seen worried and goes to a Mandir
While the couples are seen thinking

Happy new year 2017 bye 2018 welcome
Hope you have a great year ahead next post in 2018 they’re will be a new year party in this story on January
With a lot of new twists
Happy new year to you and your families

  1. Awesome

  2. Jasminerahul

    shocking n sad that amma died.4 fulfilling her last wish they got engaged.but how can they dance in this condition…but song selection was superb.amma’s spirit watching them was emotional.but y does she not want her kids to find out who killed her?

    1. AHT

      They danced in that condition because of Amma she made them promise you’ll read it in the next part and Amma has a reason for not wanting it will be revealed soon

  3. ImRagela

    Wow nice dear keep going !

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