Ishqbaazi ya junoon – Part 15

rudr-bhaiyya now u should confess something Shivay-I always wanted to tell this to anika
Anika looks at him
Shivay continues -the day u left me I felt like my soul was separated from my body,someone rightly said u will know the value of that person after they leave u,I was dying every minute remembering u,I was all alone with everyone around me, in future if I ever do a mistake, hit me, shout at me but don’t leave me anu, I can’t live with out u,u r just like oxygen to me.

Anika cries listening him and hugs him tight
Everyone hoot-oh Laila majnu let’s continue no getting senti
This time bottle stops at anjali
Anjali -Rahul u remember the day u played a prank with me of faking an accident, Rahul smiles apologetically
Anjali continues -if u would have not appeared before me for the next 2 minutes I planned to jump from that hospital building
Rahul hugs her-iam sorry baby,it was just fun but I promise will never repeat such thing.rahul continues “I would confess that anjali u were my love at first sight but I wantedly ignored so that u will confess first.
They both hug
The bottle revolves this time rudr
Rudr -somya I never know the meaning of love until u left me,I love u
Everyone hoot
Shivom-our baby brother became big
Somya -rudr I don’t know how to thank you because of u I got a lovely family I always craved for, love you too
Now only om was left
Om-after I left riddhima I lost hope on love and even after destiny always tried us to bring together I was trying to run away but u came in my life as a ray of hope gauri, I love u
Gauri -the most happiest day of my life was meeting u again in the café,I thought I list but our fate is written together,I love u too om
Everyone smile
Shivay -rudr today u did something sensible, but we must thank u because I always wanted to tell Anika but never got a chance
Everyone agree

Ansh comes running there followed by pinky with a glass of milk
Pinky -ansh drink milk beta, I can’t run more
Shivay holds ansh
Ansh starts screaming -papa no I don’t want to drink milk
Shivay -ok,no milk wait
Pinky -Shivay..
Shivay -mom 2 mins,give me the milk,he acts as if smelling it
Shivay -chi it doesn’t smell good,right ansh
Ansh nods
Shivay -what if we add some chocolate in it
Ansh smiles widely
Shivay lifts him -let’s go to our kitchen
Ansh-papa call bade chachu and chote chachu also
Anika -what about me
Ansh -no woman in obleoi kitchen
Everyone smile
Anika -U taught him this right
Shivay smiles -come my chotta obleoi

In kitchen
Om ru Shivay and ansh r making chocolate milk having their oberoi moment while pinky, Anika smile looking at them
Pinky -thanks for everything beta
Anika -mom this is our family
They hug each other
Pinky -accha evening designer is coming ask anjali to stay back, u people select costumes for all the rasams
Anika nods

Anika feels a bit dizzy bug ignores
In the evening Everyone r selecting dresses
Shivay too comes there,Ansh is at sighania mansion as yash wants to see him
Shivay stands opposite to anika
Pinky is trying all the out fits on Anika and askinuher which is good
Pinky puts an orange dupatta, Shivay makes a face, Anika says it’s not nice
Like that almost she rejects 10 dupattas
Pinky doesn’t understand and looks up and sees Shivay and understands and smiles
Pinky -Shivay y r u hiding and seeing, she is ur wife come n select urself shaadi ka joda
Anika blushes while everyone tease her
Shivay comes there and takes a Peacock color joda
Everyone complement him while Anika smiles
Next day it was Mehendhi
Gauri, Anika and prinku were putting Mehendhi on their hands while ansh was roaming around his mamma asking her to put Mehendhi on his hand,finally he goes to his dadi
Pinky -chala I will put Mehendhi
Ansh -put Mehendhi fol chachu, papa,dadu also
Shivay -ansh we don’t put Mehendhi beta
Ansh starts crying, finally making all the boys also to write their lady love’s name on their hand
Anika smiles seeing this


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