Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Vengeance to Ishq) Episode 25

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Episode 24

“Hii Chipkali” 110 KV current passed through Shivaani’s body, post hearing the words. She stunningly gazed back… 😳😳


Meanwhile Adi suffered from Shivika’s nonstop punching…

“Saanjh, it was a prank. Stop this.”

He grabbed her towards him through her waist. Then a romantic gaze… She tried hard to retrieve herself.

“Adi leave me. Everyone is looking at us.”

Adi: Let it be. You are my wife.

OmRu poked Adi.

“So do you want to marry her??”

Adi: Haan Chachu.

Pinky: O my Maata. We have to celebrate this as a festival after all this is the first marriage of the generation.

VVT: Shakti Ji I think we should think about Shivaani and Ahaan also.

Shivaani became shocked. She donno but she is shocked.

Sahil approached Anika.

“Anika Didi, I know a girl from a reputed orthodox family. I think we should consider her for our Appu.”

This time Karthik’s eyes were widened. Lo bhai ab sabka band ek saath bajnewala hai.

Adi: Vivaan what about you both.

Vaani: Offo leave us Adi. We are in a fix let us sort out.

Jhanvi: Fix!!! What fix?

Vaani: Woh nothing Badidadi. First of all he wanna start his new firm. Then his new game Halluboy.

Vivi: Moreover I want to buy or build a small home. We can’t do both Bidaai and Gruhpravesh in the same home right.

Vaani: Therefore we want at least 2 years.

Saahil: Then k. But Di shall I call them??

Ani: I donno. Ask it to Appu.

Saah: I know he won’t neglect… Hai na Appu.

Karthik nodded willingly… He secretly glanced at Ankita. A single bead drop emerged from her eyes.

Omru shocked to spot Ahaan inside Oberoi mansion. They tried hard, somehow they remembered previous incidents with Ahaan.

VVT introduced him as his son.

“Om, this arrogant guy for our Chiku!!”

Om: Yeah, but please don’t say word against him. She is Chiku’s Jaan.

Ru: But he is our daughter.

Om: I know. I just said don’t say a word against him in the lack of solid proof. He is not a nice guy. We should collect proofs.


Everyone marched to terrace. Double Ros lighted a cracker for showing the heroism in front of their Lady Ros. Urff I forgot to mention. Roshni and Rohini are also in Oberoi Mansion with their. They have came to Mumbai cz of Shivaay’s special invitation for Diwali. Rikara and Ruvya also liked the girls due to their simplicity. Whatever Ankita, Rohini and Roshni became a team. It maybe they are apparently of the same age.

It is the time for quadruplets, Ahaan and Ankita to rescue their childhood.

Ahaan: Kittu do you remember??We both always used to battle for phuljadi.

Chiku: It is cz you are afraid of crackers. 😕.

Advika were in their own world. He was feeding her ladoo.

Vaani: So you are afraid of crackers 👉 right.

Vivi: Vaani Diwali is the festival of lights…

Vaani : No no you’re scared of crackers.

Vivi : no

Vaani: Yes






Vaani: Then show me.

Vivi: K Let it be a team. You your siblings and cousins. Me and Adi.

Ahaan: K

Vivi grabbed Adi’s hands and walked to the another corner. Shivika’s wink gave him a silent permission. And the mission is on.

Crackers began to bombard. The huge bombardments and fire affected Shivika. She started behaving weird. Some previous flashes rolled through her head. She ran to Shivaay.

To be continued……..

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