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The Man was still standing outside the room and crying. Someone placed a hand on his shoulder.

(Kiyu jhatka laga…..??)

Shivaay turned around and saw his brothers standing behind him with tears too.

Om: Sambhal khud ko….
Rudra: Haa Bhaiya….. Don’t loose hope….. Bhabi thik ho jayegi…..
Shivaay (crying): It is all my fault….. Sab meri galati Hai…. Saab meri wajah se hua hai….. Sab…..
Om: No… Shivaay…. Don’t break down like this. If you break down like this then who will look after bhabi? She needs you Shivaay….. She needs you…..
Shivaay: I can’t see her like this….. I can’t….

“Prince….”, a voice cut him in between. Shivaay looked behind and saw Anika with Gauri.

Anika(crying voice): Prince why are crying? Did I do something wrong?
Shivaay(cupping her face) : No princess…. You didn’t do anything…
Anika(sniffing): Then why are you crying? Did this Body Builder friend and Long Hair friend say you something?
Shivaay: No princess…. It is that something went into my eyes. That’s it. Challo let’s go down and have breakfast.
Anika(sad face) : You didn’t tell me how am I looking?
Shivaay(smiling a bit) : So my princess needs a compliment? (she nodded her head with a cute pout) My princess is looking so beautiful…..
Anika(smiling widely) : Really?
Shivaay: Really…. She is looking like a real princess today…..
Anika(hugging him) : Thank you so much prince…. You are so sweet…..
Shivaay: Now if you are done then let’s go down for breakfast.
Rudra: Haa bhabi…. (ShiOm glared at him)…. I mean didi let’s go down. I am very hungry….
Anika: No you will not eat my breakfast. My prince has made it for me specially.
Shivaay: Okay stop fighting now. And let’s go down.

Shivaay took Anika with him downstairs while the others looked at them with a sad face.

Gauri: I don’t know whose black eye fell on them.
Rudra: You are right Chulbul bhabi…. I can’t see my super bhabi like this…
Om: If that day we had been a more careful then this wouldn’t have happened….
“And if that day Shivaay Bhaiya wouldn’t be traveling in that car then bhabi would have been fine…”
Rudra: And how many times do I have to tell you that you aren’t at fault at all. It was just an accident.
Bhavya(crying): But because of that accident only today bhabi is in this condition. That accident was meant for me and Shivaay Bhaiya had to…..
Rudra(hugging her sideways): Sshh….. You are the strong police officer that I know. I don’t know this Bhavya. Where is my Bhavya? Did you kidnap her? OMG I need to find her.
Bhavya(hitting him on his shoulder): Shut up Rudra.
Gauri: I hope they stay like this only.
Om: I hope too(while looking at her)
Rudra: O…. Agar aapka romance ho gaya ho toh chale. I am very hungry.
Om: Yaa let’s go.

They all went downstairs and the scene in front of them made them sigh. Shivaay was making Anika have her food while she was continuously turning her face away from him.

Shivaay: Anika ….. Princess…. Khalo…. See don’t be naughty and eat it.
Anika: No…. No… No…. I will not have it…. I will play with my doll.
Shivaay (fake anger): Anika I will be angry if you don’t eat.
Anika(puppy eyes): Please Prince…. I don’t want to eat.
Shivaay: No I won’t listen to you. Now open your mouth and eat it.

He forcefully made her eat and she ate it silently. But Shivaay couldn’t see her sad face.

Shivaay: Okay fine I will get you a new teddy bear that red one which you saw that day.
Anika(big smile): Really?
Shivaay: But only when you complete this whole plate and take your medicines without any tantrums.
Anika(making faces): Okay…..

Shivaay fed her and gave medicines too. She then started playing with her doll while others sat down for breakfast.

Om: Shivaay today you have a meeting?
Shivaay: Hmm….. And I have to go. But I don’t want to leave Anika alone.
Gauri: Don’t worry Baade Bhaiya we will look after Bhaujai.
Shivaay: I know but I am worried about something else. She doesn’t listen to anyone other than me in the house….
“That is why I said to keep her in the mental asylums…..”, a voice interrupted him.
Shivaay(rage): And I have said you before also she isn’t mad…… And I won’t leave her alone…..
Pinky: Oh my maata Shivaay with what right she is staying in this house?
“She is the daughter of this house “, came three voices.
Shivaay: And my wi…..
“Shivaay….. ”
Gauri(murmuring): Aa gayi Nagini…..
Ragini: Shivaay…. Today we have date you remember right?
Shivaay: According to me we didn’t any date and I won’t be available. So please excuse me.
Ragini: But Shivaay…..
Pinky: Shivaay go naa. See she is so excited for the date. And after all she is your fiancee.
Shivaay: Mom I just said I can’t go. Don’t you understand this simple thing and moreover I can’t leave Anika like and go…..
Dadi: He is right Pinky.
Janvi: And moreover Ragini should understand the circumstances and talk.
Tej: I support Shivaay in this. He should stay beside our daughter now.

(So the three voices were of Tej, Janvi and Dadi)

Shivaay: Now no further discussion about this matter. Gauri Bhavya I am going to office. I will be back within an hour. Till then take care of her.
Bhavya: Don’t worry bhaiya we will take care of bhabi.
Gauri: And not leave her alone.
Shivaay( to Anika) : Princess…..
Anika(busy with her doll) : Hmm….
Shivaay: I am going to office. I will come back soon.
Anika: Where are you going? Don’t go.
Shivaay: You want your red teddy or not? (she nodded) Then I need to go and bring it from the shop. So I am going to bring your teddy. Now be a good girl and don’t trouble anyone okay?
Anika: Okay Prince…. But come back jaldi jaldi okay. You and I will play doll house together. I will keep all my toys ready for you.
Shivaay(kissing her forehead) : That’s like my princess…..

