Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 27

Ishra, abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 27
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Shesha is seen slithering as a snake
Shesha turns into a human
Shesha: I will get u all you will all die
Shesha laughs

Shesha goes to Shivanya
Shesha turns into ishita
Ishita: Shivanya come in the jungle ritik wants to meet you
Shivanya: ritik really di
Ishita: o my beloved sister come after 15 minutes
Shivanya nods and smiles

Shesha turns into a snake and goes to ishit
Shesha turns to pragya
Pragya: Raman has called ishit to the forest or we can say jungle is it romance
Ishita: pragya
Pragya: he called you in 10 minutes
Ishita nods and goes

Shesha turns into Khushi
Khushi: my bro has called you pragya
Pragya: what where
Khushi: to shoot a concert in jungle come
Pragya: give me 10 minutes
Khushi nods and leaves

Shesha turns back
Shesha: Khushi last one let’s do Shivanya style
Shesha turns into Shivanya
Shivanya: my bro has called you in the jungle
Khushi: okay what
Shivanya: come in 5 minutes

All the ladies love without getting spotted toward the jungle
Shesha slithers behind them
Shesha calls shagun
Shagun smiles
Shagun: good shesha get rid of them

Shivanya pragya ishita and Khushi reach the jungle

Shesha goes to Khushi first before she can get there someone comes and takes Khushi
Shesha: what just happened

Shesha goes to ishita and someone in car takes her fainted
Shesha: what

Shesha goes to pragya but she isn’t there
Shesha: what only Shivanya is left she better be there or else I’ll get this world I throw fire

Shesha goes to Shivanya
Shesha sees no one but a doll there
Shesha: what the hell
Shagun: what happened
All villains comes and are shocked to know what had happened
Shagun; this is no twist this means war
All villains smirk

Ishita wakes up in a seat
Ishita: where am I why am I blindfolded
Somebody removes the blindfold
Ishita: where am I
Ishita sees a decorated theme
Ishita sees Raman
Raman: happy birthday ishita happy birthday to you
Ishita smiles and blushes
Ishita: how did you know my birthday
Raman: I just do
Ishita smiles and hugs Raman

Pragya slaps the person in front of her
Pragya: why did you bring me here don’t get too close
The person: calm down pragya
Pragya: abhi you
Pragya shouts
Pragya: where did you bring me
Abhi turns on light
Abhi: I know you didn’t eat anything that’s why
Pragya hugs him

Khushi is bought somewhere
Khushi blindfold is removed
Khushi sees a beautiful view
Khushi: wow who bought me here
Arnav: I did
Khushi hugs him tight

Shivanya: where am I let me go
Shivanya cries
Ritik hugs her
Ritik: my jaan dont cry
Shivanya: ritik what do you mean by jaan
Ritik: nothing
Shivanya sees ritik and a beautiful building
Shivanya: thank you
Shivanya hugs ritik

Precap: the couples get close the villans new plan the couples dance on (vote please )Watch Zaalima from raees it’s a romantic song releases January 5 2016 let me know if I should use it in the story is what they dance in let me know please I need it for next part

  1. Jasminerahul

    Shesha brought all girls to the jungle in different avtars.interesting scene. But surprisingly all heroes reached there and took them somewhere. Ishra birthday celebration was sweet. Arshi rivanya beautiful view scene and hug was lovely. abhi brought pragya there to have food. Cute.liked their hug too.
    You can use any song

  2. wow superb villains plan failed but turned into beautiful suprizes loved it

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