Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 32

Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 32

Hi everyone sorry for late update my trip has been postponed till the 7 of February so I’m back first I would like to thank for support we have reached 32 parts please keep commenting and giving support tomorrow is a fresh story today is this
An engagement is happening
When Raman is about to put the ring ishita speaks
Ishita: I hate you Raman
Raman: what
Ishita: you don’t deserve to be with me I hate you
Raman: ishita don’t leave me
Ishita: what you did can’t be forgiven Raman I hate you
Raman: ishita what did I do
Ishita: bye Raman this is our last time meeting
Raman: ishita
Ishita walks and Raman cries miserably
Amma shocked to see ishita behavior
Ishita packs her suitcase and walks
Amma: ishu
Ishita leaves Raman shattered

Mean while
Guru: Shivanya you are a naagin
Shivanya; no I’m not
Guru: you refuse to accept it
Shivanya: yes I refuse to I won’t they’re is still 5 years for it to come
Guru: you can’t love anyone
Shivanya: we’ll talk 5 years later don’t come near me
Guru: Shivanya
Shivanya runs away
Guru: I hope this girl doesn’t do something
Shivanya: I can’t be with ritik I’m dangerous to him
Shivanya: I have to leave him

Shivanya goes after ishita ritik shattered

Pragya: I don’t love you anymore abhi I’m sorry
Abhi: why fuggi
Pragya: my name is pragya and I don’t like you that’s all
Abhi comes close to her
Pragya pushes him away
Abhi gets shocked
Pragya: I hate you
Pragya goes from there as well
Abhi starts to despise love and pragya

Khushi: Arnav I have to go for my studies
Arnav: your lying you already got you degree there is something else
Khushi: fine I have lost interest in you
Arnav, Khushi
Khushi: bye Arnav
Khushi leaves

Precap: 4 years later
Ishita pragya Shivanya and Khushi are seen together somewhere
They all have some pasts
While the men have become business tycoons

Where are the villans they’re is a big twist comming and it’s like story repeating after all of that business and now you’ll see a dramatic turn I mean you’ll read

Tomorrow is a fresh start one
Thursday: season 2
Friday: a fresh start
Saturday: a fresh start and season 2 promo
Saturday and Sunday: answering questions

  1. Jasminerahul

    why did khushi,pragya n ishita reject their men?Shivanya is distancing from ritik as she is a snake?but what does it have to do with 5 years?i’m confused

    1. Because the villian girls had enter hero’s life. and the boys who were Heroine past also re-enter their life. Villian boys and girls want to destory hero and heroine’s relationship that is why heroine hurt hero without understanding. heroine want to save themselves from villian girls and are worried about hero boys from villian boys.

    2. AHT

      No that’s the other one of my fanfiction a fresh start this is season 2 to the love story the other one a fresh start I am typing it and will be posted soon

    3. okay i am waiting for this story

    4. AHT

      No that’s not how it is you remember how sitara pretended to kill herself then she came as maya they’re is a twist of 5 years because eventually it will come up to the point where naagmani and pihu drama will reappear so stay tuned to that they’re is nothing else the 5 year leap has happened this season I want to take up to 50 parts then come back with season 3

  2. so nice dear eagerly waiting

  3. Nice loved it

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