Ishra, abhagya and naagin love story a fresh start part 4

Ishra abhagya and naagin love story a fresh start part 4
Hi everyone thanks for the support sorry for not including Arshi yesterday I was busy with family so now I will please comment

Arnav: once I liked a girl
Sitara: Arnav buddy come
Arnav: I love u
Sitara: what everyone he loves me I don’t love you your a wannabe
Sitara and everyone laughs
Arnav leaves from there and cried and transferred colleges
Flashback ends

Khushi: your lucky what happened to me didn’t happen to you
Khushi: I was getting married my wedding was fixed
Mrs. Bhalla: tomorrow my daughter will get married
Khushi :
At night time somebody was there in my room with a flashlight when I saw his face it was my fiancée he wanted to force himself on me I screamed
Raman and all her brother came
They slapped and kicked him out
Khushi wedding had broken
Flashback ends
Khushi: ever since that time I have had it
Khushi cries Arnav understands and hugs her

Shivanya: ritik let me tell you my past
Shivanya: I’m amma daughter my ex parents sacrificed themselves in shiv mandir because they wanted to protect the idol they said i heard about this glowing thing and when they died I fainted I was taken into a hospital my blood was o negative and I needed amma donated it for me amma accepted me as her daughter but the truth was my ex parents had a exchange their child died so the hospital messed up and gave them me
Shivanya cries
Ritik hugs her

Ishita: my story is why I am always upset

Mr. Iyer: this Shivanya is not a good girl for our family she was exchanged at birth
Amma: what are you saying
Ishita: appa no she is our sister
Mr. Iyer: ishita stay away from her you know what I’ll kick her out now
Mr. Iyer grand Shivanya hand
Ishita stops him
Mr. Iyer gets angry
Mr. Iyer: you ishita are no longer my daughter and I don’t have a son either
Amma and I had left the house with all of us
Flashback ends
Ishita: that’s when I gave up everything for my sisters
Ishita cries Raman hugs her tightly

Pragya: my story is related to my sisters but different
Some ladies taunt amma for leaving her husband
Pragya gets angry and scolds the people
Pragya marriage was getting fixed when the person called and said I wanna talk to her
Pragya: what
Guy: I called you goons kidnap her we’ll get good money
Pragya ran from there and then he tried to force him on her
Flashback ends
Pragya cries abhi hugs her

Jaag soona soona laaga plays

Precap: the couples get close due to make each other happy

Sorry for short update busy don’t worry soon couples will get close

I’m not telling you all who will the villains be this time just wait and read

  1. Jasminerahul

    good that Arnav escaped from sitara who insulted him just bcz he loved also Madhura is Sitara.right?Oh…khushi’s fiance tried to rape her.but gud that she escaped from him.i’m quite confused.Shivanya is amma’s child or the child of the parents who died?is it bcz shivanya is not d real daughter Mr.Iyer deserted her?thats so sad.never expected this from Mr.Iyer.but glad that amma n ishita supported her n even left Mr.Iyer.shocking that when pragya’s marr was fixed someone tried to force upon her.nice to see heroes hugging all heroines to console them

    1. There was a mis happen at the hospital Amma had given birth to shivanya but due to some reasons she got exchanged by a dead baby but when tye other parents took her she showed no sign of a snake so that’s why this whole story happened thanks to hospital sitara is played by Madhura same yes

    2. Jasminerahul

      But why exactly did Mr.iyer kick out shivanya?

  2. nice update everyone have past and thats really sad pls continue soon

  3. nice update all must need care and support

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