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Hai everyone… I’m pretty new here. Just wanted to share a storyline popped up in my mind. No idea whether it is a duplicate storyline or not.. Mention if it is. I am not good at writing even though just trying. Expecting support from you all..


The Characters:

  1. The Oberois (ShivOmRu, Annika, Gauri, Bhavya, Tej, Jhanvi, Shakti, Pinky, Kalyani Dadi)
  2. Priyanka Singh Oberoi/Priyanka Ranveer Singh Randhawa
  3. Ranveer Singh Randhawa

These characters are as in the serial.

New Characters introduced:

  1. Abhay Singh Oberoi : ShivOmRu’s cousin brother, bonds as OBros. Son of Vivek Singh Oberoi and Ankita Vivek Singh Oberoi (Late). Studying in Cambridge University (Obviously The Oberois hai na). Course completed!!! (Harsh Rajput)
  2. Advay Singh Oberoi : Abhay’s identical twin brother. In London for his studies.
  3. Sathya : played by Niyati Fatnani.
  4. The Ranas : Detailing will be done in ff.
  5. Soorya Datha : A serious village girl with whole world revolving around her parents and studies.
  6. Aakriti Singh Randhawa and Aakash Singh Randhawa : Children of PriVeer.

The Storyline is intended to be inserted with a 3 years leap after RuVya marriage. Oberois Leading a peaceful life. No family politics.


Oberoi Mansion mein Romance ki hawa har taraf beh rahi hai…. (Shivika Rikara and RuVya shown) Har Mushkil ko par karke zindagi ki khushiyan laut kar laya Oberoi parivaar ne… Jab inki kahani mein aur koi aaya toh khushi aur maza toh hogi dugni… Lekin zindagi sirf khushiyan nahi deti

Girl Speaking over phone : Sorry Sir, Iss kaam keliye Meri sirf ek choice hai… THE OBEROIS!!!

Boy riding bike : Business, pyaar aur zindagi ye theenom mereliye equal hai jaise mere bhaiyyas equal hai.

(Boy rashly drives and make the girl bathe with mud; faces not shown)

Dekhte hai zindagi kya plan kiya hai Oberois keliye….



Sorry guys, my hindi is very bad. But I love Hindi. Anyway please drop your comments and help me with your suggestions. I love Ishqbaaz and Nazar. So picked Harsh and Niyati from Nazar. Anyway, wishing good time ahead.

Thank you for reading


  1. Hye there is more fans for ib in different language
    I dont know hindi
    Plz consider that and post in english

    1. ShikhaVidh

      Yes.. I will try doing it for sure

  2. Hi shikha
    A good start all the best for your story.
    It will be better if you prefer english as everyone including you will be comfortable.
    Don’t worry dear tum hindi sikh logi
    Waiting for update
    Bye keep smiling and stay blessed

  3. Nikita_jai29

    Go ahead dear

  4. ItsmePrabha

    hello Shikha..nice concept..Looking forward to it…

    1. ShikhaVidh

      Thanku u Prabha…

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