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RECAP-Rudra explains their 8mnths.SHIVIKA leave disagreeing to OmRu….OmRu  vows to bring their Brother back..

O-I’m not saying about that wasting we tried to  bring him back but didn’t even think of solving the problem why he went out of family.finding the reason behind it why he gave our 50%        share to Swetlana.

R-haan O we became emotional fools..

O-we have to find that. we shouldn’t become weak each time Shivaay proved he is the best brother  but we just used him this time its our turn and we have to prove it .

R-and save our family from that botox kumari..

O-yes Rudra if that happens no one can stop Our brother joining the family and us.

R-you are right O  bhabhi and bhaiya will be back and haan my champ too..O  one for all, all for one

O-one for all,all for one by the way we have to add fourth member in this after some months..

R-pata hai pata hai i will teach all and make him my crime partner .

O-no he will become like u duffer no he should be intelligent like me .you know i  and  Shivaay have many talents  so he should be like us.

R-i’m excited O what baby it will be boy or girl..

O-i think it may be boy my inner belief is saying that…

R-Oh no mei bhul gayi dadi will be waiting for me i need to pick up her

O-ok Rudra go on but don’t say Dadi about meeting Shivaay and bhabi.

R-ok O mei chaltha hoon take care of bhabi

O-yes i was here for so long i have to check her ..

Om goes to check Gauri,Rudra goes to OM


R-dadi where are you ?Aapki pyarae Rudy is here to pick you.

D-haye Khothaiya tum agaya..

R-haan dadi .

D-(comes and beats slightly) i was waiting for you more than 4 hrs what  were you doing ?

R-(thinks Shivaay  bhaiya  came dadi but we couldn’t stop him  sorry) Arey dadi thoda kaam tha sorry(makes puppy face)

D-some one special has come to meet you guess who?

R-Bhavya right i was thinking she will however come to me i want to ask sorry  to her.I will meet her and come where is she?

D-She is in your room go and see (She thinks you will be shocked  and excited Rudra but it is needed i invited her you are irresponsible but i can’t leave you as you are)

R-OK Dadi..

D-rudra  wait but before that leave me in hospital come.

R-dadi i don’t have patience i will meet her and come

D-do what i said she is going to stay here for some days so its ok.

Rudra accepts as there is  no way he picks dadi and reaches hospital. by this time Gauri has opened her eyes and is taken care of Om.


D-how are you puttar feeling ok?

G-(she tries to get up)dadi i’m fine.

D-take rest puttar.its ok

O-haan Gauri you should take rest get well soon we have lot of work to do

D-Om did you get any info about Shivaay?

O-(gets shocked and thinks be calm Om cool down you can’t say truth )na… na… nayi dadi

R-don’t worry dadi bhaiya will be with us soon.

Precap-Who came to meet Rudra? …..some Shivika moments..

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  4. So finally some SHIVIKA moments
    Very excited
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