Ishqwala love (ishq ka rang safed and saddha haq) Epi-2

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The episode starts with Viplav and sanyu meets at coffee shop.. Sanyu asks him what u want to have? He tells r u waiter? I will tell to them itself. Sanyu gets sad. He tells sorry to her and tells I am anger at my father.. Sorry for showing it on u.. Sanyu tells it is OK. She smiles and tells viplav today I am going to Dubai and I cannot meet u for 1week.. So.. Bye he acts as sad and bids bye to her. She comes back and kisses him and leaves. He stands shocked..

Dhaani and randhir meets.. Randhir asks her what u had in mrng? Dhaani tells roti. He asks what?why u won’t have pizza or burger? Dhaani tells I will have but my mom.. She smiles. He leaves from there telling I Have imp work.. Dhaani comes out of randhir house. Anuj comes there and tells I promised u so I will get u married to randhir. Dhaani hugs him happily and leaves from there. Anuj smiles.. Randhir asks him why u lied her? Anuj tells she will be useful for us in business. So u should marry her. He tells what? Anuj tells u can enjoy for 1yr or 2yr.. Then u will grew old and no one will marry u.. So get ready I will give u 1yr time think about it. Love any girl and Marry her. Or give me chance I will get u married to dhaani.. Anuj leaves. Randhir sits and thinks about it

Dhaani comes to airport and bids bye to sanyu. Viplav comes there with rose and gives to sanyu.. Dhaani does not see viplav face. Randhir comes there and holds dhaani hand infront of many people and bids bye to sanyu.. She leaves.. Dhaani asks what r u doing? Randhir tells u only told u love me alot.. so only.. Dhaani laughs and hugs him.. Randhir smirks…. She is emotional idiot. Viplav sees dhaani back side and thinks she is cheap hugging infront of all.. Kamini sees this and gets shocked and calls dhaani and asks who Is he? Dhaani tells randhir.. Kamini tells sou found a good guy superb.

Dhaani gets over joyed and tells tmr I will go and fix marriage and come.. Kamini leaves from there with clients.. Randhir and dhaani hugs each other.. Viplav sees dhaani face and gets into dream.. Allah warriyan plays.. Viplav comes there close near randhir and offers him rose and tells him to give it to her.. Randhir does it.. Dhaani smiles and hugs him again and again.. Viplav gets teary eyes..seeing them close and comes to house and breaks things.. Viplav tells to mirror I love dhaani.. But I am acting as if I love sanyu.. He cries.. Sanyu in Dubai cries thinking I love randhir but he loves dhaani…

Precap:1week later.. Sanyu comes back to India.. Viplav tells about his opinion about dhaani.. Sanyu tells about randhir…. Both gets over joyed.. Sanyu tells so now our plan starts to seperate them.. And we have to be united with our lovers.. They both hifi each other..

Guys from next epi u will laugh as much as possible.. Becoz from next epi full and fully humours… So get ready.. This epi is hopefully soooo fast.. I knew but u need to end this ff in 15epi itself.sorry.. Becoz after that my school will start.. So only.. Bye..

Credit to: Narendran

  1. Wow naren superb loved it, and btw what is your age?

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      16.. Is my age and thx for the comment. Maria

    2. Really are you 16, I am also 16 how can you manage so many ff

  2. Nice one
    Precap sounds super awesome???

    1. thnx arshdeep for the comment

  3. Nice yr…it was really interesting. First i thought that rd n dhaani r gonna b a couple n sanyu n viplav will b the other couple but u gave a nice twist to the story…i don’t watch ikrs but i love sh…it’s good to see how u mixed both the stories…

    1. thnx sheena

  4. so nice. it was really so good. make it some long please.

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Sure masthi…

  5. Ranaji it was good. Go on. Keep it up!!

    1. thnx louella for the comment

  6. hi naren i’m also 16….. loved ur ff……keep continuing…r u from tamil nadu?

    1. yes….u???viplav?is viplav is u r real name or????????????/

  7. Hi naren its too good hats off to yr creativity
    How do u manage all this with studies ?☺

    1. oh thnx for the comment..first studies then only ff and shows..that is it

  8. I cudnt comment on it previous ffs..sorry….
    Wow…its a good ff yaar..
    I don’t waitch ikrs but I am a die hard fan of sh and sandhir…
    Its getting interesting… Keep writinggg

    1. thnx liya i also watch saddha haq..

  9. gud ff yaar keep writing ranaji

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