Ishqbazz-Shivika attend for a marriage

The episode starts with Anika shouting  at shivay on as how he can do anything for his family she too can go to any extent for her family. next anika says she has to attend the pooja as she is his wife but shivay refuses that she is not his wife and has no relation with her. Then anika give counter to shivaay that all these things he has to think before doing marriage with her and this pooja is for wellness of priyanka and she is going to attend it as OM and rud has invited her and she is going to respect their invitation. furious shivaay burns all of anika clothes which gauri has given to stop her from attending pooja anika tries to stop by pouring water but in vain. Shivaay turns to leave but anika breaks the flask and closes the door. And their arugument starts and anika challenges shivay on she will teach him the importance of Marriage and the mangalsutr which he has broken will make him to wear around her neck with all respect but shivaay mocks at anika as she is a good motivational speaker and has to give this lecture to others and not to him and asks her to leave his house but anika says she will leave on the day when he knows his mistakes. shivaay tries to leave but anika blackmails him that she will go and complain to his grandmother and brother on what he did with her clothes helpless shivaay calls khanna to get clothes for anika. shivaay tries to leave but anika teases him on which saree she has to wear for pooja and wait for her before attending the pooja. Anika gets ready in the saree. she teases to take slefie with him for sending to gauri but he leaves from the place Meanwhile tia enters the house and is surprised to see both Anika and shivaay coming together on the other side om and rud feel proud of their plan. Angry tia calls to daksh and scolds him but daksh tells her to not to worry and he has a plan. Dadi asks shivaay to sit in pooja. Shivay asks tia to sit with him in pooja but rud and OMm sits either sides of him and rud asks tia to sit along with the other ladies and asks anika to get pooja plate. anika gets the plate rud offers his place to anika. Panditji asks shivay if he is married shivaay remains silent but om answers panditji that he is married. Pandit asks shivay to hold flowers and put in havan kund by closing his eyes and no flower should fall on the ground while putting shivaay follows ane flower is about to fall from his hand but anika holds in time shivay and anika looks at each other background music plays. Panditji asks them to do pooja together  tia is furious on shivaay and anika doing pooja  together. Both shivvay and anika prays for priyanka’s fast recovery. pooja gets completed all are about to leave daksh enters and says to shivay that he went to neurosurgeon with priyanka’s reports they have given the same answer as other doctors and assures shivaay that he got dream in which priyanka got recovered and has put pooja for priyanka and panditji from banaras has given anklets and says that anklets were kept in pooja and asks him if he put these to his wife then priyanka will get recovered soon.

PreCap: Shivaay says to om that he can find his wife even in 1lakh members then rud asks him to find his wife among the five girls. Tia stands in line shivaay walks blinded folded. Anika’s saree is about caught fire


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