Anika smiled and his heart fluttered seeing her happy. Shivaay went leaving her. In all this Pinky and Ragini stood fuming in anger.

*Afternoon *
Shivaay hadn’t returned till now and Anika was showing her tantrums.

Anika: Fairy where is Prince? He said he will bring a new teddy for me.
Gauri: Didi he is coming. You please have your lunch.
Anika: No… No…. No…. Till Prince doesn’t come I will not eat.
Bhavya: Didi please eat. See all your favorites are made.
Anika(stubborn): No…. No…. No…. I will eat from Prince’s hand only…. Tell him to come….
Pinky(irritated): Shivaay is your servents or what? Whatever you will say he will do….
Gauri: Choti maaji….
Pinky(shouting): What choti maaji!! She has become mad and still you all are treating her. She shouldn’t be here in this house only. This is house not a mental asylum.

Anika became scared hearing her loud voice and tears started feeling her eyes. She hugged her doll tightly and ran upstairs.

GauYa: Bhaujayi / Bhabi…..
Gauri: You didn’t do this right choti maaji….
Bhavya: You very well know she is in this condition because of you and if Baade bhaiya comes to know about it then…..
“What do I have to know which I don’t know… ”

They turned around and saw Shivaay walking in with a big red teddy bear.

Shivaay: What are you talking about Gauri,Bhavya? And where is Anika?
Gauri: Baade bhaiya woh Bhaujayi….
Bhavya: Bhaiya bhabi is in her room because she got scared.
Shivaay: Scared? But why?
Bhavya: Because Choti maa shouted on her…..
Shivaay(turning towards Pinky) : If anything happens to her…. I will not leave you for sure…. Mind my words…..

He ran towards their room and saw Anika sitting on the bed crying and sniffing.

Shivaay: Princess….. What happened? Why are you crying?
Anika(sniffing): That…. Aunty….. That Oh my maata Aunty is scary. She is bad….. She scolded me…..
Shivaay: Don’t worry. I am there naa. Your Prince. Now stop crying and see what I have got for you. (giving her the teddy)
Anika(huge smile) : Yeah…. Teddy….. You are so sweet Prince…. I love you…..

And she kissed his cheek in excitement. But for Shivaay it was more than anything. He was shocked, happy and what not. Anika had just now said her feelings maybe due to excitement but still she did it and not only that she kissed him too. While Shivaay was thinking so much our baby Anika was busy with her teddy.

Gauri(interrupting): Baade bhaiya….
Shivaay(coming out of his thoughts): Haa… Haa… Gauri…
Gauri(giving the plate to him) : Bhaujayi hasn’t eaten her lunch yet.
Shivaay: Don’t worry I will make her eat. You all have your lunch.
Gauri: But Baade bhaiya you wont have it?
Shivaay: After Anika eats I will come down. You don’t worry.

Gauri nodded in agreement and went down while Shivaay went back to Anika to make her eat. This time he didn’t have much difficulty because she was engrossed in her new toy and eat silently. She completed eating and Shivaay made her eat medicine.

Anika(yawning): Prince…. Sleepy….
Shivaay: Come lay down.

She lay down on the bed and he patted her head softly. She soon went off to sleep while hugging her new teddy. Shivaay saw her and had tears in his eyes.

Shivaay: I can’t see you like this Anika…. I can’t. It kill me. Please come back. Please…..

He couldn’t hold himself more and walked out of the room. He came down thinking that it would be empty but was astonished to see it full.

Shivaay(composing himself) : Aare you all are still here? Lunch ho gaya kya?
Om: Shivaay….. If you want you can cry….
Shivaay(avoiding eye contact) : Aare why will I cry? I am fine…. I am fine….
Dadi: Billu cry beta….. It will make you feel good. Cry beta…. Cry….

And that’s it….. The tears flowed from his eyes continuously. Dadi hugged him and he cried in her embrace.

Shivaay(crying): Kiyu Dadi…. Kiyu…. I know I didn’t do good to her….. I didn’t think before kicking her out….. But how can God be so cruel and punish her like that….. How? Mistake was mine naa then why Anika had to bear the conciquences? Why?
Dadi(consoling him): Don’t cry Billu…. Don’t cry….. God is just taking your exam…..
Shivaay: What exam Dadi?
Dadi: Your exam of Love….. He wants to see how much you love Anika….. That is why he had put you both in such a condition…..
Shivaay: But that doesn’t mean My Anika has to suffer it.
Dadi: Anika has proved her love for you….(will be revealed later) Now it is your turn…. You have to show that your love can bring her back….. You have to strong, patient and have faith then only you will be successful.

Shivaay heard her carefully and understood what to do.

Shivaay(determined): Now I will show what Anika’s Shivaay can do….. I will bring My Anika back with my Love…… I promise…..
Everyone: And we are also with you…..

Shivaay smiled seeing his family supporting him and started planning what to do.

*On the other side*
Pinky after getting insulted from Shivaay was thinking what to do.

Pinky: For that mad girl Shivaay shouted on me…. On me…. His mother. No…. I can’t let this happen.
Ragini (coming into the room): Don’t worry aunty I have a plan to kick that mad girl out of the house.
Pinky: Really? Just say what is it….

Ragini started explaining her the plan while Pinky was having an evil smile on her face.

Pinky: Let’s see now what happens with her? And who saves her?

Precap: Anika in danger….. Will Shivaay be able to save her?

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